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Stock up on #Reebok EasyTone Shoes for the Whole Family

Disclaimer ~ I love my Reebok EasyTone Shoes and wanted to share with you a great sale.   Keep in mind, I am an affiliate for Reebok so these are affiliate links.  I do appreciate you shopping with me :)   Thanks ~


Now is the time to grab a pair of Reebok EasyTone Shoes for only $29.99 PLUS Free Shipping! From the EasyTone Lead to the EasyTone Reeinspire II, get all shoes from the EasyTone collection for $29.99 when you use code EASY30 at checkout!

The EasyTone collection features a proprietary BALANCE BALL design with Moving Air Technology, which creates softness and micro-instability in every step. Grab these shoes at a great price today at Reebok and save big with code EASY30!

SaleAll Reebok EasyTone Shoes $29.99Dates: Now-9/26 | Code: EASY30

I have a pair of EasyTone Shoes and love them.   I am grabbing a couple more just because I can’t pass up this great deal.  See what I am getting ~





Disclaimer ~ I love my Reebok EasyTone Shoes and wanted to share with you a great sale.   Keep in mind, I am an affiliate for Reebok so these are affiliate links.  I do appreciate you shopping with me :)   Thanks ~

Lay Your Head on a New Pillow from Nature’s Sleep

A good night sleep is not something you should take lightly.  I know this, because I very rarely get a good night sleep.   I do know that is due to my Fibromyalgia so for me there is not much I can do to get good sleep, but I know I can be comfy when I am sleeping.

Is it time for your pillow to meet Mr. Garbage Man?   Did you know that you should replace your pillow every 12 – 18 months.  I didn’t know that but do now thanks to Nature’s Sleep.

They have a great sale going on now.  Click the banner below and check it out.  Sale is valid Aug 11th – Aug 17th.

Nature’s Sleep is having a HUGE Sale

Nature's Sleep

Nature’s Sleep is having a HUGE Sale

Stop tossing and turning and waking up tired and sore.  Now is the perfect time to upgrade what you are sleeping on, with a new bed or pillows, or anything from their site all at a great sale price of 65% off retail.

March Madness Sale ~ starts at 00:01 EST March 6, 2013 and ends at March 6 at 23:59 EST.
24 hours to get 65% OFF memory foam mattresses, memory foam pillows, memory foam toppers, memory foam slippers
and even dog beds! (foundations not on sale).  Use code MARCHMADDNESS at checkout to get 65% off.

I know I will be shopping ~  Will You?

Click Here to Shop

Relax With Spa Services from Spa Sensations of Duluth

Relax With Spa Services from Spa Sensations of Duluth

Winter is here (well not officially), but here in Minnesota we are sure feeling it, and seeing it.  Snow is falling, days are shorter, and the air is cool.. brrrrrr…

Nothing feels better or makes us look better than treating ourselves to a spa treatment.  No matter what kind of treatment you are treating yourself to, your body will for sure thank you.  (and maybe your spouse as well).

I have been wanting to have some kind of hair removal done for a while now and so I have taken the plunge, right to the nice relaxing, very private and professional local place called Spa Sensations.   I spent an hour there last Wednesday as I underwent my first session of IPL Hair Removal.  Yes, I was a bit scared as one would be with any new service they have never had.  But, the staff is so friendly, and makes one feel like they are right at home. Well, better than at home because I know in my home I am not treated like a queen.  Offering me beverages, making sure I am comfortable, and being very friendly are all huge pluses when it comes to spa treatments of any kind.

I am having my underarms, full bikini, nipples and upper lip done with IPL.   It is pretty painless. Kinda feels like a little shock, but not bad and I didn’t even flinch once.  I was a trooper, so much that Tammy even waxed my eyebrows before I left.  I have about 5 more sessions to be completely hair free in those areas and am so looking forward to summer, and not having to spend my time shaving when I can be enjoying my time outside and having fun.  You know what I mean.. shaving takes forever!!

Now is the perfect time to get started on your “hairless” look.   Regardless of what or where you want hair removed, Spa Sensations is the place to do it.  Very affordable as well.   And, they don’t only offer hair removal services.  They have a full line of spa services, like waxing, spray tan, chemical peels, teeth whitening, pedicures, men’s services and more.   If you live in or around Duluth you have got to check them out.

And, to make things even better, they have offered all the readers of Living Smart Girl a great coupon.   Click the coupon below to open in a new window and print it out.  Must bring coupon with you to redeem your 25% off any service (1st appointment only).  This discount does not apply to spa packages, juvederm or botox.   And, if you refer a friend, you will get $10 off any service.  (must be a new client that is referred).   Print coupon or show them the coupon on your phone.

Yoga Gear for Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shopping

Time to get your Yoga on!

yoga gifts at

Check out the great deals at   Something for everyone on your list.   Pick the deal that works best for you.

Black Friday Nov 23rd – Nov 25th: Save 25% on all orders. Use code SAVEBIG at checkout
Black Friday – 25% off sitewide at

Black Friday Nov 23rd – Nov 25th: Save $20 on all orders over $100. Use code YDBLACK20 at checkout
Black Friday – Save $20 on all orders over $100

Black Friday Nov 23rd – Nov 25th: Save $10 on all orders over $50. Use code YDBLACK10 at checkout
Black Friday – Save $10 on all orders over $50

Cyber Monday – Nov 26th: Save 20% on all orders over $50. Use code YDCYBER at checkout
Cyber Monday – 20% off all orders over $50 at

Cyber Monday – Nov 26th: Free shipping on all orders over $125. Use code FREE125 at checkout
Cyber Monday – Free Shipping On All Orders Over $125

FeelFitWear Discount Code

Did you read my latest review for FeelFitWear?   Want to try the workout clothing yourself?

From now until Oct 11th you can take 20% off your order using discount code LIVINGSMART20

Go stock up on amazing workout wear!

Shopping Made Simple

Do you just dread that weekly trip to the store to stock up on food and household products?  I know I do!  I have better things to do with my time that drive to town (1 hour away), shop, and drive home to then unload the car and put it all away.  And, seems like when I go shopping I always come home with things that were not on my list.  Why is that?  Well, because we all are impulse shoppers and so when we walk by an end cap, with a product on sale, we grab!  Or, if you are hungry then everything in the store looks so good.  I hate that!  But, what I do love is Alice!  Alice has made my life so much easier.  I shop online, get free shipping on my order because I always spend at least $50 and it is shipped to my door.  No hassle, no driving, no crowds, and I can do it in my PJ’s from my computer chair saving me time and money.

Alice has everything you will need from food, household, makeup, baby, pet, etc.   If you would buy it at the store, you can buy it on Alice.

Check it out, join and let me know if you love it as much as I do.  Seriously, it has made life easier.  Now, I can have more time to exercise, blog, walk the dog, or even catch up on my tv shows.

GradSave Scholarship Sweepstakes

Start your kids off on the right foot by entering the
GradSave Sweepstakes

Once you enter the sweepstakes you can come back and
click here for $10 off a gift card.

Good Luck to you, and good luck to your kids.

Give the Gift of a College Education

Give the Gift of a College Education with the help of GradSave.

Save $10.00 on your purchase of a Gift Card.
Click Here.

A college savings gift card is an investment in a child’s future.


Send Unused Coupons to Military Families

STOP ~ before you throw those unused coupons,
or coupons that are just expired away read this!


You can help Military families by sending them your coupons.
There is a great site called Overseas Coupon Program you need to check out.

This website explains all about how they want you to send in the coupons, what is accepted and what isn’t.

I now know that when I am clipping coupons I will clip them all regardless of if I want them or not.  If I can’t use them, somebody might as well.   I am not sure if they accept printed coupons, but will be inquiring at their site, and will update later as to if they do or not.

Here are a couple other sites to check out as well ~ Coupons to Troops  ~ Troopons

Please share this information with all you know.