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My iPhone Gives Me Company on my Physical Fitness

My iPhone Gives Me Company on my Physical Fitness

My iPhone does a lot of great things for me apart from the usual text messaging and phone calls. In fact, this has been my helpful tool in keeping myself physically fit and healthy. Part of my daily activities is engaging into work-out activities that will help me maintain strong body and an ideal weight.

It is a good thing that my iPhone is savvy ready to provide me with the best workout apps to keep me focused in my pursuit for good health. Some of the work apps I use are the following:

  • iTreadmill

Since I have never had the time to visit the gym, the iTreadmill app does the job for me. What the iTreadmill does is it monitors my steps, distance and average speed. It is equipped with a Pacer Dial that allows me to keep marching at a particular speed. It automatically stops when I pause and restarts when I start to move again. With just $1.99, my iTreadmill is such a great value for my money.

  • GymGoal ABC

I use the GymGoal ABC to help me calculate my BMI, BMR and body fat percentage. This is such a helpful buddy as it provides a number of exercises in the form of written instructions and animations. The basics of weight lifting can also be viewed in this app.

  • iFitness

Just like the GymGoal, iFitness provides me with 230 exercises which are sorted according to the different parts of the body. If I want to focus one part of my body, my hips for example, I can easily get into the region using this app. It also offers 100 videos with instructions to follow.

I believe that healthy food plus exercise are the exact combination in making keeping my body fit. This is why I also use healthy food apps that allow me to be cautious with anything I eat. If you are interested with healthy food apps, you can find apps that help you buy healthy food in this site.

At the end of the day, I spend some time to keep my mind and body in relaxing state. There are many ways to relax, but the thing I love to do after a long training is play mobile bingo. While I use my iPhone as a helpful buddy for physical fitness, again it gives me company as I enjoy playing bingo.

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  1. I love my iPhone for all of the fitness related apps that are available. |It’s great!

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