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Fun Ways to Keep Fit

Fun Ways to Keep Fit

Lots of us lead busy lives and with so many other pressures and commitments, including work, family, relationships and social lives, it can be all too easy to let fitness levels fit. Finding the time to fit in some physical activity regularly is really important, however, and will have huge benefits and a positive impact on the rest of your life. If you are physically fit you are more able to perform well in all areas of your life and will feel healthier and happier, as well as looking better! So it’s worth spending some time on.


Just 30 minutes a day five days a week is enough to make a difference if you are currently doing no exercise at all. And when you think about it, that’s only an hour and a half a week, which doesn’t seem so daunting after all! The key to keeping it up is to find an exercise routine that fits into your lifestyle and, most importantly, one which you enjoy.


If you prefer being out and about then jogging is a great way to get fit without being stuck in a gym. Other than some decent running shoes it costs virtually nothing and, if you prefer not to jog alone, you can search online for your local running club which should be very cheap to join. Jogging in a group is not only sociable; it’s a safer way of enjoying the pastime too. If you prefer competitive sports, search for a local netball, football or tag rugby club – whatever you like the sound of!


Exercise classes are another great way to avoid boredom on the treadmill and cater for a range of abilities. From Zumba to kettle bells, body combat to pole dancing classes, there are so many classes to choose from these days that you are bound to find something you like, and they’re -not all full of super-fit gym bunnies. The great thing about classes is that once you are there you are much less likely to give up and leave as you might if you were in the gym on your own!

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  1. Maryann D. says:

    In the past I have tried lots of different exercise classes and really enjoyed them. My time is very limited now, but at lunchtime at work I do walk up and down all the many steps in my building. I feel awake after doing this also!

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