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One Hair at a Time


One Hair at a Time

Stop shaving, plucking, tweezing, waxing, and fretting over all that unwanted hair. It’s time to check out the Tria Laser and in no time be hair free, all over your body or just in a few area’s.

Well that is the idea anyhow.   I know every body is different and so one can’t really say if something is a bad product or not because results vary.   I am in my 3rd month of using the Tria Laser and so far I have not noticed any change in my hair growth.  I am using it on my underarms and my full (girl) area.  I have to say honestly though that I have missed the last 3 weeks of using it due to being busy and gone and forgetting. So, I can’t fully say it is not working as it can only work if I use it, right ?  😉

There were a few times I used it that I hardly noticed the zapping.  Then a couple times when the zapping seemed more irritating but yet it wasn’t like I couldn’t handle it.  I think a person’s body has different levels of pain threshold from day to day.

I will continue to use my Tria as I am not a quitter and I will be determined until I am hair free.  Once my underarms and “girl” area are hair free then I will move onto my legs.  I just don’t have the patience or time to do all of it at one setting.  Check them out, and get your Tria today.  Look at it this way.. even though winter is just around the corner you can be all set for next summer ahead of time.   Or, taking a winter vacation.. get a jump start on your hair removal and leave those razors at home.

Have you tried Tria?   Tell me your thoughts.

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Disclaimer ~ Living Smart Girl received a Tria Laser to conduct a product review.   All opinions are 100% Living Smart Girl’s.

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  1. ive read about this before and want to try it so bad! shaving is always a hassel and leaves bumps and rashes. id love to try this out though!

  2. I am in my 5th month with Tria, I have the orignal one (the 4x came out right after I recieved this one). I have noticed my hair on legs is lighter, thinner and sparser, the same under arms. I am noticing the biggest improvemnt is my bikini area, but I target that the most. I have to say the first 3 months or so I was only using the 3rd setting, now I use the 4th. I also am not giving up lol. my Tria said 6 months….it is time consuming, expecially the legs.

    • So you are saying there is hope for me ? LOL! Yes, it is time consuming and I always can think of better things to be doing with my time. But, I am determined so will keep at it.

  3. carolyn simpson says:

    I really want to try this , I hope it works as well as you said it does.

  4. I would like to try it but admittedly I’m pretty impatient, I was thinking of an epilator recently to get ready for vacation in Florida next month. I hope you have more promising results-I would like to hear an update so I know if I should use it over the winter like you said to be ready for next summer.

  5. Nice article! I hadn’t heard of this company before reading this article, but now I definitely need to check them out. I got laser hair removal a year ago, and it wa ssuch a good decision. I had a great experience with this company in michigan for hair removal They were so nice, really gentle, and reasonably priced. And the best part is that I haven’t had to worry about body hair at all since my treatment!

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