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My Bloggy Boot Camp Weekend Recap #BBCMPLS

The weekend is over and it’s back to the daily grind and also time to incorporate some of the blogging tips and trick learned over the weekend at Bloggy Boot Camp.   What is Bloggy Boot Camp you ask?  Well it is a weekend of bloggers, gathering in one location, to learn from the owners of The Sits Girls, all about networking, growing, marketing, and more.   Aside from all the learning, there is also the added benefit of being able to connect with other like minded people.  I know for me that is huge, mainly because of where I live.  I live in northern Minnesota and when people ask what I do, and I say I work from home, online, as a writer/blogger, I get that.. dazed and confused look!  LOL!  Most have no idea what blogging is, and the few that do, don’t realize it is actually something one can do and earn a living doing.  So, being able to be in a room with 100 others in the blogging business was exhilarating.

I brought my friend Allie with me to the convention.  She writes for me on Living Smart Girl and Today’s Work at Home Mom (my other blog).  She actually used to work for me when we owned a bar, and we have remained friends and I really like her creativeness in writing so love that she enjoys working for me.  I brought her to promote and be the face of Today’s Work at Home Mom and she did great!!   We left on Friday at noon and enjoyed our ride down to Minneapolis.  But, thanks to my maps on my iPhone we got lost.  We ended up in a ritzy part of Minneapolis because I didn’t put the zip code into my gps, just the address, no zip.  Well, we finally found our hotel and got ourselves all checked in and ready to head down to the Friday night meet n greet with Collective Bias.   I got to meet Dana and chat a little with her and the fellow that was with her.  I can’t remember his name (so bad at names), but he works with the Wolf Blogger program so it was nice to chat with him as well.

Here is Allie and I getting ready to head down to the Friday night meet n greet.


After a fun evening of meeting a few new girls, and chatting with Tiffany (owner of The Sits Girls), we headed to our room to look up all the blogs of the girls we gathered business cards from.   We had to check them out, and follow then on all their social networks.  There were two girls we met that just stuck out to me and I guess I can say, just were very impressionable.

This is Kelly, Mo, and Mary.   I met Kelly and Mo the first night, and Mary the second night.  All three of these girls are amazing, and 3 of the 4 girls I will keep in touch with.   When I say 3 of the 4, that is because Tiffany said that everyone should pick 3 or 4 people that we made a connection with and keep in touch with them.  Well, aside from of course Allie, and Tiffany, these are my 3 of my 4 I will keep in touch with.
These 3 girls are beautiful inside and out and just pure amazing.  Click their names to see their sites.


Saturday was a busy day for the mind.  It amazes me how tired one can get from sitting all day, but you can.  My brain was so full, but so enlightened with all I was learning.  Tiffany is truly an inspiration and amazing.  I had never met her before and am so glad I went to this convention because she truly changed my frame of mind on many things in life and business.

There was a section on Youtube and how to enhance your site using video.   Danielle Smith was the speaker for this and she was amazing!  Really opened my eyes about Youtube, so watch for more video’s from me!  Whoo Hoo!!   Danielle also is the author of a couple books that she had with her and I just had to purchase them.  Social Media Engagement for Dummies and Mom Incorporated.
I highly recommend both or either of these books for anyone.   Here is Danielle and I after I bought the books and she signed them for me.
Danielle is a very inspiring woman.  I learned a lot about Youtube, and myself listening to her.


After a full day of learning we all gathered for some mingle time, snacks and wine.  This was the Wine Tasting Party by Mirassou Winery.   Me, not being a wine drinker, mostly because I never know what kind to try, was more interested in the mingling.  But, I stepped out of my box and tried a couple wines, and to my surprise I found one I really liked.  See by my fun picture, with the sign above my head to see what I liked.
I will be looking for this wine at my local liquor store.
This is Allie and I being silly girls.   Hehe..


As I said above, Tiffany told us to make connections with 3 or 4 people from the conference.  Well my 4th person is Sarah.  She is from Minnesota, and I sat next to her at lunch and then for the rest of the afternoon we sat next to each other.   It is always funny how one makes a connection.  I don’t know much about Sarah, but liked the way she carried herself, her sense of humor, her smile and the way she treated me.  I hope to keep in touch with her, and even hook up from time to time for some shopping, dancing, networking, etc.   Maybe her and I can get our guys together and then we can do the couple thing.  Like sports, camping, concerts, etc.
You can see her site by clicking on her name above.   See us being funny.


Of course I couldn’t leave the weekend without getting a picture of me with Tiffany and Francesca.
L – R ~  Francesca, Blogger (who I can’t remember her name.  Bad me.  But, she is awesome!)  Tiffany, Me, and Danielle.


This was my very first blogging convention and I am so glad that The Sits Girls held their Bloggy Boot Camp close to me so I could go.  I tried to get to other conventions this whole past year but every one fell on a weekend I already had other plans.  So, I was thrilled when I could make this one.  And, for my first one, I am glad it was this one as I think it rocked!!  I plan to attend other conventions put on by The Sits Girls.

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  1. Loved meeting you! I know we will stay in touch- can’t wait to see where the future takes you!
    Tiffany Romero recently posted…4 Things Killing Your CreativityMy Profile

    • Ditto Tiffany. I will for sure be attending another BBC, somewhere, sometime. I came away so inspired, not only for the blogging but to incorporate all you and the others spoke about. Here’s to the future and making things happen 🙂

  2. Great write up Shelia! Also, that nameless blogger is me!! 🙂 Oh, and I think the fellow with Dana was Rich! I think!

    • Yeah.. I was hoping you would come along and identify yourself 😉 LOL!! It was such a full weekend I just didn’t get everyone’s names or cards and I don’t know if I got your card ? But, nice to meet you.

  3. It was my first conference too! I’ve loved reading about everyone else’s experiences. It’s amazing how there was so much packed into a day and we could all come away with different highlights. Very cool!
    Nina recently posted…Lessons From My First Blog ConferenceMy Profile

  4. Loved meeting you too! I’m so glad we connected at the Friday night event. I wish I had picked up Danielle’s book – I certainly need it. Amazon, here I come. I was so impressed hearing about all the opportunities you have going and how you are always thinking 20 steps ahead to the next big thing. I’m anxious to hear about your adventures as you build your empire! You go girl!!
    Mo at Mocadeaux recently posted…This Old Lady Loved Bloggy Boot Camp MinneapolisMy Profile

    • Oh Mo.. you will love her book. I have been reading it when I can and so far am using all her tips.

      I do try to keep life interesting by always doing something new. If you follow my blog, you never know what you will see me post about 😉 LOL

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