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Getting Into Shape With Muscle Building Home Workouts


Getting into shape requires effort on your part, but it also necessitates time that many individuals are lacking. Thankfully, those who lead busy lives don’t have to live with being overweight or having a flabby physique thanks to muscle building home workouts that take very little time. With many muscle building workouts available, every individual should be able to find one they enjoy and can complete even with a hectic schedule. Following are a few muscle building home workouts that build muscle fast which anyone can try.

Building Muscle Quickly

Train making use of your body weight and minimal equipment and you’ll build lean muscle at a rapid rate. For optimal results, perform each exercise in a slow, controlled manner. Time crunch workouts are great in this situation, and you’ll build lean muscle in only 20 minutes a day. Stuart Phillips and a team at Canada’s McMaster’s University found that slow and steady is optimal for building muscle.

Start with an elevated pike push up. During this exercise, bend over so your arms and legs are straight, with your hands on the floor and your feet on an elevated surface, such as a box. Lower yourself and then drive up again. Do 12 reps in four sets and rest for 60 seconds.

Next, start with your legs in a split stance. Squat down in this position and jump up into the air. Switch legs so you come down in the opposing stance. Alternate legs and repeat, jumping as high as you can with each repetition. Do ten reps with each leg during four sets, resting for 60 seconds between sets.

Now it’s time to act like Spiderman. Get down like you are going to do a pushup and begin crawling forward. As you crawl, move your right arm and left leg as far as you can, staying low to the ground. Your goal is to swing the knee so it almost touches the opposing arm. Alternate sides and, to make the exercise more difficult, try crawling backward. Do six sets of ten reps, resting for 30 seconds in between.

Now, do pushups as the superhero would. Get back into the pushup position and, as you go to lower your body for the pushup, bring your knee and elbow together on one side. When you go to raise back up, move your leg back. Repeat on the opposite side. Complete six sets, resting for 30 seconds in between.

These are just a few workouts that build muscle fast. You’ll find many others you may wish to try. Remember to complete each exercise using slow, controlled movements for the best results.

Working Out at Home

Finding time to hit the gym isn’t easy for many. Once you learn how to start bodybuilding at home, you’ll find you can achieve the look you are after without worrying about squeezing in a workout. Gym memberships aren’t cheap either, but you can pick up some nice equipment and get fit with the help of some muscle building workouts. Start by purchasing the basics, including a barbell, flat bench, and adjustable dumbbells. With just a few pieces, you can get into shape and obtain the physique you’re after.

Barbell squats and dumbbell lunges are both good exercises to try, and you should complete two sets of 12 reps each. Don’t hesitate to make use of the one-arm dumbbell row, doing three sets of 12 reps, and fall back on conventional exercises, such as pushups, to get a full workout. When doing pushups, complete three sets until you can’t push yourself off the ground any longer.

Once you’ve mastered basic exercises such as these, move on to more advanced ones. Try some bent over barbell row exercises, doing four sets of eight reps and complete two sets of the standing military press, doing eight to 12 reps in each set. Demonstrations of these exercises are readily available for those who are not familiar with them.

As your strength builds, focus on different areas of the body on different days. For example, do barbell curls and concentration curls on Monday to work your arms, dumbbell flys and pushups on Tuesdays to work the arms, and then rest on Wednesdays before moving on to the lower body, back and shoulders. Be sure to rest two days a week, and don’t forget to focus on nutrition. Exercise is only one component of building lean muscle. You’ll need to focus on nutrition also for great results.

No Weights Needed

If you’re short on money, but want to get started right away, try muscle building home workouts without weights. Make use of progressive overload to ensure you obtain the lean muscle you desire and you must maintain a diet that allows for this growth, but it can be done. With these two principles, it is possible to obtain the body you desire.

One thing to remember is you must make use of progressive overload, and this can be difficult to do as you can’t adjust your body weight quickly and easily. Over time, if you don’t focus on progressive overload, you’ll find you quit building muscle mass and move to muscle endurance. To avoid this, start with exercises which can be done anywhere, such as pushups, lunges, squats, and dips. As your muscle mass increases, add a weighted vest, exercise bands, or small dumbbells to increase resistance. Doing so allows you to continue to build muscle mass.

Pay attention to what you are eating. You need to ensure you are consuming enough calories and protein to build muscle mass, according to Charles Lambert of the University of Arkansas.

Without these two items, you aren’t going to see the desired growth, although you may slim down. It’s the definition you will be lacking.

Try a number of workouts until you find one you love and enjoy completing on a regular basis. Now is the time to get into shape. With numerous muscle building home workouts to select from, doing so has never been easier.

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Terry Asher

Lean Legs Workout

Wanna get lean legs for summer.  This is a quick, and effective Lean Leg Workout for just that.

Doing this workout from top to bottom, 3 times will give you a nice lean and toned leg to show off in your shorty shorts, or bathing suit for summer.   My legs have always been easy to tone, and a week of doing this and they are looking nice.  Now, not everyone can just do this for a week, so I recommend daily for at least 30 days 😉   Or, just daily forever and you will never have to worry about what your legs look like, because they will look amazing!

Personal Training for a Fitter You

A number of people today are making a positive change in their life by opting to incorporate exercise as part of their daily lifestyle and maintain it regularly in order to lead healthier lives. On a basic note, a well-balanced exercise schedule of strength, flexibility and cardio can help in bringing down cholesterol and high blood pressure while helping to balance one’s weight, strengthen bones, enhance sleep and boost energy while making you feel and look great.

But for an individual who is new to exercise, getting to move about can be quite an arduous task particularly if the last time the person enrolled in any kind of structured fitness training was in high school. To ensure that one’s training experience is positively balanced and to avoid the dwindling of motivation after the first session of exercises, it can help in hiring a personal trainer to work on a tailored program specific to your body requirements.

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Getting a personal trainer, these days, can be quite economical as a number of health conscious people are understanding the need of employing a professional and health expert in advancing their personal health goals. With the help of a personal trainer, you will be able to understand the right technique of performing exercises while learning the correct structure of specific exercise methods. In addition, specific to your requirements, your daily fitness progression will be monitored under an expert eye that will further help in fast tracking your results.

Ideally, a professional trainer undertakes a complete health assessment that could include BMI index, strength abilities, cardio tests, code functionalities, and health questionnaires, range of motions, dietary queries and lifestyle examinations. These measurements are highly positive in identifying an individual’s requirements that might be needed to consider before building a structured schedule, such as corrective exercise to rehabilitate any current health condition.

More importantly, if you are a novice to exercise, a personal trainer can help you in staying motivated and can also keep you feel responsible and accountable for your exercise schedule.

Intermittently blending your exercise schedule with various forms of floor and machine exercises can not only  keep you stay interested in the exercise schedule but will also ensure that you achieve maximum results from the training. Although at first, it might be difficult to adapt or keep up to a customised exercise program in a matter of weeks it will become easier to follow it. Fitness trainers can also help in avoiding training plateau by constantly designing specific programs to challenge you in order to yield the right outcome.

In order to accomplish your exact health goals, it is important to choose and select the right health trainer. If you have clear objectives to be met such as losing additional weight, it can help in meeting and speaking with your potential fitness trainer to ensure that he/she has the necessary capabilities and expertise in the field of weight loss and dietary recommendations.

Overall, health results that you need to accomplish are basically waiting to be met by you, which lie on the other side of your comfort zone and given the right inducement, persuasion and inspiration by a personal trainer can ultimately be extremely helpful in reaching your health goals..

Carol is a full time writer with a background in medical journalism. She often writes articles related to health and obesity issues. Her particular interest includes on Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract US, a weight loss product made from garcinia cambogia fruit.

Keep your Fitness on Track with Sears FitStudio

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The most popular New Year’s resolutions are health related, including eating better, getting more exercise, and losing weight. People are often derailed from achieving their goals for numerous reasons. My issue is generally lack of focus. When it comes to resolutions that are long term, it’s best to determine the overall goal and then break it down into attainable steps. Sure I say I want to be more active, but without clearly defining specific goals, it’s much easier for my efforts to get sidetracked. My specific goals are to maintain 10,000 steps per day with an additional workout as often as I can but shooting for at least three times per week. With this defined, I can then rely on amazing resources like Sears FitStudio to keep me on track.

FitStudio is everything I need to tackle my resolution of being more active. After a quick sign up, FitStudio allows you to connect your apps and devices such as Fitbit and Jawbone – so you’re easily able to access all your fitness data in a single place. Visit the Goal Center to input your goals and how you’d like to track them. Track by number of workouts, calories burned, time, distance, and more. For mine I selected three workouts per week for four weeks, naming it “Complete 12 Workouts”. The goal then shows me how many workouts I have to finish, how many days are remaining in my goal, and other factors. I then have the option to create a new goal, extend it, or delete it. When I use an app or device that I’ve added to FitStudio, it automatically tracks the workout. Alternatively, I can add them in manually. At a glance, I can see all workouts from the week, month, or year.

A feature on FitStudio that is extremely helpful is the Workout Center. I know I want to work out, but I don’t always know which exercises I should do and sometimes I might need assistance on how to do those I choose. This section of FitStudio shows individual exercises and how to do each which detailed instructions. Or there are pre-set workouts and programs like The Busy Mom Workout or bunch of targeted workouts that focus on specific areas. All of which have me working up a sweat. There are also challenges where you can compete against yourself or head to head against other people. Check out the video challenges to learn more. FitStudio also offers reviews on equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise cycles. Read the good, the bad, the ugly. Each is given a FitStudio score based on performance, features, value and other criteria.

By far my favorite feature of FitStudio are the rewards. Yes, I’m rewarding myself by being more active and in turn being healthy. But how about something a little more tangible? FitStudio gives you points that are then redeemed for savings at Sears and Kmart. Earning for exercising? Yes, please! You get 2,000 points for signing up, 2,000 for completing your profile, and 1,000 for connecting a device. #Achieve15 is an easy way to earn 1,500 points by walking/running 15 miles or burning 1,500 calories! That’s an easy way to start earning. You’re then rewarded with points for each fitness activity and social activity! Burn calories? Earn points! Share your progress? Earn points! I’m all for positive reinforcement, especially when it comes in the form of shopping.

You do need to be a Sears Shop Your Way member in order to earn points, but that’s an easy sign up and totally worth it. Shop Your Way members who are registered users of FitStudio earn Shop Your Way points when they complete a qualifying activity as described in the activity description. The amount of points available for completing a qualifying activity vary. There may be limits to the amount of times a qualifying activity can be completed to earn points. There are many other perks to being a Shop Your Way member too.

Make sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter also.

How can FitStudio keep you on track?

Fitness Tips For The Holidays


Fitness Tips For The Holidays

The holidays are approaching quickly and many people don’t want to derail their fitness and progress over a few celebratory months. Although it may be tempting to cheat on your healthy eating and push aside your fitness, it’s important to stay on track. These fitness tips for the holidays will keep you going all year long and if you follow them closely, you’ll be able to keep celebrating your success instead of starting over at New Year’s!
1. Make time to work out, even if it’s at home.
Often times, people travel during the holidays and end up putting any and all exercise on the back burner, especially if they’re away from their gym. The good news is that in today’s age, there are so many resources right at our fingertips! Between YouTube video workouts, Netflix, or even just running outdoors, there is still plenty of ways to get a great workout in during the holidays! One of the best fitness tips for the holidays is to never stop exercising. Once you do, it’s extremely hard to get back into the habit!
2. It’s okay to splurge, but be realistic.
Of course there are tons of treats around the holidays, and it’s often tempting to gorge all season long. Eating right and staying away from them is one of the best fitness tips for the holidays you can follow! As much as exercise and the gym are great, 80 percent of being healthy is eating correctly. Keep in mind that it’s okay to have a treat here and there, but don’t overdo it, and realize that it might cost a little more in the gym!
3. Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself!
Just as with eating treats in moderation, it’s okay to take rest days in moderation during a vacation as well! Try not to get too into the habit of taking time off from exercise but if you have big plans, maybe skip the workout that day. Especially for something like a trip to the zoo, since you’ll be walking and exercising a lot anyway!
4. No zero days.
No zero days is a great fitness tip any time of year but definitely one of the most helpful fitness tips for the holidays! Essentially, you want to make sure you are doing something beneficial for your health every day . Whether it’s a walk at the mall for Christmas shopping or using this nifty piece of equipment, avoiding a large section of holiday baked goods, or getting in a great workout, just make sure that every day you put in an effort!
5. Drink plenty of water!
Drinking water is a huge part of gealth, weight loss, and overall fitness. Again, this fitness tip applies to all year, but as far as fitness tips for the holidays, it definitely ranks in the top! Making sure you stay on top of hydration and water intake is a huge deal, especially because it can be tempting to drink other holiday beverages like egg nog, or alcohol. It’s totally okay to splurge on those things but keep in mind that water intake is the most important!
What is the hardest part about staying healthy through the holidays for you?

Easy Ways to Exercise While You Travel



Do you like to travel, or just have to travel for work or other reasons?  Sticking to your exercise routines while you are traveling is not always easy because you are not near your local gym, don’t have any of your favorite workout gear with you and are not familiar with established routes. All of this should not stop you from getting in the exercise that you crave, and still be able to see everything you want to in your new destination. There are several easy ways to add exercise while you travel, and most of them are fun or give you a new way to see a city, countryside or beach town.


No matter what type of travel you are doing, or where you end up, here are a few easy ways to add exercise into your travels.


As You Go Rentals

More and more destinations are investing in citywide, pay as you go rentals for everything from bikes to fitness centers. These options are perfect for travelers that want to be able to access great facilities and equipment, without having to make a big commitment. Look for private or public bike share programs and use a bike to get around instead of taking the bus. Find hotels or fitness centers that offer day passes, or pay as you go passes that you can use during the duration of your trip.


Add a Walking Tour

Instead of booking a trolley tour that will drive you up to every landmark in the city, find a walking tour that forces you to get active. These tours let you see the city in a new light and have more of an insider feel than any of the larger tours that will drive you past a lot of places you might be interested in.


Create a YouTube Playlist

There are several fitness instructors, workouts and exercise ideas on YouTube, so before your flight, take the time to create a playlist. Use this playlist when you don’t have the time to get in a full workout, want a quick morning routine or have a rainy afternoon to fill. Its also the best way to make sure that you are working out and toning all parts of your body equally while you are away.


Try New Forms of Cardio

To get your cardio in and create some vacation memories, try out a new form of cardio like the locals would. Anything from rock climbing to kayaking to paddleboarding are fun ways to get out and get in a nice workout. Think about the destination and find an activity that pairs well with the locale. Anywhere near water is a new way to discover a fun water sport. Country destinations can include activities like hiking, climbing, cross country skiing or snowshoeing in the winter and even horseback riding.


Getting in your workout while traveling is all about including more physical activity into what you already have planned or need to get done while at your destination. Turn that activity into fun things to do while out of town and your exercise is as easy as having fun.

Whether you travel for enjoyment, or for other reasons, make sure you check out our partner site (owned by us) at That Traveling Chick, because we offer low prices on all sorts of travel as well as lots of great reviews on places we have traveled and travel tips.


Sunday’s With Shana Schneider – Office Workout

Sunday’s With Shana Schneider – Office Workout


Have you heard about the latest 7-minute workout that combines 12 simple exercises and boasts great positive health and fitness benefits? Check out this video to see what it’s all about. Why not try and put those random minutes between meetings to a good use!

Sunday’s With Shana Schneider – Morning Workout Part 1

Sunday’s With Shana Schneider – Morning Workout Part 1

Mornings can be hard sometimes, and exercise seems to be the last thing on most people’s minds.  But, Shana says ~ Don’t feel guilty about hitting that snooze alarm in the morning. Try out these easy exercises you can do while still in bed! This is part one of a series that will get you feeling fit before you even leave the house.

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