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It’s Time to ReThink Hair Removal

It’s time to rethink Hair Removal!

As strong and independent women, we know that there is nothing wrong with sporting some body hair or having few bumps and wrinkles. Those things are natural and just a part of being a human who ages. Some of us even judge others super harshly when they decide to take measures to try and “correct” or even do away with some of these things altogether.

Oh sure, we’re okay with leg shaving or using concealer. We might even encourage friends to try new makeup and beauty products. We don’t judge a woman who works out twice a day, every day, putting her body through an enormous amount of pain and stress in an effort to meet our standard of beauty…but we’ll excoriate someone who decides to tackle what she sees as a flaw surgically.

The truth is that for many women, using things like laser hair removal or a bit of Botox can spell the difference between hating her body and loving it. So why are we so down on each other about it? Because we don’t have the courage to try those things ourselves?

Quick Laser Hair Removal Facts

The truth is that, as far as cosmetic surgery and procedures are concerned, for most women (and men!) undergoing laser hair removal isn’t a huge deal. Here are some facts about the procedure that you might not have already known:

·  According to WebMD, laser hair removal is among the most commonly requested and undergone procedures in the United States. There are clinicians all over the country who provide the procedure. The American Laser Centers chain, for example, has more than a hundred locations in the United States.

·  It is usually permanent. That same WebMD article says that as many as 90% of patients who get the procedure report that they don’t ever see the hair grow back.

·  It’s quick. Unlike other types of cosmetic procedures, using lasers to zap hair follicles can be done really quickly. Zapping an upper lip only takes a few minutes. Even a larger area, like an entire leg (or the back for the men who might be reading this!) should only take about an hour or so.

How Do You Decide if You Should Undergo The Procedure?

Do you suffer from especially thick or fast growing body hair? If you feel like you can’t go more than a day or two without having to shave and you have to pay for waxing at least once every other week (or even more often), laser hair removal can feel like a welcome vacation.

Preparing for the Procedure

Unfortunately, most of the time you can’t just walk into an aesthetician or dermatologist’s office and get laser hair removal right away. There is more to the process than that.

Do your research! While most aestheticians can get licensed to use the laser, if you want to make sure that you optimize your chances for success (and reduce your chances of having the hair grow back fuller than before), you should limit your search to dermatologists. Dermatologists will be better prepared to help you with all of your skin and hair removal issues, not just beam a laser at your pores.

Always take the free consultation! Most providers will offer you a free (or, worst case scenario, a drastically price-reduced) consultation. These consultations are important. You’ll get to meet your potential hair removal expert/doctor and see if the two of you will be able to get along. You’ll also get the chance to have a doctor/expert look at your skin and determine if the procedure really is your best option at dealing with your body hair.

Prepare yourself! Usually you have to let your body hair grow for at least six weeks before you can have it lasered away. You’ll also want to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Why? Because this procedure should not be performed on tan skin. Skin that has a tan is at a higher risk of being burned by the laser so the expert/doctor would have to use a setting so low that you’d likely see the hair grow back and have to go through the process all over again once your tan had faded.

It might hurt. While for some the pain involved with lasering away their hair is relatively small, others need ice packs and other anti-inflammatory objects to help reduce any discomfort or pain that they experienced. It all depends on you, your skin and your hair.

The truth is that having your hair lasered away is nothing to be ashamed of. After all—once it’s done you’ll likely never have to worry about finding time to shave or the money for a wax again! You’ll be able to sit happily while all your friends complain about their hair removal regimens, knowing that you were smart enough to deal with the problem medically and (hopefully) permanently.


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  1. Emma Brown says:

    Great article, Sheila ! I have heard about laser hair reomoval and in fact, my friend had this few months ago. The result was totally positive.

  2. Very informative blog. This will give potential clients knowledge about laser hair removal and how it is done to erase their doubts about the safety of the procedure. Thanks for sharing the useful information.

  3. Maryann D. says:

    I think this would be great to do. How wonderful to not have to ever shave! Terrific information.

  4. Mishka Tolentino says:

    Hi Sheila, this is pretty much what I need. I’ve been painfully sugar waxing and tweezing until I read that it’s a totally NO NO and it did cause my skin to darken and pop like chicken’s. I’m considering laser hair removal now and this really gave me a head start.

  5. Nice article. I urge you to rethink hair removal, too. I used to have to shave or wax so frequently- it was so annoying and time consuming. I eventually decided to have laser hair removal treatments, and I’m so glad that I did. I had a great experience with this company, and I’d definitely recommend them. laser hair removal michigan they were so nice and helpful, and their treatments were gentle yet extremely effective.

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