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I Am A Beastette thanks to Body Beast

If you follow me (Living Smart Girl) you know that I am into health and fitness.  But, just because I am “into” it doesn’t mean I have always been on the right track.   I am human, I get busy, life gets in the way, and I just sometimes give up.  I think about my goals, and dream about things but there are times when things like my Fibromyalgia just get in my way!  Well, I am fighting back!!   I am tired of being tired, tired of hurting, tired of complaining, tired of letting my health condition win!   I am taking my life back, one day at a time!

I have been a Beachbody Coach a few times before.  I join, order stuff, stick it in a drawer and forget about it, quit, etc.  Because I run a fitness/health blog I am sent many programs and products to review so I always seem to get tied up in something else.  Generally something I don’t plan to stick with, just review and move on.  I just can’t seem to find that program that really keeps my interests peaked.   I love lifting, and don’t love cardio, so that leaves me with not a lot of choices.  I was doing a program designed by a gal who owns her own business and it was helping me get on the right track with my lifting, but that was over a year ago.  I was doing great, then went on vacation and never got back into if after returning home.

Well, late one night as I was watching TV because I couldn’t sleep I caught a bit of the infomercial for Body Beast.  I then went online, watched a few more video’s and checked out some more info.  Hmmm…now this looks like my cup of tea!   So, found a coach who has inspired me and ordered it.  Got it, and set it in my basket of workout DVD’s, looked at it a few time here and there and that was it.   Life was busy, work was consuming me, and my Fibro kicking my ass!

So, let’s fast forward to a couple weeks ago.   I had had enough!!  And when I have finally gotten to the point of having enough, that is just it!!   I want muscle, I want tone, I want definition, I want to also eat cheeseburgers!  Hahaha!! And, with Body Beast, I can have all that!

Today is my Week 2  Day 1 of Body Beast Build Lean.   I am really loving the workout, the fact I can eat a lot of food, (tracking it with mymacros app), and how great I feel.  Well, I hurt like hell after a workout, and on leg day oh my.. but I know my pain is a good pain.   Generally I hurt every day due to my Fibro, but after a workout it’s a different kinda pain, and one I LOVE!!

Here is my pictures from today.  Only 2 weeks in, and I have some definite muscle definition going on in my arms and back.  Today was Back/Bis day and it is a killer workout.  50 min of intense lifting.  Sagi is awesome!  I love his jokes, his program, and he is a hottie to boot!


I am so proud to say I am a Beachbody Coach.   Do you want to take control of your health?  I can help you find the workout that suits you best.   Check out all we have to offer ~ Beachbody Coach Living Smart Girl.

Just because I love Body Beast doesn’t mean you will.   We offer many different programs and I would love to help you find the perfect one for you.   Questions ?   Ask away :)



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This was after only 1 week :)





Getting Into Shape With Muscle Building Home Workouts


Getting into shape requires effort on your part, but it also necessitates time that many individuals are lacking. Thankfully, those who lead busy lives don’t have to live with being overweight or having a flabby physique thanks to muscle building home workouts that take very little time. With many muscle building workouts available, every individual should be able to find one they enjoy and can complete even with a hectic schedule. Following are a few muscle building home workouts that build muscle fast which anyone can try.

Building Muscle Quickly

Train making use of your body weight and minimal equipment and you’ll build lean muscle at a rapid rate. For optimal results, perform each exercise in a slow, controlled manner. Time crunch workouts are great in this situation, and you’ll build lean muscle in only 20 minutes a day. Stuart Phillips and a team at Canada’s McMaster’s University found that slow and steady is optimal for building muscle.

Start with an elevated pike push up. During this exercise, bend over so your arms and legs are straight, with your hands on the floor and your feet on an elevated surface, such as a box. Lower yourself and then drive up again. Do 12 reps in four sets and rest for 60 seconds.

Next, start with your legs in a split stance. Squat down in this position and jump up into the air. Switch legs so you come down in the opposing stance. Alternate legs and repeat, jumping as high as you can with each repetition. Do ten reps with each leg during four sets, resting for 60 seconds between sets.

Now it’s time to act like Spiderman. Get down like you are going to do a pushup and begin crawling forward. As you crawl, move your right arm and left leg as far as you can, staying low to the ground. Your goal is to swing the knee so it almost touches the opposing arm. Alternate sides and, to make the exercise more difficult, try crawling backward. Do six sets of ten reps, resting for 30 seconds in between.

Now, do pushups as the superhero would. Get back into the pushup position and, as you go to lower your body for the pushup, bring your knee and elbow together on one side. When you go to raise back up, move your leg back. Repeat on the opposite side. Complete six sets, resting for 30 seconds in between.

These are just a few workouts that build muscle fast. You’ll find many others you may wish to try. Remember to complete each exercise using slow, controlled movements for the best results.

Working Out at Home

Finding time to hit the gym isn’t easy for many. Once you learn how to start bodybuilding at home, you’ll find you can achieve the look you are after without worrying about squeezing in a workout. Gym memberships aren’t cheap either, but you can pick up some nice equipment and get fit with the help of some muscle building workouts. Start by purchasing the basics, including a barbell, flat bench, and adjustable dumbbells. With just a few pieces, you can get into shape and obtain the physique you’re after.

Barbell squats and dumbbell lunges are both good exercises to try, and you should complete two sets of 12 reps each. Don’t hesitate to make use of the one-arm dumbbell row, doing three sets of 12 reps, and fall back on conventional exercises, such as pushups, to get a full workout. When doing pushups, complete three sets until you can’t push yourself off the ground any longer.

Once you’ve mastered basic exercises such as these, move on to more advanced ones. Try some bent over barbell row exercises, doing four sets of eight reps and complete two sets of the standing military press, doing eight to 12 reps in each set. Demonstrations of these exercises are readily available for those who are not familiar with them.

As your strength builds, focus on different areas of the body on different days. For example, do barbell curls and concentration curls on Monday to work your arms, dumbbell flys and pushups on Tuesdays to work the arms, and then rest on Wednesdays before moving on to the lower body, back and shoulders. Be sure to rest two days a week, and don’t forget to focus on nutrition. Exercise is only one component of building lean muscle. You’ll need to focus on nutrition also for great results.

No Weights Needed

If you’re short on money, but want to get started right away, try muscle building home workouts without weights. Make use of progressive overload to ensure you obtain the lean muscle you desire and you must maintain a diet that allows for this growth, but it can be done. With these two principles, it is possible to obtain the body you desire.

One thing to remember is you must make use of progressive overload, and this can be difficult to do as you can’t adjust your body weight quickly and easily. Over time, if you don’t focus on progressive overload, you’ll find you quit building muscle mass and move to muscle endurance. To avoid this, start with exercises which can be done anywhere, such as pushups, lunges, squats, and dips. As your muscle mass increases, add a weighted vest, exercise bands, or small dumbbells to increase resistance. Doing so allows you to continue to build muscle mass.

Pay attention to what you are eating. You need to ensure you are consuming enough calories and protein to build muscle mass, according to Charles Lambert of the University of Arkansas.

Without these two items, you aren’t going to see the desired growth, although you may slim down. It’s the definition you will be lacking.

Try a number of workouts until you find one you love and enjoy completing on a regular basis. Now is the time to get into shape. With numerous muscle building home workouts to select from, doing so has never been easier.

Guest Blogger
Terry Asher

Track Your Fitness Smart with the Jawbone UP

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.
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Whether you have specific health goals or just want to monitor your stats as you maintain your awesomeness, an activity tracker like the Jawbone UP is perfect for both. Available at Best Buy online and local stores, the Jawbone activity tracker starts at $99 and has several models to choose from. Each is wearable on the wrist, secure yet lightweight and comfortable. They are durable enough to withstand rain, a sweaty workout, even the shower. They both sync wirelessly with smartphones, tablets, and computers giving you access to real-time progress. No more hassle with connecting cords or manually entering data.

Both models accurately track steps taken, calories burned, nutritional intake, activity vs. inactivity, sleep quality and hours of sleep. The Jawbone UP3 has been upgraded from its predecessor with a heart rate monitor and advanced sensors measuring resistance of tissue and blood flow in your wrist to capture your resting heart rate. Smart Coach learns as you use it tuning in to unique patterns while keeping track of your personal data. It then suggests daily goals motivating you to move more, stay hydrated, and sleep better.

The UP app features a customizable dashboard that displays your data easily. The UP app also lets you know when you’ve reached milestones such as so many steps or sticking with an activity for a certain amount of time. Compete and challenge other Jawbone users for extra motivation. Check your stats to see how your progress measures up! The UP3 automatically logs each activity from running to a game of hoops. You’ll be able to access a detailed picture of your calorie burn.

Monitor other parts of your life such as sleep and daily habits such as food and water intake. The Smart Alarm will get you up at the ideal point of your sleep cycle, there’s even a vibrating alarm. Log your food by scanning barcodes or searching the UP database to track nutritional value. There’s even an alert that lets you know when you’ve been sitting too long, reminding you to stay active!

The Jawbone UP activity trackers are designed with fitness and style in mind. While the UP2 has a lot of fantastic features, the UP3 has pushed those standards and set the bar higher. Wear one and go further.


Women and Weightlifting

Truth About Womens Weightlifting Infographic

I am a HUGE believer in women weightlifting, for many reasons.    1, because I hate cardio and I find when I do cardio I just want to stick needles in my eyes because I find it boring, repetitive, and pointless.  Yes, many will disagree with me and yes I know cardio is good for your heart and blah blah..  But I get enough cardio in my life on a day to day basis so when I workout I turn to my weights.


How about you.. what is your favorite things to do ?

5 Body Areas To Tone This Summer

  bikini (1)
Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

We all love summers for more reasons than one. After successfully surpassing the lethal ordeal of the winter cold, summer is like a gift of God to us for having put up with the worst. Though the wonders of summer are far too many to count (sunny skies, blossoming bushes, pool parties, and

beyond), it also poses a few concerns (read weight woes).The impact of the winter gluttony continues to show on people’s waistlines until summer, and everyone spends long hours at the gym trying to get those sexy washboard abs to flaunt at the beach. But, is that the only area of your body you need to tone up to look like a million bucks in a swimsuit? Nah-ah! There’s more than just a flat tummy that will give you a bikini-ready physique. Here are the five body areas you need to tone up for summer:


  • Arms – Picture this – you’re getting ready for a day bash by the poolside and have a cutesy off-shoulder summer dress hanging in your closet. You realize it’s the perfect outfit to wear to the party until you try it on and see the flab on your arms bounce each time you move. Not a pretty sight, is it? We figured! Get Jennifer Anniston’s perfectly toned arms by practicing 3 sets of sit-up pullovers along with 30 minutes of cardio workout, 5 times a week.


How to do it  Lie on your back with bent knees, flat feet and extended arms holding lightweight dumbbells. Suck in your stomach and lift your head up. Pull your arms (holding the dumbbells) back towards the floor and hold the position for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise.



  • Thighs – Thunder thighs may have worked well for our yesteryear starlets, but if you want to rock a bikini body, you should aim at getting well toned and taut thighs. Unless you have a genie to grant you your wish, achieving great thighs isn’t going to be an overnight business. But hey, neither was Rome built in a day! You can practice 10 to 15 reps of single leg squats on each leg at least 4-5 times a week (alternate days) for fabulous thighs and hips.


How to do it – Stand with your feet together and arms resting on the sides. Shift your body weight onto your right foot and place your left foot toe beside your right foot to ensure balance. Straighten your back, gradually bend and sit on your right leg till your thighs are parallel to the ground, while raising your arms in front. Hold the position for a second, and stand up by pressing the heel of your right foot.



  • Butts – It’s safe to say that 2014 was the year of the booty, and it will continue to be so if pop culture references are anything to go by. If you want to walk around in your hot pants flaunting a firm and sexy tush, this summer, marching hip raises should form a part of your daily workout regimen.


How to do it – Lie on your back, with bent knees and feet flat on the floor. Lift your hips such that you form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Lift one knee towards your chest and bring it back to the resting position. Repeat with the other knee and continue alternating.



  • Abs – When talking about a hot bod, how can we miss out on the abs? A toned torso is probably one of the most important aspects of a summer-ready body and is probably also the hardest to achieve! Medicine ball oblique crunches will take you a step (or many) closer to your dream of getting a flat tummy.


How to do it – Sit in a way that your thighs and upper torso form a V shape while keeping your lower legs crossed and lifted. Hold a lightweight medicine ball in both your hands and move it from the left to the right side of your body. Maintain the V position while doing the exercise. Practice 3 sets of 15 reps at least 3 – 5 times a week.



  • Legs – Trying to get your legs to be lean, mean and sexy? Well, if you are then its time to start exercising your hamstrings, calves and quads with this farmer’s walk on toes exercise. Trust us, you’ll need no contouring to fake sexy legs any longer.  


How to do it – Hold a pair of heavy dumbells in both your hands such that they are parallel to your hips. Raise your heels and walk to and fro for a minute.


Along with the pointers and exercises mentioned above, ensure you ask your fitness trainer to introduce other variations in your workout regimen to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a quicker way to shed the pounds, you could also try out detox and diet plans. Always remember, however, that there is no substitute to a good workout and a wholesome diet in order to get a perfectly sculpted body. Good luck and happy summer!



Author Bio : Vineetha Reddy


Vineetha-Reddy 300x300


Being a regular practitioner and adviser of everything related to nutrition, fitness, health and wellness, I also have begun to write and contribute to this knowledge ecosystem. I strongly believe that the organic food you find in your pantry provide the best benefits for good health. Follow me for my best ideas and solutions :


Snack Smarter,Be Healthy, Be Better with B-Up Bars

Disclosure ~ Living Smart Girl was compensated for our cooperation on this campaign. All opinions are 100% that of Living Smart Girl.
#bup #bupbar #cleantreat #YourUnlimitedPotential


It is so hard these days to find healthy snacks and bars that actually have all what we need.   Good ingredients, and good taste.  I have tried many, and continue to experiment to find ones that I love, and fit what my body needs.  I was excited to try B-up Bars.  I received a box of bars in a variety of flavors.  Now, if you follow me you know how picky I am.  I have things I just can’t eat, and things I won’t eat.  On top of that, I have issues with how certain things feel in my mouth.  I know, I am strange!!  LOL!!   But, it’s not only me it’s also my husband.  Yes, he struggles with finding bars he can A.) eat due to his low carb diet, and B.) are palatable as he has issues with how food feels in his mouth too!   That is why we are a perfect match!  😉

My box had 1 of each of these bars ~ peanut butter, pb&j, sugar cookie, vanilla peanut butter, chocolate mint, cinnamon roll, a couple mini bars and a B Jammin’ bar.   My husband was excited to see the low carb count on most of these bars.  For him to find something like this that has 6g net carbs or less is a win win.  And, no junk and no fake sugar is the win win for me.   I have to say, that even though I am a huge cinnamon fan, my favorite is the chocolate mint as of right now.  Now, that might change because they all taste great!

B-Up Bars are great for us, and for anyone looking for a healthy choice for bars.  They are packed with 20g of protein and 18-20g of fiber.   Only 2-3g of sugar and 4-5g of net carbs.   Available in 6 yummy flavors so everyone can find ones they like.  Add to this that they are made with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives and are low sodium and gluten free.  Being Low Sodium sets them apart from may of their competitors.  Score… for us both!


Now, the fact that we both have issues with how things feel in our mouth made me a bit worried as I am not a fan of nougat or soft bars.  But these really changed my mind on that.  They are a soft nougat marshmallow type bar.  The fact that they taste great really makes the fact they are a soft not bother my mouth so much. (again, I am weird!)  A couple of the flavors like Sugar Cookie and Chocolate Mint are very unique. I ate my little sugar cookie bar and surprisingly.. it tasted just like a sugar cookie.

When you decided to buy B-Up bars you get not only a great tasting bar, but you can also get creative and add them to your recipes and meals to enhance the low carb lifestyle.   And studies show that incorporating protein into your diet can help build lean muscle and increase metabolism to burn fat.  Packed with plant based fiber to offset the carb intake.  These bars are perfect for anyone looking to add protein and watch their carbs, like my husband.   He now will be taking one a day to work with him for an addition to his morning meal.


It’s time for you to Be Healthy. Be Better. B-Up.    You can get a trial 6 pack of B-Up Bars, which is a great way to try all 6 flavors.  And, they have FREE SHIPPING on all orders.  You can also get a 12% discount on box orders (not to be used for the trial pack), by using coupon code yup29 Just check out their social media pages to see all the happy customers.  (links below).  They also add a personal touch to every order.  For example, Harun, one of the co-founders writes a personal note on every online order. We throw in a bracelet and stickers and other bars to try.    A little insight ~  B-Up is a product brought to you by Yup Brands. Yup stands for Your Unlimited Potential. UP, is Unlimited Potential.

These are so perfect to throw in a gym bag, purse, diaper bag, or your pocket for when you are on the go or at the gym or wherever.  Pack them in your lunch for when you are at work.  They are very filling which is another plus for me and my hubby.   If you haven’t seen or heard of B-Up Bars I encourage you to check them out.   We love them, and I am confident you will too!

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Why Running Needs to be the Next Athletic Activity You Get Hooked On

Sweaty Betty Womens Running Gear

Runners are easy to look up to. They make running five miles in a day look like a walk in the park and the way they carry themselves so confidently looks mesmerizing, like they can conquer the world. The truth is you can be that way too. Anyone can with a little bit of perseverance and practice. Running is so much more than perfecting your mileage and minute mile. It’s about feeling fantastic about yourself, wearing some incredible ladies running gear from Sweaty Betty that you feel beautiful in, forming relationships with other men and women who share your passion for fitness, and striving towards a goal. Running is pretty fantastic once you set your mind to it.


You can Take Your Time to Work up to it

If you’re new to running you may only go a few miles a day or less every other day, for example. Starting slow and working yourself up to more and more mileage is key and is quite okay as you get used to the sport. If you don’t like to run this is especially important, because otherwise if you try to tackle too many miles and be fast all at once you’ll burn out. Learning how to love running doesn’t come overnight; it takes time to get used to a new athletic hobby that you’ll most likely learn to love.


You get to Wear Incredible Clothing

You may laugh out loud about this, but if you love fashion then why not incorporate it into your new workout venture? It’s inevitable that you’re going to sweat while running, but you can sweat while you’re in a pretty incredible outfit. Sweaty Betty has countless running accessories and ladies running gear in colors and pretty patterns that you’ll love. In particular, a ladies running jacket and tank are perfect to wear when you’re running during the winter. What you wear while you run should make running all the more fun, which is why modern and stylish womens running clothes are the way to go.


You can Form Lasting Friendships

If you’re the type of person who does better at running in groups, hop online and find running groups on Facebook or Meetup. Both sites may provide the type of people you need to meet in order to follow through on becoming a runner. Who knows — you may make lasting friendships and find yourself running half marathons in the future! First try a 5k before you tackle a half marathon, but if you work up to it you’ll find running isn’t so bad after all! In fact, by then running will be your favorite fitness addiction.


Staying Stress Free During the Height of Your Career


Landing a dream job is an exciting time in anyone’s life, but with any job comes stress. Stress can come from an overbearing co-worker or boss, working too many hours, not being able to reach deadlines, or because you’re not used to the demanding schedule yet. No matter what it may be, it’s important to learn how to manage your stress before it manages you. In any case a dream job is worth it, but if you start to sacrifice your health and are unhappy you may want to consider if it’s going to work out long term. Remember to set boundaries so that you stay happy and healthy. Here are some ways to stay stress free when you’re mixed up in the chaos of it all.


Be Direct yet Polite with Co-Workers

Communication is key when you’re working with a new boss and co-workers. Whether your job is remote or if it’s at an office, unless you communicate your concerns and frustrations constructively with the co-worker as they come up, it’s likely that these miscommunications will only get worse. To save you a lot of stress and anger, address issues that come up right away. By communicating both you and your boss or co-worker will learn how to work better together and hopefully will also learn one another’s personalities and working style.


Lean How to Manage Tension Headaches and Muscle Aches

When you’re stressed out it’s natural that your stress will get stored somewhere, such as your muscles or head. Stress can lead to headaches which can make work more challenging when you’re working on an assignment. Receive stress relief by investing in excellent products from Melt Method such as a soft body roller, hand and foot treatment, and a Melt Method kit that can help reduce your daily aches and pains. Who wants to experience pain when you have a ton of tasks to complete for your job?! Learning how to manage your stress naturally with pain treatments can help.


Get Enough Rest

When you’re at the height of your career getting enough rest may seem like the last thing on your mind, but the truth of the matter is if you don’t get rest everything else will be affected. Sleeping controls your concentration, how much you remember every day, and can affect serious things such as your driving skills and overall health. In addition a lack of sleep can cause you to gain weight and can also lead to depression. Make sure you’re getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night, and if that’s too much take some time off during your weekends to catch up on sleep. Your health depends on it!


Tips for Staying on Track with your Health and Fitness

Disclosure ~ Compensation was provided by Stayfree via Mode Media.
All opinions expressed are 100% that of the author (Sheila) and are not indicative of the opinions of Stayfree.


Whenever people ask me how to stay on track with health goals my first answer is to tell them to stop trying so hard. Sounds counterproductive at first, but hear me out. When we set out to make changes we often jump in with both feet without a clear plan. This usually ends in disappointment because of lack of instant results. In this day and age, we’re so used to instant gratification that we get discouraged when things take longer than we want. Instead, make clearly defined goals and break them down into attainable milestones. Then determine reasonable habits you want to establish rather than forcing changes you know you’ll never stick with. Living a healthy lifestyle gets easier with each good choice you make and becomes natural, making it unnecessary to try so hard.

Attack your closet! I know the closet can sometimes be a scary place, but a little organization can aid in staying on a healthy track. Keep comfortable workout clothes easily accessible in clear view. You’ll feel much more enthusiastic to work out if you don’t have to hunt for clothes or shoes first. Do a little shopping if your workout wardrobe needs to be updated. Working out is a whole lot easier when you feel good and a new snazzy pair of yoga pants and a nice top is a great start. Remember to keep Stayfree® Ultra Thin Liners on hand too. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how awkward it can be to do yoga or any exercise when you’re using bulky lady products. The Stayfree Ultra Thin Liners are discreet and bendable so no matter what position you put your body in, you don’t have to feel self-conscious.

Raid your fridge! Oh how easy it is to reach for something unhealthy when staring down your fridge. Eventually it’s the hope that it’s only stocked with good for you options, but realistically that might not be the case in the beginning. Make it easy on yourself by doing the prep work right away. When buying groceries, wash and cut fruits and vegetables that day. Separate items into portions for easy snacking. It’s much easier to grab a healthy bunch of grapes to nibble on after a long day if they’ve been cleaned, de-stemmed, and are just waiting for you in a container or baggie. When you feel the need to indulge – and it’s ok that you do, but remember moderation – dish yourself a single serving and savor each bite.

Recruit the troops! A great way to stay on track is to be accountable. It’s easy to fib to yourself, a bit harder to somebody else. Recruit your spouse, kids, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, neighbors…you get the point. There is strength in numbers! Share your goals and encourage them to help you achieve them. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Have an after dinner dance party! Let them know when you’re struggling and lean on them for extra support. Try to think outside the box. Practice your yoga moves while waiting to get dinner out of the oven or the dishwasher to finish its cycle. Grab each opportunity to move your body.

Reward yourself! This is so important. Whether a huge reward when you complete your overall goal or little rewards a long the way – or both! – positive reinforcement is an essential part of life changing habits. Maybe a haircut or a new yoga outfit? The sky’s the limit. Your healthy self deserves it.

stayfree_authorlogo[2][1][3] New year, new you! Yoga is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and who better to lead the yoga-lution than you. Inspired by athletic wear, Stayfree® pads feature flexible layers that move with your body from child’s pose to side crow. Visit to find which product best fits you or visit our Facebook to learn more about our mission. Also, don’t forget to use your Stayfree® purchase to get a 30-Day membership to My Yoga on Gaiam TV and access FREE yoga classes online now through March 12!

Jump on the 2015 Vionic Walkabout

Walkabout Logo (green) Disclosure ~  Living Smart Girl received product as compensation for sharing about the 2015 Vionic Walkabout.

Walking is one of those things we all must do.  We have to walk to the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom.  Walk to get the mail, walk in the grocery store, walk the floor with a crying baby, and just plain walk to do just about anything in life.   Well, since you are going to be walking anyhow, why not join the 2015 Vionic Walkabout on a quest for good health.

By participating in Vionic Walkabout, you’ll have the chance to walk away with some seriously great prizes. Through photo and caption contests on Facebook and Instagram, they give away weekly prizes such as new Vionic Shoes, Dr. Weil Cookbooks and Visa gift cards. Plus, they will select a Grand Prize winner to receive an all-expense paid trip to Napa, CA.  Now, why would you not want that trip?  Get on your walking shoes and join now.

Expert Insight:
“Walking is what your body is designed to do. It strengthens almost every major organ in the body, promotes bone density, and boosts the immune system,” says Dr. Weil. “There’s no special skill, training or equipment needed, just the right footwear.”
Research shows that walking as little as 30 minutes a day can lower the risk of heart disease (America’s Number 1 killer) by as much as 40 percent. By even taking two or three 10-15 minute walks per day, people can improve blood pressure, reduce the risk of diabetes and improve mental wellbeing.
Celebrity trainer and fitness expert Juliet Kaska strongly recommends walking as a way to get and stay fit for even beginning exercisers: “Walking is an easy, stress-free exercise, clearing your mind, ?strengthening your heart and toning muscles.”
According to a study by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), 72 percent of Americans say they do not exercise because foot pain prevents them from doing so. This astounding figure emphasizes the importance of getting started with a pair walking-friendly shoes or sandals that are breathable, offer good arch support, are relatively lightweight and have flexible soles to allow the front of the foot to flex comfortably.
Vionic Footwear with Orthaheel Technology offers footwear that helps prevent and alleviate foot pain and fits a variety of lifestyles. Vionic shoes feature a removable orthotic footbed that supports feet and helps realign the lower-legs, improving posture and balance – an ideal option for daily fitness walking.

So, what are you waiting for.  Go get your walk on!

Vionic venture walking shoe