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Are You Still On Track With Your Fitness Goals?

We are entering our 3rd month of 2014, how are you doing with your fitness goals?   Have you given up already?  Did you try a new diet or fitness regimen that you haven’t done before ?   I think it’s kinda neat to see what is trending when it comes to diets.   Check out these stats for the end of 2013 and rising in popularity since 2012.

The Top Ten Diets (week ending 12/22/13):

1. Paleo Diet
2. Metabolism Miracle Diet
3. Atkins Diet
4. Gluten Diet
5. Diabetic Diet
6. South Beach Diet
7. Military Diet
8. Mediterranean Diet
9. Cabbage Soup Diet
10. Dash Diet

The Top Ten Rising Diets (The diets that have risen in popularity the most since 2012)
1. Metabolism Miracle Diet
2. Dash Diet
3. Heart Healthy Diet
4. Beyonce Diet
5. Bodybuilder Diet
6. Juice Diet
7. HCG Diet
8. Caveman Diet
9. ABC Diet
10. Master Cleanse Diet

– data comes from EMS access to information from the  68 most popular search engines. 

I myself have not tried any of these diets.  My hubby did the Atkins diet, did well but gained all the weight back.    How funny that there is a diet called the Beyonce diet.  Really?  How original is that!  LOL!!

I think I need to come up with a diet.  How about, eat to live diet.   Stop shoving crap in your mouth, boxed meals, foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce, things in jars and cans that will never go bad, over processes, loaded with fake sugar, msg, dye, etc.   Just eat clean, fruits, veggies, protein, nuts, whole grains, good carbs, and even a sweet treat every now and then.

It is so sad to see all these Mom’s shoving McDonald’s at their kids, or sending them off to school with what they think is a healthy snack because the TV said so, when in all reality it is something packed with sugar and ick.   People need to read labels more, and stop thinking that it is to expensive or to hard to feed a family healthy.   You can feed your family healthy, on a budget.

Don’t worry if you have slightly lost sight of your health goals for 2014.   Get up, brush yourself off and get back on track.   Don’t put yourself on a “diet”, put yourself on a life style change.  It is easier to keep up with and offers way more leeway so you don’t beat yourself up if you slip here or there.  But, all in all, aside from changing the way you eat, make sure you are grooving your body.   MOVE IT to LOSE IT!

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  1. I totally agree with you. I refuse to follow a fixed diet and try to look for good quality organic food when I go to the (super) market. This approach has served me well so far.
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