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Overcoming my Fears with my Upcoming Cruise

For those of you who know me, you know of my fear of water.   For those who don’t know me or know that.. it is true.   I get massive anxiety on water or in water.  Not all the time, but most of the time.   And, this is sorta funny because I live on a lake.  I am ok if I choose to do something, but if someone tries to talk me into some kind of water sport or boat trip or whatever, that I am not into I start to freak out.  Why?  Well because when I was about 5, my Mom was visiting a friend and her friends older kids took me down to the local swimming hole.  (that sounds redneck.. LOL) Well, they left me on the beach and all went out swimming.  I was 5, I couldn’t swim!  I ventured into the water and next thing I knew I was under water, choking and bobbing up and down and all of a sudden someone grabbed my arm, drug me to the shore and was beating on my back.  Ever since, I have a fear of water.  Did horrible in swim class in school, can’t put my head under water unless I plug my nose, can’t open my eyes under water, freak out if I am splashed with water, don’t like to be “messing around” in the water for fear of my head being dunked…It is horrible!!

Well, hubby and I have talked many times about going on a cruise, but due to my fear of water and of course I do see all the things that can happen on a cruise, as when bad things happen it is all over the news.  So, between the water fear, fear of meeting others and being in a new place, and fear of all the what if’s…. I have put on and pulled way up, my big girl panties and booked myself my very first cruise!!  And, it is without my husband so add that fear (doing things alone) to the list.  I love doing things alone, but this is really stepping outside my BOX!

I am so scared and excited and proud to say that I will be joining 39 other amazing women on a 4 night, Royal Caribbean cruise.  We will be boarding the Liberty of the Seas ship on April 3rd, and enjoying the sun, fun, each other, and all the ship has to offer.   And when I say has to offer… OH MY do they have a lot to offer.  There is a spa (which I will be hitting), Fitness facility (also hitting), an ice skating rink, rock climbing, surf simulator, lots of entertainment, tons of dining choices, and of course sun and pool and hot tub and of course all the great company I will be with.   This will be my first Brandcation trip and am so excited!!    This is actually a business trip, not just a fun trip and we will all be working as well.   And, I am also looking for sponsors for this trip so if you want to sponsor me check out my Sponsor page.

And… last but not least ~ I AM GOING TO MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I understand your fear! I will tell you that I have been on 22 cruises, and there is truly no better way to travel in my opinion!

  2. Have a great time on your cruise! I’m sure you will have a blast! Can’t wait to hear about it 🙂
    Marysa recently posted…French Onion SoupMy Profile

  3. Hubby and I have been wanting to go on a cruise for quite some time now, so I’m totally jealous lol. Can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂
    Tonya recently posted…Hit the Road with Zubie!My Profile

  4. I hope you have an amazing time! I can relate, my oldest son was afraid of going in the pool for many, many years because my jerk-off brother purposely dunked him when he was small.

  5. You will love the cruise. We have been on many and each one is better than the last. My Husband likes to remind me that a cruise ship is like a floating football field. It is absolutely huge!
    Tammilee Tillison recently posted…Outback Steakhouse Just Right Steak Menu for Two perfect for Valentine’s Day #OutbackBestMatesMy Profile

  6. Countdown is on! So excited!!
    Jamie H recently posted…10 Tip For Traveling WITHOUT Your KidsMy Profile

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