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Look Your Age with L’Oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation #VLBlurfection

AndieSmall Disclosure ~  This is a sponsored post on behalf of L’Oreal Paris and SheSpeaks.  All opinions are 100% Living Smart Girl’s.

Look Your Age with L’Oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation #VLBlurfection
@SheSpeaksUp and @LOrealParisUSA.

I am sure if you are like me, you feel young at heart and might even act younger than you are.  So, why not look how you act or feel?   Being almost 43 (on Sept 9th), I am just taken back every time I look in the mirror.  I see more and more of my Mom in me.  That part I am fine with.  But, the fine lines and wrinkles that stare back at me.. those I am not.  Yes, I know it’s all part of aging but who says I have have to like it!   And for years I have been trying many products to help me minimize, fight, and cover up those tiny lines and wrinkles.  But, it doesn’t seem to matter what a girl tries, they are there when you take off the makeup.  Yes, I want to look my best when I leave my house, as we all do.  So, that is where L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation comes into play.

This lightweight, anti-aging foundation instantly erases the look of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven texture. L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Blur Foundation is L’Oreal Paris’ first makeup with exclusive blur technology.   This technology is formulated to instantly blur lines and wrinkles, and signs of aging disappear as the foundation hides dark spots, large pores and it even smooths uneven texture so you get a flawless finish that you can see and feel.  Your face is also protected from the sun as it contains SPF 18, and it is available in 12 shades.   A perfect product to give you that perfect face and it retails for approximately $14.99 for a 1.4 fl oz and is available at mass food and drug retailers nationwide as of July 2014.

L’Oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation is easy to use.  Apply foundation with a brush or fingertips, blending in an outward motion as needed.  Perfect used alone, every day for a beautiful and flawless look.


So now I can look as young as I feel, which most days is about 29 ;)   I am sure you girls know what I mean.   Yeah, other days I feel 80, but even when I feel 80 I wanna look my best.  Now, I know I can!   Check out the beautiful clematis behind me… so who is prettier.. me or the flower ;)   Wait.. don’t answer that ;)

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Super Excited to check out Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence Central for Dove Advanced Care Deodorant.
I received a promotional item to facilitate my review.

#Sponsored #MC and #SleevelessSummerSweeps


Super Excited to check out Dove Advanced Care Deodorant so I can feel confident going sleeveless this summer.    No more worries about my underarms.  Dove Advanced Care Deodorant with NutriumMoisture keeps me dry and odor free for a long lasting 48 hours.   Not only can I go sleeveless, but I don’t have to worry about irritation from shaving and my underarms will be smoother in just 3 days.  Mine will be here soon to try, and share with a friend.  Now, to pick the friend that will get to enjoy going sleeveless with me.

Dove is challenging women across the U.S. to ditch their sleeves for a chance to win a trip to New York City Fashion week and a  VIP styling session with A-List Hollywood stylist, Erin Walsh.    Enter Now ~ click here.



Summer Skincare Tips

Summer Skincare Tips


Warm, sunny days are upon us – this means family vacations filled with outdoor activities. With that in mind, it’s time to clock in long hours on the beach, playing in waterparks and going on hiking adventures. While you’re spending so much time outside, chances are you may be getting more than your recommended daily dose of Vitamin D.

The sun’s rays may cause us to look and feel good now, but the majority of damage to the skin is a result of too much exposure to the sun and its UV rays. The price you pay for that great look can be more dangerous than you know. The damages will manifest itself in several different forms on your skin. Furthermore, because soaking up the sun and getting that “healthy glow” may be one of your summer goals, you will want to take caution and read on.


Age Spots


Age spots are flat brown or gray patches of skin that are mistakenly thought to be the result of aging. However, while they appear more often as you age, they are actually caused by sun damage. These blemishes are not deadly, but can be hard to distinguish from Actinic Keratosis, which are precancerous lesions. Additionally, other conditions caused by UVA and UVB rays include sunburns, wrinkles, basal cell carcinoma and, the deadliest of all, melanoma.

The purpose here is not to make you paranoid, but simply aware so you can take proper precautions whether you are at home or on the road. The most effective way to protect your skin is to cover up with a hat or light-colored clothing. Moreover, for those long days at the beach, bring a beach umbrella. What qualifies as a beach friendly umbrella? Any covering that protects you from the rays from above. Be sure to wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 and reapply throughout the day.




Exfoliation is another way to smooth out the skin by removing dead surface cells that can produce a dull, blotchy, uneven appearance. For those ugly spots, you can purchase an over-the-counter product that will lighten these areas. One such skincare item is an at home microdermabrasion kit (like the one found here). Items like this will gently remove the top layer of skin to make the face look softer, brighter and give an overall younger appearance. To promote more collagen production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve acne, use a light-emitting diode. This is an electronic light source, and units can be bought for the home. The point you should take in is that many solutions can be had over the counter, ultimately saving you money as you forego those expensive professional facials.



Of course you want to protect yourself from the more serious effects of sun damage, but you also want your skin to look young and fresh. To rejuvenate the skin and maintain that youthful glow, hydration is key. Drink a gallon of water a day and of course don’t forget to moisturize. A moisturizer with hyaluronic acid can help plump up the skin around the eyes, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Moreover, continued use can help the skin to produce more collagen – the protein that helps give skin its texture and appearance.




All of these issues are preventative and corrective measures that you can take on your own. However, for a more personal and diagnostic approach to your skin woes, seeing a professional is always your best bet. A dermatologist can also prescribe or steer you towards the most ideal solution for you.


Typically, dermatologists recommend using antioxidant-rich topical creams on a nightly basis. Antioxidants protect the skin’s DNA to prevent cancer, and also keep skin firm and prevent sagging. In addition to topical creams, a diet rich in antioxidants is essential—try to eat more blueberries, cranberries, pinto beans, artichokes and Russet potatoes.


Keep these tips in mind as you close out your summer in the sun to truly get the most out your fun.



Accessorize Your Feet with Sandals from #MarmiShoes


Summer is in full swing and what that means for me and for many I know, is open toed shoes, pretty feet showing in cute sandals, going barefoot on the beach, and not opening the sock drawer for another month. Living in frigid Minnesota I take great pleasure in being able to wear cute shoes and sandals because about 9 months a year my feet are hiding in socks and slippers, or boots.   I also love shopping for cute sandals because as we all know, a girl can never have to many shoes, or sandals.    But, I recently wrote about how women have 5 shoe staples.   Every woman needs a boot, an athletic shoe, a sandal, an evening shoe and a work shoe.  I know that for most of us, we haev way more than 5 pairs of shoes.  (please tell me I am not the only one) ;)

Finding shoes that are comfortable seems to be the reason that I have way to many shoes.  I find cute ones, think they will do, buy them and then they sit int he back of my closet to collect dust with the other 20 pairs of shoes.  (might be more.. yikes).   I especially find it hard to find sandals that work for my feet.  Dealing with a bunion on one foot that I still need to have surgery on I have a hard time finding wide width sandals for women that are not only cute, but comfy.   It is great when I find a company like Marmi Shoes, that offers a huge selection of cute, and comfy sandals as well as many other styles.    Marmi Shoes takes great pride in the passion they have for consulting women on the best shoes for their lifestyle.   That is huge to me, because I for years bought cute shoes that were not practical for my lifestyle and they in turn led to many blisters, sore feet, tired legs and at the end of my day I just would want to cry and throw the shoes out the window.   Like I said, dealing with bunions on both feet for almost 20 years now and not being able to have any relief no matter what I tried I wish I had known about Marmi Shoes before.   I have had one foot fixed, but if you all know me, you know how active I am and taking 8 weeks off from my fitness was a killer (surgery wasn’t as bad as not being able to workout).   So, I just have to find a good time to do the other foot.   Soon.. I hope.

There are many times I find sandals I like but due to the bunions I need  wide women’s sandals and those are hard to find.   Why oh why don’t companies realize women have wide feet too.   My hubby always buys his shoes in wide and hardly ever has a hard time finding them in wide.  Me, I struggle.    I hope you will check out Marmi Shoes and take advantage of their awesome selection, their sales, and their $5 standard shipping.  Hurry… great savings and selections are to be had by all.



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Treat Yourself to a Massage in August

massage1 Copyright: domenicogelermo / 123RF Stock Photo

Treat Yourself to a Massage in August

Now just because I said you should treat yourself to a massage in Aug, doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself all year long regardless of what month, week, day or hour it is.   I fully believe that everyone should get a massage at least one time per month, and if you can afford it, then 2 or 3 times is ideal.  I know we can’t all afford regular massage, and oh how I wish insurance covered massage… but it doesn’t and so I take advantage of any coupon or deal for my local area with the therapists I have found that I really like.

Since I get massages on a regular basis I wanted to share with you some of the things I have found I like, don’t like, tips for the best massage and ways to make sure you get what you want out of your massage.    Every bodies body is different and the reason for massage is different.  For me, I have Fibro and a massage helps ease my Fibro pain.   Since I work online, I sit a lot and my hips and butt get sore and stiff, and my shoulders pay a dear price.   I do workout, and so the workouts and the sitting all make me very tight and sore.  A massage for me is all about relaxing, taking me time, and letting the therapist work out some of the tight spots I have.

** First and foremost, make sure you get recommendation from others.  Picking the right therapist is important. You can find recommendations and reviews on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisory.  You will want to feel comfortable with your therapist.  Talk to them, get the feel for their attitude, personality, professionalism and all around a sense of comfort.

** Make sure you don’t eat right before you walk into the massage appointment.    When we eat, our bodies are working very hard to digest our foods.  We want our bodies to relax.  Now, I am not saying you should be starving, but just don’t eat within 30 min to an hour before your appointment.

** Talk with your therapist to let them know where you hurt, what you expect from the session, how you like to start (face up or face down), what parts you don’t want worked on, or what parts you want special attention too.  They need to know this to give you the best massage they can.

** A therapist can do the best work when you are fully undressed.  Not everyone is comfortable being fully undressed and the therapists do understand this.  If you are comfortable with your therapist and trust them, having no clothing to restrict their job is best.

** If you have sensitive skin, or a sensitive nose talk with your therapist about the lotion and oils they use.   If you like a certain thing or smell ask if they have it.   I myself love essential oils and always ask for them.  I like citrus and minty smells.  They relax me.

** A massage is to be relaxing and not painful.  If you have any pain or discomfort regardless of it’s it by them or the position on the table you are, or the music choice or temperature of the room, or whatever.. please let them know.   They want you to be comfortable, so you come back to them the next time.

**  I am terrible about shaving.. LOL!!    I generally tell my therapist to not pay attention to the hair on my legs, and she always laughs and says not to worry.   Actually, a therapist is not worried about whether or not you have shaved, they are paying attention to the muscles under those hairy legs ;)

** After the massage, take a few minutes to lay on the table and float into a zen before hopping off the table and dressing.   Once you are dressed you can exit the room and meet your therapist to chat about the session.  If you have any concerns, address them with him/her.  Then, book your next session.

** Keep in mind that during a massage when the therapist is kneading and working all your muscles the waste response in your body is stimulated.   This means that your kidneys will get a workout after a massage so you will want to drink plenty of water thru the rest of your day.

** During the massage the therapist is very respectful of you, and your body.  They have ways of draping the blankets so you are never on the table exposed.  They only uncover the area they are working on, and cover it when they are done.  Some therapists have heated tables, some use more blankets than others, some use hot towels and hot packs, others use special oils for feet, some use essential oils and some don’t, some talk during the massage and some don’t.   It is always funny to me how a therapist is taught the same as all other therapists but they can all be so different in their ways.

Regardless of if you have never had a massage, or you get them regularly these tips are good to keep in mind and share with others.

I have been getting regular massages for about 4 years now and don’t know what I would do if I was told I couldn’t have a massage.  I love them!  I have been to many different therapists in my area and now have a couple I truly adore.   If I didn’t have Fibromyalgia I would go to school to be a massage therapist.. but I don’t think my body can handle being a therapist. So, I will just continue to get them and help out the massage therapists I go to .. LOL!

I know on Groupon you can find some good deals in your local area for many things, and I have seen massage stuff on Groupon before.

Locally ( Duluth, Mn) I love Holistic Path, Full Circle Massage, and Michelle Wall Therapy.

Things I love ~  love love love my head and face massaged.  I could just lay for hours and fall asleep to that.   Love my back massage, and my feet and hands.   I enjoy essential oils.  I even had one therapist put a stool under the face cradle and she put a tissue with a bit of peppermint and eucalyptus oil on it to help keep my sinuses clear when my face was in the face pillow.  That helped HUGE!  I like no talking as I want to relax and decompress.  I wish I could get one weekly, but that just isn’t the case so I do push for 2 a month.

Do you get massage?   I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback… leave me a comment :)







Spruce Up Your Hair This Spring With These Style Trends

Spruce Up Your Hair This Spring With These Style Trends

It’s that time of the year again! Time to start deciding on hairstyles that are right for you. Currently, you’re likely seeking inspiration from your old textures that have been smashed under the hats for the past few months. But you’re coming up bone-dry when pumping new ideas. That’s ok, we’ve been there too.

The good news is some interesting style trends have been spotted on the runways this year. They offer fresh ideas for your everyday hairstyling. Here’s a quick guide to ensure you steal the spotlight this season:


Braids are playful and simply look elegant when combined with a great outfit. The new trends suggest you go for a more fierce approach this season to add an edgy vibe to your entire look. You can do one straight down the back, or go with a side sweep; keep it lose and easy-going either way. Braiding hair and tying it with a ribbon would top off the hairstyle.

If you love loose hair but want to add a touch of the trend in this look, then section out a long piece of hair to the temple from the back of the hair. Plait it through and secure it with elastic so it doesn’t show when a pin is used to secure it in place. Take the plait over the top of your hair and grip behind the other ear to create a balanced look.

Honey hue with root dimensions

If you have light brown or dark blonde hair, you can go for a honey hue with scattering of highlights to create depth in the roots. A hair coloring technique called Balayage can be used to achieve the soft graduation of color; the aim is to create depth in the roots with a soft haze between color shades.

You can apply this technique yourself or take advantage of professional hair coloring services. The Balayage technique has also become popular among Hollywood stars for painting the lower hair ends without caping. Therefore the dyes spread to give a natural fading of color shifts, or sun-beached blending of the selected color. The end result is a much more youthful hair look than a heavy bleach job.


The wet-look is going to maintain its popularity from last year when it comes to achieving a modern-chic look with an elegant vibe. The lovely look is perfect for hitting the beach. You can pull the front sections of your hair over the ears and then tie them back and slick the top with wet gel.

The other trending style is a structural look where you harden the top with wet gel and create waves at the bottom. For better results, you can go for a wet look with texturized bun to achieve a trending runaway look for spring 2014.

Soft waves and rolls

Bring back the 90s with soft waves that look fresh and natural. The key to creating this look is to opt for a light touch when using the curling iron. Massive and tousled waves with retro allure could also work well, with center parting dominating the style.

Besides waves, you could go with the ‘20s inspired hairstyle with a horizontal braid that hides at the nap of your neck area, and serves as a base for rolls. Then you can create vintage roll for a stylish hair look.


How to Find Vintage Designer Jewelry

How to Find Vintage Designer Jewelry

Vintage jewelry makes a statement, and moreover it may be the only way an average gal (with an average paycheck) can afford designer jewelry. Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, and Gucci are just some of the names in vintage jewelry, and their vintage pieces can be found everywhere from thrift stores to estate sales.

The following guide tells you everything you need to know about buying vintage jewelry, including where to shop and how to spot a fake.

Shop at these Places

Shopping in the right locations can save you a bundle on vintage jewelry. Most collectors consider themselves hunters because they’re constantly on the lookout for brand name vintage jewelry. You can join the hunt by frequenting auction houses, estate sales, online auctions, flea markets, and consignment shops. Moreover, you can find premium vintage jewelry in jewelry stores that specialize in buying back premium pieces. For example, has been buying vintage designer jewelry for 30 years, and many of their pieces are highly sought after brands, such as vintage Tiffany & Co. and vintage David Yurman.

Know Your Brands

It’s important to familiarize yourself with your favorite designers and their branding. The Internet is a great place to learn the logos, and vintage design styles of the world’s top jewelry designers. The fashion blog, Tempus Suisse, offers a list of jewelry brands, watch brands, and diamond brands. Use that list to determine which designers are luxury, and which are costume/fashion.

Spot Signature Markings

Most jewelry designers have been around for decades, which means there are plenty of vintage pieces out there, but it’s up to you to know the looks and logos of the pieces. Research the signature markings of your favorite vintage designers. Do this, and you’ll be less likely to fall for a fake. Most often, you can quickly spot signature markings on the outside, or inside, of a designer’s piece.

Complex Style warns that scammers will attempt to confuse you with these markings. “Obviously, if the ‘Versace’ looks more like ‘Vorsace,’ the jewelry isn’t authentic. Make sure you look out for the small details because counterfeiters are getting better at making these less noticeable.”

Don’t Waste Money on Fakes

There’s only two ways to absolutely determine you didn’t purchase a fake, and that’s to garner a certificate of authenticity and/or have the jewelry studied by a jewelry/appraisal expert. These are easy to come by in jewelry stores, and at auctions. Unfortunately, estate sales and flea markets hardly ever sell jewelry with any sort of safeguard, or professional opinion.

Lucky Magazine recommends shopping prepared. “Bringing a small eyeglass loop with you is always a good idea. That way, you can see if a piece is signed by the designer’s name…” Additionally, you can pay a small deposit on the item, and ask that the shopkeeper hold it for you. Take photos, go home, and research the piece online. Or, return with a professional and let him offer his opinion. If you’re certain the item is a true designer piece, and it’s being sold at a reasonable price, go ahead and buy. If you feel that the piece isn’t legitimate, don’t waste your money.

Overall, hunting for vintage designer jewelry should be fun and worthwhile. There are a lot of fakes out there, but there’s also a lot of real (and really inexpensive) designer pieces out there. You simply need to know where to look, and what to look for. After a while, you’ll become a vintage pro – expertly sifting through the costume jewelry to get your hands on the brands you love.


Rock Your Evening Wear In 2014 With These Style Tips

Rock Your Evening Wear In 2014 With These Style Tips

I’m not sure about you, but when I open my mailbox and witness an invitation to a summer evening party or wedding, my thoughts turn to floor-length gowns, elegant sandals and perhaps a way or two to refresh a seasonal tan.

Dressing up for an evening event is a special endeavor in itself and the trick to looking glamorous is to be polished down to the final ensemble. To this end, here are some tips that will help you navigate what to wear to a summer wedding, or any other event that calls for your attendance in the evening.

Dress up the evening gown

It goes without saying that the classic black gown is the core of evening wear. It makes way for a neutral look for accessories. Dark colors such as black and blue are acceptable choices for evening attire because they portray a classy image.

A gown ending just inches above your knees will allow you to flaunt those shapely legs, while a low neckline will draw attention to the bust. There should be a focal point to the gown, where it draws attention to your main feature(s).

Also, aim for quality when choosing the gown, especially when it comes to the material. The overall demeanor of the gown will depend on the fabric; shimmering satins and soft silks are trending this season. Avoid materials that cause itchiness and sweating and opt for luxury fabrics to bring out your iridescent looks.

Complement the look with accessories

There is no simpler way to complement your evening gown this season than to don a pair or two of accessories. I can think of nothing easier to lift the spirits of a dark-colored evening gown than a pair of sparking accessories. Accessories, in fact, are a key to achieving a certain look, and the appearance of the evening gown can change dramatically based on the selection of accessories.

Colored diamond rings are trending when it comes to embellishing evening wear dresses. While white diamonds are perceived as more valuable when colorless, fancy colored diamonds add value for their colors. According to Front Jewelers, colored diamond rings such as fancy blue diamond ring are cut and polished to symbolize commitment in every glittering facet. The colorful statement rings are available in a variety of settings such as halo, three stone, and black gold.

A rule of thumb for most evening affairs is to have one or two really old pieces of jewelry that pares down the rest of your appearance. For instance, bold chandelier earrings and a colored diamond ring could be the ideal choice if you are styling your hair up, or wearing a sleeveless evening gown with a high neckline.

Be realistic with the footwear

Agree or disagree – we’ve all gone through wearing uncomfortable shoes at one occasion or another. So before you pick those 4-inches from the display, make sure you’re used to standing for long periods (you don’t want your feet throbbing in the middle of an event).

You can go for 2-inch kitten heels if you’ve never worn long heels in your life. Opt for the one that comes with a dazzling studded strap to add to your look. Heels are not supposed to be particle – they should be simple, and you should love to wear them.

Spend some time at home walking in your heels so you can find out the comfortable height.


Beautiful Hair with Pro Naturals Hair Repair System


Pro Naturals Hair Care


Pro Naturals is a line of hair care that is luxurious and made only with the finest ingredients that includes 100% Pure Moroccan Oil. This is one of the most rare oils in the world. Every day your hair is put to the ultimate test by everything from products, heat and even the outside world of wind, rain, sun damage, you name it. Pollutants outside in the air can also harm your hair and you wouldn’t even know that it was happening.

Pro Naturals Hair Repair System is here to help you take back control of your hair. This system will cleanse your hair and scalp to remove any type of build up or residue that may be there. There is more damage to your hair then you think so let them help make everything right. Even your hair products that you use on a daily base can cause havoc on your hair.

After you use every step of the repair system, your hair will be restored back to it’s lustrous condition and will be repairing itself all the way to the cuticle. You were intended to have strong, healthy and shiny hair. Let Pro Naturals help you get it back like it did for me.

I took a before and after picture of my hair.  The before is before using the product.   Then I used the product a couple days, then went and had my hair cut and colored and thought WOW…  this stuff leaves my hair so soft and shiny.    Even after now using it for a month, my hair is still as shiny and healthy looking as the day I had it cut and colored.   That speaks huge to me.


Pro Naturals will not dry out your hair because it contains no sulfates. The Moroccan oil that is used is the closest thing to the oils that your hair already produces naturally so you can get a frizz-free shine.  I love how the shampoo feels in my hair and the conditioner.   The mask is so nice for a once a week treatment.  However, when I use the oil my hair feels a tad to greasy.   I do use it if I bathe at night.  I can let it soak into my hair overnight and then wash my hair in the morning.

The four-step system is proven safe on all hair types and even color treated hair. The system includes for you:

Pro Naturals Hair Shampoo

Pro Naturals Hair Conditioner

Pro Naturals Hair Mask

Pro Naturals Argan Oil



In the United States you can find this product sold at Safrons and Hair Product Pro.

They are also sold in many other distributors around the world.

Pro Naturals was created in Moracco in 2009 and has since been able to expand into 23 different countries. Everyone deserves to have a salon quality hair care system that they can use for themselves at home. Pro Naturals wants you to be able to experience their system no matter where you are in the world and so shipping is always on them.





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Disclosure ~  Living Smart Girl received product to facilitate a review.  All opinions expressed are 100% that of Living Smart Girls.




Wear Me Out Clothing for Comfort and Style


Wear Me Out Clothing for Comfort and Style

I received the French Terry Pants with Vine in brown from Wear Me Out Clothing for review. These pants are super comfortable. The style of them is low rise with a drawstring. The vine design down the leg just gives it a little more flare and will definitely be a staple to your wardrobe if you love to be comfortable. You can match the color of the vine to a plain tee-shirt and be set to go. You don’t always have to be wearing your jeans to feel like a sexy mama. These terry cloth pants will help you do just that and you will be a lot more comfortable while doing it!

You can wear these active styled pants with sandals, your favorite pair of sneakers or even slippers. The design is stylish but meets all the comforts that an active woman wants. Wear Me Out Clothing is devoted to making a style that can go with you from yoga to work and be mixed and matched to make it easy to go from one to the other on the go. Their team of designers includes trainers, kickboxing instructors, yogis and martial artists that are making sure that you have all the style you need yet the comfort and support that you love.

Women want to feel stylish when they go out in items that will flatter their best assets. The fabrics that Wear Me Out Clothing uses aim to support and slim your figure. They want you to be able to have a lifestyle that can have a balance between work and fitness. They can’t be work all the time and no play incorporated, right? Their mission is to provide clothing that is unique and comfortable that will flatter your body at affordable prices. They also want you to have the highest quality and be in tune with the trends of today. So get out there and be active but look good while you do it!  Wear me out Clothing has a huge line of amazing clothing to choose from.   They offer something for everyone.   Don’t forget to check out their sale page too.  Lots of low priced goodie you won’t want to miss.







Disclosure ~ Living Smart Girl received product to facilitate a review.  Any opinion expressed is 100% that of Living Smart Girl’s.