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Universal Orlando is for Big Kids Too!

Big kids like to have fun too!
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I am sure all you big kids reading my blog can agree, that things like theme parks are for sure not only for kids these days.   I love them!  Like, freaking love them!! I am such a kid at heart and when I can I will hit any theme park possible.

I have never been to Universal Orlando and was so excited when I reached out to my rep and she gave us 2, 1 day tickets so that we could experience and enjoy all that Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure had to offer the big kids in us.


We decided to start with Islands of Adventure and I have to say, I didn’t know what to expect.  Never being there and not knowing to many people who have I had no idea what was there except for a few rides I had heard about.   Well, I love this park!   Both my husband and I felt like kids.  This park took us back to our early years ~ pre teen and teen years.    As soon as we entered the park, I saw a character and ran over to get my chance at a picture with him.  Characters are hard to find and so I was excited!


When we came into the park after my character meeting, I noticed The Cat in the Hat section.  Totally LOVE!   I was a big fan of The Cat in the Hat, and so was my son.  So, this section was just super neat and would make anyone big or small smile.  The attention to detail was amazing and I kept thinking, man I wish I would have brought my son here when he was little.
Our first ride was The Cat in the Hat ride.  That was neat as it really took a person back to the story that everyone loves.
We then rode the Seuss trolly that is 15 Ft above The Cat in the Hat section.  Very neat to see all the stuff from in the air.


Islands of Adventure has so much to do and see.   It was hard to decide what we wanted to do because we were so busy looking here and looking there and pointing and laughing and just enjoying every second of being a big kid.   We ventured over to the Incredible Hulk ride where I decided I was going to ride.  Hubby is first, scared of coasters and second, just had surgery so couldn’t ride even if he wanted to.  I had the express pass but stood in line for about 40 minutes and then missed my hubby so left the line.   I didn’t want to leave him all alone on a day that was for us.  So, we ventured over to The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman and did that ride.  Now, I get motion sick very easy but was drugged up on on Dramamine so thought I would give this ride a try.   I am so glad I did because it was scary, fun, thrilling, and the best 3D ride I have ever been on.  Mostly because it didn’t make me sick.  There is one part of the ride where you are falling straight to the ground, or at least that is what if feels and looks like.  WOW!!  We loved it so much we did it a second time.


Another really neat section that brings back memories from childhood is the Toon Lagoon.  It is full of cartoon characters and things I remember reading in the Sunday comics.   I had forgotten how much I loved all those cartoon.   Hagar the Horrible, Popeye, Marmaduke, The Family Circle, Blondie, Beetle Baily, Betty Boop,  and more.

UO15 UO12 UO11 UO10 UO9 UO8

As we ventured through the park we came upon Camp Jurassic.   Now this might not bring back childhood memories for me, but it brings back memories of when my son was little.  That was Davids favorite movie when he was about 5.  He would watch it over and over and would hide at the scary parts, but still loved it.  He had the toys and collectibles and clothing all Jurassic Park.   I too have always liked the movies so this was a fun area to walk through.  We wanted to do the River Adventure but it wasn’t warm enough for me and I don’t like being wet all day.


Well by this time we were both pretty hungry so Tony grabbed a HUGE turkey leg and I headed for the Comic Strip Cafe.   We had lunch and then decided we would head over to Universal Studios as the day was ticking away and the parks closed at 7pm.  We wanted to make sure we saw a bit of everything.    On our way over to Universal Studios we checked out all the restaurants in the Universal City Walk.  We knew before hand that we wanted to eat at Margaritaville for dinner, but just had to check the others out, just in case.  The City Walk is very cool and a great place for the big kids to hand after the little kids are all tuckered out for the day.



Universal Studios is neat as well.   This park is themed more for the movie lovers.  Things like Men In Black, Fear Factor Live, Transformers, ET, Mummy, Despicable Me, Terminator and more.  My son would have loved this park as he pretty much is into all of the stuff they have there.

We decided to do the Shrek 4D because ours on loved (still does) Shrek and so do we.  This was a very cute movie that I recommend anyone check out when you are there.    We then headed over to the Transformers 3D Ride.   Even though it was a 3D ride, and I get motion sick I thought I would give it a try.   Well, I didn’t get sick but did have to close my eyes a few times.   Very neat ride indeed.

I had been texting back and forth with my rep and we decided to meet up over at the Mummy ride.  It was so great to finally meet Meredith.  She is so sweet, (and very pretty) and after working with her previously last year it was nice to finally meet face to face.   After meeting we decided I would go on the Mummy ride since the line was only about a 10 min wait.   I love that ride.  It is an inside coaster, sorta scary, but perfect for all ages.   There is so much at this park to do and we barely touched the tip of the iceberg because Meredith said we should really check out the Harry Potter section over at Islands of Adventure.  Now, I admit, I have never watched a single Harry Potter movie, and really know nothing about Harry Potter.   So, we decided we would check out Hard Rock Cafe and head back over to Islands of Adventure.


Just had to take this picture.   LOL!!

I of course couldn’t leave Universal Orlando without riding the Hulk ride. So, when we walked back into Islands of Adventure we checked out the line and it was short so hubby waited in line with me and then just stepped thru to wait for me.  This ride is so freaking awesome!!  Fast, and loud and scary, just how I like it!     Here is a picture of the ride from across the road, leaving the hotel the next morning.


UO22 UO23 UO21

Now, even though neither of us know anything about Harry Potter, I have to say this section was amazing!  So real, and so unique.  We now have to watch the movies.  There is a roller coaster over in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter that I had to try.   Dragon Challenge it is called.  Wow.. this is a heck of a coaster!  Fast, twists, turns, upside down, ..  I have never been on a coaster that was like this, and I loved it!
Next we decided to go on the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride.   Even though this ride is probably amazing, it made me sick 🙁    I had to close my eyes for most of it.  But, my husband said it was awesome, so realistic and one of the coolest 3D type rides he has been on even though you don’t even wear 3D glasses.   I am glad we waited till last to do this ride.  It was about 8:30 by the time we got off this ride so we just walked around a bit more and then headed to Margaritaville.   To our surprise Islands of Adventure was open till 9 pm so we were able to enjoy things a bit longer.

UO19 UO20

After leaving the park we headed straight for Margaritaville to enjoy what….. well margaritas of course.


These were the best margaritas we have had in a very long time.
Of course what goes good with a margarita?  Burgers and fries.


We had such a fun day, and it was so nice to spend it together being kids again.  I highly suggest you and your partner take some time for yourself and leave the kids with the Grandparents, and head to Universal Orlando for a nice getaway.  You will love being kids again, without having to take care of kids 😉   (yes, I am sorta anti kid.. LOL).   Our son is almost 22 and yes we love him dearly but it is also nice to enjoy each other now that we raised our kid.

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Disclaimer ~  Living Smart Girl and her hubby were able to enjoy Universal Orlando thanks to comped tickets in exchange for a full review post.   All opinions are 100% that of Living Smart Girl’s (and her hubby’s).  
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