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Before the Flow & After the Flow


Before the Flow & After the Flow

For over 20 years BIORAY has taken nature and science to bring you unique supplements and remedies for a variety of ailments.  Looking for a natural way ease the pain of my menstrual cycle.  I was thrilled to find Before and After the Flow.

before-the-flow after-the-flow Before The Flow is designed to sooth and prepare a woman’s body for menstruation.  Using traditional Chinese herbs to relieve the most common symptoms of PMS such as, sore/swollen breasts, mood swings, low energy, bloating, irregular bowels, head pains, cravings, etc.

I took Before the Flow 2-3 droppers full in my tea twice a day starting a week before I got my period and continued use a few days into my period.  I didn’t care for the smell of the supplement but was surprised to find that it tasted great in my tea.  Before the Flow is a little miracle in a bottle.  I had virtually no bloating, I was able to comfortably sleep through the night, no diarrhea, my muscles weren’t as sore, and as my husband so clearly pointed out I didn’t burst into tears over a sad television commercial like I would have prior to trying this supplement.

After the Flow nourishes and strengthens the blood after your menstrual cycle.  Containing powerful amounts of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and iron to aid in rejuvenation of the blood.

I took After the Flow for 10 days after the last day of my period.  Twice a day, 2-3 droppers full in my tea.  Typically following my period I find myself mentally and physically weak and run down.  I noticed by using After the Flow I had increased energy and wasn’t as easily stressed.

     When used regularly these products can offer,

* Regular ovulation

* Balanced emotion

* Increased sexual drive

* Hormonal balance and healthy endocrine function

* Nurturing of reproductive tissues

 So, whether you are shopping for a natural product to boost immunity, detox, replenish, or energize your body, BIORAY has you covered.

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