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Enjoying Gold Peak Coffee Brings Back Memories #SipofHome

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GoldPeak @GoldPeakCoffee  #SipofHome

Life is so busy and most women I know run 24/7.   When a woman (or man) is living the busy life of multi-tasking it is nice to know that we can enjoy the simple things in life, like a good cup of coffee.   Thanks to Gold Peak Coffee I was able to enjoy a cup myself last week while doing my weekly full day of errands and shopping and running from here to there.   Now doesn’t this look like a great cup of coffee?  Oh, it was, read on below ~


Hubby and I take one day a week to head out fairly early with our list of supplies and groceries and things that need to be done and we head to town.  Now, for us, town is about a 45 min drive, which is why I try to squeeze as much as I can into my once a week run.  I do find I run to town more than once a week, but I do as much as I can when I have hubby’s help.  (he hates that).   While in town last week we had a full list of errands and at about 2pm I was just dog tired.  Lack of sleep, and many things on my mind, we decided to take a break and stop for a late lunch and some coffee.   Boy, the Gold Peak Coffee was just what we needed.  Now, I am not a huge coffee drinker, but do enjoy coffee when we dine out or are away from home.  Hubby, a huge coffee drinker is pretty picky about his coffee.  He wants it strong, bold, hot, and no training wheels (cream or sugar).  Hubby (Tony) has always enjoyed Georgia Coffee which is now Gold Peak Coffee.  Before our meal he and I ordered a cup of coffee and then after our meal we enjoyed every last sip of coffee before heading back out to finish our errands.   Gold Peak Coffee is perfect and embodies warmth; and is a comforting way to start the day, enjoy before or after a meal, and share with others.  Upon finishing our coffee, we headed out to finish our errands and then back home to start home projects (not fun).  It is nice to know that when we are out and about we can always stop and enjoy a great cup of coffee.


The aroma of Gold Peak Coffee gives us the sense of being home, relaxed and enjoying each others company.  It also brings back memories of time with my Mom, who passed in 2007.   She loved her coffee and so many stories, Mother/Daughter talks, laughs and tears shed were all done over a cup of coffee.   Being able to have those memories and feelings come back to me when I am taking the time to enjoy a cup of coffee always put a smile on my face and a warmness in my soul.    I would recommend Gold Peak Coffee to anyone looking for a great cup of coffee.  Why not let Gold Peak Coffee connect you with the simple comforts of home.  For me, when I think of home I think of family, friends, special moments and making memories.  A warm cup of coffee is comforting for my hubby and I.  Reminds him of his Grandpa who was a very special man, and sometimes I even see a tear in my husbands eyes when we have chats over coffee and memories of those who are no longer with us.  Coffee = togetherness and memories.


Do you like coffee?  Or should I say, do you Love coffee?  What memories or feelings do you have when you drink coffee? I would love to have you share your thoughts about coffee with me, and my other readers.


Disclosure ~  Living Smart Girl has written this sponsored post on behalf of Gold Peak Coffee.  All opinions and commentary are my own. 


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  1. Drinking coffee makes me think of my mom. She passed away in December. I quit a about a month ago due to stomache probelms.
    Kelly Hutchinson recently posted…Holidays Not To Miss In CreteMy Profile

    • I am so sorry to hear of your loss 🙁 Big hugs to you as I completely know how hard it is. I did quit coffee a while ago due to my IBS and Fibro, but do so miss it so enjoy it here and there.

  2. Kimberly Dickerson says:

    I’m a coffee junkie myself. I didn’t know that Gold Peak made coffee {we love their tea}.

  3. While I don’t drink coffee all that often, I do enjoy a cup now and then as a way to help get me through the work day.
    Little Miss Kate recently posted…Back to School Shopping Deals at Walmart and Remembering to Give Back #agreatstartMy Profile

  4. I adore coffee! The smell of coffee reminds me of early morning snuggles with my girls while my morning wakeup brews!
    Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom recently posted…Cookies and Coffee Cream Milkshake RecipeMy Profile

  5. I don’t normally drink coffee, but on days like this I really need it!
    Emily recently posted…BEDA: Day 11&12: Movies and Guilty Pleasures!My Profile

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their tea! I can’t wait to try their coffee!
    Cindy (Vegetarian Mamma) recently posted…#Tofu Fried Rice – #glutenfreeMy Profile

  7. I am pretty dependent upon my morning cup of coffee. Normally I’m inhaling it, but I love the mornings when I get to sit and savor my coffee.
    Crystal recently posted…5 Ways I’m Speeding Up Our Morning RoutineMy Profile

  8. I never heard of this coffee but I seriously love coffee. I am going to check it out. Thanks!

  9. I do like the smell of coffee, but have never grown accustomed to the taste unless it is mostly milk and sugar.
    Scott recently posted…A Puzzling App: Awakening KingdomsMy Profile

  10. YUM! I’m with your hubby… I LOVE my coffee strong, bold, hot but I like mine blond 🙂 I have to have some sort of milk or plain creamer. No sweet just cream! Thanks for the review. I really want some of this Gold Peak coffee!

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