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The Perfect Dress for the Perfect Night

Even though most of you reading this are all big girls, we still all have the same little girl that lives within us and sometimes wants to come out.  Remember being a little girl and playing dress up?  Oh how I loved my time with my cousins digging thru this huge old trunk of clothes my Aunt had for them.  My Aunt would visit a thrift store and buy unique things for all of us to wear and parade around in. It used to be so much fun.  Dresses, jewelry, makeup, shoes, fur wraps and more.  Oh, those were the days.  Dress up for the tea party with your dolls, or dress up to pretend you were getting married or going to the ball.  Wouldn’t it be fun to do that, just once more?

We might not be kids anymore and we might not have a trunk full of fun dress up clothes but we do have great websites like JJsHouse to feed our dress up passion.   Regardless of what event or occasion it is you can surely find a unique, affordable and one of a kind dress at JJsHouse.     They have dresses for your special wedding day, for the bride, flower girl, mother of the bride, bridesmaids and more.   If I could play dress up and get married again I would be walking down the aisle in this dress.  So beautiful and so my style.  I would get married on the beach so this would be perfect.



Maybe it’s Prom that you would like to relive or do over.   I had so much fun at both my Prom’s but I think if I had the chance to relive it or do over I would.  Maybe it’s because I was so young, and would love to have that body again. LOL!  Or, just because I like to put on pretty dresses and go out.  Regardless, I would so get one of these amazing dresses to wear this time.   Both of my prom dresses were black so I think I would go for something a bit more eye catching.  Like these ~ Because I love pink.

jjhouse2 jjhouse3  has tons of amazingly beautiful prom dresses to choose from so nobody is left sitting at home regardless of if you have a date or not.  It is 2014, who needs a date anymore!

Maybe you don’t feel like doing the whole flash back to your younger years or back to reliving your wedding. That is fine, I get it. So, how about going out for a night on the town in a hot little black dress?   Well now I’m talking, right?  Check out these cute little numbers, sure to make heads turn when you walk into a room.

jjhouse4 jjhouse5

Regardless of your reason for wanting a beautiful dress, you have no reason to not check out JJsHouse and get yourself the dress of your dreams for the night of your dreams.

Disclosure ~ This was a sponsored post on behalf of JJsHouse.  All opinions are 100% that of Living Smart Girl’s.





Prom Dresses not just for Prom Anymore

Over the last couple months I have been getting ready for my upcoming cruise to the Bahama’s.   In doing so me and the other gals I am going with were all talking about doing 1 night of the cruise in formal wear.   Of course we were all giggling and remember back to our prom days (so long ago).  But, even though it was way back in 1987 that I went to my first prom I remember it like last week.  (not yesterday, not sure what I did yesterday.. LOL).   Oh how I looked so forward to that day, and had to make sure I had the perfect dress, and perfect hair because I had the perfect date and wanted the night to be so special.  Well, it snowed and rained and was icky, but the night was still one to never forget.

Anyhow, so us girls were all researching dresses and sharing our fav’s and talking about how neat it would be to dress up in prom dresses.  There is a great site called JenJenHouse that has so many choices and great prices to boot!

A few of my favorites are in my favorite colors of black or pink.   Funny, both my prom dresses when I was in school were black.
I just love this one, and how it is form fitting but with the flowing lengths.  If I had prom to do all over again this is the dress I would be in.


Now for the cruise and formal night I can see myself in a bit of a sexier formal prom dress to wow everyone.   Yes, I like to be the center of attention and could stop a bus if I was wearing this dress!  I don’t workout like a crazy woman for nothing.   This dress would be perfect for dinner and dancing with the girls, or at prom with anyone.


I am sure no matter what kind of prom dress you are looking for has the perfect dress at the perfect price for you.

I was not able to share in the joy of my daughters prom, since I only have a son and so I love looking at prom dresses and just dreaming.  Maybe some day I will be able to go someplace where I can wear one again.  Who says that prom dresses are only for prom.  Get your partner to take you someplace fancy and get a nice prom dress to feel like a young girl again.   Or, if you have a teen girl, enjoy this time and let the memories come flooding back of your teen years and how much fun it was to shop, and pick out the perfect dress for prom.

Did you go to prom?   Do you remember your dress?  Was it a good night ?

Are You Younique ?

Have you seen all those pictures all over Facebook of the eyes, with the funky and bright colors on the lids?   Or the pics of all those eyes showing the lashes before and after using the special fiber mascara?    Well, if you haven’t I think you are hiding under a rock because they are everywhere and you can’t get away from them.   Seems like the company Younique went from nothing, to overload on Facebook like overnight!  LOL!!

Was I interested ?   Well yeah!! I was looking at the pics, thinking that I wanted the products because I wanted my eyes to look like that.   I even reached out to a rep I knew and asked about joining as a consultant.   Like I need another thing on my plate… NOT!    Well, I didn’t join, but what I did do was enter a giveaway that a girl in a group I am in was doing.   I enter lots of giveaways, never win.  Well, I WON this one.    I won a huge Younique kit that had eye shadow, brushes, the fiber mascara, a thing of Glorious and Rose water spray.   I was pretty excited, because it wasn’t a cheap kit and now I can try all these goodies.

Boy am I glad I didn’t join or buy any of these products.   First, my skin is very sensitive and the Glorious, which is very similar to Prime from Bare Minerals, made my face break out.   I have never broke out from the Prime, but whatever is in the Glorious didn’t agree with my skin.   So that product gets a negative mark from me.   I tried the rose water…. and another negative review.  It stinks, sprays horrible, and does nothing.   I see no point in spraying a stinky spray on my face.   I do like the eye shadows, but hate the containers they are in.  They are messy, small, shaped strange and I waste more than I use.    The colors, and look I like, so will deal with the mess till they are gone.    The brushes are nice and I can see myself ordering a few more brushes from the company.   Now, onto the mascara, that everyone seems to rave about.   Honestly I really wanted to like this product.  But, alas I did not.   I used it like the directions said.  What a mess!  The fibers get everywhere, including in your eyes.  My eyes burned all day.   I was so bummed I put it in the drawer and was going to give it away.  Then Mindi (who I won the prize from) said to try again, so I did.  Second time, still a fail.  My eye lashes didn’t look thick and full like those pictures you see.  My lashes looked clumpy, and like they had tiny hairs all over then….. which they did.. fiber hairs.   I am sure I must be a rare one as I see and hear lots that like this product but sadly I will not use it or try again.   My lashes are long and lush from another product I use, that doesn’t irritate my eyes or leave fibers all over my face and in my eyes.   Oh Well…   So, I am 50/50 on this company.

Just because I am 50/50 on Younique doesn’t mean you will share my feelings.   That is why I wanted to tell you that Mindi is great and if you want to try Younique you should check her website out.   Click here to go to her website.

You can also check out her Facebook Page.




Disclosure ~  Living Smart Girl won products from Mindi and the review of these products is my own personal opinions. 

My Nephew Enjoys #SmellcometoManhood from Old Spice

Please include the following in your post: “This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Old Spice. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.”   #SmellcometoManhood
Smellcome to Manhood Kit

After my son discovered body sprays our house turned into an over powered “young man” smell every morning.  His room was in the basement, and he would spray body spray on himself and it would get sucked up into the vents by the furnace and blown out through the rest of the house.  Some days it was so strong I could hardly breath.  I used to tease him, about over spraying, but being a young man he did what he wanted to do.  LOL!!    Old Spice teaches young men to “Scent Responsibly” and stop the over spray that many do.  They offer a cute video to help young men learn how to use body sprays so they don’t leave a trail of scent behind (like that green cloud).   You have to check out their Smellcome to Manhood campaign.

My son David is now 21, almost 22, and so he is past the age of needing to over spray his body spray, but I knew my nephew would enjoy working on this campaign with me since he is 18, uses body spray and has many young friends who do the same.   Since we were asked to have a video produced I knew this was perfect for Curtis as he has aspirations of being a film producer.

Curtis was thrilled with his neat suitcase filled with a bunch of goodies, including

  • Old Spice Re-fresh Body Spray – “Scent Responsibly” and smell like a man, not a middle school locker room.
  • Old Spice Branded Earbuds – James Blunt never sounded so manly.
  • “Over the Top” DVD – Dominate at arm wrestling like Lincoln Hawk, without having to go to truck driving school.
  • Duct Tape – Fix anything on the planet.
  • Old Spice Branded Wood Flash Drive – Important Old Spice files everyone should memorize (Old Spice “Scent Responsibly” education video, Informational Infographic, Fact Sheet, etc.)
  • Art of Manliness Book – Becoming a man is an art and a science. It was much safer to send a paperback book than a Bunson Burner.
  •   Smellcome to Manhood Certificate – A made-up diploma to add to your LinkedIn profile
  •  Bonus! Old Spice Hair Product – Guys who use Old Spice Hair product just seem to do better in life. Don’t you want to do better in life?

curtis1 curtis2 curtis3

Being the “cool” kid that Curtis is I wasn’t sure he would think working with his auntie Sheila was cool.   But, I didn’t have to even beg, he jumped all over this one.  He had so much fun, and loved his suitcase of goodies.  You can see how much he loved it all by his creativity in his video and what all his friends thought too.   Video is so funny, but tells it all.

Old Spice Re-fresh Body Sprays will be arriving in stores this month.  They conatin a P&G proprietary Re-fresh Technology that features a patented cyclic molecule with an empty core that absorbs some fragrances as the Body Spray dries on the skin.  When a guy sweats, fragrance is pushed out of the core releasing bursts of scent just when a guy needs it the most.  What is great is that with the new Old Spice Re-fresh Body Spray, One Spray will Last All Day!!

Check out Old Spice on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.


Do you like the nice suitcase full of goodies that Curtis got?  Do you have a Tween that would love to have that for himself ?  Well, Old Spice is giving one of my lucky readers one just like Curtis got.

The kit comes in a “tool kit” type container and includes the following tools a guy needs as he transitions to manhood:

  •  Old Spice Re-fresh Body Spray – “Scent Responsibly” and smell like a man, not a middle school locker room.
  • Old Spice Branded Earbuds – James Blunt never sounded so manly.
  • “Over the Top” DVD – Dominate at arm wrestling like Lincoln Hawk, without having to go to truck driving school.
  • Duct Tape – Fix anything on the planet.
  • Old Spice Branded Wood Flash Drive – Important Old Spice files everyone should memorize (Old Spice “Scent Responsibly” education video, Informational Infographic, Fact Sheet, etc.)
  •  Art of Manliness Book – Becoming a man is an art and a science. It was much safer to send a paperback book than a Bunson Burner.
  • Smellcome to Manhood Certificate – A made-up diploma to add to your LinkedIn profile.

Giveaway ends March 24th at 11:59 pm CST.    Enter Below ~

The Evolution of the Hair Dryer

I was blow drying my hair the other day and thinking back to when I was little and I got the giggles.   I remember when I was about 5, sitting on the floor with a huge bag over my head and a hose attached to it and hot air blowing into the bag.   Why I had that image pop into my head I don’t know, but it got me thinking about the evolution of the hair dryer.   The hair dryer has sure come a long way, thank goodness!!  LOL!

In the 1890′s a French hairstylist named Alexandre F Godefroy invented the first hair dryer.   The dryer consisted of a bonnet that attached to a chimney pipe of a gas stove.  ~  Can you say YIKES!!

In the 1920′s the hand held hair dryer was introduced.   This hair dryer resembled a vacuum cleaner.  Hamilton Beach Company and the Universal Motor Company were the makers of this hair dryer.

In the 1930′s the hair dryer was a gas powered one.  It wasn’t around very long because they realized it was to harsh for the hair.  The standard hood dryer was also invented and is still used in beauty salons.   The original hand held hair dryers were too heavy and were made from chrome plated steel.   I can’t imagine holding that one for very long to dry my thick mop!

In the 1950′s they finally came out with newer models that were a bit quieter with silent running motors that were compact and housed inside the fan.  With this invention it allowed the blow dryer to be less noisy and bulky, giving it a more elegant design and fun bright colors.   Also, the portable case hair dryer was invented and could be worn like a handbag over the shoulder.  Funny.. I think I remember my Grandma having this one.

Today’s hair dryer is way more advanced in technology.   Hair dryers are sleek, sophisticated, made with tourmaline crystal ionic technology or nanofusion.   Tourmaline is a silicate that is believed to create shiny smooth hair and the Nano technology is supposed to kill bacteria and viruses.   I know there are so many styles of hair dryers to choose from that it sometimes can be overwhelming when you go to buy one.

John Frieda sells some great products for the hair, that are in this century and hair friendly.    I got a cute little purple hair dryer that is perfect because it is powerful, but compact.  Nice for travel as it doesn’t take up so much room in my bag.  This cute dryer has great specs ~

  • Powerful High Torque DC Motor
  • Advanced Ionic technology delivers 2X Shine and 3X Frizz Control
  • Titanium Ceramic coated grill
  • Cold Shot
  • Concentrator
  • Diffuser

Also got a cool paddle brush that is perfect for my hair.  I have thick, semi curly hair so this helps to straighten my wave when I don’t want it.

Looking for a new hair dryer?  Do you still have an ancient one?  Check out all John Frieda has to offer.



Disclaimer ~ Living Smart Girl received product to facilitate a review.  All opinions are 100% Living Smart Girl’s.

Hot Tops: Fashion Trends That Turn Heads

Hot Tops: Fashion Trends That Turn Heads


Fashion is more than trendy; fashion reflects the style of the times. Adapting the latest fashion trends to your taste allows you to express yourself as you go about your daily life. Following and adapting fashion is one way to inspire everyone that you encounter to take notice of your unique presence.


Every year, there are fads that appear out of nowhere, and are everywhere for a single season, perhaps two. Everyone seems to want to get in on the fun. Then, just as suddenly as they appeared, the trend that was so hot simply vanishes, nearly without a trace. By contrast, classic pieces and enduring trends like those described below are updated and reshaped, but never really go away.


The Updated Trench


Trench coats for men and for women have been around since before Humphrey Bogart sported one in Casablanca. Whether constructed in classic tan canvas or re-imagined in leather, the trench coat is the go-to look for covering up while remaining stylish. The trench coat is office-worthy and looks great over a dress or a suit. When the weekend comes, trench coats look just as great with jeans.


Ballet-Influenced Looks


The ballet-influenced look is elegant, sexy and sweet all in one delicious package. Is it any wonder that ballet-influenced style is another classic look that never really falls out of favor? However, with the popularity of the movie Black Swan, the ballet-influenced look is suddenly red hot. Delicate semi-sheer skirts, figure-hugging strappy tank going out tops and of course, iconic ballet flats are more popular than ever, especially for evening and special occasions.


The Classic White Shirt


The boyfriend look is another classic style that always seems to be in fashion, and the classic white shirt is right out in front.  Paired with leggings or skinny jeans, the classic white shirt is a perfect match for casual weekend outings. Men have always known that it’s hard to go wrong with a classic white shirt, suit and tie.  Now women are also savvy about the versatility of a crisp white shirt. Untucked over a patterned skirt and matched with and a wide belt and blazer, the .classic white shirt is office ready for women, too.


The Straight Skirt


For women who want to look feminine and sexy while leaving something to the imagination, the straight skirt is hard to beat. This versatile classic can be dressed up for the office with a crisp blouse and blazer or softened for the weekend with a sweater. The straight skirt can also be adapted to flatter nearly every figure – shortened to give the illusion of longer legs for petite women, cut a bit more generously for full-figured women or figure-hugging for slender women.


Hot, Bright Colors


Whether you’re attempting to stave off the chill of winter or celebrate the emergence of spring, bright colors are among the hottest recent fashion trends. Hot pink, fire engine red, bright sky blue or emerald green — vibrant colors make you feel happier just by wearing them. Whether you’re sporting a look-at-me bubblegum pink dress or carrying a bright jewel-toned purse for a pop of color, bright colors add life to your look.


Comfy, Textured Fabrics


When it’s chilly and gray outside, you may be tempted to pull the covers over your head and hibernate. But if you have a comfy, nubby knit sweater waiting in your closet, facing the day won’t be quite so tough. Textured rag wool sweaters keep you warm while adding three-dimensional interest to your ensemble. They look great paired with tartan skirts, tights and flat-heeled boots. Shetland wool sweaters paired with jeans can be your go-to weekend uniform during the colder months.


The Go-Everywhere Tote


Your laptop or tablet. Your cell phone. Your makeup. Your killer heels that would kill your feet if you attempted to actually walk very far while wearing them.  How do you carry your essentials without looking and feeling like a pack mule? The go-everywhere tote is the go-to bag for transporting your essentials while still looking chic. Whether it is constructed of smooth leather, sturdy canvas or durable parachute material, the versatile go-everywhere tote is an indispensable accessory.  The go-everywhere tote can either be tossed over your shoulder or strapped across your body, leaving your hands free.


Megan Barnes is an avid fashion enthusiast. She especially enjoys integrating fresh trends into a timeless wardrobe.


dress dress2

Image Credit

Warning – This Post Will Give You Curly Hair Envy


Does this picture give you curly hair envy?   I know it does for me!

Curly hair, straight hair, wild hair, crazy big hair, wet hair, dry hair…. the list goes on and on and no matter what kind of hair you have Karmin will for sure have a tool to help with the look you want to achieve.

(Disclosure ~ Living Smart Girl received product from Karmin to facilitate a review post. All opinions are 100% Living Smart Girls.)

I have never used a clipless curling iron so when I got to pick out an item from Karmin I thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a try.  The Karmin G3 Salon Pro Clipless Curling Iron is a challenge, that is for sure. At least it was for me.  I tried it on my own hair, and must be all thumbs because I just couldn’t get nice looking curls.  But, then I remembered… I have Niece with nice long, straight hair.  I took the curling iron with me for our family Christmas and played with her hair instead of mine.  This is Megan with her normal, straight hair.


It took me a bit of time, she has a lot of hair!  But, I got the hang of this neat clipless curling iron and before long we were curling and laughing and sharing special Aunt/Niece moments.   It took about 30 minutes to do her full head of hair.  But, to my surprise that 30 minutes flew by and she was enjoying having her hair done.  We don’t get to spend much time together so it was nice to be one on one with Megan.

Check out all her beautiful, smooth, bouncing curls.


She was so happy with her curls.  And, they lasted all day with very little help from any hair spray or hair products.   She said she has a clipless curling iron, but it doesn’t get very hot and never curls this good.   Karmin makes awesome products and I have had the pleasure of reviewing others and never been unhappy.  Check them out and tell me what your hair needs. Karmin Hari Tools.


Check Karmin out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

(Disclosure ~ Living Smart Girl received product from Karmin to facilitate a review post. All opinions are 100% Living Smart Girls.)

It’s Time to ReThink Hair Removal

It’s time to rethink Hair Removal!

As strong and independent women, we know that there is nothing wrong with sporting some body hair or having few bumps and wrinkles. Those things are natural and just a part of being a human who ages. Some of us even judge others super harshly when they decide to take measures to try and “correct” or even do away with some of these things altogether.

Oh sure, we’re okay with leg shaving or using concealer. We might even encourage friends to try new makeup and beauty products. We don’t judge a woman who works out twice a day, every day, putting her body through an enormous amount of pain and stress in an effort to meet our standard of beauty…but we’ll excoriate someone who decides to tackle what she sees as a flaw surgically.

The truth is that for many women, using things like laser hair removal or a bit of Botox can spell the difference between hating her body and loving it. So why are we so down on each other about it? Because we don’t have the courage to try those things ourselves?

Quick Laser Hair Removal Facts

The truth is that, as far as cosmetic surgery and procedures are concerned, for most women (and men!) undergoing laser hair removal isn’t a huge deal. Here are some facts about the procedure that you might not have already known:

·  According to WebMD, laser hair removal is among the most commonly requested and undergone procedures in the United States. There are clinicians all over the country who provide the procedure. The American Laser Centers chain, for example, has more than a hundred locations in the United States.

·  It is usually permanent. That same WebMD article says that as many as 90% of patients who get the procedure report that they don’t ever see the hair grow back.

·  It’s quick. Unlike other types of cosmetic procedures, using lasers to zap hair follicles can be done really quickly. Zapping an upper lip only takes a few minutes. Even a larger area, like an entire leg (or the back for the men who might be reading this!) should only take about an hour or so.

How Do You Decide if You Should Undergo The Procedure?

Do you suffer from especially thick or fast growing body hair? If you feel like you can’t go more than a day or two without having to shave and you have to pay for waxing at least once every other week (or even more often), laser hair removal can feel like a welcome vacation.

Preparing for the Procedure

Unfortunately, most of the time you can’t just walk into an aesthetician or dermatologist’s office and get laser hair removal right away. There is more to the process than that.

Do your research! While most aestheticians can get licensed to use the laser, if you want to make sure that you optimize your chances for success (and reduce your chances of having the hair grow back fuller than before), you should limit your search to dermatologists. Dermatologists will be better prepared to help you with all of your skin and hair removal issues, not just beam a laser at your pores.

Always take the free consultation! Most providers will offer you a free (or, worst case scenario, a drastically price-reduced) consultation. These consultations are important. You’ll get to meet your potential hair removal expert/doctor and see if the two of you will be able to get along. You’ll also get the chance to have a doctor/expert look at your skin and determine if the procedure really is your best option at dealing with your body hair.

Prepare yourself! Usually you have to let your body hair grow for at least six weeks before you can have it lasered away. You’ll also want to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Why? Because this procedure should not be performed on tan skin. Skin that has a tan is at a higher risk of being burned by the laser so the expert/doctor would have to use a setting so low that you’d likely see the hair grow back and have to go through the process all over again once your tan had faded.

It might hurt. While for some the pain involved with lasering away their hair is relatively small, others need ice packs and other anti-inflammatory objects to help reduce any discomfort or pain that they experienced. It all depends on you, your skin and your hair.

The truth is that having your hair lasered away is nothing to be ashamed of. After all—once it’s done you’ll likely never have to worry about finding time to shave or the money for a wax again! You’ll be able to sit happily while all your friends complain about their hair removal regimens, knowing that you were smart enough to deal with the problem medically and (hopefully) permanently.


Check out my Goodies in the #JollyVoxBox



Check out my Goodies in the #JollyVoxBox 

Surprises and boxes filled with goodies aren’t just for little kids.   Big kids, especially this big kid, love surprises.

I was tickled pink to get my #JollyVoxBox in the mail and even more excited when I opened it and seen the contents.  Oh, how I love my goodies.  My box was filled with things like, Puffs Ultra Soft and Strong Tissues, NYC HD Color Trio Eye Shadow, Rimmel London Lip Laquer, Skinny Cow Candy, and a cute thing of Ducklings Mini Roll Tape.

I had some fun when I was getting ready yesterday to go to town.  Check out my lips and eyes.

VoxBoxEyeCollection VoxBoxLipsPic

Prevent Face Wrinkles with the #WrinklePillow

wrinklepillowlogo2 wrinklepillowlogo

ATTN:  All women who wake up with that bed head and smashed/wrinkled face in the morning.   This is a product you WILL NOT want to live without.    Why?  Well because it is AMAZING!!  #wrinklepillow

Back in November I got an email (press release) from the company The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow.   The email was info on this great new pillow that is on the market to help prevent face wrinkles, eye puffiness and help the face products we all use at night to be beautiful, work better for us.  So, like I always do when a product catches my attention, I asked to review one.  I have to say…. this is one of my favorite products of 2013!!  If I was Oprah, you all would get one FREE.   But, alas I am not Oprah so the best I can do is just shout from the rooftops how much I love my new pillow!


I got this awesome pillow in the mail and at first glance  ~ I liked the look, the packaging, the smell (I am weird) and just the whole presentation.

I of course unwrapped and went to put it on my bed.  That night I attached it to the pillow I sleep with every night and attempted to lay on it.  Since I have neck issues I have been using the same pillow for about 5 years or so.  It is a H2O pillow and the only thing I have ever found that works for my neck.    So I tied this pillow to it as the instructions say.  Well, it made my head to high, and way uncomfortable.   I went to my closet where I keep extra pillows (for guests) and found one that was a bit flatter, and tried that.  Still to high.   No way could I use this pillow tied to another.   So, I thought, well I will try it all by itself and see if that works.   Let me say OMG, my neck was not sore for the first morning in years!!!   I mean, I am always sore due to my Fibro, but my neck was not kinked, or sore, and my hair was like it was when I laid down that night.    I have now been using JUST this pillow for about 3 weeks and have to say I wish I had found it years ago.   It is so comfy and just what the Dr. ordered.  (not a real doctor… LOL).

I am a back or side sleeper and generally I wake up with the left side of my face smashed and wrinkled.  And, I always have more dang pimples popping up on the left side of my face… probably because it is smashed into a pillow all night.   My left side of my face is clearing up nicely now.   And, my hair is not such a rats nest in the morning either.  That I love!

Wanna know some facts about this awesome pillow?   Well the pillow helps to prevent eye puffiness by slightly elevating your head.  And, you can use it with our without another pillow, just whatever your comfort preference is.  This pillow is a natural way to help prevent sleep lines and wrinkles while you sleep because it has a unique patented design that supports and cradles your head so no matter what position you sleep your face is not smashed into it.    Also, it helps to prevent chest wrinkles because it has a contoured center which makes sleeping on your back more natural and comfortable.  This I can totally attest too! I am able to sleep on my back more now.  Sleeping on ones back is the best way to prevent chest wrinkles.   Face care products will last on your face longer because they will not rub off on the pillow.   And, the pillow is perfect for any skin type and both men and women can enjoy this pillow.    And if you are someone who gets face procedures you can extend the life of those too by sleeping on this pillow.     If the Face facts aren’t enough to sell ya on this pillow, it also is great for your hair because of the satiny pillowcase.  Satin keeps hair from snagging and keeps it shiny.   Did you know that sleeping on a cotton pillowcase causes your hair to get tangled and break?   Yup.. it does.  And it you like those nice hair extensions or Brazilian Blowouts then you need this pillow.
And last but not least, save your eyelashes.  Because of the contoured design of this pillow, when you turn on your side your eyes are not smashed into the pillow causing your eyelashes to break.

I love my pillow, and know that you will love them too.    Check them out.   I am getting an extra pillowcase so I have a couple different colors.   I am so happy I got to work with this company.   I would have never known about them if it wasn’t for that email.

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and Check out their video ~

Disclaimer ~ Living Smart Girl received product to facilitate a review.  All opinions about the product are 100% Living Smart Girl’s.