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Are You Still On Track With Your Fitness Goals?

We are entering our 3rd month of 2014, how are you doing with your fitness goals?   Have you given up already?  Did you try a new diet or fitness regimen that you haven’t done before ?   I think it’s kinda neat to see what is trending when it comes to diets.   Check out these stats for the end of 2013 and rising in popularity since 2012.

The Top Ten Diets (week ending 12/22/13):

1. Paleo Diet
2. Metabolism Miracle Diet
3. Atkins Diet
4. Gluten Diet
5. Diabetic Diet
6. South Beach Diet
7. Military Diet
8. Mediterranean Diet
9. Cabbage Soup Diet
10. Dash Diet

The Top Ten Rising Diets (The diets that have risen in popularity the most since 2012)
1. Metabolism Miracle Diet
2. Dash Diet
3. Heart Healthy Diet
4. Beyonce Diet
5. Bodybuilder Diet
6. Juice Diet
7. HCG Diet
8. Caveman Diet
9. ABC Diet
10. Master Cleanse Diet

- data comes from EMS access to information from the  68 most popular search engines. 

I myself have not tried any of these diets.  My hubby did the Atkins diet, did well but gained all the weight back.    How funny that there is a diet called the Beyonce diet.  Really?  How original is that!  LOL!!

I think I need to come up with a diet.  How about, eat to live diet.   Stop shoving crap in your mouth, boxed meals, foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce, things in jars and cans that will never go bad, over processes, loaded with fake sugar, msg, dye, etc.   Just eat clean, fruits, veggies, protein, nuts, whole grains, good carbs, and even a sweet treat every now and then.

It is so sad to see all these Mom’s shoving McDonald’s at their kids, or sending them off to school with what they think is a healthy snack because the TV said so, when in all reality it is something packed with sugar and ick.   People need to read labels more, and stop thinking that it is to expensive or to hard to feed a family healthy.   You can feed your family healthy, on a budget.

Don’t worry if you have slightly lost sight of your health goals for 2014.   Get up, brush yourself off and get back on track.   Don’t put yourself on a “diet”, put yourself on a life style change.  It is easier to keep up with and offers way more leeway so you don’t beat yourself up if you slip here or there.  But, all in all, aside from changing the way you eat, make sure you are grooving your body.   MOVE IT to LOSE IT!

Wanna join me in my fitness journey?  Check out what I do at Train Dirty Fitness Bombshell.

Daily Tips for Staying Healthy



When I am chatting with others I meet or conversations on Facebook or in online communities I belong it always surprises me how much I hear others say that they have no time to be healthy or work on their fitness.   I totally understand a busy life, but when it comes to staying healthy and fit it is very important for us to slow down and fit it in.   I thought I would bring you all some great daily tips for staying healthy.   These are simple, and don’t take a ton of your daily time.  I thought I would include some of mine, and some of Andrea Woroch’s tips who is a nationally-recognized consumer and money-saving expert who helps consumers live on less without radically changing their lifestyles.

Smile ~  A study on human responses to smiling conducted by the University of Kansas and reported in Psychological Science found that those who grin feel better emotionally and physically, especially during difficult situations. Smiling also helped lower stress and improved heart health.  Smile at people you don’t know, and see what their reaction is.  A smile is catchy, like a cold.. but way better for you.

Walk ~  The popular step counter, Fitbit, recommends taking 10,000 steps each day while the average American only takes 5,000. Add extra steps to your daily routine by opting for a parking spot at the back of the lot, going for a work-walk meeting with your colleagues, and skipping the escalator or elevator in favor of the stairs which helps you burn 40 percent more calories!  Take your pets for a walk, because they need the exercise as well.

Stand and Stretch ~ Those who spend most of the day sitting — whether at a desk for work or after hours slouched on the couch watching TV — could be at increased risk for cancer and heart disease. When at work, make sure to get up every hour and move around, use a stand-up desk or take a conference call for a walk. Set reminders on your computer to get up a few times throughout the day to stretch your legs.  I make a point of getting up to do things like dishes, laundry, let the dogs out, and even will get up and lay on the floor to pump out some crunches or a plank.

Watch What You Eat ~  Knowing calorie, fat and sodium content of food can help you better understand what to eat and what to avoid. This is especially important when eating out, since the calorie and fat content of dishes can be misleading. For example, a diner at Applebee’s might be surprised to learn the Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger has less calories, fat and sodium than the Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad.  There are many great phone apps that help with keeping track of your calories or intake every day.  I use the Fitbit one, but there are many others that help.

Bike It ~  Riding your bike can boost your energy by 20 percent, according to a study reported by Women’s Health magazine. Use your bike to get to and from work, run errands around town and meet up with friends for brunch on the weekend.   I have just recently rediscovered my love for riding my bike.  I have an older mountain bike, but still enjoy an evening ride with my hubby.

Workout at Home ~ There are tons of great sites that offer free workout videos at home with cardio and strength-training moves. Check BodyRock for high-intensity interval training workouts. If you’re looking for something more mellow, check out the free videos at YogaDownload and stretch your way to a leaner body!  There are many fitness experts on Facebook that post daily workouts as well.   A person doesn’t have to pay for great workouts anymore, if you just do a little research.

Share a Workout ~ You probably have a few workout DVDs collecting dust in your media center. If you’re sick of the routines, call up some friends and organize a DVD swap to get fresh workouts for free! Better yet, schedule a time to do the workout with a friend so you’re more motivated to get up and go.  You might find that a friend has a workout that you have been eyeballing but didn’t have the money to buy.  Great way to try new things.

Cheap Fitness Gear ~ There are tons of treasures waiting to be plucked up from garage sales in your area and it’s a great way to get cheap workout equipment like dumbbells, benches, jump ropes and even cardio machines. Review your daily newspaper for upcoming listings or simply go for a spin around town on Saturday morning to find signs pointing you to various sales. Many people run groups on Facebook for local swapping.  I myself run a few and they are great for finding all kinds of goodies, cheap.

Step on It ~  People who use a scale on a daily basis were found to maintain their body weight which is crucial to heart health. According to a study reported on by Prevention magazine, daily weighers dropped twice as many pounds as weekly weighers. The article also suggests basic, cheap scales are preferable to high-tech ones that also purport to measure your body fat and muscle weight. Win win!  I weigh myself every morning, at about the same time.   Doing this helps me keep myself inline from day to day.  I know my body will fluctuate, so take into account time of month or what I ate/drank the day before.  But, I know if I see a number I don’t like, I can fix that by watching my intake that day.

Close Your Eyes ~ Getting a minimum of seven to eight hours of Zs is crucial for well being, brain power and weight maintenance. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, review your bedtime rituals. Make sure your TV and gadgets are turned off 30 to 60 minutes before bed as the light keeps your mind racing.  Doing some light yoga helps to relax you as well.  I love some light evening yoga, and using some essential oils to drift off to sleep.

Food Groups ~ Eating the suggested daily portions of vegetables and fruit are crucial to overall health. The more colorful your plate, the more nutrients you consume to fight fat and disease. When shopping for produce, choose organic wisely and avoid paying a premium for fruits and veggies with tough skins. You can also save by opting for frozen berries and vegetables which contain the same vitamins and nutrients than the fresh options.  Making sure you get a well rounded daily intake either by juicing things you don’t care for, or eating a good mix of fruits, veggies, protein and good carbs.

Water, Water, Water ~ It is so important to drink plenty of water every day.  You should drink 1/2 your body weight in oz. per day.   Or at least try for the 8, 8 oz glasses of water.  Water helps your body in so many ways, so don’t order a pop next time you go out to eat… just have water.

Research and Learn ~ If ever in question on anything in life, the internet is only a click away.  Research is key, every day, to learn about ways you can stay healthy.  Sites like Molina Healthcare are great places to find information on daily questions.  I find that we research many things online, and there are days I can’t imagine what we did without internet.

Extra Time ~  There are always a few minutes here and there in your day that you can squeeze in something that will do your body good.   Set you alarm for 15 minutes earlier than normal and do some yoga to start your day.   Put the kids to bed 1/2 hour early so you can unwind and do yoga, or a workout video, or just have some alone time to relax.  Hire a baby sitter once a week so you can hit the gym, or go for a run/walk or take a fitness class.  Lots of ideas, all that is needed is you to implement one of them.

Whatever you do, daily, just make every day the best you can.

Hydration by Size

Hydration by Size: How Big Does Your Water Pack Need to Be?    


You’re almost ready for just about any sporting activity – almost. You’re lacking one crucial piece of equipment: a hydration pack. Most people don’t think of it until they’re ready to head out the door, but a hydration pack makes like easier, and cuts down on the bulk of carrying around water bottles. Plus, it can keep your hands free so that you don’t have to stop to get a drink. On top of that, you can carry large reservoirs right on your back and refill them whenever you run out.


The Importance of Hydration


Hydration is something most people know they need to do, but many people just don’t take it seriously enough. When you’re out there on the trails, running, or biking, you’re going to sweat. When that happens, you’re losing water and electrolytes. You need roughly 1 liter of water for every hour of activity – at minimum. Some people need more due to increased demands on electrolyte stores.


If you use a hydration pack, instead of a water bottle, you can more easily keep yourself hydrated without sacrificing performance. But, which size should you go with?


Small (1L) Sizes


Sites like can help you fine excellent deals on just about any size hydration pack or reservoir pouch, but getting the size right will be crucial.  A 1 Liter reservoir is perfect for short-duration activities. For example, let’s say you’re a “weekend warrior” or someone who only likes to hike periodically.


You may only be out for an hour or two at a time, and you’ll have access to potable water. You don’t want anything that will weigh you down too much. The smaller size reservoir pouch is perfect for you.


Medium (2L) Sizes


Now, let’s say you’re a more serious backpacker. You plan on going on a day-long hike. You’ll still have access to potable water, but you need the ability to stay hydrated between filling stations. Or, you’re a mountain biker who wants to minimize weight and still stay hydrated.


The 2 liter pouch is one of the more popular sizes. It’s a balance between weight and reservoir capacity. Most people find that it’s not too heavy while, at the same time, providing double the hydration of a smaller pouch.


Large (3+L) Sizes


A 3 liter pouch is for the most serious of athletes or those who are very thirsty. This is the pouch you need when water is scarce or you just don’t want to stop for refills.


Since a liter of water weights about 2 pounds, you’re going to be lugging around a fair bit of extra weight. But, to be fair, you’re not going to lug it around with you for the entire time you’re out there. Remember, you’ll be drinking regularly from your hydration pack.


More serious mountain bikers, who don’t mind the added weight, or those who know they will be on extended day trips almost always choose this option.


Dylan Steele has a passion for the active lifestyle. He enjoys blogging about fitness activities and equipment.


How to Get Exercise Without Actually Setting Out to Exercise

shutterstock image 2 living smart girl How to Get Exercise Without Actually Setting Out to Exercise

We all know that the best way to losing weight or maintaining a healthy body is by getting plenty of exercise and eating sensibly and healthily. However it’s also true that our lives are busier than ever with work, going out with friends and making time for ourselves so it can be really difficult to even find the time to get exercising or to eat healthily.

This is of course why places like McDonalds and many other fast food outlets start looking all the more attractive. Quickly getting your food before heading back to work or home to relax is an all too easy way of life but it certainly isn’t the healthiest way of life. Many of us also dread heading to the gym to get exercise with the numerous awkward social situations of the locker room and the competitiveness that can come from keeping up with the ’fit’ people.

It is however far easier to fit exercise into your day than you might think. You don’t have to give up your free time for a visit to the gym and it doesn’t involve paying out loads of money for any expensive running machines, gym memberships or diet plans. One of the best forms of exercise is remarkably easy and can be done any time and any place.

Shutterstock image 1 living smart girl It All Starts with a Single Step

This innovative and simple form of exercise is simply walking. Putting your shoes on and walking out your front door is the easiest and cheapest form of exercise possible but it is also one of the most effective. Simply walking for half an hour can burn an impressive 99 calories. The best thing about walking is it can be done anywhere and can fit into your daily routine easily; you can start by walking to work, using stairs instead of lifts or even just walking to a colleague’s desk rather than emailing.

It can actually become quite addictive and can be made quite enjoyable with music, going to walk in areas of natural beauty or even make it a social experience by going walking with friends or by joining a walking group. A good idea is during your lunch hour to go out with a list of chores or to do some shopping, by walking to the shops you’re immediately burning off what you eat for lunch and saves you time after work to relax knowing the chores are done. The NHS encourages you to do more walking too, find out more here.

The health benefits from walking can go further than simply trimming your waistline or keeping you fit. Skipping the car or bus and using your feet instead can help prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. The further and more often you walk the greater the benefits so it is worth investing in a pedometer and start with a single step.

Taking Up a Hobby

A great way of getting more exercise or becoming healthier is by learning a new skill. An easy and obvious example of this is taking a cookery course, learning to cook healthy foods will help you make better food choices and gradually get yourself in good shape. Developing a passion and a knowledge of food will create an awareness of what the food you eat does to your weight.

Keeping yourself busy is a great way of avoiding boredom which can often lead to snacking and eating purely out of boredom. There are also hobbies which can take the direct weight loss approach for example the popular Zumba craze or perennial favourite, yoga. Lessons and classes teaching these skills can be easily found at gyms or through local newspapers and often take place in evenings so they can easily fit into your lifestyle. Being more active is a very strong route to weight loss or keeping fit and can be fun at the same time as well as offering the chance to make new friends.

Play A Sport

The key to getting more exercise is to enjoy doing it, it doesn’t have to be a chore and sport is a great way of getting exercise in an enjoyable way. Going out to play football in the park once a week is a simple, enjoyable and social way to get in shape or going with a friend to play some tennis can be fun and easy exercise. You don’t have to be great at the sport it is just a case of getting involved and enjoying yourself, making it a social experience makes it less like exercise and more enjoyable.

Playing any sport can burn off a significant number of calories and has a huge amount of scientific evidence backing up the positive effects playing a sport can have not just on your weight but health and fitness in general.  Playing a sport or joining in with physical activity can help in developing healthy bones and efficient heart and lung function as well.

The benefits of exercise

There is a reason why so many people say the only way to lose weight and increase fitness is by eating healthy and exercising, that is because it genuinely works. Completing more exercise means you burn off calories from the foods that you’ve eaten, this means doing more exercise negates the need for an extreme diet.

There are so many easy ways of fitting more exercise into your day, it doesn’t have to be stressful or too much of an effort. From walking to picking up a sport, these are just a few of the hundreds of areas in everyday life when exercise can be done. If you need that little kick start or energy boost to get into the exercise frame of mind there are many supplements which offer that helping hand, Europe’s number one is called Activ8 X and is one of the more trustworthy supplements out there, find out more by visiting ivillages article on Activ8 X.

If you’re looking to lose weight or merely keep your fitness levels up then you can’t go far wrong by doing plenty of exercise. As the adage says, it all starts with a single step.

Biking for my Health

It is that time of year where you start seeing more and more people outside, walking, running, hiking and biking.  Minnesota has been hit bad this year with terrible weather and my body is just itching to get outside and get my fitness on in the fresh air.   I love to walk, and especially walk my dogs.  What a better way to enjoy a walk then with man’s best friend.  And, now that hubby has gotten on the fitness bandwagon jogging will be fun too as he has started to jog.  But, for me, jogging isn’t very good for my joints.  But, I am so excited to say that hubby and I plan to buy new mountain bikes this year.  He gets a certain amount of money from work every year that is to be used for exercise equipment or gym memberships.  So, since we have pretty much every kind of exercise equipment we want we thought mountain bikes would be fun.

We live on in the country and have miles and miles of road to ride.  As well as dirt roads, trails and fun places to ride to, have a picnic, maybe a hike and then ride home.  I can’t wait to get our new bikes.  We do have a couple bikes already that were actually left at our house when we bought it.  They are about 20 years old, tires are shot, they have seen better days.  It is time to upgrade.

We will be not only biking for fun, but also biking for our health.  There are so many benefits to riding bike.  Great calorie burning, all over body tone (glutes, quads, calves,), energy booster, saves your joints (puts less stress on joints than running), good for the heart, and a great way to shed extra pounds while having fun.

Do you like to bike?  Do you do it as a family?

Nutrisystem Week 4 #NSNation

New NS Logo

Nutrisystem Week 4 #NSNation

Starting weight was #200.  Started program 4/1/13
End of week 1 (4/1/13-4/7/13) weight was #196
End of week 2 (4/8/13 – 4/14/13) weight was #193
End of week 3 (4/15/13 – 4/21/13) weight was #192
End of week 4 (4/22/13 – 4/28/13) weight was #189

I am so very proud of my husband for what he has accomplished in the last 4 weeks of being on Nutrisystem.  He is an inspiration to me and has had others asking him over the last week what he is doing because his weight loss is showing.   Last night his Uncle asked him if he is melting.  And when I wrap my arms around him I can tell he is losing weight.  And, he said the best part of all this is that his pants are feeling to big, and he is soon going to have to buy a new belt cuz he is on the last notch and can’t tighten it any more.

Tony has never been one to look overweight because he carries it well.  But, at 5’8″ and 200#, he knew he was overweight and wanted to do something about it.  Tony has never been one who is self motivated when it comes to exercise and losing weight because of his love for food, and TV.   Sitting and watching food shows is a huge love of his and that doesn’t help when you are someone who loves food and loves to eat.   This past month he has learned many things and has started to look at life differently.

It has been not only good for Tony, but good for me.  I too am losing weight.  I love to cook, and I admit that when I cook I make big meals.  Yes, generally healthy meals but big ones.   Making big meals means Tony wants to eat and eat which means the portion control goes right out the window.  Well, I have cooked a few meals this past week but scaled back my portions and that helps.    I also don’t keep all kinds of snacks in the house because I don’t want to temp him and it helps for me not to be tempted.

The hardest day this past week was yesterday (Saturday).  We put on a housewarming/Birthday party for our son who will be 21 on the 30th of April.  So, there was chips, dip, pizza, cake, etc.   We both indulged a bit to much.   I didn’t feel to bad about enjoying food with family and friends, and Tony was ok and didn’t overdo it like he would have a month ago.  One thing I can say.. last night we both were saying that we felt like we ate to much and were not enjoying how our tummies felt.  Good thing our son only turns 21 once ;)

Tony has been trying to run/walk more and more and has a goal of entering a 5K that is on June 1st.  I would love to join in but since I am still not able to do anything until May 14th due to my bunion surgery I think this is something he will be doing alone.   Once I am released to get back to my working out, we will both be unstoppable.

Check back next week for week 5 updates.

Are you interested in Nutrisystem?  Wait no more and join today by visiting or calling 1-888-853-4689

Disclaimer ~ Living Smart Girl was provided the Nutrisystem program in exchange for my opinion and review.  All views are mine and my husbands and results posted are my husbands.

Supplements Aren’t Scary – 4 Myths busted!


Supplements Aren’t Scary – 4 Myths busted!
By: Bulu Box


Some people hear the word supplement and think un-natural, not right for the body, steroids, etc. But in reality a supplement is nothing more than nutrients packaged together in a way that’s going to help you get better results. Simply put, most supplements are just food. By definition, a supplement is, “Something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.”


We live in a world where it’s hard to get every nutrient that our body needs and a busy lifestyle just makes it that much harder to get those nutrients. Taking supplements is a fast and easy way to ensure our body gets what it needs. So why are some people still scared of supplements? We tend to hear about a recalled product or questionable ingredients and instantly classify all supplements as “scary”. When an ingredient gets banned or when an athlete gets busted for using performance-enhancing drugs people tend to shy away from products containing the word “supplement.” While there are some products to be wary of, the majority of supplements are safe to take. Of course, you should always consult your doctor before making significant changes to your diet. That said, we’re here to show you that supplements don’t have to be scary :)


Myth #1: Only body builders use supplements
Have you ever eaten fortified cereals to help get more of a nutrient? Do you take a multi-vitamin? Those are supplements. So body builders aren’t the only ones taking supplements, so do you! :) In fact, a lot of the people you know probably take supplements. Ask Granny about her one-a-day she swears by!


Myth #2: A lot of supplements are illegal
Unfortunately there are some companies out there that use ingredients that may not be approved by the government. This sometimes happens because it’s a new ingredient that hasn’t yet been researched thoroughly. You’re probably already checking the labels of foods you consume, and that’s awesome! Applying this same principle to supplements can help you find the ones that will work for you. So when taking a new supplement, make sure to do your research and pay attention to how a supplement and/or ingredient makes you feel.


Myth #3: Pills are scary to take
A lot of supplements come in pill forms, and this may scare people off a little because when we see a pill we are reminded of medicine prescribed by the doctor. However, supplements might come in a pill form only because it’s easier to take and makes it way easier to get more nutrients without eating so much. For example, you would need to eat about 20 oranges a day to get 1,000mg of calcium that can come in a single pill. The good news is, if you don’t like taking pills, there are a lot of other ways to take supplemental vitamins and minerals. Nowadays there are sprays, drinkable vitamins, and even gummies! Test a few out to see what works best for you.


Myth #4: Supplements aren’t needed for a normal, balanced diet
If we ate clean 100% of the time and were extremely disciplined, then it may be possible to get the nutrients your bodies need. However, we live in a modern world with busy lifestyles where starchy foods have become go-to foods for quick and easy consumption. Taking supplements could help us get all the nutrients we need, especially on the days when we lack a balanced diet the most. While supplements aren’t necessary, they certainly make living a healthy lifestyle a little easier for all of us.

If you’re new to vitamins and supplements it’s wise to start by incorporating a daily multi-vitamin and fish oil into your routine. You can also try protein powders as a meal replacement or as a quick snack to help your muscles recover before and after workouts! At Bulu Box, we use a couple rules of thumb to help us find the products that work for us:

  • Read the label, if you’re not sure what something is then research it online or check ingredient resources. Product reviews from other Bulugans can also be helpful.
  • Sample products, EVERYBODY is different and not everything works for everyone. So try things out to see how it interacts with your body and make note how you feel.
  • Consult your doctor or a licensed professional. They can give you personalized advice.


Disclaimer ~ Post content supplied by BuluBox.   BuluBox is a monthly subscription box filled with healthy samples every month for you to try.  Visit BuluBox today.

Week 1 of Nutrisystem #NSNation


Nutrisystem Week 1 #NSNation

Starting weight was #200.  Started program 4/1/13
End of week 1 (4/1/13-4/7/13) weight was #196

I would like to introduce you to my wonderful husband Tony.  Tony and I have been together almost 19 years, married almost 16.  Ever since I met this man, besides his love for me he has always had a great love for food. All food.  Eating out, eating in, snacking, etc.  Just loves food.  Loves to eat food and watch all kinds of food shows, and loves to cook.  (not so good at the kitchen clean up though).

Because of Tony’s love for food he has always carried a few extra pounds and it seems no matter what he tried it just never holds.  He has done many diets, and fads but always ends up gaining back the weight and then some.  He knows it is because he loves food and finds it really hard to not eat till he hurts.  Yes, he likes to walk away from the table saying.. Oh I hurt, or, man why did I eat that 3rd helping.  LOL!!   I laugh because I think he is adorable.  But, I also am concerned because I worry about his health.

Because he likes to watch TV alot, he is always seeing the Nutrisystem commercials and one day he said.. man I wonder if that would work for me. Of course you see the commercials and think, that food has to be awful or those people on the commercials must be paid to say those things. Well, after hearing him make comment after comment about wanting to give Nutrisystem a try I reached out to them with his story.  So, Tony now is on the Nutrisystem plan for 4 months to help him lose the weight and learn how to live eating smaller portions and being active.

Well, Tony is also very shy and not one that likes to be in the spotlight.   (not like me at all!)  When he heard he was accepted to the blogger program he was excited.  But then I told him that I would have to post pictures and info on him and he almost turned down this great opportunity.  Thankfully they understand that not everyone is comfortable with certain things and we went ahead with planning his food for the month.  What was hard for Tony is that he loves food and it was hard to pick out what a person might want to eat for a whole month.  And, never being on the program and not knowing what one might like or not like makes it hard.  But, he filled out his form and we got it sent in.   Now, we wait for his food to come.  It came at the end of March so he decided to start his program on April 1st.

Tony was busy when all the boxes of food came so I took the liberty of taking pics and finding room in our cupboards for the food.   I actually had just cleared out our cupboards some because our son just moved out and so I gave him all the foods that he eats and we just don’t need here anymore.  This food took up a whole cupboard.  Wow.. you sure get a ton of food for a month!  And, a ton of it is frozen!!

Here are some pics of all the food.


So, April 1st has come and Tony has started his first week.

First week ~  April 1st ~ 200#  ~ 5’8″ Tall

His first couple days were a bit confusing just because he is learning how to incorporate all the different things.  Like, smart carbs, power fuels, vegetables, water intake, daily 3, etc.  He is not used to thinking about how, when and what to eat.. he just eats.
He started his first day with a Turkey, Ham and Cheese Omelet, and a Coffee Protein Drink.   He was very shocked at how good the omelet was.  He had hesitation just because one never knows when you go on different programs if you will like the food or not.  Well, so far he has only not liked one thing.  So, for being he is part way thru day 5 that is pretty good.  Tony is not a picky eater, but does not like onions, mushroom, or peppers in things and so far he is happy and his palate is tickled :)
Tony isn’t much for water.  In fact he hates it!!   I am a water drinker and he always looks at me when I grab my huge jug of water every morning and he gives me that gag face.  But, he is drinking as much water as he can every day.  Getting 8 glasses is important but he is around 4 or so a day.  Better than nothing.

Day 5 of the Nutrisystem and he is down to 196#.   He was so excited when he stepped on the scale yesterday and was down to 197# and not today to 196#.    And he doesn’t feel like he is starving himself.  That is a huge key factor.  Since he loves to eat he was worried he would be hungry and that a person would lose weight because they were starving.  But, you don’t starve.  Yes, he would eat more if it was offered but the idea is that you need to learn portion control and that your body need many things a day to lose weight. Proper nutrition, water, exercise, and accountability.   Keeping track in his Daily Tracker is great for him.  Because he isn’t one for being online much I keep up for him online but he does all the figuring of what he will eat, how much and when.  That is a great learning tool for him.

I am so proud of Tony for taking control and realizing that he does need some help.  And, with him doing Nutrisystem it is also keeping me in line with my food.   Not to mention that our son is not here so I don’t have all kinds of junk in the house.  I went shopping, filled up our fridge with veggies and fruit and grabbed stuff that is power fuel foods.   I will make sure I shop once a week to keep fresh foods for him and I.   After seeing all the foods and options he has with Nutrisystem I wish I was on it!  ;)

Stay tuned for week 2 ~

Are you interested in Nutrisystem?  Wait no more and join today by visiting
or calling 1-888-853-4689

Disclaimer ~ Living Smart Girl was provided the Nutrisystem program in exchange for my opinion and review.  All views are mine and my husbands and results posted are my husbands.

Get Your Cardio on in a Fun Way!

Get your Cardio On in a Fun Way!

Exercising doesn’t need to be a chore that you check off of your to-do list, it can be fun, energizing and even make you feel like a kid again!  How?  When you get your cardio on with roller skating!

We all know that cardio exercise is important but here are a few benefits that you can enjoy from incorporating a fun cardio workout in to your daily living.

Burn calories and lose weight

Make your heart stronger

Increase lung capacity

Reduce the risk of a heart attack, high blood pressure or diabetes.

It reduces stress

It helps you sleep better

It makes you feel good

We could go on and on about the benefits of a cardio workout, but you get the point.  What isn’t beneficial is when your workout becomes a chore.  Roller skating as a cardio workout is a fun way to get the exercise your body needs while keeping it fun with a youthful activity that brings back fun childhood memories!

Use Those Muscles!

While the point of a cardio workout is to strengthen your heart, incorporating other muscles into the workout is almost like a two in one advantage.  You can get all of your exercising needs roller skating because roller skating uses so many muscles to make it work!

Roller skating uses your entire lower body muscles, from the thighs to the quadriceps to the hamstrings to the gluteus to everything in between. Roller skating also requires the participant to use their core muscles to establish their center of gravity, which in turn uses the ab muscles.  The upper body muscles are not directly used, but there are considered stabilizer helpers, which give them a minimal workout, making roller skating an entire body workout, including the heart!

Because roller skating uses so many muscles, the oxygen and energy demands are high.  You can burn between 900-1400 calories per hour roller skating, verses the 600-900 calories you burn jogging for the same amount of time.  Which sounds more fun to you?

Roller skating is also considered a low impact workout, which means it does not place as much strain on your bones and  joints as jogging does.   When you jog, your bones and joints take the impact with each step.  When you roller skate, the wheels take the impact for you.  Because the skates take the brunt of the impact, many people find that they can roller skate longer then they can jog.

So take a step back into your childhood by strapping on a pair of roller blades and getting the exercise that your aging body craves.  Whether you are an experienced skater or need a refresher, the cardio workout from roller skating is heart healthy, fun and energizing! Grab a great pair at this site here!

Great Ways to Prevent Running Injuries

Great Ways to Prevent Running Injuries

The possibility of injury is something all runners need to be aware of, no matter how much – or how little! – time we’ve been running for. In my book, prevention is always better than cure, and to that end I’ve put together a list of my favourite tips on keeping injury at bay.

1) Invest in good shoes

The first step in the fight against injury is making sure you wear a decent pair of shoes while you run. This doesn’t mean picking up the most expensive trainers in the shop; rather, it’s about understanding how you run and the level of support you need.

Of course, it’s not really possible to watch yourself run and, if you could, you might not understand what you’re seeing. So, the simplest thing to do is to get yourself to a decent sports shop and have your gait analysed (good stores, like Lilywhites in London, will offer this for free). It’s not a big deal – it just involves you running for less than a minute on a treadmill.

Then, staff will be able to tell you what kind of shoe you need to achieve the right level of support. They’ll also help you choose a pair, re-testing your gait with each; you don’t have to do this if you don’t fancy it – but I think it’s worth it.

2) Warm up!

The next step in injury prevention is remembering to warm up for a few minutes before you run – especially if you’ve been sat at a desk all day. I have to admit, I’m pretty bad at this, but it really can help avoid strains when you start running.

If you’re like me and are a little impatient (and perhaps lazy!), spend the first few minutes of your run jogging lightly. This can act as a warm up as long as you keep your speed well below what it usually is.

3) Be injury-aware while running

Listening to your body is one of the best ways to avoid injury. Most of us will experience the odd ache or twinge while running – it comes with the territory – but persistent sharp pains (ones that last over ten minutes/throughout your run and continue afterwards) are probably the sign of an oncoming or existing issue.

The temptation here is to adopt the attitude that, since you can technically still run, it’s not a problem, but that’s a sure-fire way to turn a minor ache into a full-blown injury. Instead, ice the affected area once you get home, and scale down your mileage/intensity until it improves.

4) Stretch and stretch some more!

New runners often think they should stretch before they run, but don’t think about doing so afterwards. In fact, it’s more important to stretch as soon as you finish; this is essential in boosting muscle recovery and avoiding injury. Fail to stretch adequately and you’re far more likely to experience soreness, while your muscles will be more limited in their mobility. Over time, this can even lead to muscle shortening – so, stretching is a big deal!

Stretch all the major lower-body muscle groups, holding each stretch for 20 to 30 seconds. On occasions when you’re short of time, make sure you at least stretch your hip flexors, as doing so will help the rest of the muscles in your legs relax.

5) Consider recovery nutrition

There are certain things you can eat and drink after a run that will go some way to boosting your recovery and, consequently, help prevent future injury. Personally, I like drinking chocolate milk when I get home, and not just because I’m a chocoholic! It actually has the right balance of proteins and carbs for recovery – but you should also eat a balanced meal soon after finishing, too.

Another option to consider is investing in a home oxygen canister. By inhaling oxygen-enriched air, your muscles are likely to recover faster – and this could also boost performance over time.