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Pain Free Naturally

For most of us when we were in our teens and early to mid 20’s pain wasn’t even in our vocabulary.  I remember having injuries, but didn’t complain of pain on a daily basis.  When I hit my 30’s and now in my 40’s it seems to be a daily event.  I say event because it is on my mind all day long and not just a fleeting thought.   And, as I get older I do more and more research to find ways to help manage my pain naturally.   I used to run to the Dr. every time something hurt and after trying many different prescribed meds for things, only to find that with every med that a Dr. prescribes comes many other issues I just decided that for me, for now, I want to help manage my pain med free.  I know this is not the case for every person or every condition, but for me it is my choice right now.

Being diagnosed (labeled) with Fibromyalgia in my early 30’s I really have struggled with many things.  I knew something was going on with my body, and because my Mom had Fibro I kinda figured I did as well as my symptoms were much like hers, but just didn’t want to face the truth.  Well, a Dr. confirmed it and then the course began of this drug and that drug and so on.  Now, I take no prescribed meds but do take many natural supplements.  One I really like is Curamin.  If you are not sure what that is check out this great article on Curamin.  I take this daily and have really started to notice that it is helping me, greatly.

There are many alternatives to ease your aches and pains, soothe your muscles and help speed healing without being a slave to a Dr. and prescribed meds.

Headaches ~ Try yoga, or laying for a few minutes with your eyes closed and picturing a pleasant image like a beach or ocean.  Breathing deeply and letting tension release from your head, neck, and shoulders.  Even a cool cloth with peppermint oil on it, or dabbing peppermint oil on your temples and base of your neck.

Relaxing in a hot tub or sauna can help stiff joints and muscle aches.  Don’t have either a hot tub or sauna?  Run a hot bath, add some epsom salt and light a candle.  Let the hot water relax you.

Massage is a great way to relax and relieve pain.  I get a massage as often as I can afford it.   I have found that I watch for local deals on massage.

Getting sleep is also a key point for anyone, especially if you suffer from pain.  Our bodies mend as we sleep and so when you don’t sleep you don’t give your body time to mend.  I know how hard a good nights sleep can be so I use things like a natural tea to relax, and also take Melatonin to help shut my brain off.

Exercise, even if it is 5 minutes a day.  There are so many things a person can do to get in a little exercise here and there thru the day.   Parking at the end of a shopping parking lot so you have to walk.  Taking the dog for a walk (good for you and them).  Doing jumping jacks during a commercial while watching TV.  Do some pushups and crunches before you hop in the shower in the morning.  Do lunges while walking thru the house.   Do some squats while talking on the phone, or brushing your teeth. ( I do that daily).  It is just a simple idea that can be the most effective.. just groove your body.  Turn the radio up and dance 😉

There are so many things we can do to ease our pain before we get to the point of masking our symptoms with prescribed meds.   Give these a try, and try the Curamin.  It is amazing!


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Disclaimer ~ Living Smart Girl is an Ambassador for Curamin  All opinions are 100% Living Smart Girl’s. 

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  1. Sherri Lewis says:

    I have fibromyalgia and arthritis so I am in pain 24/7. I take Savella for the fibro pain

  2. Sherri Lewis says:

    I have tried pain patches… solanas, thermal care, icy hot…. but none of them give any long term relief

  3. Sherri Lewis says:

    Ice packs help some with the pain… we have several of those

  4. Sherri Lewis says:

    I have been experimenting with Omega-3 (mainly krill oil and chia seeds) and so far the arthritis pain seems to be a little better… fingers crossed!

  5. Sherri Lewis says:

    I have had some success with noxicare (the cream). I haven’t tried their daily supplement

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