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Berry Ball & Bag ~ Review & Giveaway

Women.. We have all had this happen to us..  open the washer to find our bra all tangled up with socks, underwear, shirts, pants… making our straps all twisted, sometimes even losing a wire from our bra.  Ack.. how frustrating and irritating is that?  But to constantly hand wash our bra’s.. well that is just time consuming and if you are like me I am very short on time for such tedious tasks.

Thanks goodness for the Berry Ball!!  Finally something every woman should not be without!
Meet your new BEST Friend ~

Place bra in ball, place little ball inside the bra cup..and close ball.   Toss in washer.  The little ball rolls around inside the bra cups to clean them :)   Amazing huh??

I was very excited to get this item to review because I have been hand washing all my bra’s for a long time now.  I pay a lot of money for them and can’t afford to have them ruined in the wash.  And, another awesome goodie that came with this was the Berry Bag.  This is perfect for me because I have a front load washer and sometimes my little thong undies go missing.  Well that isn’t good for the washer, or me.. LOL!!  This bag is perfect!!  I throw all my undies in it, and in the washer and never worry about losing them again!!  Plus.. they used to get tangled up and stretched out and that bites too because they are all Victorias Secret and expensive ;)

Another great thing about these two items is that they are perfect for going on vacation.   Pack your bra’s in the Berry Ball so they don’t get smashed.   And, the Berry Bag is perfect if you have little ones… for those baby socks.  Washers always seem to lose those.

Grab yourself a Berry Ball & Berry Bag set today and stop spending extra money on ruined bra’s, stretched out panties, or lost socks!!  For a low price you can have an amazing product that saves time and money.  Now with all that money you will be saving you can treat yourself to a nice massage, or spa treatment ;)  hehe…

The Berry Ball and Berry Bag are perfect for bra’s, underwear, hosiery, socks, swim wear and any other delicates you have.
The set comes in either Small or Large to accomodate cup sizes 32A – 38D and in Pink, Blue and Purple.

You can find the Berry Ball & Berry Bag in retail stores or online.

How would you like the chance to win a Berry Ball & Berry Bag set?

Well we are excited to say that Berry Perry is giving away 3 Sets!  Woot Woot!!

Enter below using our Rafflecopter ;)

Contest Open to US Only ~  Ends October 7th at 12:01 am EST

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  1. Is this giveaway WW? open to Canada?

  2. Thanks :( Love this giveaway!

  3. Thanks for the chance! <3
    Jenn from How to Make Hair Bows

  4. I bought the Large One I’m a 36d it was very hard to get it in the washer. I managed to squeeze it in. I Have 2 Victoria Secret Bras Each were $65.00. I followed instructions exactly and when I opened the washer both bras were not in the ball. Also both Balls were completely latched closed. I called the manufacture since my bras are ruined and there was no offer for a refund or anything.Im not happy at all.


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