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Football Fun #Vikings vs #Packers


Football Fun #Vikings vs #Packers

Do you like football?   Well, I have never liked, nor disliked it.  Just never really gave much time or thought into it.  My only thought was that the guys who play get paid way to much money!!  LOL!

Well, hubby loves football!  Really only watches our home team ~ Minnesota Vikings.

Me, I have always considered myself a Vikings fan, just never paid much attention to the games.

On my quest for a better marriage we decided there were things we needed to do for each other.  Me, I choose to watch football with hubby and try to learn and enjoy the game.   I have been doing pretty good.  There are a few times I watch the game from my desk as I am working but I am a woman and can multi task.  So, I am learning and getting to like football.

We decided the a great Christmas gift to each other would be to get tickets to our last home game.  Which was a huge deal because we were playing Green Bay Packers.  Huge rival team!!   Tickets were not cheap, but damn so worth every penny!
What am awesome game!  We won 37 – 34.  Yeah Vikings!

I have to say, being at a game is so different than watching from home.  It has good and bad points.  I love all the live action, all the stuff that goes on live, while those at home are seeing commercials, and the feel of love that the fans have for our team.  When a touchdown is made and you are at home you might clap or smile, but at the game you jump up and down, scream, high five people around ya. So cool!  The main downfall is waiting in line to go potty!  Hahaha..

I now have a new love for football and we are actually looking at getting season tickets.

Check out some of my pics from the game.

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  1. kathleen Kennedy-Leon says:

    Love football–been watching since I was a kid with my Dad–its not the same now that’s he’s in heaven–but still loving my NY teams the Jets and the Giants!

  2. Football can be addictive and I use to enjoy watching it. I think it is great that you decided to get involved to share a common interest with your husband.

  3. Great way to show support and spend quality time. Thanks for sharing

  4. Looks like you had a great time! My husband loves football and I’d love to learn to like it as well. I’m glad you had a wonderful time together.

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