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Get Crafty with the Kids this Summer

School is out, and the kids are home for summer.   I remember those days of hearing “Mom.. I’m bored.”  Boy, it seemed like that would start within one week of summer vacation.  As an adult, I wish I had a summer vacation!  LOL!

Are you on the look for something to keep the kids busy?  Maybe some fun crafting ideas?  Well it is a good thing you can shop on Factory Craft Direct for all your crafting needs to keep the kids busy this summer.

Here are a few fun crafting ideas ~

Candles in the Sand ~ 
Supplies needed ~ a pile of sand (sandbox works too)
Candle making supplies ~ Wax, color, scent, wicks.
Let the kids use their imagination.  You can use anything to make a shape in the sand.  I used a heart shaped small cake pan (mini pan).  Push the object into the sand to make the shape.  Melt the wax, add color and scent and pour into the sand shape (slowly).  Wrap the end of the wick around a long pencil or stick and place the wick (tab down) in the middle of the candle or if using 2 wicks place into candle accordingly.
Once the wax hardens, scoop it out of the sand and you have a sand candle.  I remember the first time I ever made one was in Bible School 🙂

Pet Rocks ~
Supplied needed ~ Rocks of all sizes and shapes,  paint, silly eyes, yarn, misc goodies.
This is so fun because the kids can get really creative.  Let them paint the rocks and once they are dry they can add eyes, pom poms, yarn, glitter, etc.  They can make a rock family, or special rocks with sayings for gifts, possibilities are endless and only limited by their creativity.

Jewelry Fun ~
Supplies needed ~ jewelry making items, imagination.
Let the kids create gifts for friends and family.  Jewelry is fun, easy and can be a great way to spend a full day. Necklaces, bracelets, hair clips, and more.

Chip clips or picture holder magnets ~
Supplies needed ~ Magnets, Clothespins, Paint, silly eyes, pompoms, glitter, etc.
Let the kids get creative painting the clothespins and adding eyes, glitter, beads, etc.  Put a magnet on one side for refrigerator magnet/picture holders or use without a magnet for a chip/cereal bag closure.

There are many crafts that can keep the kids busy this summer, and even help them feel important by contributing to gift giving.  You can get them to make all kinds of bird feeders with items you have around the house (peanut butter, bagels, oranges, apples, etc) and using wire and rope from Factory Craft Direct.    No matter what you do, just enjoy your time with the kids.  Take it from a Mom who all of a sudden has a 20 year old kid, the time fly’s by very fast.



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  1. Jennifer The Quirky Momma says:

    I’ve always wanted to make candles in the sand with my kids. I tell myself every year that I’m going to try it out but never do.

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