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Clear Your Mind and Body

Here is an exercise for you to do right now.  Doesn’t matter if you are standing, sitting, laying (just not while driving). Close your eyes and  take a deep breath in and fill your chest with cool, crisp, fresh air.  Now, exhale and let it all go.  Now repeat that step a couple times.  Give yourself about 5 minutes do do this exercise.  This simple exercise opens up your body and mind and as you exhale you release all the tensions of the world around you.  Now, tell me how you feel.

A simple, and relaxing breathing exercise is something I do every day, but this time of year I find myself enjoying it more.  I stand outside on my deck as I look across my yard and welcome the changing season into my mind and soul.   To me, there is nothing more relaxing than letting my mind just go.  Go to a place away from the stress and daily grind.  With every breath I embrace the things around me.  The first signs of spring.  New birds back in the area chirping and singing, budding trees, fresh new plants peeking up from the ground, grass turning from brown to green, the sun getting warmer and warmer every day.   I feel a new energy fill my body as I let my mind relax.

When you ask someone what their favorite time of the year is most people say summer.  Well for me it is spring.  Even though I love summer and wish it lasted for longer than it does here in Minnesota I have to say Spring is my favorite because it is when my mind and body get a fresh start.   Knowing that the snow and cold are leaving and I can get back to my outside stuff makes me so re-energized. I love spending time outdoors, gardening, planting, walking, playing with my dogs, spending time prepping my yard for summer and planning all the activities we will host at our home.  Even my dog is filled with new found energy every spring.  He wants to be outside more and more and becomes a puppy again.  There is some strong energy in the air for sure.

Winter gets to be so long here in Minnesota and things pile up due to the lack of energy and the tiredness that over comes me.  So, when spring hits I start not only clearing my mind and soul but also clearing my house of the winter build up.  I start making lists and goals for my business and for me.  I am a passionate person and take pride in everything and so this time of year helps me re-prioritize my goals and get a fresh start to be successful no matter what I plan to do.

My first steps to making  my passion a reality this year will be cleaning out my basement, listing products for sale and making some money to put toward a fall vacation for my family.  That takes care of many things on my list and it is a great start to my spring.  Not only does this clean out my home, but also helps clear my mind.  Clutter bothers me and so when I can clear it out my mind is at ease.  Do you have clutter?  What do you do with all your unused items?  Maybe join me and take time to clear it out.

My passion in life is to make life easier and not so stressed.  So, after clearing out clutter I will organize my business and family time.  I tend to work around the clock for many reasons.  One, because it pays our bills.  Two, because I do enjoy my work.  Three, if I am not working and on top of things I worry I might miss something important or a great writing opportunity.  Well, I have done much soul searching and this year my life is changing because what is important is me and making sure I am happy as then all around me will be happy. So, my passion is me and letting my mind and body be happy.

Want to make your mind and body happy?   Join me, it is not as hard as you might think.  Take time for you, to do things you enjoy.  When you do things for you, others see the smile on your face and the tension gone and they become happy for you.  Take a walk, take a long bath, read a book, take a fitness class, go visit an old friend, spend time doing what you like to do because you are the most important person in your life.

What is your passion?   Do you take time for you?  Tell me what you plan to do this year to make your passion a reality.


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  1. I need to learn to take more time for myself. I have a tendency to stress myself out often. Probably not good for the mind!

  2. I love to take time for exercise as it really boosts my mood.

  3. Thank you, I needed this today!

  4. I agree, I LOVE spring! There is a wonderful crispness in the air, and everything feels new again.

  5. I love doing breathing exercises to help take a few moments for myself and relax. This year my passion is all about getting my business going and in doing so cook a lot more, which is another passion of mine.

  6. Spring really is like a fresh start! It’s the time for new growth in nature, so why not in ourselves too?

  7. We use Aveeno and it helps to clear my mind and body!

  8. I definitely need to work on the mind and body! I want to get back into Yoga soon!

  9. Spring is my favorite season too. I’m looking forward to taking more nature walks this year and reconnecting with my children. I love this post, thanks for sharing!

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