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Slim It at Spa Sensations of Duluth

Slim It at Spa Sensations of Duluth

Taking a trip, need to fit into a special dress, packed on some extra inches over the holidays?
Well, you can take care of all that and more with a Slim It treatment at Spa Sensations in Duluth, Mn.

I am sure you are asking “what is Slim It”, right?  Well I know I had never heard of it until I walked into Spa Sensations.

Slim It is an Intensive Thermofusion Body Wrap.  Slim It incorporates FIR infrared heat blanket for an intensive thermofusion experience.    Many Benefits to having a Slim It treatment.  A few are ~ increases metabolism, increases blood flow, flushes toxins from the lymph areas, improves the immune system, reduces pain associated with arthritis, reduces cellulite dimpling, reduces joint stiffness, and so much more.   Plus, it feels great especially on these cold winter days.

I treated myself to a Slim It Treatment a couple weeks ago and life has been so busy I just hadn’t had a chance to tell you all about it.  But, I loved it!!   That was my first, but will not be my last that’s for sure.   I suffer from a lot of aches and pains due to my Fibromyalgia and after just one treatment and not a full one as I had another appointment I had to get to, I felt so good.  Calm, relaxed, warm, and so rejuvenated.   Plus, I smelled so good.  Hard to believe since you sweat out all the bad stuff in your body… LOL! But, the cream that is rubbed all over your body is cinnamon scented so you leave smelling yummy!

You start by removing all your clothes and then Jen or Tammy will spray your body with a prep spray product.  Next, you slather a great smelling cream all over your body (not face) and follow with a serum all over your body as well.  Then you climb into a full size plastic body bag.   See me in my body bag.   Like the stars?  I had nothing on and the bag is see thru.  😉

Once you are in this really sexy full body bag, you climb up on the table and lay on the special heated blanket.   The blanket has 3 heat zones ~ lower, core, and upper.   Can heat between 120 – 150 degrees F.

Nicely wrapped inside this heated blanket you close your eyes and just relax (almost fall asleep).  It feels so good!  It gets warm, but I love warm.    See how cozy I look.

If you don’t live in Duluth, Mn I highly suggest you find a place that offers Slim It.

If you do live in or near Duluth, Mn.  I highly suggest you check out Spa Sensations.   They are located across from the Harley shop in the Gordy’s building around the back.  Beautiful, comfortable, inviting, environment and Tammy and Jen are awesome!

Spa Sensations offers a full spa with many services.  Waxing, IPL Hair Removal, Facials, Sauna, Tanning, Teeth Whitening, Ear Candling, Pedicures, Men’s Services and so much more.

Also, pull this coupon up on your phone or print it out to get a discount on your 1st treatment on any kind.
(some exclusions apply)

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  1. I have never, ever been to a spa, this sounds soooo relaxing! I need relaxation.

  2. That looks so relaxing – I would have fallen asleep!

  3. Okay that’s awesome! I live nowhere near you but there HAS to be somewhere in Vegas that does it- I have to check this out. Thanks!

  4. That sounds so relaxing! I love that they put a little Christmas tree in there. That would have really made it for me :-).

  5. That sounds amazing! Well, maybe not the plastic bag part, but the rest of it at least. 😀

  6. This looks like fun!

  7. I’m sure the results are amazing but I could never do that. I’d feel way too confined and claustrophobic. I’ll go for a massage though!

  8. Sounds really relaxing!

  9. I haven’t been to Duluth since college, but that looks like a fabulous treatment and a relaxing day!

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