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Being a Single Woman facing Financial Challenges

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Life is hard enough financially these days when you are in a relationship, but when something happens and you find yourself a single woman, all alone, it puts a whole new spin on your finance situation.   Regardless of how you end up single, you are single and it changes many things.  Genworth Financial is here to help you thru your difficult time to get yourself on track for the future.

I am lucky that I have not had to experience this first hand.  But, I do have experience thru friends and family that have been thru this.  A good friend of mine has ended her marriage recently and in doing so she has gone from a 2 person income home to a 1 person income home.  Yes, the bills are less, but her income is about 1/4th of what her husbands was so she is facing many financial challenges.  Things that one doesn’t really think to much of when you have money.  Like, utility bills, car insurance, life insurance, gas, food, daily personal needs, etc.   There are many things that one just buys weekly that sometimes not a lot of thought goes into it when the money is there.  She is facing many huge changes and I see how it is effecting her in many ways.

As with all changes in life, like divorce there are also other changes in life, like meeting someone new.  I know she is dating and of course the idea comes into her head about entering into a new life with someone.  But, being that she has now been thru this 2 times she is a bit worried.   Both times she has left with not much in her pocket.   She has done so because she chooses to try and stand on her own two feet.  Some might agree or not agree with her methods but regardless it is her choice.   We have talked a few times about her options for protecting herself if she enters into another relationship. Even though she might not have a lot to protect, she wants to make sure she stays in control of what is hers.

Being an independent woman is important regardless if you are in a relationship or not.  I know many women that rely on their husbands/partners.  I know I have for years because that is just how our relationship works.  Raising kids and being a stay at home mom/wife.  But, I do know that if something happened and I found myself single, I would be ok.   Would you ?  Do you worry what would happen to you if you became single ?



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  1. Sherri Lewis says:

    I have been single now for 19 years, and every year it has been a struggle financially. It was a struggle the whole time I was married because he wouldn’t work, and then when I was on my own again, I had bills that were racked in my name because he had bad credit and I was stuck trying to pay them and support myself and our 5 year old daughter. But I can honestly say I haven’t regretted being single again, despite the daily worry over money.

  2. very interesting and informative article!

  3. I have a friend who has recently become single and I have emailed this post to her. I found it at the right time. Thanks for sharing.
    Ronalee Duncan recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

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