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Re: Purpose Cookie Sheet, Message Board

A custom cookie sheet message/magnetic board is an inexpensive, easy craft that can add some character to your home or office.


* A Cookie Sheet

* Contact or Scrapbook Paper

* Glue (spray adhesive worked well)

* Embellishments (Flowers, Stickers etc.)

* Scissors

* Ribbon

* Magnets

Step One ~

Size and trim the paper of your choosing to fit inside of cookie sheet. I used some old contact paper.  Apply adhesive and place paper gently inside of cookie sheet, make sure edges are lined and all wrinkles are smoothed out before adhesive sets.

Step Two ~

Once dry you can add your embellishments and decorate the cookie sheet. Remember you can add whatever you want, I added little hooks at the bottom for my keys. A piece of ribbon worked well to hide the seam of the paper and if your cookie sheet has a hole in the top you can thread the ribbon through there, knot and use that to hang it. I had to drill a few holes in the top lip to thread the ribbon for hanging.

Now you have a custom Message Board! Add magnets and use them to hold reminder notes, chore lists, etc. Be creative, instead of using contact or scrapbook paper you could use photos and/or decoupage your own little masterpiece.

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