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Keep Fitness in Check with a Precision CalPal Scale


Keep Fitness in Check with a Precision CalPal Scale


Disclosure ~ Living Smart Girl received product to facilitate a review.  All opinions are 100% that of Living Smart Girl’s.


I am sure for most, weighing yourself is one of those things you hate to do.  Not me.. I love it!!  I love it because every day when I step on the scale, (same time every day) it helps me keep my fitness in check.  I realize that I will fluctuate a few pounds here and there so I don’t freak if my number is higher than the day before.  There are so many factors that come into play when you are talking numbers on a scale… that I don’t fret.  But, I still like to keep in check on how I am doing.  Mostly due to the fact I refuse to go above a certain number!  ;)   Yes, I refuse!!  So, when I start creeping up I know I need to dial things back, cut the sweets, hit my home gym a bit more and just readjust my life a bit.  Since I do like to workout I know generally by the way my clothes fit how I am doing weight wise, but I like to see a number on a scale as well.


This new Precision CalPal Digital Bathroom Scale from Eat Smart is so neat!   It shows you your weight, your BMI, and also what your calories should be eating to maintain that weight.  There are many online or mobile apps a person can use to track their food intake daily so you can keep in check with your estimated calories you need.   Even though I don’t like to show it, here is a picture of my weight this morning ~ first one shows my weight, and my BMI.   Now according to the BMI chart I am in a good zone.  Not overweight or obese.   That makes me feel good.  Yes, I have a bit of fluff here and there I don’t like, but I can work on that.   More weight training, less cupcakes!   ;)


This one shows my weight, and then also shows how many calories I need / should eat every day to maintain that weight.  Now, it came up with this number because when I was programming it, I chose that I workout 3x a week.   If I didn’t work out, I am guessing it would tell me to eat about 1500 calories or less.   But, when I workout I burn a lot of calories so I need to replenish to fuel my body.


This scale is really neat, and really pretty.   Also, you can set up this scale for 4 people.  So, when you want to see what your stats are, you select the right setting.. P1, P2, P3, or P4, and step on the scale.   This is great because my husband and I can each keep track separately.
As you can see it has a very sleek design and is see through.  I love that!!

Check out the Precision CalPal Scale on Amazon and their Eat Smart Product’s website as well for lot’s of great tips and other products.
Or check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Simple Tummy Toning Exercises


Simple Tummy Toning Exercises

Enhancing the presence of the stomach is high on the rundown of numerous individuals. Luckily, there are simple activities for the stomach range that, joined with a sensible nourishing arrangement, can yield enormous results for the individuals who remain faithful to it just takes around 10 minutes to get in a decent workout for the stomach.

Press ups

The panel is usually an adaptable practice which can be transformed or perhaps built even tougher to meet a new singular’s well-being level. The panel settles the main core locale, consequently not merely are you doing work the abdominals, yet the back muscular tissues will likely be contained in the exercise way too. To perform, the fundamental panel gets decreased on the floor, confront decrease with your legs increased and your biceps garbled beneath anyone. Raise upward your system along with modifying your reduce biceps with feet. Tense up the body, so, it will be in a very immediate collection, without the need of list inside the back. About the down opportunity in which doing complete panel can be overly tough, test the item with the hips along with reduced biceps on the floor. When you’ll need to have a new analysis, pick up yourself upward which means you are modified looking anyone inside the confront together with immediately biceps, as though you’ll perform push-up. When you can keep a new panel with regard to a minimum of thirty moments, you are able to test part in the versions. You’ll be able to pick up one foot away from the flooring. Achievable foot journey flooring, build up your garbled leg toward your waistline, within the midst. Forums can certainly likewise become performed just as one afterthought, with the body modified on one supply and another foot. You’ll be able to likewise perform panel confront upward; this place is finished together with immediately biceps. This really is furthermore an exceptional make stretch.


Inverse upper along with reduce body movements are different simple method of do the job people abdominals. Put on your yet again with your arms at the rear of your head, elbows out towards attributes and your legs increased immediately out Raise the abdominal region journey flooring along with distort one leg in in the waistline. Flip your abdominal region therefore the knee finds to your bowed leg. Adorn a new proportional repayment along with calf to outset location along with rehash with the other supply along with calf. This particular cycle shift deals with your slanted muscular tissues, that software a corner along with entry of the trunk area

The crunch time

The crisis is usually an exemplary abdomen practice in which functions your very long rectus abdominal muscles, which is decrease top in the hard drive drawer, Put on your again together with hips curled, along with toes to some degree prior to the hips. Place one give at the rear of the pinnacle with regard to backing and also the other give within the calf cozy cool. Glide your give up the calf until the item achieves the greatest point in the leg along with return to the start location. This really is a great aided smash, with the give supporting your weight in the brain. After you fall the give in some places your calf, there is certainly much less probability that you take within the brain along with cause harm to the neck. This particular hard disks your abdominals to accomplish the task.

Knee lifting

The muscles that’s usually overlooked whilst carrying out abdomen things to do would be the transverse abdominus. This particular muscles just isn’t beautiful in gentle of the fact that it truly is within the very long rectus abdominus, along with manages possessing inside your intrinsic organs. When this particular muscles can be frail, you will have puppy reduce waistline, dreadful buggy along with frequently back anguish additionally. In essence employing your legs will work your TVA. Stayed upward immediately along with large along with pick up one calf as though doing substantial leg go. Contain the leg upward for a couple of moments, minimize your calf decrease along with rehash with the other calf. The TVA can be doing work once the calf can be constantly placed not really still made a decision.

Diet plan Enhancements

Pressing definitely not your kitchen table or perhaps placing decrease the hand is usually an alternate easy method of do the job your abdominals. It doesn’t really make a difference what quantity of things to do you need to do to attempt to develop your abdomen if in which six-pack can be attached by the level connected with extra fat. Decreasing your general muscles to extra fat quotients may make it possible for people well-toned muscular tissues to become found. The most convenient abdomen abdominal muscles exercise off is always to be continued to upward large together with outstanding buggy. Slumping dependably can make the abdomen glimpse higher, consequently pick up upward people neck along with stretch in which body to appear instantly leaner!


Eu medical card is an important thing to think about if you are planning to seek medication in Europe. With the card, your medical bill will be taken care of by the card.

5 Things You Need To Know About Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies

Hello there soon-to-be smoothie lover!

Freshly pressed and blended or bottled, smoothies are red hot. You may have seen photos of celebs spotted after their sweat sesh in the gym holding a mason jar filled with green smoothie or your co-worker downing a glass and wondering why would any one drink that—ugh, greens. The “healthy eating” craze just got crazier!

But, can you blame them? With health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and other chronic conditions on the rise, it seems like people will do just about anything for their health to be in tip-top condition.

We’ve all heard it, “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”, right? Wrong! There is no perfect diet for everyone but there are a lot of wrong ones—and you’ve got to know which is which.

In the crowded sea of fad diets and healthy eating tips and tricks, green smoothies are among some of the most popular must-eat/must-drink nutritional powerhouses on the market. Some people even go an extra mile and make their own from fresh fruits and veggies. Of course, eating a variety of foods is still one of the most important factors to consider for a nutritionally-balanced diet but with the right ingredients, these blended greens can surely put up a good fight for the “healthiest of them all” title that all these healthy eating regimes seem to compete for.

Smoothies vs. Shakes

So what are smoothies, really? And how are they different from shakes? Why can’t we just call them green shakes instead of green smoothies?

A smoothie is typically made with fruit—frozen fruit, fresh fruits, fruit juice, etc. It’s not a dairy affair but more of a fruit party, actually. While shakes, on the other hand, is a dairy-based treat usually made of milk, ice cream or both. The thickness of a smoothie or a milkshake does not change the name of the drink. As long as you can suck it up with a straw, it’s either a smoothie or a shake. When you start to need a spoon, then it becomes an ice cream or a sorbet.

What comes first to your mind when you hear the word vegetable? You probably pictured a green vegetable—a broccoli, maybe?

Even though there are other vegetables that are not green in color you probably thought of a green veggie. It may be because the color green somehow signifies good health. See that health bar when you play a video game? It’s green when your character is still “healthy” or alive. You get the point.

Now that makes sense! Since smoothies are typically made using fruits, green smoothies are “green” smoothies because they are mostly made of veggies—the green ones, usually.

But, why not call them veggie smoothies instead?

Sure, you can call it veggie smoothie or vegetable smoothie or whatever floats your boat (really), but for some reason “green smoothie” fits right. Its simplicity is quite catchy, don’t you think?

Health Benefits

A lot of people are going on a green smoothie rampage in hopes of keeping the doctor away and the stubborn weight gain at bay—two things that are almost impossible not to happen in a typical sugar- and salt-laden diet that most people have.

But why smoothies? Why not eat real vegetables?

Eating fresh vegetables instead of blended ones sounds ideal. But in this fast-paced life filled with deadlines and demands, convenience is everything. Not everyone has the time to eat home-cooked meals, let alone sit down and eat 3 servings of vegetables every day. And when you’re trying to be a “responsible” adult—taking care of your health by avoiding fast foods and opting for healthy food choices, you try (force yourself) to do the right thing: you eat vegetables.

World Health Organization (WHO)/ Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) recommends a minimum of 400 grams of fruit and vegetables per day to prevent several micronutrient deficiencies and chronic diseases.

400 grams, wow!

If you’re not really a veggie fan then that may sound a lot. How do you include them in your diet—without choking? Enter green smoothies. A smoothie is probably the ultimate convenience food. You don’t even have to chew it. Still not convinced green smoothies are worth a try? Here are some more reasons why you should be on your way to buying a blender right now:

  1. You can up your fruit and vegetable consumption

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 16 million (1.0%) disability adjusted life years or DALYS (measure of the potential life lost due to premature mortality and the years of productive life lost due to disability) and 1.7 million (2.8%) of deaths worldwide are attributed to low fruit and vegetable intake.  It is also accounted for around 14% of gastrointestinal cancer deaths, 11% of ischemic heart disease deaths, and about 9% of deaths due to stroke globally.

When it comes to numbers (and not just numbers, I mean numbers pertaining to diseases and even deaths—yikes!) from a reputable source it’s really convincing to do what you’ve got to do in order not to, you know, contribute to these numbers. Green smoothies promise weight loss and loads of nutrients all in a single, gulpable serving. Drinking them makes it easier to get more fruits and vegetable into your diet, or that of your family.

  1. Green smoothie makes a good post-workout meal

Blending breaks down the hard-to-digest plant cell walls and improves their digestibility, allowing your body to absorb the nutrients in your smoothie more easily. This is one of the reasons why a smoothie makes a perfect post-workout meal.

Your body uses stored energy in your muscles to power through your workout. It’s very important that you replenish the nutrients lost during your sweat sesh to maximize its health benefits. It is recommended to get a combination of carbohydrates and protein immediately into your body as this gives your muscles the ability to replenish glycogen (the stored energy you used) and allows them to rebuild and repair as they recover.

Smoothies are rehydrating and loaded with nutrients that can be easily absorbed by your body. Not to mention, they are refreshing, too!

  1. You get more fiber

Dietary fiber, also known as roughage, includes all parts of plant foods that your body can’t digest or absorb.

It is food mainly in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains and is probably best known for its ability to prevent or relieve constipation. But foods containing fiber can provide other health benefits such as reducing your risk of diabetes and heart disease and lowering your cholesterol and sugar levels. It also aids in weight loss. Eating fiber-rich foods can make a meal feel larger so you stay “feeling full” for a longer period of time.

  1. No need to add the big “C” in your already complicated life

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, accounting for 8.2 million deaths in 2012. Annual cancer cases are expected to rise from 14 million in 2012 to 22 million within the next two decades.

How not to add to these numbers?


Antioxidants are substances that may protect your cells against cancer-causing free radicals. In general, fruits and vegetables are chock-full of nutrients and antioxidants that are essential for optimum health, but not all foods are created equal. Some fruits and vegetables stand out in terms of antioxidant concentration as well as antioxidant capacity per serving size more than others. Among other fruits, cranberries, blueberries, and blackberries ranked highest while beans, artichokes, and Russet potatoes top other vegetables.

  1. You can lose weight

How do you distinguish a fad diet from a diet that really works? Well, a lot of fad diets and weight loss programs promise rapid weight loss—which can be great, only if they don’t leave you starving and depressed. Weight loss is a journey. You didn’t pack on those extra pounds overnight so don’t expect that you’ll shed them off quickly.

Permanent weight loss can be dragging but what makes it worth the wait is the fact that it is permanent.  Fad diets claim that they know a “shortcut” to weight loss. The truth is: there are no shortcuts. The shortcut they will share with you often leads to starvation. Yes, you will lose weight and yes, it will be fast, but pretty soon the weight you lost will catch up and you will find yourself back to square one. You don’t want that. No one wants that.

Green smoothies are mostly made of vegetables. And we all know that vegetables are one of your weight loss BFFs. With the right combination of ingredients, green smoothies may be the key to having the hot bod you’ve always wanted.

DIY Green Smoothies

Are you ready to make your way to rich green smoothie goodness?

What blender to use

What you’ll need is a blender and a little amount of patience. If you’re a grab-and-go type of eater—oftentimes falling into takeaway traps and wants to take baby steps towards healthy eating, making smoothies is a good start.  It should take about 5 minutes to prepare. So try to sit back and relax while you let your blender do the job.

If you’re always on the run but doesn’t want to buy bottled smoothies, you may want to buy a blender that blends fast so you won’t feel as if making smoothies robs you off of your precious time. But this kind of blender is a bit pricey. In making smoothies, it doesn’t really matter what kind of blender you use as long as it serves its purpose. A blender that effectively blends your green smoothie ingredients is a good blender.


The ingredients that you will use in making your own smoothies are pretty obvious. Fruits and vegetables are must-haves in your smoothie business. Some of the green smoothie essentials that you need are kale, spinach, romaine, collards, non-fat milk, coconut milk, coconut water, almond milk, banana, mango, berries, apple, grapes, and avocado.

You can add other fruits and vegetables, too! No doubt they are chock-full of nutrients so don’t be scared. Experiment all you want! The smoothie that you make is only as effective as the ingredients you use. Substitution is the key. Do not be afraid to try new things.

Yes, it can taste terrible. But, hey at least you can learn something from it. After all, a mistake is only a mistake if you don’t learn anything from it. Most of the oh-so-good smoothie recipes you see on the Internet stem from brave attempts of making different fruit and vegetable combinations work. You bet most of them taste beyond terrible, but a little tweak on the ingredients can make a big difference.

Start blending!

You may think that making a smoothie is as simple as putting all the ingredients in your blender. You’re right! It’s as simple as that! But if you want to get the best out of your nutrient-packed smoothies (of course you do!), you may want to consider doing them the proper way.

Start by blending 2 cups of leafy greens and 2 cups of liquid base together. If you’re trying to lose weight, you may want to use non-fat milk as your liquid base instead of coconut milk. Or better yet, use water. But the good thing about using milk is that it adds to the creaminess of your smoothie, making slurping a little bit more fun. It can also hide the distinct “green taste” of veggies. It really works wonders!

Next, add 3 cups of ripe fruit and blend again until the texture of your smoothie is well, smooth. And voila! Enjoy your smoothie!

Life is about making choices—choices that make you happy. Making smoothies is pretty much the same. In the end, what will be most effective is a diet you enjoy!


World Health Organization (WHO)

Promoting fruit and vegetable consumption around the world


American Heart Association (AHA)


Tell me more about your experiences with smoothies in the comments section below!

Author Bio :

Leanne Thompson is an author and a blogger who has contributed to some of the most well-known Health, Fitness and Nutrition blogs. She has struggled with her weight in her teenage years, which has driven her to undertake a Bachelors of Nutrition degree in the renowned Iowa State University, mostly to study the needs of a human body and how to make the most out of her life. She has made it her life goal to spread awareness about the importance of healthy weight loss and the well-being of people she has contact with. Visit her nutrition & health blog to find out more information!

Find Your Fitness Through Love of the Game


by  Keith Allison 
Caption: Stacy Lewis (pictured) is a great example of a female athlete, who also maintains her fitness levels

 Find Your Fitness Through Love of the Game

You hear a lot these days about the dangers of yo-yo dieting – but what about yo-yo exercise regimes? How many times have you decided you’re going to get yourself really fit (usually at the same time as going on a new diet) and you’ve set off at this like a bull at a gate? We’ve all been there; from being relatively sedentary, perhaps, suddenly you’re togged out and running round the block or swimming up and down your local pool every chance you get. Perhaps you’ve decided to go cycling regularly or, most commonly of all, you’re hitting the gym – running on a treadmill and pushing the weights and taking a few workout classes.


This is all very good – but if you’ve ever started this kind of regimen (and particularly if you’ve done so more than once) but not managed to keep it up – then there’s clearly a bit of a problem.


So what makes you think you’re going to be able to keep it up this time around?


Now all the forms of exercise we’ve mentioned so far have one thing in common; there’s no particular “point” to them in that they’re exercise for exercise’s sake. And this may be no bad thing if you love participating in them. But if you’ve started a regimen like this once or more before and not managed to stick at – then you probably need to change the way you approach it. And one way of doing this is to find joy or utility or sheer fun in what you do.


Remember as a child when you loved playing games? You weren’t doing it because you wanted to get fit – you did it because you loved playing the game. You may not even have differentiated, as a child, between playing a game of football or cricket or tennis on a beach – and playing a board game indoors. The point is that you saw it as an enjoyable game. That’s the magic you need to try and rediscover because then, keeping it won’t be a chore – it will be something you’re able to do for the love of doing it. In other words, the exercise benefits become purely incidental to your enjoyment of what you’re doing.


This may be something as simple as playing golf, for example. Lots of ladies in middle age who’ve slipped into relatively sedentary lifestyles start off with golf on the road back to fitness. This is because it’s a fun game to play, as strenuous as you want to make it – and yet you walk miles pulling a bag around. It’s surprising how this increases your fitness if it’s been years since you did much.


Getting interested in golf or any other sport you choose, can help. Next time there’s a major golf tournament on TV, for example, have a small punt on the golfer you like the best with an exchange like Betfair and if they start to do well, you can lay it back and lock in a profit. This can be a fun way of getting your interest going and you’ll be surprised at just how much you may start to feel like having a game yourself; that’s the way it works. You will also soon learn who the elite players are, which can be key should you wish to model you’re playing style on, or even if you want to copy their personal fitness regimes.


Of course, if you’re younger and fitter, you may want to pick a far more energetic sport – but the same principles apply. Getting into the sport first by watching it really makes you want to play it – and imitation of professionals is one of the strongest techniques there is in getting good at something quickly.


The other thing to remember, which is absolutely crucial, is to simply put yourself in the moment. So make a commitment, for example, to play badminton, squash, tennis or whatever with friends. Making that commitment then turning up at the appointed date and time is half the battle. When we involve others in our arrangements, it makes procrastination much harder to do.


Similarly, if you’ve decided to go for a swim / run / cycle ride / gym etc., but you don’t feel like it on a cold winter’s night, just go to the place anyway and tell yourself you only need to do a very small amount. You’ll be surprised, again, how often you just end up doing what you usually do anyway. And if you don’t it doesn’t matter – you still turned up.


Alternatively, build exercise into things you need to do anyway; so walk or cycle to the shops or to work etc., for example, if you can.


Better still; find something you just love doing for its own sake, which is also slightly physically demanding. When we’re children, we love to play – and when we’re adults, most of us still like to play, but we repress these urges a bit. Don’t do this. Instead, try to find that kid inside of you that loves the game, or to dance to music – or whatever else.


In this way, you’ll find your fitness while you’re having fun. And far from it being a chore that you grit your teeth to maintain – wild horses won’t be able to drag you away from the disco, dance class, tennis court, golf course, squash court hockey pitch, football ground, five a side pitch or whatever else you’ve found. Fitness should always be fun.


You Can’t Fake Sweat!

The Sweat Manifesto

by Thad Peterson, founder of You Can’t Fake Sweat


Working out sucks.


Burpees make my heart pound and light my lungs on fire. Wall balls make my legs burn. Crunches make my stomach quiver.


More often than not, when I’m in the middle of a hard workout, I just want it to be over. I want more air in my lungs. I want my heart to stop pounding against my chest. I want the pain to go away.

And even when it’s finally over, I am left there sweating. Dripping wet.


That means my clothes are left soaked with perspiration. Which means more laundry to do. I hate doing laundry.


Yet that feeling of sweat pouring down my face is perhaps the most glorious sensation I know. I love sweat.


“The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody else is looking.”
That’s what Mia Hamm had to say.

Sweat cannot be bought. It cannot be falsified. You cannot achieve it by pondering it. You have to earn your sweat. Every single time.


Champions—not just Superbowl winners or gold-medal Olympians, but those who truly aspire to get closer to their best selves—learn to love sweat. They crave that sensation of pushing their bodies. They are charmed by the hard work that makes their hearts pound and their muscles burn and their lungs ache for more air.


So next time you’re out there in the 8th minute of your 12-minute workout, and the sweat is starting to trickle down your skin, make sure to savor it. Make sure to remind yourself that this is when you’re most alive. Make sure to remember that the worse it feels during the workout, the better it feels when it’s over.


And remember this: You can fake a lot of things in life, but… you can’t fake sweat.


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This post is from Thad Peterson, founder of You Can’t Fake Sweat. Like 99% of all guys, Thad earnestly believed he would be a pro athlete one day. And like 99.999% of those 99%, he never even got close. But sports and fitness have played a huge role in his life nonetheless. These days, the sports he participates in most frequently are hockey, Ultimate Disc, basketball and CrossFit.

Intelligent Sportswear – CEP Compression Socks

Disclosure ~ Living Smart Girl received product to facilitate a review. All opinions on the product are 100% that of Living Smart Girl’s.

wp55xxx-p-black_grey CEP is intelligent sportswear using 60 years of research and advanced stitching technology. The CEP Compression Progressive + Run Sock 2.0 targets areas of the foot and leg with compression. This improves blood flow to the heart, provides improved support, and reduces swelling. Thus, the runner has more energy and endurance while lowering risk of injuries by supporting muscles and joints. You can choose from four sizes for men or women. These socks have a polyamide/spandex filament fiber making the durable and have a wide top band. Extra flat toe seams make they comfy without any annoying pressure points. CEP Compression Progressive Sock 2.0 come in different styles for several sports from Running to Horseback Riding, each with unique qualities to aid the wearer. Check out their entire line of apparel at

Since I am not into running I was excited to offer my friend Tara these socks for her to review.  She runs daily, and loves it.  Here is what she had to say about these socks ~

CEP Running Sock… Pros: Very comfortable on toes and heel. Cons: Very hard to put on. Size was small for left calf.

On a cooler Saturday morning, I went for my normal 8 mile run. I became frustrated when it took me more than 5 minutes to put on the CEP running socks. After getting the socks on they were very comforting on my toes, heel and arch. Very form fitting. Three miles onto the run, my left calve became irritated because the sock was too tight. I rolled the socks down and continued on my run. After getting home, I did wear the socks around the house. Again, comfortable but too tight on my calves. Maybe I need to order a size bigger.  I’ve been very curious about these socks and was excited to try them.  I would recommend getting them from a dealer at a running expo for the first pair so the right size is order. I will definitely get a pair now.






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Easy Ways to Exercise While You Travel



Do you like to travel, or just have to travel for work or other reasons?  Sticking to your exercise routines while you are traveling is not always easy because you are not near your local gym, don’t have any of your favorite workout gear with you and are not familiar with established routes. All of this should not stop you from getting in the exercise that you crave, and still be able to see everything you want to in your new destination. There are several easy ways to add exercise while you travel, and most of them are fun or give you a new way to see a city, countryside or beach town.


No matter what type of travel you are doing, or where you end up, here are a few easy ways to add exercise into your travels.


As You Go Rentals

More and more destinations are investing in citywide, pay as you go rentals for everything from bikes to fitness centers. These options are perfect for travelers that want to be able to access great facilities and equipment, without having to make a big commitment. Look for private or public bike share programs and use a bike to get around instead of taking the bus. Find hotels or fitness centers that offer day passes, or pay as you go passes that you can use during the duration of your trip.


Add a Walking Tour

Instead of booking a trolley tour that will drive you up to every landmark in the city, find a walking tour that forces you to get active. These tours let you see the city in a new light and have more of an insider feel than any of the larger tours that will drive you past a lot of places you might be interested in.


Create a YouTube Playlist

There are several fitness instructors, workouts and exercise ideas on YouTube, so before your flight, take the time to create a playlist. Use this playlist when you don’t have the time to get in a full workout, want a quick morning routine or have a rainy afternoon to fill. Its also the best way to make sure that you are working out and toning all parts of your body equally while you are away.


Try New Forms of Cardio

To get your cardio in and create some vacation memories, try out a new form of cardio like the locals would. Anything from rock climbing to kayaking to paddleboarding are fun ways to get out and get in a nice workout. Think about the destination and find an activity that pairs well with the locale. Anywhere near water is a new way to discover a fun water sport. Country destinations can include activities like hiking, climbing, cross country skiing or snowshoeing in the winter and even horseback riding.


Getting in your workout while traveling is all about including more physical activity into what you already have planned or need to get done while at your destination. Turn that activity into fun things to do while out of town and your exercise is as easy as having fun.

Whether you travel for enjoyment, or for other reasons, make sure you check out our partner site (owned by us) at That Traveling Chick, because we offer low prices on all sorts of travel as well as lots of great reviews on places we have traveled and travel tips.


Multi-task like a celebrity, at the beach


Multi-task like a celebrity, at the beach

When a celebrity like Jennifer Aniston tries out a new activity, you can bet the paparazzi will have it on film and the industry moguls will be right on their heels.

Aniston is Hollywood royalty for the most Hollywood of reasons: She once dated a mega star. Her successful film career is not the question at issue here; that’s a quaint sidebar to her spectacular dating life, which appears to be far more interesting, depending on the film or the date of any particular year.

What if she took up paddleboarding? She likes the beach, right? Let’s just put a paddleboard in the background and take a photo of her smiling. That would make a terrific opportunity for the paddleboarding industry, would it not?

Let’s put that down as a yes. And you don’t have to put the board in the background, either. The likes of actors Jennifer Anniston, Mathew  McConaughey and Pierce Brosnan have all been captured on paddleboards, making it trendy and hip and hinting that anyone with a modicum of balance can figure out how to survive on a seven-foot board.

Rihanna has been photographed on a paddleboard and even though I have to look up who that is (a singer who is cute enough to be given movie roles), it is clear that paddleboarding does one very advantageous thing for celebrities: It allows them to stand alone with the ocean and the sky in a sexy bathing suit, all your un-trim or trimness in full view of the camera.

Yes, it’s live or die out there on a paddleboard. There’s no hiding behind the bushes our there on the briny deep.

Karina Smirnoff, who performed on Dancing With the Stars, has taken up paddleboarding (at least long enough to have her photograph taken) and she, too, has a criterion figure and Hollywood caliber good looks. She looks like a good pick for June’s Paddleboarding Monthly’s centerfold, meaning someone should rush out and start a magazine called Paddleboarding Monthly or perhaps someone should call Sports Illustrated.

And you thought paddleboarding was going to become popular because its fun and versatile and gets you in great shape. Sorry; think again. It’s simply the seven-foot long floating fashion runway for bathing suits that will make the sport a household name.

Yes, paddleboarding has come a long way from the days when the sexiest practitioners were Polynesian islanders, who used boards to paddle from island to island and to surf the waves for recreation.

After that, paddleboarding made its way to the United States, where it was used in the 1920s by lifeguards in Santa Monica as part of their rescue equipment. The city, to this day, hosts annual paddleboard races that include the popular a Catalina to Santa Monica Pier relay race.

Companies are riding the crest of the wave. The sport languished in relative obscurity for hundreds of years. Stand up paddleboarding is now popular at inland lakes and rivers, where a wave is nowhere in sight. Surfing is supposed to be fun because the wave or the wind pushes you along. You mean, it’s fun, too, when you have to put your back to it to propel yourself?

In this day and age, any new sport that turns exercise into recreation or recreation into exercise has a chance of making it big. It’s the chance to multi-task, which is more than a cure, corporate sounding expression. Time is and always has been our most useful (and our most desperate) commodity. If exercising is fun, so be it. If having fun builds up muscles and keeps you in shape along the way, there will be few complaints. If you look good standing on a board for all the world to see, there you are. You have arrived. If you don’t look so good standing on a board, keep paddling. Eventually, they say, you will get there.


Workout Gear: Necessary Investment or the Fashion Industry Trying to Make a Buck?


Workout Gear: Necessary Investment or the Fashion Industry Trying to Make a Buck?

These days it seems like you need a specific coordinated outfit for each individual type of exercise you plan to do; God forbid you wear your yoga pants on a jog or your football jersey to the gym!

The truth is that there is some gear that has been invented for very specific and workout-helpful purposes. For example, you shouldn’t wear the shoes you wear during a race around a track while jogging on a treadmill (or jogging anywhere, really). So that made us wonder: what, exactly, do you actually need to wear when you are working out?

The Right Shoes

While we want you to read the rest of the article we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that you can wear just about whatever clothing you like while you work out and you’ll probably be fine. Your feet, though, are another matter entirely. It is incredibly important that you have the right shoes for the type of workout you’re going to do. The reason you shouldn’t wear track shoes on a treadmill (or a sidewalk, for that matter) is that they are light weight and don’t offer a ton of support.

Furthermore, they are equipped with spikes that are meant to dig into a track and give you traction while you sprint. Those same spikes force your foot to bend upward slightly when you wear track shoes on non-track surfaces and could cause damage if worn for long periods of time.

Compression Wear

Compression clothing has long been used to help people heal after illness or injury and to prevent problems like improving blood circulation and preventing blood clots during long trips (like a cross country flight where you might not be able to get up and walk around a lot). Compression clothing is created to have some give (to accommodate swelling) while also maintaining its shape and structure. Some people have sworn that it helps improve their performance and speeds up the muscle toning process.

Where compression gear can be really helpful is after a workout. Specifically crafted athletic compression gear from companies like Therafirm is great for marathons or lengthy training sessions because it helps keep blood circulating and alleviates the pressure that builds up and causes swelling.

Comfort, Health and Safety

Beyond shoes and compression, what you wear is largely up to you. You can wear that ratty old cotton t-shirt and pair of shorts to the gym if you want. What would be more helpful, though, is choosing at least a couple of things that are built specifically for exercising. Here’s why:

Clothing meant for sports and exercise is usually built from materials designed to wick moisture (aka sweat) away from your skin instead of simply absorbing it into itself. Cotton is very absorbent but leaves you with a wet shirt hanging all over you. It also allows moisture to pool in inconvenient places. Those pools can lead to problems like fungal infections (think athlete’s foot where you really don’t want it) and staph infections. Yuck!

Clothing built for sports and working out is usually built to fit snugly against your body while still allowing you to move. You might feel self-conscious at first (it puts most of your shape on display, which can be uncomfortable) but you’ll feel more self-conscious when you accidentally trip over your those loose and flappy legs of your sweatpants or accidentally punch yourself because your arm got tangled in the loose and flapping hem of your t-shirt.

So: make sure your feet and muscles are supported, that you can move and that you keep moisture from pooling in inconvenient places. Beyond that, it’s up to you!


Weight Loss the Right Way

Weight Loss the Right Way: Practical Tips for Success

If you have had some trouble shedding those extra pounds, don’t be too hard on yourself because you are certainly not alone. Us humans are a peculiar bunch, and for some reason, we have a good amount of difficulty making good decisions with regard to our health. It should be easy, but it’s just not.

You are not a weak, terrible person for struggling, you are simply human. So, it is important we adopt realistic and practical strategies to get us from where we are to where we want to be. Different things work for different people, and it can take some experimenting before finding your own personal weight loss groove.

Here are just a few tips that can help set a solid foundation for your efforts. Good luck…you can do it!

Get Specific

If you want to reach your weight loss goals, you need to make a plan my friend. The vague musing of wanting to lose weight is a step in the right direction, but it is certainly not enough to make things happen. Specifics motivate us and keep us on track. Devise a set of concrete actions that you will take to reach your weight loss goals. When will you go to the gym? How will you incorporate healthier foods into your diet?

While on the subject of getting specific, think a bit about what is sparking this desire to lose that weight. What is driving you? What benefits are you looking to get? What do you think will be better in your life after you lose this weight? Go deep beyond vague, surface reasons to get at the core.

Focus on Health, Not Appearance

If looking better is a main motivator for losing weight, it’s okay. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve our appearance, and feel more confident about our bodies. But, when we use our appearance as a main driver, it can be difficult to stay the course because it can take awhile before we start seeing differences that are really noticeable; your most ideal body may not make an appearance for at least several months, and waiting so long for positive reinforcement may chip away at your efforts.

So, it can be a good idea to shift your focus to just becoming a healthier person. Each good decision you make will support that immediately, and you will feel good about that. And when you feel good, it motivates you to keep making healthy choices. The improved appearance will naturally emerge without you obsessing on that one aspect.

It Isn’t Just about Diet and Exercise

Achieving a healthy weight is not just about diet and exercise. There are so many factors that influence our weight. Did you know lack of sleep increases cravings for sugar and refined carbohydrates, and can cause the body to store more fat? High stress levels not only cause physical changes that make weight loss more difficult, its mental effects can sabotage your weight loss efforts in a number of ways, from triggering emotional binge eating to creating a more pessimistic attitude that will thwart your attempts at being healthier.

Take note of the variety of ways to rev up your metabolism—all these smaller things can add up to a big difference, such as making sure to stay hydrated to taking supplements that contain herbs known to boost fat-burning. Ones such as Healthe Trim offer a mix of different substances, such as green tea and cambogia, for maximum effect.

Educate yourself about the various influences on your weight, and how you can address them in your plan.

Protect Yourself from Overwhelm with Mini-Goals

Right now, you are overweight , and brimming with bad habits. You think to where you want to be, and all the changes that need to be made, and how hard it is all going to be. And, this feeling of being overwhelmed can stop you in your tracks.

Setting some mini-goals can alleviate this problem, and keep you on track with the bigger picture. So, right now, don’t focus on losing 60 pounds—a better goal might be the 10 to get you into last summer’s wardrobe. Don’t concern yourself with revamping your whole diet in the next 72 hours. Instead, vow to try a new vegetable each day for the next week, or replace your ice cream with fruit for at least four days over the next week.

If you can follow these tips, you are well on your way to a successful weight loss campaign.