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First Lag of our Vacation

Well, after a few long days of driving, one night stay in a really bad motel in Tennessee, we finally made it to our first destination which was Orlando to meet some other Minnesota friends who were flying in to stay in their condo for a week.  We used some Marriott points and found a nice Marriott close to the airport.  Checked in, and then headed across the street to a TGI Friday’s.  Time to relax and have a drink.  Strawberry Margarita and Long Island Ice Tea… boy did they hit the spot!!

vacation 005


The next morning we spent some much needed time with our friends and then headed out. We finally made it to Ft Lauderdale and found our resort. When we pulled into our resort we looked at each other and kinda did the.. um… what is this? It was not like in pictures.. at all!! Run down, all the plants and stuff were dead, and all over the place. Just looked really shady. So, go to the office.. well nobody is in it. Had to call a number to get the girl to come check us in. We paid, got to our room and when we walked inside I wanted to cry. But, we hauled our stuff in and headed right to the beach to check it out since it was about 5 pm and we didn’t have much light left.  All I wanted at that point was my feet in the sand and ocean.

vacation 015

After about an hour on the beach we then went back to the resort and were going to unpack. NOT.. after looking at the room even closer I was in tears, grossed, out, scared, and just wanted out of there. But, by this time it was 7pm, we were hungry and tired so went for dinner (which was another downer) and then just went to bed. I couldn’t sleep, was just grossed out. The whole place was so dirty and slimy. I had to wash the bathroom sink to just be able to brush my teeth and wash my face. I had to wash the kitchen sink just to use that and the counter. As for the stove.. that needed to be drug out and burned. The bathroom shower had mold in it. I took pics it was so bad I needed proof.

The next day hubby and I walked up and down the street looking for a new place to stay. There was either nothing in our price range or for the time we needed. Finally.. we found a nice one a bit more money than we wanted to spend but really didn’t have much choice or a lot of time to find something.

So, I got a refund, but we had to pay for the one night.  A refund is good, but we still had to pay for the first night.  I need to do some calling as I don’t think we should of had to pay for the first night since it was obviously misrepresented online and verbally.

But, we are in a nice place, Coral Key Inn, clean and nice people. Laid on the beach today for a bit, got a little red, have been eating out, walking, stopping here and there.

So…This is the first lag of our trip.   Hubby has been able to apply for a few jobs along our trip, and we have been looking at rentals and housing.  One never knows how this trip will turn out, but you can be sure I will be blogging about it when I get a break in the action.


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  1. Sheila, I hope you have a great stay now that the “bad” is over. Enjoy your R & R. So jealous that you’re in FL. Have a blast suning your buns.

  2. P.S. I love the looks of your new blog

  3. Sit back and relax now … wish I had hopped in your suitcase!

  4. I’m sorry to hear about the bad hotel… if you have time you should write a review so others know to stay away!

    On another note… I would go with a AAA membership because membership is cheap, and the discounts you can get at quality hotels make up for any membership fees. I got one just for that reason…the auto stuff is a bonus too!

    • I will be blogging about each thing to do with my trip and for sure warn my readers of that place we stayed. I have looked into AAA, and almost joined about 3 months ago but didn’t.. don’t know why. Maybe it’s time to look at it again.

  5. kathleen Kennedy-Leon says:

    ohhh sorry to hear about your bad stay–that is AWFUL!!! glad you got a refund–hope you enjoyed the rest of the vacation

  6. It looks like you’re having a great time! I look forward to hearing what comes from it!

  7. I hope the worst is behind you! Enjoy that sun and sand!

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