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Spring Cleaning for Your Body


Spring has sprung and even though for many of us we still see lot’s of white stuff on the ground and are experiencing cold temperatures we know that it is here.  Our bodies know, and I think the longer days helps with that.  We start thinking about all the spring cleaning we need to get done, closets, cupboards, dresser drawers, basements, garages and more.   We get that urge to just clean clean clean.  I love this time of year because it feels so good to clean things after a long winter of letting things pile up.  It is like starting fresh for me.   I don’t look forward to a new year, just a new spring every year.

Now, even though I have a ton of spring cleaning to do in and around my home I also know that it is time for me to do some spring cleaning for my body and mind.  It has been a long and busy winter and I have let things slide.  Hubby and I were gone for a whole month and so that meant eating out every day and not really exercising much except for all the walking we did.  So, I am taking control of not only my home, but my body and mind.  I say body and mind because you need to get your mind in a place that it can help your body when it comes to spring cleaning.

Since we have been so busy and eating out a lot I decided it is time to start with our food.  Time to clean out the crap and stock up on good stuff.  For us, that is eating lots of chicken, fish, salads, quinoa, brown rice, veggies, fruit, protein shakes and greek yogurt.   Cleaning the ick out of the body isn’t always easy but once you do it it is amazing how good you can feel.  I like to take a couple days and cut out everything except water and my protein shakes, and a simple salad.  I will be doing this next week because right now I am laid up due to my bunion surgery and it is a perfect time to spring clean my body.   Once I cleanse my body I will be cooking a lot of meals like this.   Tilapia, quinoa and baby broccoli.


We tend to eat cleaner in the summer because we do a lot of cooking outside, so eating meals like this are easy. We do a lot of grilling and so chicken and veggies or fish and veggies is generally what we have and always a side salad.  And, I make all our snack bars and that is not only fun, but gives me the chance to put all good in them and not worry about all the bad that is in all those ones you buy at the store.  I keep my fridge full of fruit (cut up and ready to grab), fresh veggies ready to eat, cooked chicken breasts for wraps and salads, yogurts, filtered water, and even homemade frozen yogurt for a little treat now and then.

Water is such a huge part of cleansing your body and keeping it healthy. I drink at least 120 oz of water a day. I don’t keep pop in the house so it is either water or pure juice with nothing added to it.  Very important to us that our foods are not filled with stuff our bodies don’t need.  I especially stay away from MSG, and artificial sweeteners.  We also join a local farmers food share program to make sure we have tons of fresh fruits, veggies and meat that are all natural and locally grown and raised.  Keep it local, keep your body clean.

Spring cleaning the insides of our bodies helps us to get the outsides of our bodies pointed in the right direction.  Have you heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen” ?  Well they are, and once they are set up for success you can then start a new exercise routine to get the outside of your body on the right track.  Me, I am looking forward to when my foot is healed and I can finally exercise normal.  It has been hard for some time due to the pain in my foot.  I can’t wait to get into biking, jogging, yoga, and all my great workout dvd’s I have.

When the inside of my body is in alignment with the outside of my body it puts my mind exactly where I want it to be and then all is good and right for me and around me.  I know I am a happier person when my spring cleaning is done.

How about you?   Do you spring clean your body?  How much water a day do you drink? Do you workout and have a favorite fitness routine?

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  1. I need to take a hint from you and do this myself!

  2. I currently drink about 64-80oz a day depending on how active I am. I definitely know that we need to watch our sweets . That’s our pitfall in this home.

  3. We love Aveeno here! We use it all the time in our household!

  4. I like to do a few days of detox and I try to drink a ton of water…it’s that time of year again for me. Spring cleaning isn’t just for the house! 😉

  5. kathleen Kennedy-Leon says:

    these are great things to focus on–especially the part about water-hydration is so important–more kidney stones occur in winter because we tend to drink less–good post
    thanks for sharing!

  6. These are really some great tips! I agree that I feel so much healthier in the Summer and it is definitely because we eat so much better in the summer than in the winter!

  7. I’ve Been Juicing it up these past few weeks! Slowly but surely I am getting better at taking care of myself with great tasting, healthy food! I’d love to learn how you make your snack bars!

  8. Love their lotions!

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