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Get the Bikini Body You Want This Year



Each year, the summer comes around, bringing brighter skies, longer days, shorter nights and warmer weather along with it. But, for many girls out there, it also brings out a range of body image issues that have been hidden away over the winter underneath woolly sweaters and winter coats. For many women, there is a building pressure to look good in a bikini on the beach. Although body positivity is becoming more and more mainstream with companies and individuals alike being slammed for fat-shaming and judging people on their looks alone, more and more women are hoping to drop a few pounds or tone up in order to feel more confident when on the beach. Here are our top tips for achieving the figure that you want!

Waist Training

Although it may not be for everybody, waist training has recently taken the internet by storm after being used by Kim Kardashian and other popular celebs as an aid to their weight loss. Waist training works in much the same way as a corset, ‘training’ the waist to be more narrow by tightly compressing it. If you’re interested in giving waist training a try, visit Waist Training Center for more information.

Up Your Workout

If you’re mainly doing cardio exercises when you go to the gym such as running on the treadmill, riding a stationary bike or rowing, it’s time to switch up your workout and head over to the weights corner. Lifting weights and doing strength exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups and crunches will add muscle definition and tone you up, giving you the confidence you need to wear your bikini with pride. Don’t believe the myths about weight training making girls big and manly – it’s completely untrue!

Your Diet

No matter how hard you work out in the gym, if you come home and devour a chocolate bar, you’re pretty much back to square one. If you’re looking to improve your figure so that you can be confident in a bikini this year, making some changes to your diet is one of the most important things you’ll need to do. Not only does eating a healthier diet cause you to lose any extra pounds that you have, it’ll also mean you’re healthier in general and often more energized.

It’s a Personal Thing

Remember that there is no ‘perfect body’ – if you’re hoping to get a ‘bikini body’ this summer, it’s important to make sure that you set yourself realistic expectations. Any weight loss journey, whether you have a couple or a couple of hundred pounds to lose, is a personal thing! Get the bikini body that YOU want – not the one that you think everybody else thinks that you should have. Remember that at the end of the day, it’s all about how you feel about yourself and how confident you are in your own skin.

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds or build some muscle and tone up in order to be more confident than ever in a bikini this year, it only takes a few smart lifestyle changes!

Summer Beauty, Fitness and Fashion in one box!


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Summer is in full swing, and actually here in Minnesota, it’s slowly coming to an end.  Yes, we are still in August, just like everyone else but way up north here we just have a lot longer winters than summers.  Very sad for me, because I am not a winter person.  But, before I cry and dwell on the fact that winter is just around the corner, I am going to enjoy summer while we have it.  I got a great gift in the mail that was filled with Summer Beauty, Fitness and Fashion in one box! It was a Babble Boxx.  Have you heard of them?  Well, read on to see what all I got!

This Babble Boxx was the Olympic / Summer inspired box.  There were some fun items in this one that can help anyone try to reach their fitness goals.

The Vitamin Shoppe had items 3, 4, and 5 in the box.   TRUE ATHLETE by the Vitamin Shoppe had some packets of natural whey protein which are really tasty.  They included a tub of energizing training formula in Fruit Punch flavor,  which is for serious muscle, endurance, performance and energy support.  Also, a vitamin compartment holder and a shaker bottle.  All awesome products.




I am sure you know how important water is in your daily life. Well, JUST Water is 100% spring water in a paper-based bottle.   That is just brilliant!!  The water bottle is made of 83% renewable resources.  They use plant-based plastic from sugarcane.  Yup.. you read that right.  Cool huh ?  So next time you need to quench your thirst, try this spring water from JUST Water!


Looking for a fun, functional and fashionable watch?  Look no further, check out this great Baby-G Tri-Color Watch.  This neat watch supports the USA in style with the patriotic colors. The  BA-110TR-7A is color blocked red, white and blue.  Great fashion accessory and also a great functionality piece as it is water and shock resistance so it is perfect for diving, or warm weather runs.  Also has an LED light, world time, stopwatch, countdown timer and multiple alarms.



I might not be an Olympic athlete, but I can look like one with my new 2XU High Performance Compression Gear.   These are a mid rise 7/8 compression tight, in a fun patriotic design.  A perfect item to add to your fitness gear clothing pile.  They are engineered to promote maximum blood flow, help with faster pre-exercise muscle warm up, reduce fatigue through less muscle oscillation, and reduce muscle soreness.   Get these great performance tights at a 20% off discount with coupon code 2XU20.



Just because it’s summer, and life is busy, I shouldn’t have to remind you to take care of your skin, right ?    Purpletale has a great product to help you have beautiful skin all year round.  This is a portable 5 step facial treatment kit that comes with foam cleanser, ampoule, bio-cellulous sheet mask, facial cream, and neck cream all in one packet for at home or on the go.   Purpletail 5 steps to lovely skin is perfect for anyone especially if you want to travel light as it is compact and TSA friendly.   Easy to use as well ~ 1 Cleanse: lather in hands and wash face and neck, rinse and dry.  2 ~ Treat you skin with the ampoule and let sink in.  3 ~ Place mask on face and let sit 20 minute and remove when ready.  4 ~ Moisturize by dabbing cream on face and apply evenly.  5 ~ Nourish by massaging neck cream onto neck in an upward motion.

Have you been watching the Olympics?  What is your favorite Olympics game to watch?  I love gymnastics and am just amazed at the talent and dedication.  GO USA!!

Make sure you check out Babble Boxx and grab the next months box.  One never knows what kind of goodies you might get.



6 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals

6 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals

6 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals


It’s a common case of affairs. People get excited about the initial results of their workouts, but then for some reason they seem to plateau. You think you’re working out just as hard, but the results aren’t pleasing you and you aren’t reaching your fitness goals. Does this sound like you? You might be at fault of one of these 6 mistakes. Read on to make sure you’re not sabotaging your fitness goals!

1. There’s monotony in your workouts


If you aren’t feeling a level of discomfort during your workouts, you probably aren’t getting the results you want. It’s important to enjoy your workouts, but the only way to boost your fitness will inevitably involve doing things you don’t necessarily love. Let’s face it, running sprints after sprints is not usually fun, and can even make us feel quite uncomfortable. But doing the difficult training is where you will achieve your best outcomes. Why not try getting out of your comfort zone and changing it up? Join a social netball team, take up cycling or try scheduling a krav maga class.


2. You take shortcuts


Are you completing your whole workout, set by set? Or are you taking shortcuts, not reaching the full amount of reps or not running the full distance? Do you drop to your knees when doing a push up when your trainer isn’t looking? If you’re not being honest with yourself and completing a full workout, you are taking shortcuts, which is going to impinge on you meeting your fitness goals. Be honest with yourself and stop making excuses. You can do this!


3. You don’t get enough sleep


Getting enough sleep is absolutely necessary to allow your hard-working muscles to recover. If you don’t get adequate sleep, you won’t be able to exercise at your absolute best. You will feel as if the workout is at its full intensity, but that will only be an illusion. Try to ensure you’re getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night, to ensure a fit and healthy body, ready for exercise.


idf training1


4. You’re not eating well


Protein intake is essential if you are working out, as it helps your body build muscles and recover from training sessions. It is vital to include protein in every meal, even in your breakfast. As well as this, it’s important to ensure you’re eating lots of whole grains, lean meats and green, leafy vegetables, and to cut back on treat foods. You can’t out-train a poor diet.


5. You’re socializing during your workouts


Although socializing during working out can be a great way to change up your habits and make exercise appealing, it shouldn’t be happening during every workout. Stay focused on what you’re doing and avoid turning your workout into a social event. Leave your phone alone, too. If you’re having a text or phone conversation while you’re working out, chances are that you’re not working hard enough.


6. You don’t hydrate


Nothing leads to exhaustion as fast as not fueling your body properly – and a huge part of that is hydrating. 75% of your muscle tissue and 10% of your fat tissue is comprised of water, so it’s important to replenish your water supplies frequently. As well as this, it’s important to factor in variables such as the intensity of exercise and the weather temperature and humidity. To combat dehydration, many athletes use a timer on their watch to remind them to stay hydrated.
Although many feign to be an expert on fitness, the reality is that many of us aren’t. Achieving the results we want from our fitness is a science, and one that involves self-discipline and honesty with ourselves. Make sure you avoid these 6 common pitfalls, so you can achieve your ultimate fitness goals today.

Practical Tips to Promote Healthy Lifestyle for People Living Alone


Living alone is often an excuse for people to get lazy and unhealthy. Since they are living alone, they do not care much what they eat and often times, they end up eating fast food take outs or instant noodles and canned goods. They spend most of their time on their couch, watching Netflix while drinking ice-cold beer. Every night they spend hours surfing the Internet, finishing their work or watching more Netflix until the sun rises already. They form a routine that is truly unhealthy no matter what angle you look at it.


And then one day, they will look into a mirror to realize that they’ve grown big and fat. Well, if you’re following the same kind of lifestyle, there should be no surprise at all if you get fat.


Living alone should not be an excuse for you to take for granted your health and lifestyle. In fact, living solo should inspire you more to follow a healthy routine since no one beside yourself is looking out for you. Thus, you should aim to be healthy and strong all the time.


In this article, we will give you some practical tips to improve your lifestyle into a healthy one.



  • Learn how to cook – instead of ordering pizza every night, why don’t you learn how to cook and start making your own meals. It will help you control your calorie-intake and you will also get to control the portioning of your meals. So go ahead and get yourself the must-have kitchen appliances to start learning how to cook. Online shops like Harris Scarfe provide slow cookers, cookware and stove burner perfect for people who are living alone. Buying from shops like this is practical because it saves your time and energy from buying on retail stores.
  • Make a weekly trip to the supermarket – it is advisable to squeeze in grocery shopping in your schedule so you have ingredients and food supply in your place. Some people lose interest in cooking once they see that they do not have all the ingredients that they need. So make sure to do your weekly visit to the supermarket to buy your groceries.
  • Find a hobby – it is recommended to find a hobby other than watching Netflix. You can try skateboarding, cycling, drawing, playing instruments, or even playing sports. These hobbies will help your body become active and strong. And it helps you socialize with people other than your officemates.
  • Set-up a home gym – if you are too lazy to go to the gym to workout then you should just bring the gym to your house. Set up a home gym with equipment like treadmill or stationary bike, some dumbbells, kettle bells, TRX, and other necessary gym equipment. This way, you no longer need to go out to exercise.
  • Sleep early – lastly, it is advisable that you develop a healthy sleep routine. Do not push yourself too much by doing all-nighters every night whether for work or pleasure. Your body needs to rest too. So make sure to have at least six hours of quality sleep every night. This will give you enough energy and strength to face your day.



It is important to keep a healthy lifestyle not just to look good but to feel good as well. Follow the tips discussed above to say goodbye to your old, unhealthy habits and routines.


Year Round Essentials for Cycling

The New Year is here, and there’s never been a better time to begin making the big changes in your life that will lead to a new, healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re commuting to work, trying to tone up, or just want to explore, cycling is an exciting new hobby to get into with an endless list of benefits for your health, inside and out.
If you’re planning on hitting the roads on a shiny new bike this January, take a look at this guide on the gear you might need including helmets, jerseys and shoes, with information for all kinds of cycling, in all seasons!

Year round essentials for cycling Final Version

Where to Get Your Dance Instructor Fitness Certification

Fitness Coach

For some people, dance classes are nothing more than a palatable form of an exercise routine that helps their mind stay clear and their body healthy. Dancing for fitness, though, isn’t a new concept. The benefits of dancing are as long as they are important, so whether you’re planning to take the next step toward your instructor certification in Bombay Jam, Burlesque, Zumba, Salsa or your own unique creation, you should be aware of all the fantastic benefits dance exercise provide. Let’s dig in a bit further below:




  1. Helps you lose weight. Don’t like sports? Try dance fitness. It’s a handy alternative to sports activities. If the thought of spending hours at the gym, running on tracks or lifting weights at home doesn’t appeal to you, then dancing your way to weight loss and health might be a more fitting exercise.


  1. Helps tone your body. Unlike some dance exercises that emphasize the use of only a specific set of muscles, comprehensive fitness programs like Bombay Jam and Zumba allow you to use a wide range of muscles in their choreographies. Lunges and squats, for one, are a workout staple and prove an effective body toner. We’ve listed the target key areas of these exercises as according to WebMD, below:


    1. Core – Hip and midsection movements help make your core stronger.
    2. Arms – While traditional classes don’t focus on your arms, some dance fitness classes resort to weightlifting, which helps build and tone the muscles in your arms.
    3. Legs – Lunges and jumps in the choreography work to keep your quads and hamstrings tight and fit.
    4. Glutes – The dance routines also help keep your buttocks in firm shape.
    5. Back – Improved back flexibility is another side-benefit to these exercises.


  1. Gets you exited. If you think workouts are the devil—boring at best, torturous at worst—you’ll find dance exercises to be a fresh breath of life. The addictive tunes help get everybody in the mood to work out, dance and even socialize. It’s the kind of workout that is so organically enjoyable that your students won’t even be thinking about it as working out, or something they’re forcing themselves to do.


  1. Major stress reliever. One reason you might not be losing the extra pounds around your hips and thighs is stress. Joining a dance fitness class is an effective way to distract yourself from whatever form of stress you’re dealing with. Problems at work? Trouble in paradise? Just tired in general? As soon as you step into class and the music starts, you’ll find yourself pushing those worries aside and having fun in a class of positive people.


By giving yourself time away from your problems, you give yourself a fresh perspective to deal with them later on. It’s like coming up for air when you’re swamped with pressure from all sides. By indulging in dance exercise, you can forget the stress and just live in the moment, free of worries.


  1. Fit for any level. Whether you’re a devoted beginner or a long-time practitioner, it doesn’t matter. Dance fitness provides you with the workout you need, regardless of your health level. Even after years of doing Bombay Jam or Zumba, you’ll find how easy it is to adjust choreography moves to your expertise level.


Getting Your Certification


Have enough training in Bombay Jam or Zumba to become a certified instructor? Check out the particular sites of the program you’re interested in to learn how to obtain your dance instructor certification.


How to Become Certified


  1. Sign up. First thing you do is to find the date of any certification exams. Make sure it works with your schedule. When the timeframe works for your schedule, sign up.


  1. Be ready. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a packet of materials along with instructions. Think of these as your review materials. Find out how much time you have to review. Then use your time wisely. Don’t cram too much into the last few days of your review. That might not be the best way to retain any of the information you need.


  1. It’s time!  Be ready but don’t overprepare. Just relax. Go through some breathing exercises to stay sane and balanced. To make sure you wake up in fine form, sleep early the night before. Don’t try to sacrifice those review hours for much-needed sleep. A lack of sleep can compromise your concentration levels as well as make your body feel tired and sluggish.


  1. Results. Don’t stress yourself out waiting for the results. Put it out of your head by focusing on other responsibilities or hobbies. When the announcements come and you pass, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you won’t have to go through the process a second time. Good for you!


Having Fun with Your Class


It doesn’t really matter if you’ve been dance exercising for years or days — you’ll find something in it to love. And what better way to take that love for dance and your passion for self-improvement higher? By teaching others how to be active and happy with their bodies, you’ll succeed in spreading love, positivity and the aforementioned health benefits around.


Young Living 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse Challenge Group

Young Living 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse Challenge Group



The Holiday’s are over, gifts and decorations put away.  Kids back to school, adults back to work, and life resuming the normal day in day out.  But, your body took a beating over the Holiday vacation right ?  How about a restart?  We all deserve a restart after the last 2 months of the year are over, but January sometimes is just as hectic as November and December.  So, let’s start February 1st!  Want to help jump start your healthy body goals this year? Join our challenge group for all the support you need for a successful cleanse and beyond! Cleanses take place once or twice a month, but in between there will be support, advice, recipes and more for leading the healthy lifestyle you deserve!

To join you MUST be a part of the Living Smart Oils Young Living team or you must purchase the 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse kit from a Living Smart Oils team member.

To join: Join Young Living & save 24% on the 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse

To purchase: Purchase the 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse Retail

For questions you can fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Also if you do join or purchase the kit, you can use the form below to let me know so I can add you to our secret challenge group (you must be on Facebook).

Seven Cycle Training Tips


Cycling is a great way to get fit especially if you do it the right way. Here are seven tips to help you to get the most out of riding a bike for fitness.

Set your bike up properly

To be able to ride comfortably, you need to have your bike set up properly for you. Riding a bike with a saddle that is too high will put an unnecessary strain on your back, knees and hips and means that you will not get the most out of each push of the pedals. On a properly prepared bike, you will be able to ride further and go faster, which means that you will burn more calories.

The bike has to be the right frame size. It is also important to adjust your handlebars properly as well as your seat.

Ditch the junk

How much your bike weighs has a big impact on how fast you can ride. If you are going out for a cycle tour, you need to be sure just to take the essentials.

There are plenty of good quality yet lightweight cycling accessories available that are designed specifically with sports cyclists in mind. You can find what you need on this great online bike shop.

Carry what you need on the bike

Carrying the few items you do need like water, a pump and waterproofs on the bike itself is also a good idea. That way the bike takes the strain instead of you and ensures that you do not experience chaffing from the straps of a rucksack.

Stay safe

Wearing the right safety kit, is very important because it keeps you safe. It also has an impact on how you feel when you are on your bike. If you are wearing good quality safety gear you will feel more confident, which means that you will push yourself just that little bit more.

Remember your sunglasses

Riding with sunglasses will also help you to move faster as well as protect your eyes. The faster you go the more calories you will burn.

Eat properly

If you are planning to go cycle training, it is important to prepare your body before you start. You need to give your body the fuel it needs before you start to ensure that you get as much as possible out of each cycling workout.

Be sure to take a few carbohydrate drinks with you to consume while on your bike. That way you can avoid hitting the wall and wasting some of your riding time because you cannot keep up the pace.

Stay hydrated

The other fuel your body needs is fluids. If you do not stay hydrated, your blood volume will decrease as you ride. That will stop your body from delivering the oxygen your muscles need to keep you riding at a pace that burns fat.

If you do the above, you will be able to set challenging fitness goals for yourself and reach them without hurting yourself.


Bladder Leakage is a Real Thing! #PoiseLinerLove

Disclosure ~  Living Smart Girl received compensation for sharing about #PoiseLinerLove .   All opinions are 100% Living Smart Girl’s.  @poise

I know I keep saying it over and over, but I really wish they had taught all us girls back in high school of all the wonderful things that would happen as we aged.  Things like, hair growing from your chin, that grows overnight! Nose hair grows, and why I have no idea!  Hair pops out in places hair shouldn’t be allowed to grow.  Our eyes get worse, our hair on our head thins and falls out, our bodies hurt, we refer to things as good or bad, like, my good knee and my bad knee.  Why oh why don’t they teach us these things.  And my favorite (not really), you will have bladder leakage as you get older.  Really!!!  Maybe the reason they don’t tell us all these things is because they are afraid of scaring the you know what out of us.   I can handle most of these changes as I age, but the part about bladder leakage is something I wish I didn’t have to deal with.  Age, such a wonderful thing!

I love to workout.  Yes, really I do.  Not cardio, totally hate that, but I love my weight lifting workouts.  But, what I don’t love is that lifting heavy stuff, makes my bladder play tricks on me and I tend to wet myself usually within the first half of my workout.  Yes, you can laugh because I finally have gotten to the point where I have learned to laugh about it myself.  I have had bladder leakage issues since I was young, and it just got worse after giving birth to my son in 1992.  I have had every test known to man for my bladder and my bladder is fine. So, I just say it is all a part of getting older, and wiser, right.  Or in my case, getting older and stronger.  I workout so my body stays in shape and my bones stay strong, and because I like to look HOT!  I found a great trick to help with my bladder leakage so I don’t feel the wetness and can continue with a kick butt workout and have fun.  I use  Poise Microliners. The Poise Microliners are perfect for my level of bladder leakage.  I also will use them on days I am running errands because one just never knows when my bladder will decide to let loose. Ahh…  age!

After years of shopping in the fem care aisle I came to realize that Poise liners were just a better solution for my bladder leakage.  And, I am excited I can find them at my Walmart since that is my main shopping stop.  You can get a $2 off coupon for your Poise products here.  Bladder leakage is a real thing, and nothing to be embarrassed about.  If you poll all your family and friends I bet you are not alone. I thought I was, until I started to ask around.  So, grab your friends and hit Walmart and grab some Poise liners for your bladder leakage.  Then, when you have girls night you can all laugh till ya pee your pants, and then continue to laugh because you just don’t care!  LOL!




Cold Weather Running Tips


Winter is here! You may be excited about that or dreading it, but either way, you’ll be outside at some point. If you plan on running or exercising outdoors this winter, there are a few key items you should invest in. Make sure to layer up and you’ll be warm no matter what the temperature is!  Here are some great cold weather running tips.

Lined Pants & Top. Invest in fleece lined pants and tops. These are the best layering pieces and will keep warmth close to your skin when you’re outside. You’ll be able to tell the difference between these pants and normal workout pants/leggings because these will feel a bit thicker and are soft inside. When it’s very cold out, wear a wicking shirt as your base, then the lined top, then another long sleeve over that. Make sure to avoid cotton!

Mittens. Mittens, as opposed to gloves, will keep your hands warmer. Since your fingers are all in one place, your body heat will keep them warm. As always, look for a pair of mittens specific to running, which will be made with wicking material. If you use your phone while running, search for fingerless mittens, which are a combination of gloves and mittens.

Warm socks. As mentioned above, do not wear cotton. When you sweat in cotton, the fabric stays wet, which means you will be very cold. Invest in a pair of wool socks, which are actually naturally wicking. Thicker socks means your toes won’t go numb after a few miles.

Neck gator. When running in freezing temperatures, you may notice that your throat gets dry or starts to hurt from the cold air. A neck gator will help with that. You can simply wear it around your neck like a scarf, then pull it up to cover your mouth and nose when you get cold. This is a must-have in windy conditions.

Earmuffs or hat. You’ll want a pair that is specific to outdoor exercise and one that stays put. Most of your body heat escapes through your head, which is why this piece is important. There are also earmuffs with headphones built in, in case you want to listen to music on the run.

Vest or jacket. A running vest or jacket will keep you warm on the chilliest of days. Once you layer up with everything listed in the first point, add your vest or jacket and you’re set. A vest is good for days when perhaps it is not too cold out, and a jacket is a must for sub-freezing temperatures. Make sure to buy a waterproof jacket if you plan on running through rain and snow as well.

Yaktrax. Yaktrax are a product you can slip onto your running sneakers. They provide you with traction so you can run without being afraid of slipping on snow or ice. If you will be braving the elements this winter, then you have to invest in a pair of Yaktrax, which are listed at $40.
Reflective gear. Winter time means less daylight. This is why reflective gear is so important. Make sure everything you buy has some sort of reflective property. Or get a reflective vest. You can also buy a head lamp or flashing light to wear on runs.

If you plan on training outside this winter, kudos to you! Winter runs and be relaxing and peaceful, just make sure you stay warm and stay safe.

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