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Fill his Christmas Stocking with Underwear

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Frigo. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ho Ho Ho, he's a jolly ol' soul.  Do you know why santa is jolly?  I am guessing it is because he (and his boys) are all nice and comfy in his Frigo underwear.   See Santa can be jolly when he is hopping in and out of his sleigh and slidding down those chimneys because he isn't getting his men parts pinched or tugged or bunched up.  I know, us girls don't have to worry about that issue, but our men do.  So, why not fill your mans Christmas stocking with new underwear this year.  He and his "boys" will thank you. 

Frigo RevolutionWear is what every man should be wearing.  But, let's just focus on your man for right now.  I know you aren't going to give every man in the world new underwear, but your man will for sure thank you.  I am not sure if your man is the tidy whitey guy, or the boxers or briefs guy, or maybe a banana hammock guy.. (ewww by the way) or even a commando kinda guy.   Regardless, I do believe if they try these Frigo underwear they will love them.  I know my hubby (hasn't tried them yet) will be getting some in his Christmas stocking.  I know he will love them, because I know all about his "boys" and the issues with them fitting into certain underwear and all that jazz.  Yeah, maybe a little TMI, but tis life.  LOL!!

Frigo has taken the best materials, best technology, and the best design to come up with … you guessed it.  The best underwear for men.   A special design that provides support and a special cooling barrier. The waistband has cool wicking material, vents on the backside for wicking moisture, hem stabalizers to hold them in place on the legs, and more.  Check out the video to get the full picture (can I just say.. NICE)


So what is your guy getting in his stocking this year? 

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  1. Oh Sheila, you didn’t let Tony model them? Man! Or was Tony too chicken?!!!

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