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Making the Smartphone Leap

Making the Smartphone Leap

Making the Smartphone Leap -What You Need to Know About Online Doctor Apps

Have you ever found yourself starting to feel under the weather and unable to get to the doctor? Maybe it happens as you get home from work or in the middle of the night. You try to fight off the symptoms with home remedies, or by getting more sleep, but your efforts are in vain. You’re sick and your doctor’s office can’t give you an appointment until next week.


Even if your doctor’s office had an appointment for you sooner, you might not want to take it. According to a recent study by Harvard Medical School, the average doctor’s visit lasts 121 minutes and costs you $43 every time you wait. Where does that time add up? When you take into account calling to set up an appointment, traveling from your house or apartment to the doctor’s office, sitting in a waiting room with other sick people for an unknown amount of time, spending some time speaking with a doctor who is likely concerned about the dozens of other patients she is seeing that day, and then going home – it’s easy to see where the time goes.


What options do you have? It turns out – plenty. With the advent of telemedicine, speaking with a doctor online is possible and just within a few minutes. Through your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can speak to a doctor in a video chat about your symptoms and often receive a diagnosis and prescription shortly thereafter.


According to the American Telemedicine Association, telemedicine is not only convenient and cost-effective for the patient, but it is also a win for the healthcare industry, as it is effective at monitoring patient progress and can be more cost-effective in the long term.


For patients, telemedicine is hands-down the most convenient way to get medical advice, especially for minor illnesses. Unlike in-person visits, wait times are minimal and users can select their preferred method of communication. Telemedicine is especially useful if you have kids. When your child has a cold or another minor illness (think pink eye, for the third time), instead of rearranging your busy schedule to take them to the doctor, you can schedule an early morning video or phone call.


This extra convenience does not necessarily amount to extra cost. It may actually be the same price or less.  An increasing number of insurance companies are offering telemedicine services because they’re cost-effective and encourage patients to make more frequent contact with medical providers, a benefit which reduces long-term health risks. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover telemedicine visits, they tend to be cheaper than your standard doctor’s visit.


Besides consultations for minor illnesses, telemedicine is also good for prescription refills and getting second opinions. Many are turning to telemedicine for advice on nutrition or a new way to speak with behavioral health experts. Since the practice is still relatively new, state governments are still working on legislation regulating the kinds of medications that doctors can and cannot prescribe via telemedicine. Generally speaking, patients need to have seen a doctor in person before receiving a prescription virtually. But once that in-person relationship has been established, patients can get prescription refills through a telemedicine visit. As for second opinions, telemedicine saves patients from going to doctor’s office to doctor’s office when they’re looking for reassurance about a health problem or concern.
American Well and Teladoc are a couple of the established players in telemedicine, but there are also up-and-comers like Oscar, which is an insurance company that offers its members free telemedicine services. Check out this list of the top telemedicine companies to explore some other options. You can also book an appointment on

10 Ways to Save Money Online with

10 Ways to Save Money Online with FreeShipping_com-1

We all dread the guarantee of having to battle fellow shopping enthusiasts at the mall, outlet or any other retail store we visit on a regular basis.

Online shopping is a wonderful excuse to stay at home, throw on a pair of sweats and become best friends with your laptop for a short while, and the idea of shopping from home becomes even more exciting when you know you can save and get the best deals on all your purchases. Is it possible to get the best of both worlds? is an online shopper’s best friend, giving members 10% cash back on purchases, free shipping, free returns, price protection and exclusive coupons at over 1,000 top retailers. Say goodbye to overspending and forever avoid those crowded shopping trips!


Here’s 10 ways you can cut down on spending with



  1. Always Earn 10% Cash Back on Your Purchases

No other site offers this much cash back for online shopping every day of the year.

Earning cash back by shopping at stores you love not only helps maintain a budget, but it makes a session of retail therapy that much more rewarding. You can shop the best deals at stores like Macy’s, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Walmart, Target and more- and get paid for doing it.

Let’s say you develop an interest in photography and need to purchase a camera to support your new hobby, but naturally, you’re afraid to start looking at how much a brand new camera will cost. Well, just think: If you shop through, a $500 digital camera from Canon automatically saves you $50 in cash back, and that’s just one of the many opportunities for savings. members receive cash back checks four times a year and users can earn up to $1,000 from cash back over a 12-month period. Getting paid as a result of my shopping addiction? Yes please!

  1. Never Pay for Shipping Again

Shipping costs are by far the most frustrating thing about online shopping.

With, we never want you to pay for a shipping charge and give you all the best deals to avoid shipping costs. But if our members ever pay a shipping fee, they can submit a rebate  for up to $10 per order. If a retailer already offers free shipping, you’ll still get up to $10 toward a faster shipping method. Free express shipping sounds pretty good, right?

  1. Get Free Returns, Too!

Returning or exchanging an item is always a hassle, especially when you have to pay for shipping again. Why should you have to spend more money to return an unsatisfactory item? eases the fear of returns by allowing members to send returned items back for free via FedEx Ground®. Free return labels and free shipping equals happiness.

  1. Compare Prices on Thousands of Online Items

It’s easy to get used to opening twenty different browser tabs and extensively searching the web for the best deals on products. We’ve become so good at it that it’s become a natural part of online shopping, right? does all the work for you by offering a comparison shopping tool that shows you the lowest prices on millions of different items across the internet.

Let’s say you’ve finally decided to invest in that digital camera. With thousands of electronic retailers residing on the web, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal from a trusted store.

Just log into your account, type what you’re looking for into the search bar, and voila! You’ll instantly get the inside scoop on who’s offering the lowest price for that particular product.

With just a click of the button, you can rest easy knowing you got the best deal.


  1. Move Your Everyday Purchases Online

Generally, we wouldn’t think twice about heading to the store for shampoo, paper towels or a new toothbrush, but wouldn’t it be nice to skip the trip and earn 10% cash back on these everyday items?

As a member, it really pays off to be mindful of how you can utilize the site to the best of your ability. When you can earn cash back, get free shipping and utilize retailer coupons, why not order everything online? You’ll be shocked at how quickly your savings can add up.

  1. Keep an Eye Out for Hot Coupons at Your Favorite Stores lists all up-to-date coupons and deals for each retailer on the site. Looking to save on a Macy’s purchase? No problem! Just head to the retailer’s page on the site and check out all the deals Macy’s has to offer on any given day.

When you combine retailer-specific coupons with free shipping and 10% cash back, you’ll inevitably master the art of online savings.

  1. Take Advantage of Price Protection

You make a purchase online and the very next week, you find the same exact item on another site for much cheaper. Realizing  you overpaid and there’s nothing you can do about it is enough to drive you insane. will always have your back with price protection. If an item you bought goes on sale, or if you find the same thing for a lower price elsewhere, they’ll pay you the difference in price, up to $100, on any purchase made through the site.

So, even if you don’t get the best deal the first time around, you can always count on the lowest possible price even after you’ve purchased your item. That way, you can always feel great about online savings.

  1. Save Larger Shopping Sprees for Special Promotions

Whether it’s double the cash back or extra savings at a specific retailer, provides members access to exclusive promotions. When you can earn 20% cash back on purchases, saving your big spending sprees for one of these offers can be extremely rewarding.

So, purchasing that $500 digital camera during a 20% cash back offer can save you $100 of the original price., You don’t need to be an online shopping expert to see the value in a deal like that!

  1. Shop the Seasonal Page for Special Occasions and Holidays

Holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Halloween always call for a little extra spending. The seasonal page on the site is designed specifically for holidays and special occasions. Looking for the best savings on back-to-school items? No problem. The seasonal page is filled with the best products, deals and savings tips for back-to-school shopping – and it can all be found in one place!

  1. Stay Up-to-Date on All the Best Deals and Savings Tips by Following us on Social Media

The team maintains an active social media presence by promoting special offers, coupons and other relatable content. Stay up-to-date with all the best deals by following on Twitter and Facebook!

So, what are you waiting for? If you weren’t ready to be an online shopping superstar before, you certainly can’t deny your excitement now.

When you sign up for, you’ll get $10 cash back on your first purchase and a 7-day free trial. Need we say more?


FreeShipping_com Online Shopping

Save Money Shopping Online with Coupons

Save Money Shopping Online with Coupons

When I think of coupon clipping I think back to about 5 years ago, sitting with a stack of Sunday paper inserts and searching through them to find the coupons I needed for my weeks grocery shopping.  Or, looking to see what local stores had great deals or coupons on things I needed or wanted.  Seemed the things I wanted or needed, never had coupons for or they just were never on sale.   That was always the frustrating part of trying to paper coupon.  Thank goodness I don’t have to rely on that anymore.  Now I can Save Money Shopping Online with Coupons. I just pull up sites like PromosPro and find the coupons or deals I need and want.

PromoPro is packed with deals/coupons for thousands of merchants so there is no reason you can’t snag a great deal when you use this site.   I can’t believe I didn’t know about this site before!  Well, now I will be a shopping fiend and am sure when the packages start arriving it will be just like Christmas here.   There are many things I want to get for my yard, and my home and now I can save money doing so.

I love doing most my shopping online these days.  I belong to sites where I earn money for shopping, sites where I find great deals for shopping, and other sites where I can just earn money for whatever I want.  The internet is so awesome that way, and I can’t even imagine not being able to do things like this.  To turn back time, no thanks.

In today’s financial world saving money is a big deal.  I know for me, the money I save at stores buying things I need to live, helps me put money away for things I want, like travel, fitness products, clothing, etc.   Last year at one of my favorite sites to earn money back, I earned over $800 by shopping online.   Now, that is shopping for things we need and use daily.  Not bad huh 😉

What do you shop for online that you use coupons for?  Do you print off coupons to take in stores, or do you have an app for rewards and such?  Tell me.. I want to know your tricks too.


Strength Crate

strenghtcrate Disclosure ~  Living Smart Girl received product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% that of Living Smart Girl.  @StrengthCrate @SocialBttrflyCo #SocialBttrflyCo


With the new year already well underway, fitness has never been more important to me. I know a lot of people started this year with the motto “new year, new me” but I started mine with “new year, even better me!” I’ve always been into fitness and living a healthy lifestyle but like most people I slip every now and then. I love sweets and junk food just as much as the next girl, especially when the mood hits me and I want to just have a night of movies and empty calories. Having a night like this every now and then never hurt anyone but it’s important to only have those nights ever once in awhile if you’re going to be successful with your new year, new you or new year, better me outlook. With the Strength Crate monthly subscription plan I can stay on track with my fitness regime, no problem. Whether you’re trying to workout at the gym or at home, the creative minds behind Strength Crate have made it their mission to make sure you have the ability to always do your best. They also know that you can’t be at the gym all the time and that not being able to live in the gym shouldn’t limit what you’re able to do, fitness wise. Strength Crate provides you with the tools you need to get into your best shape possible and includes items like:

  • Equipment
  • Apparel
  • Supplements
  • Training Aids
I was given the opportunity recently to partner with Strength Crate and was sent their November Crate for review. There were a lot of great items included in my box, which was called the G.O.A.T Crate. This included:
  • The Power Chute
  • Hylete Hat
  • Foot Therapy Roller
  • Beast Mode Pre Workout

Even thought the box was filled with a good variety of things, it was full of thing I would never use, or buy. But, just because I was not totally impressed doesn’t mean it was not worth the price.  I just wouldn’t ever use the products that came in this particular box.

Signing up for Strength Crate and getting started is simple and easy. Simple select the box of your choosing and create your athlete profile. Then, the folks over at Strength Crate will curate the box best suited to your profile. After that it’s all about waiting for your own crate to be delivered to your door with all of your awesome goodies for the month. There are 3 different crates to choose from and are as follows:
  • The Warm Up Crate which is $35.00 per month
  • The Gameday Crate which is $55.00 per month
  • The G.O.A.T Crate (which I received for my review) which is $75.00 per month.
Each box is sent to you between the 15th and 18th of every month with the rebill date set for the 22nd so you can stay in touch with the latest products and supplements suited to your needs.
Connect with Strength Crate on Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram and never miss the latest news and product releases.

Do You Have #GameDayTraditions


Game Day Traditions

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G.
Twitter: Walmart, Walmart
Facebook:@ProcterGamble, @Walmart

Can you believe it?  The holidays are over and football is coming to an end and we are gearing up for the big game day. Do You Have #GameDayTraditions ?  Generally we do, but this year we don’t. The only reason we don’t is because on Jan 15th I fell off my steps while taking my dogs outside for morning play time, and I broke my left ankle in 2 places.  It’s called a bimalleolar ankle fracture.  I am in a lot of pain, and my big game day will be me laying on the couch and hubby bringing me my snacks.

But, just because we don’t have Big Game Day plans that are going to be like most, that doesn’t mean we don’t skip the daily things in life, like showers and personal care tasks.  As always, prepping for the day includes great products from Walmart.  Tony starts his day with a shower, and making his hair look great with Head & Shoulders.  Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo is great for fighting dry scalp, calming itchy scalp, and relieving irritation.  It is gentle and pH balanced for daily use on all hair types. #1 dermatologist-recommended dandruff brand and clinically tested and 100% flake free.  This leaves Tony’s hair nice, clean, and ready for the day.


I like to start any day with a nice hot shower and giving my legs a nice smooth shave.  I use a Gillette Venus Swirl Razor with FlexiBall technology which helps to contour better to tricky areas.  Has 5 contour razor blades that individually adjust to every curve, like knees and ankles (you know, like the one I broke).  There is a water activated MoistureGlide serum that provides incredible glide and the MicroFine comb guides hair to the blade.  I can be sure I will have a nice, smooth shave.  And, my shave time is faster now, because half my left leg is in a cast.


So, this year after Tony and I bath and get ready, it’s a day of couching it together and enjoying the Big Game and the fact that we can spend it together.

What are you Big Game Day traditions?  Share them with me.  And make sure you shop at Walmart to stock up on products to get ready for your Big Game Day.


Black Friday Deals at The Penny Hoarder


Looking for some of the best deals on the internet?  Check out the Penny Hoarder for all the #BlackFriday shopping deals, steals, and must have goodies.    Don’t leave the house to do your Black Friday shopping. Stay home, comfy and warm and avoid the yelling, screaming, rude people and shop online.

Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season


Stop stressing over your holiday shopping list this year.  Grab your favorite beverage, stay in your cozy jammies, and grab your mobile device and start shopping.  I have compiled an amazing list of online vendors selling everything from crafted gifts, edible products, housewares, bath and body, makeup, jewelry, fitness products and so much more.

Shopping from work at home women and men is a great way to spend your holiday dollar. Not only can you do it whenever, or wherever, but you are helping support someone with a family, a career and a dream.  Please support these women and men this holiday season, and year round for all your daily shopping needs as well.   ~ Everyone here thanks you.  They also appreciate a share on this post, or about the shopping you do with them.  Thanks 🙂


Young Living Essential Oils


That Traveling Chick – Travel Agent

Gold Canyon Candles

Thru The Attic Door

L’Bri Pure and Natural



Creating My Journey


Keep Collective


Pink Zebra

Ava Anderson



Sista’s With Bad Habits


Thirty-One Gifts

Iris Studio’s Photography

Perfectly Posh



The Shopping Marketplace

Countryside Cottage Crafting Retreat

Origami Owl

Uncle Festers Pens

Pick a Struggle Enterprises

SoJo Creations

It Works

Wilmes Family Woodworks


Little Red Birds Design

Oscar and Fizz

Premier Designs

The Rustic Shop

Dapper Dog Collars

Upsy Daisy

Steeped Tea

JC Eclectic Designs

Mum’s Mittens

Nessa’s Naturals

Memory Bears

Stella and Dot


Sky High Custom Designs

Soaps Etc.

Garden Treasures and Pine Barn Furniture

Nicole Hollencamp Photography

Trades of Hope



Thrive Le-Vel

Nerdy Girl Vinyl

Victoria’s Creations

Peachy Keen Craft

Everlasting Love Photography


Are you in need of a little extra money for the holiday shopping season?  I have a great post on how to make some extra cash.  Check it out here ~ 5 Great Ways to Make Money from Home


Mary’s Secret Ingredients for Gourmet Cooking


Disclosure ~  Living Smart Girl received product to facilitate a review.  All opinions are 100% that of Living Smart Girl.

When I was contacted and asked if I wanted to check out Mary’s Secret Ingredients box I was intrigued patiently awaited my first box.  Mary’s Secret Ingredients is a box full of gourmet products to inspire your cooking and tailored for every season.  And, every box purchased helps feed children thru Feed the Children.

My box had some fun goodies in it.  A bag of Ultragrain All Purpose Flour, Coastal Goods Sarah’s Sea Salt – Tuscan Salt, Mary’s Pastel Postcard, Jenkins Jellies in Hell Fire Pepper Jelly and Guava Brava Pepper Jelly and POURfect Ultimate Measuring Spoons with Leveler Tool.


My favorite item in this box is the Sarah’s Sea Salt.  I have used it on everything. YUM!   And I like that there is a marketplace on the website where I can buy the items I like, when I run out of the ones that came in my box.  Or, I can buy other items that tickle my fancy as well.  And, on the website you will find yummy recipes in which you can use the ingredients in your box for.

If you like to cook, like trying new ingredients and recipes then I think you will like these boxes.  It is a great way to add a change of pace for your boring old recipes or weekly meals.   I know I get stuck in a rut and tend to cook the same thing over and over.   This is a fun way to mix things up.

For a low cost of $25.95 a month you too can get a box full of yummy surprises.

Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Fitness Fashion Deals

Can you believe it is already Labor Day?   Where did summer go?  Man, I love September because it’s my Birthday month, but also don’t like it as it means winter is coming fast.   I am a Minnesota girl, but dream of living the winters in Florida or lower Tennessee.  One day… I just have to keep saying that. LOL!

But, regardless of the time of year it is, we all still need to keep our fitness going strong.  Regardless of your fitness level, or what you do for a workout, make it awesome!   Keep that sweat flowing and soaking your fitness clothing.

I am one who works out at home because of where I live, and because I work from home and it’s just easier to fit it into my day where I can.  But, even though I workout at home.. I still wanna look good and be comfortable in my fitness gear.   So, I wanted to share some great deals on fitness gear from my affiliates so you too can look great no matter where you get your sweat on.

Reebok Easytone Renew Shoes for Only $29.99 + Free Shipping


Reebok Labor Day Sale – 30% Off Tee’s, Shorts, Tanks, Summer Footwear



High quality yoga accessories at great prices!





Save Money Shopping Online With These Sites


The summer is winding down and the kids are heading back to school.  Might be your little kids, big kids, college kids or even you heading back into the classroom as a teacher or student yourself.   Maybe, you don’t have school shopping in mind, but need to stock up on products for your home, or just for your personal use.   Regardless of why you might be shopping, I wanted to share some great sites for you to save money, or even get rock bottom deals.. like FREE!!

Keep more money in your pocket by shopping with these great merchants.  You will find most of these are affiliate links.  Thanks for supporting me 🙂

SnagShout  –  AMZReviewTrader  –  EliteDealClub   ~ These are where Amazon sellers promote products they are looking to get honest reviews on.  Get products at huge discounts, or even free.. in exchange for reviewing them on Amazon.

TopCashBack –  BeFrugal  –  Ebates  – Mr Rebates ~ A few sites for shopping online and earning cash back as well as finding coupons and deals.

Swagbucks ~  A fun way to earn points when you search, take surveys, or shop online.  Turn the points into gift cards or merchandise.

Mojosavings ~  Great coupon resource.

Coupon Surfer ~  Print coupons for your in store shopping.

PriceGrabber ~  Find great deals and low prices.

Fat Wallet ~  Save with coupons and deals.

Yipit  ~ Find great deals in your city or a city close to you.

Groupon ~  Find great deals in your city or a city close to you.

ThredUp  ~  Buy used clothing for low prices, or sell your clothing and make some money.

Gazelle ~  You can sell your old cell phones for money.  Or, if you are looking for a new / used phone you can buy them here cheaper than in stores.


No matter how you shop, there is just no reason to pay full price for stuff anymore.   Joining mailing lists at shopping sites will usually give a discount code for your first visit as well.  With a little time spent, you can for sure save some money.



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