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Fitness Fashion Deals

Can you believe it is already Labor Day?   Where did summer go?  Man, I love September because it’s my Birthday month, but also don’t like it as it means winter is coming fast.   I am a Minnesota girl, but dream of living the winters in Florida or lower Tennessee.  One day… I just have to keep saying that. LOL!

But, regardless of the time of year it is, we all still need to keep our fitness going strong.  Regardless of your fitness level, or what you do for a workout, make it awesome!   Keep that sweat flowing and soaking your fitness clothing.

I am one who works out at home because of where I live, and because I work from home and it’s just easier to fit it into my day where I can.  But, even though I workout at home.. I still wanna look good and be comfortable in my fitness gear.   So, I wanted to share some great deals on fitness gear from my affiliates so you too can look great no matter where you get your sweat on.

Reebok Easytone Renew Shoes for Only $29.99 + Free Shipping


Reebok Labor Day Sale – 30% Off Tee’s, Shorts, Tanks, Summer Footwear



High quality yoga accessories at great prices!





Save Money Shopping Online With These Sites


The summer is winding down and the kids are heading back to school.  Might be your little kids, big kids, college kids or even you heading back into the classroom as a teacher or student yourself.   Maybe, you don’t have school shopping in mind, but need to stock up on products for your home, or just for your personal use.   Regardless of why you might be shopping, I wanted to share some great sites for you to save money, or even get rock bottom deals.. like FREE!!

Keep more money in your pocket by shopping with these great merchants.  You will find most of these are affiliate links.  Thanks for supporting me :)

SnagShout  –  AMZReviewTrader  –  EliteDealClub   ~ These are where Amazon sellers promote products they are looking to get honest reviews on.  Get products at huge discounts, or even free.. in exchange for reviewing them on Amazon.

TopCashBack –  BeFrugal  –  Ebates  – Mr Rebates ~ A few sites for shopping online and earning cash back as well as finding coupons and deals.

Swagbucks ~  A fun way to earn points when you search, take surveys, or shop online.  Turn the points into gift cards or merchandise.

Mojosavings ~  Great coupon resource.

Coupon Surfer ~  Print coupons for your in store shopping.

PriceGrabber ~  Find great deals and low prices.

Fat Wallet ~  Save with coupons and deals.

Yipit  ~ Find great deals in your city or a city close to you.

Groupon ~  Find great deals in your city or a city close to you.

ThredUp  ~  Buy used clothing for low prices, or sell your clothing and make some money.

Gazelle ~  You can sell your old cell phones for money.  Or, if you are looking for a new / used phone you can buy them here cheaper than in stores.


No matter how you shop, there is just no reason to pay full price for stuff anymore.   Joining mailing lists at shopping sites will usually give a discount code for your first visit as well.  With a little time spent, you can for sure save some money.



Food shopping on a budget


Shopping is an inevitable part of our life.  Particularly, it concerns food shopping.  Whether we like shopping or not the one way to stock your fridge is to go shopping. Some people do not pay extra attention to this daily routine; other people try to find the ways how to get more for less money. Here are my tips how to shop food on a tight budget.


  • Write down all the dishes you can cook on your own. At first it may seem troublesome. Fried eggs, sandwiches, porridge are all fit. In case your skills are too much poor, the internet will come in hand with its student’s recipes including  affordable ingredients.
  • Make a list of all the products you regularly buy (bread, butter, yogurt, vegetables, juice, fruit, snacks, etc). Here you should be aware that all kinds of snacks and cookies are the sources of harmful sugar and are useless. So, in case you have a sweet tooth highlight one or two days on your calendar on which you can treat yourself.
  • Then make a shopping list of products you will need for the whole week. And now you are armed at all points to go to the supermarket.
  • As you enter the supermarket, you need to keep in mind that the supermarket’s aim is to throw you off your guard by surrounding you with plenty of products and things at arm’s length and make you push the boat out. So, pay attention to the bottom line of products on the shelves. Choose reduction time. Never shop on an empty stomach and stick to your shopping lists.
  • Try to eat at home. Eating out as a rule costs 2-3 times double.

Where to buy products? The answer to this question is vital too. Farmers markets and supermarkets are the main suppliers of groceries. When I was a student, I used to go to the supermarket that was the nearest to my student accommodation London. However, the closest convenience shop does not always offer the cheapest prices. So, to do some kind of marketing research and compare the prices in all supermarkets located in your area is not a bad idea. It will take time, but afterwards you’ll have invaluable information about which items and where are cheaper. Based on that choose your favorite supermarket chain and sign up for a loyalty program. And of course, do not forget about on-line shopping. All the activities required to find a cheaper price can be done at home.

As you can see these pieces of advice are difficult. However they require a bit of discipline. By following them you will not only save money, but become an expert in the art of shopping.

Enjoy Fitness and Fashion with BaliniSports

Disclosure ~ Living Smart Girl received product as compensation for a post/review.  All opinions on the product are 100% that of Living Smart Girl’s.
@BaliniSports  #BaliniSports



There isn’t a much better feeling than hitting it hard on your workout and knowing you are doing your body good.  But, it also feels good to be comfortable when you workout, and looking good doesn’t hurt either.  There is no reason you have to hit the gym, regardless of if you workout at home or in public, in frumpy workout clothing that is old and torn.    I workout at home for 2 reasons.  1.)  I live at least 45-60 min from any gym.  2.) I hate gyms 😉  LOL!

I love workout clothing!  My husband also likes to see me in workout clothing.  He is NOT a workout buff, but likes the way workout clothing fits me. I think he would prefer it over my pajama’s most days.

If you want to be comfy, and look good when you workout, or just when you hang out, check out BaliniSports for all your fitness clothing. They have the cutest shorts, pants, and tops I have found in a while.  I love my pants!  They have nice mesh like sections in them and are so comfy.  My top is super cute, very comfy and could be used as a bra if I wanted as well.   I will be wearing this for many things, including working out, biking, hanging on the pontoon, vacationing, etc.  Love it!


 You can see the little yellow things on the sides of my thighs.  Those are the mesh sections.  And the yellow top is a stretchy section that is perfect and doesn’t pinch or squeeze.    The top is an over the head top which I like because I can’t stand when an exercise top has hooks in the back.  That is not fun when you are doing crunches or floor exercises on your back.  I like the way it fits and it’s perfect support for the kind of workouts I do.   I wouldn’t recommend it if you are doing lots of jumping, as the support isn’t there for that.  Well, for many anyhow 😉


Check out BaliniSports and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Treat Your Feet to Vionic Shoes #SoleStory

Disclosure ~ Living Smart Girl was compensated with product to join forces in sharing about @Vionicshoes and #SoleStory .

Growing up I was like most young girls.   Wanted to wear the latest fashion on my feet, didn’t worry about what I might have to deal with some day, for how uncomfortable my shoes were at the time.  Well, in my early 30’s I started really having issues with my feet.  I have always had that lump on the inside by my big toe, and was told it was a bunion but I honestly didn’t know what a bunion was or what kind of pain they could cause.  Man, did I find out as I got older.   My bunions started causing so much pain that no matter what I put on my feet.. they hurt!! I started buying shoes a  size bigger, in wide sizes, and just trying hard to not be on my feet for hours and hours because I knew I would pay come evening.    I finally broke down and decided to have bunion surgery.  My Aunt Tammy had surgery on both her feet at the same time, and her Dr. was amazing so I figured it was time.  But, I only did one foot.  And, to this day wish I had done them both because I have now put off my 2nd foot’s bunion surgery for 3 years.  Why oh why!!   I know why, because it hurts, it’s hard to be laid up for 8 weeks, and I just am to busy!!

Now I tell people I have one pretty foot, and one lumpy foot.  See the big lump on my right foot.  Ouch!!  Thankfully it was my left foot that caused me more pain so now I am back to being able to wear cute shoes again for the most part.  I have found that Vionic shoes fit great, and feel great.  I have at least 4 different pairs of Vionic shoes and not a one bothers my bunion on my right foot.

Being on my feet all day, enjoying my fitness, hiking, walking the dogs, site seeing, and just living life, I can’t let bad shoes stop me.  Thankfully I can do it all and my feet don’t hate me come evening, or mid way thru my fun.

I will get my right foot done, one of these days.  I say winter for me is best, because I live in Minnesota and you rarely find me outside when it’s below 30 degrees.

Do you have a #SoleStory ?  Leave me a comment and tell me yours.


The Evolution of Engagement Ring Style

Whether you’re in the market for an engagement ring or enjoy checking out the latest trends in fine jewellery, you may have noticed that vintage-inspired designs are big right now. Details like milgrain bands, rose gold settings, and geometric cuts are seen in contemporary engagement ring designs, providing a classic look that never really goes out of style. It’s interesting to take a look at how the engagement ring has evolved over the years to see which details have remained in fashion!


Image Source: Pixabay

Symbolic Beginnings

The use of a ring dates back in a way to the prehistoric era, when cavemen would tie cords crafted from braided grass around their mates’ ankles, waist, and wrists to symbolize ownership. This isn’t the most romantic beginning to the tradition, but by ancient Egyptian times the ring as we know it had appeared in the form of a single silver or gold wire. This was worn on the third finger of the left hand, which was believed to be directly connected to the heart. According to this Vashi infographic about the history of the engagement ring, ancient Romans also sported engagement rings. The bride would wear a gold ring during the ceremony, swapping it with a more practical iron ring at home. By the Middle Ages, the diamond ring made its appearance when Archduke Maximillian of Australia become engaged to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. He marked the occasion with a custom-made gold ring, including the letter “M” spelled out in diamonds.

High Period of Romance

The type of styles that we see today date back as far as the Victorian era, which was a time known for its romance. Victorian engagement ring styles included a heavy use of colourful gemstones, as well as very on-trend rose gold. Diamonds become increasingly common, and the “Tiffany Setting” made its appearance which pushed the diamond to greater prominence. The practice of engraving engagement rings also was common even before this, with lovers engraving a line of poetry or a secret message inside the wedding band during the 1700s. If you take a look at engagement ring styles now, you may note the use of flowers, bows, and hearts – this also dates back to Victorian and Edwardian times.


Image Source: Pixabay

20th Century Style

Fine jewellery has gone through a number of changes to match fashion’s rapid pace during the 20th century. One of the earliest popular styles was the Art Deco aesthetic during the 20s and 30s. If you love a clean, geometric look, you might want to look for an Art Deco-inspired engagement ring today. These often feature sharp angles and diamonds set in platinum with colourful gemstone accents. Platinum became harder to find during WWII, so gold swung back into fashion in the 1940s. The decadent 60s and 70s featured rings with giant diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds, while the princess cut swung into fashion in the 70s.

Today’s Top Trends

Today, you can pick and choose from a lively mix of engagement ring styles that draws upon all of these trends of the past! (With perhaps the exception of the cavemen cords). At its most basic, the engagement ring is often a single band with a prominent central diamond, or the Solitaire style. Yet there are elements of all of these past designs in many of today’s most unique looks, from Art Deco flair to romantic Victorian bows and hearts. As a result, no matter what your style looks like you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

Great Last Minute Gifts for Mother’s Day

We are less than 2 weeks away from Mothers day, and if you are still not sure what to get your Mom for Mother’s Day, here are some Great Last Minute Gifts for Mother’s Day!  I know I would love any (or all) of these 😉  LOL


Special Stella & Dot Mother’s Day Promotion
**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Stella & Dot wants to wish all mom’s an early Happy Mother’s Day! As a gift, they are offering a special mother’s day deal … when you spend $50 on Stella & Dot goodies, you’ll be able to get their gorgeous red and blue Union Square scarf for only $14.99 (a $59 value)! Take advantage of this special promotion by purchasing your gems by May 9, 9:00pm PST.




Mom’s love purses and Miche Bag has some amazing and fun purses to choose from.
I have been using my Miche for years and love it.  So many styles and sizes to choose from.

Miche Lifestyle


Let your Mom get her snack on, with healthy snacks delivered to her door for $20 by NatureBox. I love Nature Box and have found many great snacks by ordering their boxes.  Check them out.


Of course, sending flowers is always a hit for any Mother on Mother’s Day.   I love getting flowers. Check out – Free Flower Delivery anywhere in USA and Canada! You just cant’ go wrong. Free Mother's Day Flower Delivery anywhere in USA and Canada.



Is your Mom one of those who likes to take care of her health? She might love a Young Living essential oil kit. Check out how to order here, and if you have questions contact me.   I love my oils, and know your Mom will love her oils too!



Have you ever heard of “Love with Food” snack boxes.   Maybe your Mom would like one of these, or a years of them.   Check them out, they have amazing products in each box.  I have found many foods I never knew about by subscribing to these boxes.

Love With Food - Snack Smart. Do Good.


Why Running Needs to be the Next Athletic Activity You Get Hooked On

Sweaty Betty Womens Running Gear

Runners are easy to look up to. They make running five miles in a day look like a walk in the park and the way they carry themselves so confidently looks mesmerizing, like they can conquer the world. The truth is you can be that way too. Anyone can with a little bit of perseverance and practice. Running is so much more than perfecting your mileage and minute mile. It’s about feeling fantastic about yourself, wearing some incredible ladies running gear from Sweaty Betty that you feel beautiful in, forming relationships with other men and women who share your passion for fitness, and striving towards a goal. Running is pretty fantastic once you set your mind to it.


You can Take Your Time to Work up to it

If you’re new to running you may only go a few miles a day or less every other day, for example. Starting slow and working yourself up to more and more mileage is key and is quite okay as you get used to the sport. If you don’t like to run this is especially important, because otherwise if you try to tackle too many miles and be fast all at once you’ll burn out. Learning how to love running doesn’t come overnight; it takes time to get used to a new athletic hobby that you’ll most likely learn to love.


You get to Wear Incredible Clothing

You may laugh out loud about this, but if you love fashion then why not incorporate it into your new workout venture? It’s inevitable that you’re going to sweat while running, but you can sweat while you’re in a pretty incredible outfit. Sweaty Betty has countless running accessories and ladies running gear in colors and pretty patterns that you’ll love. In particular, a ladies running jacket and tank are perfect to wear when you’re running during the winter. What you wear while you run should make running all the more fun, which is why modern and stylish womens running clothes are the way to go.


You can Form Lasting Friendships

If you’re the type of person who does better at running in groups, hop online and find running groups on Facebook or Meetup. Both sites may provide the type of people you need to meet in order to follow through on becoming a runner. Who knows — you may make lasting friendships and find yourself running half marathons in the future! First try a 5k before you tackle a half marathon, but if you work up to it you’ll find running isn’t so bad after all! In fact, by then running will be your favorite fitness addiction.


The Ultimate DIY Bundle – On Sale Now


Don’t miss out on your chance to get this amazing DIY Bundle.   Sale is a short time frame, and ends January 26th.  Click the image above for all the info and to get your bundle now.

Last Minute Savings on Apparel from Sears #MoreMerry

Sears #MoreMerry

Disclosure ~  Living Smart Girl was compensated for bringing you this great deal from Sears.  #ad #MoreMerry

Tis the season for shopping, but also for finding great savings to help make our shopping more fun, and keep a little extra in our pocket or be able to really spoil those we are shopping for.  I know for me, I am a bargain shopper, because I like to give more and when I find deals or sales I take advantage of them.   Sears is offering some great deals on apparel for your last minute shopping.   Do you have people on your list that are in need of clothing and accessories?  Well you are in luck but must shop fast to get these great deals.

30% EXTRA off when you spend $150 or more on regular- and sale-priced clothing, accessories, lingerie, sleepwear, shoes & home fashions

25% EXTRA off when you spend $100 – $149.99 on regular- and sale-priced clothing, accessories, lingerie, sleepwear, shoes & home fashions

20% EXTRA off when you spend up to $99.99 on regular- and sale-priced clothing, accessories, lingerie, sleepwear, shoes & home fashions

Online Code: JINGLE

Dec_Week_3 Social_FB_Promo_30Off_504x504_v5

I know that my son could use some new socks and underwear, as well as new jeans, a few shirts and a jacket.  Even though he is on his own, life is hard and when the holidays come around I love to spoil him with things he can’t always afford to buy himself.  I am heading to Sears with my coupon today to get him crossed off my list.

While on vacation, the sole fell off my husbands shoes.  So, that is on my list for him.  It was kinda funny and being we were in Florida the extra air conditioning in his shoes was ok.  Well, now back home in Minnesota, it’s not so funny!  So, he needs new shoes bad, and why not get him a new pair while saving money on my whole shopping trip.

My Mother in Law is always a hard one to buy for, because she never tells us what she needs.  But, I know she loves lounge wear, so she is going to get some comfy pj’s this year.  And, I might just grab myself a new pair or two, since I pretty much live in them being a work at home woman.

Hurry.. you have all of today to get your Sears shopping done.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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