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Tis the Season for Home Security

Tis the Season for Home Security.

Bad things can happen to good people and sometimes when one least expects it to boot.  Bad things like a burglary, a home fire, a flood and more.  These things can happen any time of the year, but with the winter upon us and heating season here a home fire is a bigger possibility now.  As well as the Holidays, and people having more valuable things in their homes that might appeal to burglars.   And with all that is going on all over with floods, and rain it is nice to know that one can count on companies that offer home security to keep us protected.

I know for us fire loss is always on our mind.  We head our home with a wood stove, in our living room.  It is our main source of heat.  We do have a back up furnace but since I work from home, and wood is free for us, it is the most cost effective way for us to heat our home.  And, we both love the deep penetrating warmth of a wood heat.  Not to mention the extra exercise I get from splitting wood, stacking it, hauling it in, etc.  That we enjoy as well.  But, non the less there is always the fear of coming home to the worst thing in the world.. a house fire.  We take every precaution but one just never knows when something horrible will happen.   We keep ourselves protected and so should you, no matter the level of protection you need.  Check out ADS for all your home security needs.

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