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Prevent Face Wrinkles with the #WrinklePillow

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ATTN:  All women who wake up with that bed head and smashed/wrinkled face in the morning.   This is a product you WILL NOT want to live without.    Why?  Well because it is AMAZING!!  #wrinklepillow

Back in November I got an email (press release) from the company The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow.   The email was info on this great new pillow that is on the market to help prevent face wrinkles, eye puffiness and help the face products we all use at night to be beautiful, work better for us.  So, like I always do when a product catches my attention, I asked to review one.  I have to say…. this is one of my favorite products of 2013!!  If I was Oprah, you all would get one FREE.   But, alas I am not Oprah so the best I can do is just shout from the rooftops how much I love my new pillow!


I got this awesome pillow in the mail and at first glance  ~ I liked the look, the packaging, the smell (I am weird) and just the whole presentation.

I of course unwrapped and went to put it on my bed.  That night I attached it to the pillow I sleep with every night and attempted to lay on it.  Since I have neck issues I have been using the same pillow for about 5 years or so.  It is a H2O pillow and the only thing I have ever found that works for my neck.    So I tied this pillow to it as the instructions say.  Well, it made my head to high, and way uncomfortable.   I went to my closet where I keep extra pillows (for guests) and found one that was a bit flatter, and tried that.  Still to high.   No way could I use this pillow tied to another.   So, I thought, well I will try it all by itself and see if that works.   Let me say OMG, my neck was not sore for the first morning in years!!!   I mean, I am always sore due to my Fibro, but my neck was not kinked, or sore, and my hair was like it was when I laid down that night.    I have now been using JUST this pillow for about 3 weeks and have to say I wish I had found it years ago.   It is so comfy and just what the Dr. ordered.  (not a real doctor… LOL).

I am a back or side sleeper and generally I wake up with the left side of my face smashed and wrinkled.  And, I always have more dang pimples popping up on the left side of my face… probably because it is smashed into a pillow all night.   My left side of my face is clearing up nicely now.   And, my hair is not such a rats nest in the morning either.  That I love!

Wanna know some facts about this awesome pillow?   Well the pillow helps to prevent eye puffiness by slightly elevating your head.  And, you can use it with our without another pillow, just whatever your comfort preference is.  This pillow is a natural way to help prevent sleep lines and wrinkles while you sleep because it has a unique patented design that supports and cradles your head so no matter what position you sleep your face is not smashed into it.    Also, it helps to prevent chest wrinkles because it has a contoured center which makes sleeping on your back more natural and comfortable.  This I can totally attest too! I am able to sleep on my back more now.  Sleeping on ones back is the best way to prevent chest wrinkles.   Face care products will last on your face longer because they will not rub off on the pillow.   And, the pillow is perfect for any skin type and both men and women can enjoy this pillow.    And if you are someone who gets face procedures you can extend the life of those too by sleeping on this pillow.     If the Face facts aren’t enough to sell ya on this pillow, it also is great for your hair because of the satiny pillowcase.  Satin keeps hair from snagging and keeps it shiny.   Did you know that sleeping on a cotton pillowcase causes your hair to get tangled and break?   Yup.. it does.  And it you like those nice hair extensions or Brazilian Blowouts then you need this pillow.
And last but not least, save your eyelashes.  Because of the contoured design of this pillow, when you turn on your side your eyes are not smashed into the pillow causing your eyelashes to break.

I love my pillow, and know that you will love them too.    Check them out.   I am getting an extra pillowcase so I have a couple different colors.   I am so happy I got to work with this company.   I would have never known about them if it wasn’t for that email.

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Disclaimer ~ Living Smart Girl received product to facilitate a review.  All opinions about the product are 100% Living Smart Girl’s.

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  1. Emma Brown says:

    What is the price? I think I need to try this pillow. Maybe it would help my neck and headaches.

  2. Terrie Dawson says:

    Great blog Even I think I need this, I hope this will help me from not getting more wrinkles.

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