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Hot Tops: Fashion Trends That Turn Heads

Hot Tops: Fashion Trends That Turn Heads


Fashion is more than trendy; fashion reflects the style of the times. Adapting the latest fashion trends to your taste allows you to express yourself as you go about your daily life. Following and adapting fashion is one way to inspire everyone that you encounter to take notice of your unique presence.


Every year, there are fads that appear out of nowhere, and are everywhere for a single season, perhaps two. Everyone seems to want to get in on the fun. Then, just as suddenly as they appeared, the trend that was so hot simply vanishes, nearly without a trace. By contrast, classic pieces and enduring trends like those described below are updated and reshaped, but never really go away.


The Updated Trench


Trench coats for men and for women have been around since before Humphrey Bogart sported one in Casablanca. Whether constructed in classic tan canvas or re-imagined in leather, the trench coat is the go-to look for covering up while remaining stylish. The trench coat is office-worthy and looks great over a dress or a suit. When the weekend comes, trench coats look just as great with jeans.


Ballet-Influenced Looks


The ballet-influenced look is elegant, sexy and sweet all in one delicious package. Is it any wonder that ballet-influenced style is another classic look that never really falls out of favor? However, with the popularity of the movie Black Swan, the ballet-influenced look is suddenly red hot. Delicate semi-sheer skirts, figure-hugging strappy tank going out tops and of course, iconic ballet flats are more popular than ever, especially for evening and special occasions.


The Classic White Shirt


The boyfriend look is another classic style that always seems to be in fashion, and the classic white shirt is right out in front.  Paired with leggings or skinny jeans, the classic white shirt is a perfect match for casual weekend outings. Men have always known that it’s hard to go wrong with a classic white shirt, suit and tie.  Now women are also savvy about the versatility of a crisp white shirt. Untucked over a patterned skirt and matched with and a wide belt and blazer, the .classic white shirt is office ready for women, too.


The Straight Skirt


For women who want to look feminine and sexy while leaving something to the imagination, the straight skirt is hard to beat. This versatile classic can be dressed up for the office with a crisp blouse and blazer or softened for the weekend with a sweater. The straight skirt can also be adapted to flatter nearly every figure – shortened to give the illusion of longer legs for petite women, cut a bit more generously for full-figured women or figure-hugging for slender women.


Hot, Bright Colors


Whether you’re attempting to stave off the chill of winter or celebrate the emergence of spring, bright colors are among the hottest recent fashion trends. Hot pink, fire engine red, bright sky blue or emerald green — vibrant colors make you feel happier just by wearing them. Whether you’re sporting a look-at-me bubblegum pink dress or carrying a bright jewel-toned purse for a pop of color, bright colors add life to your look.


Comfy, Textured Fabrics


When it’s chilly and gray outside, you may be tempted to pull the covers over your head and hibernate. But if you have a comfy, nubby knit sweater waiting in your closet, facing the day won’t be quite so tough. Textured rag wool sweaters keep you warm while adding three-dimensional interest to your ensemble. They look great paired with tartan skirts, tights and flat-heeled boots. Shetland wool sweaters paired with jeans can be your go-to weekend uniform during the colder months.


The Go-Everywhere Tote


Your laptop or tablet. Your cell phone. Your makeup. Your killer heels that would kill your feet if you attempted to actually walk very far while wearing them.  How do you carry your essentials without looking and feeling like a pack mule? The go-everywhere tote is the go-to bag for transporting your essentials while still looking chic. Whether it is constructed of smooth leather, sturdy canvas or durable parachute material, the versatile go-everywhere tote is an indispensable accessory.  The go-everywhere tote can either be tossed over your shoulder or strapped across your body, leaving your hands free.


Megan Barnes is an avid fashion enthusiast. She especially enjoys integrating fresh trends into a timeless wardrobe.


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