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I love working online and spend most of my day blogging, and researching new topics and tips to bring my readers.

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Handy, Sweet, Crunchy and Natural – Perfect for Snacking



Disclosure ~ Living Smart Girl received product as compensation to facilitate an honest review.  #ad

Are you a fruit lover like me? Ever struggle when your travel? Never know what to bring for snacks? Should it be fruit and veggies, chips, or the bigger picture is if you should bring a cooler; or simply do I have room to bring a cooler? Well let me tell you about a product that can answer all of these questions. If you are looking for something that is handy, sweet, crunchy and natural – perfect for snacking, then you have to try Crunchies!



I can be very picky when it comes to snacks. For me trying to lose weight can be a challenge as can any thing in life. But when I head of Crunchies; I had to give them a try.  They are freshly picked and dried; that’s a plus in my eyes!  LOL. Most of the dried fruit I have tried in the past have had weird textures and taste, or sugar coated,  but when I had Crunchies, it tasted like I was actually eating the fruit right out of my own fridge. The best part about Crunchies is that there’s no mess. No juices dripping down your arm, or when your children try eating in the car and get all sticky, or even having to refrigerate them. Crunchies are an easy fit in anywhere package: you can put them in your purse, child’s backpack, in between the seats, or even simply holding the bag. For us women we have cravings, but some of those cravings aren’t the best decisions, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. The best thing about Crunhies, is that it gives you that crunch like a chip, but a sweet flavor as well. Haven’t you ever craved crunchy and sweet? I know I have! With all of their flavors it’s hard to pick just one.  I personally am stuck between two flavors that are my favorites: Crunchies cinnamon apple and Crunchies mixed fruit. What’s your favorite?  Don’t forget to check out their giveaway too.


4 Steps to a Better Pre-Workout Routine for Women



The steps you take before your workout can have a direct impact on your performance, and ultimately, reaching your fitness goals. When done correctly, a pre-workout regime also reduces the risk of harming your body and helps maintain energy levels throughout your training period and beyond.


Many sources will break down a pre-workout routine in as few as two stages, eating and supplementation. While these are important stages to prepare your body for an impending workout, these over-simplified pre-workout routines leave out two of the most important steps.


The best pre-workout routine for women includes four steps: sleep, nutrition, supplementation and stretching.

Stage One: Sleep

Normally, the notion of a pre-workout routine makes us think of a time frame immediately before hitting the gym, the treadmill, the road or what have you. But, your pre-workout routine actually begins hours before, depending on when in the day you plan your workout. Sleeping is often regarded as an important post-workout step, but it is equally important before you visit the gym too. Without the proper amount of sleep, you’ll lack the necessary energy levels to maximize your performance. Also, your body will still be sore and pained from previous workouts.


For many of us, getting seven or more hours of sleep is hard, especially on an every-night basis. Whether it is a crying newborn in the middle of the night, staying late at work, getting up early to race the kids to school or a combination of the above, there are hundreds of variables that threaten to damage our sleep. Thus, sleep is not only the most important step to a woman’s pre-workout routine, but also the hardest to obtain.


When you don’t get enough sleep, your body produces less of the hormones it needs to build muscles. Since muscles are the key to burning fat, the less sleep you get, the harder it is for you to lose weight and thereby obtain your fitness goals, if they involve reaching a healthy weight. So, while grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning may help you mentally feel awake and energized for the day ahead, your body chemistry and metabolism don’t get that same effect.

Stage 2: Nutrition

To successfully make it to the end of your workout and optimize performance, your body is going to need fuel. What you put into the tank may vary, based on what your overarching fitness goals are. If your goals are strictly weight loss, you may opt for a less substantial pre-workout meal. However, if you are going for a high performance workout to maximize your gains, you are going to want a meal that consists of slow-digesting carbohydrates, fruit and protein. This combination is essential to help ensure you have the necessary energy and electrolytes needed to explode through your workout, A source of protein is especially useful as it is the building block of new muscle growth. Without it in your pre-workout nutrition regimen, you may not see the gains you hope for.


Typically, you want to eat this pre-workout meal an hour or two before you start your training program.

Stage 3: Supplements

If you are a lover of working out first thing in the morning, you may not have the time to scarf down a pre-workout meal. However, you should put something into your system and a protein shake or pre-workout supplement is a nice alternative for the woman on the go. A protein powder supplies that good source of clean protein and the right pre-workout powder, like pre-workout cocktail for focus containing Blackstone Labs’ Dust v2, gives you a huge boost of energy for peak endurance, strength and overall performance. Thus, you can workout harder and longer, even if you can’t squeeze in that pre-workout meal.


Ideally, you would have the ability to consume a good meal and a pre-workout supplement like Dust v2. After all, supplements are meant to be supplementary to your diet, not a replacement for proper nutrition.

Stage 4: Stretching

Hopefully, this goes without saying because stretching should always be done before you engage in any type of exercise or physical activity. But, when we talk about pre-workout routines, it is that final important step. Stretching helps ready the body for more serious exertions, like running, resistance training etc. Ideally, you should develop a warm up routine that lasts about ten minutes. This will drastically reduce your risk of injury and soreness. You can even perform a warmup that is specific to your target muscle groups for that day’s training session.


Final Thought


Stretching and eating right before your workout are not only helpful towards reaching optimal gains, but they are also safer. You reduce your risk of fainting or pulling a muscle when you take these necessary steps before your training. And remember, above all else, get those seven or more hours of sleep every night. It is crucial towards achieving your fitness goals. Not to mention, you totally deserve it.

Ways to preserve and improve your family’s health and well-being



It’s way past the new year and half a year, but most of us haven’t even started on our “healthier year” resolution. Not to worry though, you and your family can still focus on your well-being during the fall, since we’re not mentally spent from the holidays. Doing so also prepares us for the upcoming crazy season.

Here are some simple and proven ways to preserve and improve your family’s health and well-being, regardless of the season. You can start today, next week, or heck, even next month – and still reap the benefits by New Year’s.

Start eating a heartier breakfast. As you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and rightly so. The evidence linking a hearty breakfast and a healthier lifestyle is solid. It helps your weight management as well. A study advises that half-carb, half-protein breakfasts are very effective as a weight loss measure – think a slice of whole wheat toast and scrambled eggs.

Follow an exercise schedule. Scientists at the National Cancer Institute as well as other institutions found that those who exercised moderately at least 2.5 hours weekly lived three and a half years longer than those who never engaged in physical workout. Weight doesn’t factor here since sedentary and slim people died three years younger than obese folks who do physical activity. Think how this knowledge can benefit your family!

Get a flu shot. You know it can stave off influenza, so why not just take it? Flu shots can also cut any family member’s risk of heart attack risk nearly half, based on a 2013 study. This is because the flu virus may “prompt an inflammatory action in arteries that are already diseased,” leading to unwanted blockages that cause heart attacks.

Keep preventative care up to date. As with the suggestion above, working with your doctor to learn what immunizations and screening tests are important. Follow your doctor’s advice and complete them on schedule.

Play it safe. Oftentimes, it’s the small things that count. Always practice safe biking, sunning, safe driving and when age-appropriate, teach your children safe sex. Always wear sunblock to protect your skin from the sun and use a helmet. “Safety-proof” your home to prevent poisoning, accidental falls, and other accidents involving fire and firearms.

Live in an active but peaceful location. Where you live plays a vital role in your family’s health and well-being. Why? If you live in an area with high-population density and high air-pollution levels, the risk of sickness will be high. If you’re concerned with your current abode, then consider relocating. Houses for sale in Melbourne are aplenty and you get to choose a low-density community with ample of nature space while being near essential amenities.

Lastly, create a balance. Make the most out of your life each day! Go out on a family-date! Help everyone find balance in life between priorities like work, fun and home. Be each other’s guiding light, supporter and ultimate fan.

What other health-boosting activity or advice can you share with other families? Share it with us below!


An iPad spying app for Lasting Mental Health



Mental peace is something worth cherishing, and this is what comes with using XnSPY. This comprehensive tracking app allows you to know almost everything any target person does with his or her cell phone. Without the need to hold the target’s cell phone in your hands, you can watch what goes on, remotely. It even works excellently as an, so if you need to monitor a target iPad, then here’s a good solution. It can work on Android devices and all iOS devices (i.e. jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices).

At Living Smart Girl, I try to make sure that I offer my readers something of value that can help improve life. Mental health is priceless. We live in a digital world where things happen too fast and online threats can cause lives to change permanently. This is why; I tried to find an app that can help parents and employers find mental peace. Cell phone addiction can happen to anyone, and if someone, you love or some employee is abusing the piece of technology, then you can find mental peace.



Most people store sensitive information on their mobile devices, such as personal photos and videos, emails, addresses, and banking details. In fact, now people use mobile devices around the clock to socialize through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. How can you be sure that a co-worker or your child is not engaging in some form of online activity that can be a threat to their wellbeing or your business?

By definition, mental health means well-being, which includes social, emotional, and psychological safety. Lack of these can cause stress and health conditions related to stress. With xnspy, knowing the whereabouts of people in your mobile workforce and your kids can help. Knowing that, others are not bullying them, or that they are not being bullies can bring mental peace. Knowing that the people you are watching are not engaging in anything ethically wrong can bring closure.



Sometimes, both children and adults become addicted to games or other apps installed on their device. Sometimes, they pretend to use the internet for academic reasons but are watching movies or chatting with people instead. With an Xnspy iPad spying app that works on other smartphones as well, you can take screenshots remotely, block installed apps, and see all call logs and conversations. You can see all incoming and outgoing SMS, emails, and photos and videos in messengers too.

This monitoring app is a web-based app, which means that, after you install it on a target device you can monitor it remotely. From the control panel, you can see entire threads of conversations including photos sent and received via Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, Line, Skype, and Viber. You can read all incoming and outgoing emails in the Gmail app installed on the target device. You can listen to recorded calls and record ambient sounds in the background of the cell phone.



Besides, you may have bought your kids one of those Everyday Active headphones for comfortable listening to study online. Perhaps you gave your workers a pair of headphones for work reason. However, are they really studying and working, or are they using the headphones to watch movies online? By checking on the target’s browser history and stored videos, you can stay better informed.

An interesting feature this app offers is GPS tracking with Geofencing. It allows you to watch list places, so that whenever the target device or person with the target device enters or leaves specific places, the app alerts you via email. This makes tracking people easy. It uses Google maps to show the exact location, which is easy to read.

In terms of price, this iPad spying app is very affordable. It costs as low as $8.33 per month for the basic version. If you want the premium version, it costs only $12.49 per month. You can pay on the monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. For use on an Android or jailbroken device, you need to install the app manually, which means holding the device in your hands for at least 3-5 minutes. This is a one-time thing. For non-jailbroken devices, the target’s iCloud credentials are all you need.

The only downside to it is that before I could review it, I had to subscribe to its 1-month package. There is no free version. Nonetheless, for people in need of a thorough tracking app, this is a great option.


Finding the Confidence to Get on Stage


Poise liner love

Disclosure ~ This is a sponsored post on behalf of Poise, Walmart, and Acorn Influence.  All opinions are 100% that of Living Smart Girl.  #PoiseLinerLove


Finding the Confidence to get on Stage


Music is in my blood and has been a huge part of my life from way back in my early stages of life.  My Mom always had music playing in the background and I became obsessed with music and always had a dream of being on stage.  But, finding the confidence to get on stage isn’t something that came easy for me.   As the years past by I grew more and more into my love of music, of all kinds.  I am a rocker chick, and a country girl.  Love a little blues and even some classical from time to time. Even though I love music, and in the past had tried my hand at guitar playing, and also a few flute lessons, I just never felt right playing an instrument.  After meeting my husband (married almost 19 years now) and us having a love of music together, we started a band and I became a drummer.  He taught me well, and I remained a drummer of our band for about 6 years and even though it was awesome, and I loved it I felt like I was missing something.  See, I have always wanted to be a front person.  I love to sing, even though it’s not my strong suit.  When our band dissolved and we started thinking about other avenues we would do an acoustic thing and we would both sing.  I can say I have come a long way, but yet still lack a bit of confidence to get on stage.

There are many challenges I face when I think about getting on stage.  Because I am not a trained vocalist, and just do it because I love music I always am worried about how I will sound.  That is a huge issue in itself, but I do have another issue that is also a big deal. I have LBL (light bladder leakage) and I fear the worst will happen especially when I am singing my heart out.  When one sings, you use a lot of muscles and sometimes, well you know… things happen you don’t expect!  This was our first “real” gig and I actually had the confidence to step on stage because I had been rehearsing for weeks, and I had a little secret that nobody knew.  I was protected with Poise Microliners so if my LBL decided to make an appearance, I didn’t have to worry one tiny bit! And, the Microliners are so thin, you don’t even know you have them on.  This isn’t your mothers pad, it’s now your best friend! I highly encourage you to not be uncomfortable about your LBL and give them a try, and then tell all your friend. We as women need to help educate other women, because life is to short to stay at home and worry about our LBL.

Poise liner love


We are a Cheap Trick tribute band, named Dream Police.  So, of course I want to try and look the part of my favorite vocalist in the world, Robin Zander.  He has worn many hats (different styles of clothing) over the years so I decided to go with black pants, my bumper tennis shoes, a white button up shirt, checkered tie and of course the hat. Gotta have the hat.  And, my secret weapon, Poise Microliners!   My life saver and a game changer when it comes to finding the confidence to get on stage, or do anything for that matter.  LBL is no laughing matter, but is something so many women deal with.  I want to tell all the women in the world to walk into Walmart, head to “that” isle and don’t be ashamed.   Replace your current feminine care products with ones that are specifically designed for LBL, by choosing Poise Microliners.

Poise Liner Love


We had our gig on August 20th for an event that a local town was holding.   We all had a blast, the people enjoyed us, I did stumble a bit vocally but ya know what – I stayed confident while on stage and nobody even knew I had my Poise Microliners backing me up.   Kinda like back up singers, but better!  Haha!!   And I do have to say the best part is that I can grab my Poise Microliners easily at Walmart since that is where I do the majority of my shopping.  While I am getting my groceries, household goods, and seeing what new clothes they have that I can’t live without, I just pick up my LBL products and I am done in one stop and on my way home to enjoy life with my husband, dogs and all life has given me.



Dating While Traveling? Yes, You Can!

smartphone-569076_1280 pixabay

Thanks to some of the best dating apps and websites, it is now very easy to find new people to connect with. You can find friends or even dates in just one swipe. The same apps, for example Tinder, can also be used when you’re traveling, which means it is also possible to date while visiting the best places around the world. Before you do, however, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Safety First!

Whether you’re looking for someone to talk to or you want to have a bit of fun while traveling, it is always necessary to keep your safety as priority. Apps like Tinder allow you to know more about the guy on the other end of that profile page before you decide to meet him.

You can also upgrade to Tinder Plus and find people to connect with on your holiday destination before you even depart. Tinder Plus – and similar functions on other apps – allow you to expand your search and meet people from different cities, all while you’re still planning your next trip to those cities.

One last safety tip to remember is to schedule your first meetup at lunch and in a public restaurant. This is crucially important. Lunch means you can easily excuse yourself with a good reason when the date doesn’t go the way you want.

The Internet is Your Friend

As mentioned before, dating apps and websites are your friends when it comes to finding dates on holidays. They can help you explore dating possibilities, meet new – and interesting – guys at the destination city and even start a relationship that lasts beyond your vacation time. You’ll be surprised by how many travellers do this on a regular basis.

Location-based dating apps are the best. You can find new guys to meet based on proximity. Some will show you around and help make your holiday that much more enjoyable. Others will take you to dinner and show you how to have a great time together. The whole experience can be very fun and entertaining.

Date at Your Own Pace

Always remember that you have complete control over the dating experience. You – and ONLY you – can decide what’s okay. You have the right to set your limits. More importantly, you need to be clear about those limits you have set.

If you are looking for someone to talk to, you shouldn’t mislead the other person into thinking you want something more. Be clear and firm, but don’t jump to conclusions either. If the person you’re dating starts to make advances, for instance, you can calmly and gently say no to make him stop.

With these tips in mind, you will find dating on a holiday or while visiting some of the best destinations in the world to be very fun and absolutely safe. Give it a try. I know a lot of great stories about couples who met on their holidays. You could meet your perfect guy on your next holiday too!

Get the Bikini Body You Want This Year



Each year, the summer comes around, bringing brighter skies, longer days, shorter nights and warmer weather along with it. But, for many girls out there, it also brings out a range of body image issues that have been hidden away over the winter underneath woolly sweaters and winter coats. For many women, there is a building pressure to look good in a bikini on the beach. Although body positivity is becoming more and more mainstream with companies and individuals alike being slammed for fat-shaming and judging people on their looks alone, more and more women are hoping to drop a few pounds or tone up in order to feel more confident when on the beach. Here are our top tips for achieving the figure that you want!

Waist Training

Although it may not be for everybody, waist training has recently taken the internet by storm after being used by Kim Kardashian and other popular celebs as an aid to their weight loss. Waist training works in much the same way as a corset, ‘training’ the waist to be more narrow by tightly compressing it. If you’re interested in giving waist training a try, visit Waist Training Center for more information.

Up Your Workout

If you’re mainly doing cardio exercises when you go to the gym such as running on the treadmill, riding a stationary bike or rowing, it’s time to switch up your workout and head over to the weights corner. Lifting weights and doing strength exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups and crunches will add muscle definition and tone you up, giving you the confidence you need to wear your bikini with pride. Don’t believe the myths about weight training making girls big and manly – it’s completely untrue!

Your Diet

No matter how hard you work out in the gym, if you come home and devour a chocolate bar, you’re pretty much back to square one. If you’re looking to improve your figure so that you can be confident in a bikini this year, making some changes to your diet is one of the most important things you’ll need to do. Not only does eating a healthier diet cause you to lose any extra pounds that you have, it’ll also mean you’re healthier in general and often more energized.

It’s a Personal Thing

Remember that there is no ‘perfect body’ – if you’re hoping to get a ‘bikini body’ this summer, it’s important to make sure that you set yourself realistic expectations. Any weight loss journey, whether you have a couple or a couple of hundred pounds to lose, is a personal thing! Get the bikini body that YOU want – not the one that you think everybody else thinks that you should have. Remember that at the end of the day, it’s all about how you feel about yourself and how confident you are in your own skin.

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds or build some muscle and tone up in order to be more confident than ever in a bikini this year, it only takes a few smart lifestyle changes!

10 Lesser Known Facts about the Marathon


There are many known facts about running the marathon.

For instance, everyone knows it’s a 26.2mile race that requires a lot of hard work and determination, not to mention months and months of training; but there many things that people don’t know about the exhausting feat, that why Royal Vegas produced a list of lesser known marathon facts.


  1. You’ve probably heard of Eddie Izzard’s recent accomplishment of running 27 marathons in 27 days and whilst there’s no downsizing his amazing achievement, Stefaan Engles makes that seem like a mere 100 metre sprint. The Belgian completed a marathon every day of the year becoming the first man to complete the marathon 365 consecutive times.


  1. Sir Ranulph Fiennes rivals Stefan’s amazing record, the explorer completed seven marathons in seven days on seven different continents despite suffering a heart attack months prior.


  1. Fiennes may have suffered a heart attack prior to running the marathon but he was also in danger of suffering one upon completion of the distance. In fact, 1 in 50,000 of marathon runners suffer a fatal heart attack within 24 hours of running the race.


  1. The cardiovascular system isn’t the only part of your body that can be severely affected by running. Completing a marathon can have a severe effect on your bowels, less dangerous of course but as seen with Paula Radcliffe, perhaps a tad embarrassing.  The 2005 London Marathon winner suffered from a bout of “runner’s diarrhoea” and had to make several stops on the side of the road to relieve herself.


  1. Fauja Singh is the oldest person ever to complete the marathon distance. In 2011, the year marking his 100th birthday he completed Toronto Waterfront Marathon.


  1. Sister Madonna Buder, nicknamed the Iron Nun, is another elderly superstar. In 2012 at the age of 82, Sister Buder became the oldest person ever to complete the triathlon. Currently, she has completed an awe-inspiring 325 triathlons and 45 Ironman distances. Not strictly a marathon but it’s deserving of a place in this list.


  1. 61-year-old Cliff Young joins Fauja Singh and Sister Buder as an elderly superstar. The Australian pensioner won the Sydney to Melbourne endurance race – a staggering 544-mile trek – by continuing to race whilst fellow competitors decided to rest. Devious but dedicated!


  1. Sibling love is often a heart-warming thing, not least demonstrated by astronaut Sunita Williams. Whilst her sister was running the Boston Marathon she simultaneously completed the 26.2 miles whilst on board the International Space Station.


  1. Whilst deciding to attempt to run a marathon is an amazing decision in the first place, some just struggle to complete it on time. Most marathon organisers provide sweeper buses to pick up runners upon conclusion of course cut-off times.


  1. Whilst almost everyone knows that a marathon is 26.2miles, few know where the name, or race originates from. It is thought to stem from Greek runner Phippides who ran 26 miles, carrying a message for military chiefs during a battle, across the pastures of Marathon. Phippides collapsed and died soon after his mission and to honour is selfless sacrifice, marathons were implemented through the empire.

7 indisputable signs it’s time to clean out your closet



Let’s face it. Cleaning out your closet can be a long and arduous task. But, how do you know when it’s time to bite the bullet and make a start on sorting out your well-loved collection of clothing? Below is a list of 7 indisputable signs that it’s time to clean out your closet.


Your wardrobe has outgrown your closet

If you’re struggling to fit that extra jacket onto the rack and you’re sick of squeezing your wardrobe doors closed due to the overflow, then you need to downsize your collection. Yes it’s good to have a certain number of options when it comes to what to wear, but your collection should be able to fit snugly into a standard sized closet and not take over your entire living space.


Your clothing is constantly creased due to the lack of space

Do you find that most of your clothing is in need of an iron after spending a couple of days in your wardrobe? Having clothing packed in there too tightly can damage your items, so it’s time to invest in some space saving storage solutions. Even something as simple as upgrading to slim-line clothes hangers can give you up to 25% more space.

Your have more shoes than you know what to do with

Less is sometimes more and this should be true when it comes to your shoe collection. If you find that you could change your footwear each day over the course of a month and still have spares, then it’s time for a clear-out. Giveaway any pairs that you no longer wear or if they’re showing signs of wear and tear, simply throw them out! They are taking up valuable closet space.


Some items in your collection still have their price tags intact

If your wardrobe is full of items that have never seen the light of day, then it’s time to pass them on to someone who could actually make use of them. Be realistic, if you haven’t chosen to wear an item after more than 6-12 months it’s time to say goodbye.


Finding ‘that top’ is an unachievable task

Having an unorganized wardrobe can make finding certain items a lengthy process and can waste valuable time. So if you find yourself taking longer than 20 minutes to locate your favourite white tee, it’s time to organize your collection correctly.

You have 24 identical grey jumpers

We all have our favorite staple item that makes us look and feel great but if you find that your wardrobe has a ridiculous amount of one particular item, it’s time to streamline your collection. Yes that exact shade of grey may suit your skin tone perfectly, but there is no reason why you should have another 8 items that look almost identical. Group together any similar looking items, try them all on and try to keep only one or two duplicates.


You closet is full to bursting yet you have “nothing to wear”

We are all guilty of this however, having a large collection of clothing can in fact  make it harder to put outfits together quickly and easily. If you feel like you have a wardrobe full of clothing yet struggle to find the perfect outfit then it could be time to ask the help of a personal shopper. Not only will a personal shopper help you to fill any gaps in your clothing collection but they can also give advice on downsizing your clothing collection, which in turn will make it easier to style each piece you choose to keep.


So the next time you are wondering whether or not it’s time to have a closet clear-out, just ask yourself if any of the above points sound familiar.


7 simple ways to put the fun back into corporate travel



Are you someone that has to travel for business sometimes? If you are, you might have heard your friends saying things like “oh my gosh you’re so lucky to be able to travel and get paid for it”, or “that must be such an exciting part of your job!”  While these friends are partly right, sometimes it’s not all fun and excitement, as you may well know. Sure, it’s exciting to take your first business trip and stay in luxurious serviced apartments all around the world, but once you get down to your fifteenth or even twentieth business trip, things can lose some of their sheen.


Traveling for business sounds exotic but here are some of the biggest challenges that you can face:


  • Jet lag (and the subsequent recovery time) can take a few days off your routine when you come home or arrive. If you live in a place like Australia, it’s not so easy to just do a short flight from the United States or Europe.
  • When you travel a lot you can miss hanging out with friends and family. While some time away from family can be a great chance to get some alone time and to reset, the alone time doesn’t always happen if you’re heading to a busy conference.
  • Keeping your work flow going can often be difficult. While people travel with the best of intentions to keep working, the travel bug or jet lag can kick in. You want to spend your time overseas or in your new destination doing as much as you can while you’re there. This can be tricky to manage and requires discipline.
  • Making sure that you are eating well and getting enough exercise when you’re away can be difficult in some locations depending on where you stay, and what is around.


So with these in mind let’s look at the top seven ways to make corporate travel fun again.


Plan your trip like an adventure

While you might be traveling for business, your free time is always going to be your own. With that in mind make sure you plan your free time accordingly to make the most of it. There are plenty of guides and other websites like travel blogs available which can tell you the best things to do in pretty much every place in the world. As a result, it won’t be too difficult for you to pre-plan the activities that you’re going to spend your time on. This can be a great thing to do ahead of time, especially if you’re going to be pressed for minutes otherwise. Create an agenda and go for it.


Get some sunshine to reset your body

Part of getting over your jet lag is ensuring that you get some vitamin D from the sun once you’re on the ground in the new place. Well it might seem appealing to go and sleep for as long as you can, one of the best and most natural things that you can do for your body is to get outside and get some rays. Even if it’s only for 15 minutes, you’ll be sure to see the benefits of having some natural light on your body.


Use apps for planning

A wonderful part of traveling for business in this modern day and age is that there’s a huge range of apps available which can tell you what to do and how to plan your trip in a new city. Be sure to download a translation app (if that’s something you’ll need to use for where you’re going), and maximize the apps available, as they leave you free to enjoy your city with your device at your fingertips. Plus some might not even chew through your data – a fact which is often a bugbear of travelers.


Manage your flying like a champ

Do you have a squishy neck pillow? If you don’t, you need to get one. When you’re traveling on planes, there’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable. A quick way to get around this is to ensure that you have a bit of a travel kit packed up and ready to go which will ensure your comfort. Make sure you have a good moisturizer, that you drink plenty of water, you pack your squishy neck pillow, and possibly invest in some noise cancelling headphones or earplugs if noise is something that’s a problem for you. A good night’s sleep is a great way to enjoy a new city


Be kind to your jet lag

If you are jet lagged and are really feeling it then perhaps take it very easy. The only thing that you’re going to do is exhaust yourself, which may lead to you getting sick. This is not a great way to enjoy your trip. Plan little, rest often and eat well.


Meet your mates in the middle

If you’re looking to take a trip with friends, why not get them to meet you halfway to your destination. That way you all get to take a trip that’s exciting!



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