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Cupcake Decorating Aboard the #LibertyoftheSeas


“This post is brought to you by me, all about my experience upon a Royal Caribbean cruise for a press trip.  While I received my cruise at a discount I received no other compensation for my review. “
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Just when one thinks a cruise is all about laying on the top deck sunning themself, taking a dip in one of the pools,  or eating amazing foods at the many restaurants, or enjoying the night life with shows, casino fun, or dancing and drinks… then you find out that there is even more fun stuff to do.  Like what?  Well like decorating cupcakes in the cupcake shop.  Yes, I said decorating cupcakes.   Yummy ones at that.

All 40 of us bloggers got to take a class and learn the techniques of making cute cupcakes.  I have never done any cupcake decorating before, except with that icing from a can and a butter knife.  Maybe, I have even gone as far as putting a few sprinkles on them.  Usually, they are just left plain and gone before I have time to frost them.   So, this was something I never would have thought I would do, or enjoy.  But, I loved it and can’t wait to try my hand at my own batch here at home.

The instructor we had was so much fun, and very comical.  And the way he said “puppy dog” was just as adorable as all the puppy dog cupcakes we all decorated.

Decorating a “puppy dog” cupcake was a lot easier than one would think.   You start with 2 cupcakes.  On the first cupcake you put the frosting on the top, using an icing bag and making little stars all over the top.  Then, cut about 1/4″ off the other cupcake and place it on top of the frosted cupcake with the rounded top facing toward you.  cupcake5 cupcake6

Once the top cupcake is in place, then you put a row of stars all the way around it, where it is attached to the bottom cupcake.

Then you put a couple stripes from the bottom of the cupcake, up over the top of it and toward the back.


Next, place your lime gummy wedge on it at the base of the top cupcake where it touches the bottom cupcake.


Now it’s time to fill the whole cupcake with icing.  Using the icing bag draw lines on the sides, toward the back of the cupcakes.


Then you take your icing bag and draw 3 lines, in the form of an S, to make it look like a mustache over the gummy wedge.  Now place a jelly bean where the nose would be, and 2 gumdrops on top where the ears would be.  Then you ice the ears so they look like puppy dog ears that stand up.   Next take 2 candy buttons and place for the eyes.  Those are the candy buttons that come on a long strip.. like we used to eat when we were kids.



Then, using chocolate sprinkles you take a toothpick and dip in a bit of icing so the sprinkles stick.  Pick out long and straight ones to use for the line under the nose, and to make a W for the mouth.  Then, put a red gumdrop cut in half for a tongue.   Now turn the puppy dog so the back is facing you and using your icing bag make the hair on the back on it.  You can do lines, swirls, stars or however you wish, to give your puppy dog the kind of fur you think he/she should have.


Now it’s time to give your puppy dog some legs.   Draw 2 lines down from the body to the plate for each leg, and then make 3 stars at the bottom of each leg to look like paws.   Then you can take chocolate sprinkles and put on each paw.


Now, isn’t that a cute puppy dog?    I might not explain it as good as our instructor did, but hopefully I gave you a good idea of how easy and fun it can be to make a cupcake puppy dog.

cupcake14 cupcake17

See how excited and happy I was that I actually made something, that did sorta look like a puppy dog.
This class was so much fun.  It was on deck 5 of the ship, where the shopping and a few other restaurants are.  There were people walking by the whole time and checking out what we were doing.  I even had a few people take pictures of my puppy dog.

cupcake20 cupcake19

This was such a cute shop, and of course filled with yummy cupcakes.  Aren’t they all delicious looking?


Have you ever decorated cupcakes?   Share your tips and tricks with me.   If you ever take a cruise (highly recommended) I suggest your check out and see if the ship offers something like this.  It is so much fun, and relaxing at the same time.

I had so much fun on my cruise aboard one of Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships the Liberty of the Seas.  This is the 3rd largest cruise ship in the world, and it is not only huge, beautiful, amazing, but full of adventure and fun for everyone.

Want to read more about my adventure on the Liberty of the Seas?  Check out my other post, click here.

Keep any eye on my posts and I have more to come about my great adventure.

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  1. I loved the cupcake decorating class! I felt bad eating my dog 🙁
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  2. That is so cool!!! I’d love to do that aboard a cruise ship.
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