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Hi, My name is Sheila and I am the Living Smart Girl. My goal is to bring everyone the latest and greatest tips and advice on fitness, healthy choices, recipes, shopping, beauty, home and garden, family and parenting, daily deals, travel, and so much more. I love fitness, but life is more than just exercise and when you visit Living Smart Girl you can connect the dots and live a well rounded life ~ the Living Smart way :)

I love working online and spend most of my day blogging, and researching new topics and tips to bring my readers.

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Fun Gluten Free Snacking with Goldfish Puffs!

Disclosure ~ This is a sponsored post on behalf of Goldfish® Puffs and BlogMeetsBrand.  All opinions are 100% that of Living Smart Girl.
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Sometimes a girl just wants to feel like a kid again, and snacking on fun shaped foods makes me feel like a kid.  But, not all fun shaped foods are good for snacking, especially for someone who steers clear of gluten.  That is what makes these new Gluten Free Goldfish® Puffs one of my new favorite snacks.  I can snack like a kid again, gluten free style.

There are times when I just want to grab something quick, and so I like to keep fun finger snacks on hand.  Things that I enjoy eating because when I can enjoy a snack it then curbs my hunger and my cravings.  A handful of these cute little Goldfish Puffs make my day!  I also like to have fun snacks when I am on the go, so I fill little baggies with a handful of Goldfish Puffs and throw a baggie in my purse when I head out the door.

When I get the urge to snack, I am very careful about what I snack on.  I choose healthy things like fruits and veggies, and things that are low carb or low calorie.  But one of my main concerns when snacking is that I need to stay away from gluten as much as possible.  With my Fibromyalgia it seems that gluten triggers inflammation with causes pain, so the more I can be gluten free the better I feel.

Grabbing some Goldfish Puffs for snacking at home or on the go will for sure make you smile.  Don’t forget to share with your family and friends because everyone loves to snack and why not snack fun, and gluten free, with Goldfish Puffs.

Goldfish Puffs come in 4 flavors, Mega Cheese, Cheddar Bacon, Buffalo Wing and Barbeque, which means there is a flavor for everyone.  I got the Mega Cheese to try, and love them. I can’t wait to try the Barbeque, as I love most things barbeque. Tell me what your favorite snacks are.


What Supplements are Right for You?

In previous posts, I’ve tried to break the stigma that comes along with supplements. Some people still tend to think of them in the same perspective as steroids, but this simply isn’t the case. In simple terms, a supplement is something that completes or enhances something else. It’s basically a booster, an addition. When it comes to the human body, whatever is on your menu be it clean, raw, vegan, gluten-free, or burgers and fries – it’s hard to get every nutrient your body needs. That’s where supplements come in, you’re adding them in to complete what your body needs. Of course you can always stop into a store to find which are best for you, but you can also easily buy supplements online with Supps R Us. The Supps R Us website has a wealth of information including nutrition, training, and supplementation as well as deals and fantastic prices on those supplements.

Straight off something that catches my eye on the Supps R Us site is the Supplement Guide. Veterans to the supplement world might not need this information, but it’s very helpful for newbies to assess what nutrients they might be lacking. Select your gender, your goal – fat loss or bulk up, and your age to start the guide. You’re then given product and supplemental suggestions as well as tips and recommendations on what to eat and how to exercise. Giving the guide a shot choosing female, fat loss, and my age the Supps R Us supplement guide suggested “stacks” which are product combinations that would be the most beneficial for my goal categorized by price range. There’s also a section to fully customize my own stack. My supplemental suggestions included protein, a multivitamin, BCAAs, and a fat burner and explained how each would work best for me.

As far as the supplements themselves, they are broken down by brand – there’s even a detailed brand guide – as well as men’s and women’s sections to narrow down the search. The Supplementation category breaks the products down even further with specific goals in mind such as losing fat, general health, and bulking up. In each subset, there’s tons of information such as the different types of protein or which function as appetite suppressants. Supps R Us has every type of supplement imaginable and as they say on their site none of them are “dodgy”. They offer only the most sought after, reputable supplements in pill, powder, and bar form. They even toss in a free shaker with every order!

What supplement would your body thank you for trying?

Nominate a Mom for Mom Me-time Sweepstakes

This post brought to you by Best Western. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Living Smart Girl.

Life is busy and for many that means little family time or time to devote to enjoying the little things in life.  For Moms who are career driven and travel for work it can take a toll on them.  Even though travel is fun to some extent when it’s for work, it isn’t fun enough to be considered Mom Me-time.

Do you know a busy mom, a mom who travels for work?  One who deserves a vacation for herself, to relax and not “work” while gone?  Are you also a busy person who would like a vacation for yourself? Well have I got the sweepstakes for you.   Come over and nominate a mom you know for the Mom Me-Time Sweepstakes and if they win, you win too! One lucky mom will win five nights in any Best Western hotel and a $2,500 MasterCard® Gift Card!

And, In addition to helping a mom win a well-deserved vacation, the person who mominates her wins the same grand prize!  Now, I am sure you know just the MOM who would deserve this, right ?



Oh how I would love to be nominated for such a fun trip. (hint hint). But, I don’t travel for work like so many moms do.  I am lucky that way, as I get to work from home. But I do know many moms who travel, and sometimes I feel bad for them. When I travel, it’s generally for fun.  The few times I have traveled for work, have not been horrible but yet not relaxing either.

Check out this video about where kids talk about what their moms do.


Mom Me-Time Sweepstakes

Do you know a busy mom who deserves some “Me-Time”? MOMinate her today and you both could win a grand prize that includes 5 nights at a Best Western branded hotel and a $2,500 MasterCard gift card. Enter below and you’ll also have a chance to win a free room night in our daily drawing.ENTER HERE >>>>

Posted by Best Western on Wednesday, March 4, 2015

So, get your thinking cap on and nominate your favorite hard working mom for this great sweepstakes.  You know you both deserve it!!    Whether the prize is for just a mom to enjoy on her own, or maybe she will take her family with her for some quality family time, it’s one anyone can enjoy no matter what.


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Take Time for You with the OMG I Can Meditate App

Disclosure ~ This is a sponsored post for and BlogMeetsBrand.
All opinions expressed are 100% that of Living Smart Girl. #meditation

High school gym wasn’t my favorite class, but it gave me a break from the books. I was especially happy on the days we did what I know now is called progressive muscle relaxation. I didn’t know what it was called then, I was super happy for the time to relax though. We’d all pile into the wrestling room, pick out a spot on the soft mat, and stretch out. The gym teacher would hit the lights and turn on a recording. I don’t remember if it was a man or woman’s voice but they would guide us on how to relax first starting with our toes – tightening them, holding, then releasing and working our way through various body parts. It was incredibly relaxing and I looked forward to it. I’ve done some meditation as part of yoga since then, but never jumped head on into meditating partly because I didn’t think I could actually quiet this busy brain of mine and mostly because I just didn’t know how… until along came the OMG I Can Meditate app.


I was hesitant at first because when I say my mind is busy, I mean it. I’m physically always on the go and my brain is busier than that. I’m just a thinker. I think of to-do lists, recipes, blog post ideas, work, family, the past, the future. And when my brain doesn’t have anything specific to think of, it starts sorting through random thoughts like “why is a nose called a nose”? I’ve just always had a busy mind and meditation is meant to calm the busyness and focus on self reflection. There are a lot of benefits to meditation though including reducing stress, decreasing depression symptoms, and enhancing the quality of sleep among others. The OMG I Can Meditate app is meant to teach you how to meditate, but offers many features for seasoned meditators as well.


After downloading the meditation app – currently available on iOS – I briefly and easily set up an account and I was on my way. I was worried that I’d find the speaker’s voice annoying. It’s hard to relax if you do, but after choosing to start with the OMG Daily Meditations, I found Lynne Goldberg’s – the app’s personal meditation coach – voice gentle and soothing, but firm on instruction. The daily meditation program starts with the 7 Day Challenge where Lynne introduces herself and the program. She makes a point to remind people that they don’t need special skills to meditate but it does take practice. I was then able to choose how long I could devote to the first session, either 12, 14, or 16 minutes. You can do this with each daily meditation. I like that, some days I might have more or less time to devote to me. There are a full twelve weeks of the daily meditation program each with a different theme such as Are you Where your Body is, Meeting of the Mind, and Taming of the Mind. I haven’t made it through the entire course, but I can tell that it is definitely fantastic in exploring the various aspects of meditation. I particularly liked the reminders to bring myself back into the moment as my mind would tend to start being busy again and the reminders helped me focus on what I was doing. It’s great for mindfulness as well.

OMG lynne_image_1


Aside from the daily meditations, the OMG I Can Meditate app has so much more. There are missions such as taking a learning how to take a conscious breath with the goal to “take you out of thinking and into the present moment”. When you’re truly focusing on your breathing, it’s hard to think on anything else. This is powerful! When you master the mission you’re on, new missions are made available. The OMG I Can Meditate app includes specialty meditations such as relationship and family, health and wellness, stress and anxiety, life situations and more. There’s even a kids section in age brackets 6-9, 10-13, and 14-17 for those that want to learn how to meditate. The app also includes meditations to be first thing in the morning to start your day off with focus and intention or those that calm you down at night. I love that it offers a self-practice section where you can meditate on your own either to silence, music, or nature sounds. I’ve always found nature sounds to be incredibly relaxing and I can use the skills I’ve learned with the guided meditation to practice on my own. When I meditate I envision being in my most favorite places, like a warm beach near the ocean.

OMG Program_6



The OMG I Can Meditate app can be downloaded on iOS, there is a free version that allows you to explore the program with limited content and a premium version which includes the full program. The upgrade is priced at $12.99 monthly with an auto-renew feature or customers can choose to pay annually at $7.50 per month or $5.00 per month if you pay for two years. I would recommend giving the OMG I Can Meditate app for anybody needing some “me” time or those wanting to learn to meditate. It’s also great for those that know how to meditate, but need some structure or reminders to take personal time.


Do you meditate?  If so, how, when and where?

How would you like to win a FREE 3 Months of the new OMG. I Can Meditate Premium membership?  This is a $45 value ;)

How to enter ~  Leave a comment telling me if you meditate.

Come back daily and tell me if you gave yourself time to meditate that day.

Tweet this and leave me a comment with the tweet url.

Ends ~ March 31st, at Midnight.  I will pick 10 winners.
Please leave your email address on your comments so I can email you the activation code for your 3 Month Premium membership.


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Smooth Legs thanks to Gillette Venus Swirl

Disclosure ~ This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Gillette Venus.
#NewVenusSwirl, @GilletteVenus, @Walmart, @SheSpeaksUp.


Alright ladies ~  how many of you pretty much give up shaving in the winter?   Show of hands…  ME!!    I do for 2 reasons..   1. nobody sees my legs in the winter except me and my hubby and 2. shaving is a pain.    I am always getting nicks and dealing with crappy razors and the fact my bathroom is very ill lit and my shower is small, and basically.. I just don’t give myself enough time when I shower to shave all I need to shave.

I have owned many hair removal products and yet, haven’t found the “perfect” one.  But, this new Gillette Venus Swirl razor might be a girls new best friend.  See, girls legs have curves.  They are not straight, they have knees, ankles, bumps and grooves here and there.   At least mine do.   Gillette Venus Swirl is a fun new razor that helps me get a great shave because it moves with the flow of my legs (and other area’s) when I am shaving.  The Gillette Venus Swirl is the first and only razor with a flexiball and advanced blade technology to contour over curves to help get what other razors miss.  And let me tell you, it seriously does!!   It is a flawless shave with flawless skin to match.

Here are some great product notes ~

  • The new proprietary FlexiBall™ technology offers a totally unique movement like no other male or female razor on the market. Venus Swirl™ is the first and only razor with the FlexiBall™, moving in multiple directions to navigate all of the tricky areas of a woman’s body. It helps to shave those hard-to-reach places and capture hairs that other razors might miss.
  • Pesky knee and ankle hairs and other tricky areas are no match for Venus Swirl’s new Microfine Comb and five Contour™ Blades. Combined with FlexiBall™ movement, Venus Swirl™ moves like no other razor for flawless skin.
  • Venus Swirl™ is the first Venus razor to feature Gillette’s most advanced blade technology, with five Contour™ blades that cut hair at lower cutting force and have thinner, finer edges — the thinnest in Gillette’s history. The Contour™ blades individually adjust to a woman’s every curve and contour.
  • A water activated MoistureGlide™ Serum surrounds the blades for incredible glide.
  • The beautiful new violet-hued translucent handle combines a swirled pattern and ergonomic gripping design for outstanding control and easy handling for optimal maneuverability over those tricky areas.
  • For a more enriching experience, try Venus™ with a touch of Olay® VioletSwirl™ shave gel with 5x more moisturizers*.
  • Gillette’s best razor and shave gel lineup.

You can find the whole line at your local Walmart.   So, while it might still be winter and cold in most parts of the US, don’t let your legs get so furry to the point of needing a weed wacker to remove the hair.    Check out the new Gillette Venus Swirl and Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel.  Together they will have your legs looking and feeling amazing!

Wanna win a $20 Walmart Gift Card so you can buy yourself the Gillette Venus Swirl and Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel?   Leave me a comment telling me your worst shaving nightmare.  Winner will be chosen March 30th.   Open to US only.   Please leave your email with your comment so I can contact you if you win.

Tweet for an extra entry.  Once you tweet, come back and leave a 2nd comment with your url to the tweet.

Happy Spring :)



Snack Smarter,Be Healthy, Be Better with B-Up Bars

Disclosure ~ Living Smart Girl was compensated for our cooperation on this campaign. All opinions are 100% that of Living Smart Girl.
#bup #bupbar #cleantreat #YourUnlimitedPotential


It is so hard these days to find healthy snacks and bars that actually have all what we need.   Good ingredients, and good taste.  I have tried many, and continue to experiment to find ones that I love, and fit what my body needs.  I was excited to try B-up Bars.  I received a box of bars in a variety of flavors.  Now, if you follow me you know how picky I am.  I have things I just can’t eat, and things I won’t eat.  On top of that, I have issues with how certain things feel in my mouth.  I know, I am strange!!  LOL!!   But, it’s not only me it’s also my husband.  Yes, he struggles with finding bars he can A.) eat due to his low carb diet, and B.) are palatable as he has issues with how food feels in his mouth too!   That is why we are a perfect match!  ;)

My box had 1 of each of these bars ~ peanut butter, pb&j, sugar cookie, vanilla peanut butter, chocolate mint, cinnamon roll, a couple mini bars and a B Jammin’ bar.   My husband was excited to see the low carb count on most of these bars.  For him to find something like this that has 6g net carbs or less is a win win.  And, no junk and no fake sugar is the win win for me.   I have to say, that even though I am a huge cinnamon fan, my favorite is the chocolate mint as of right now.  Now, that might change because they all taste great!

B-Up Bars are great for us, and for anyone looking for a healthy choice for bars.  They are packed with 20g of protein and 18-20g of fiber.   Only 2-3g of sugar and 4-5g of net carbs.   Available in 6 yummy flavors so everyone can find ones they like.  Add to this that they are made with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives and are low sodium and gluten free.  Being Low Sodium sets them apart from may of their competitors.  Score… for us both!


Now, the fact that we both have issues with how things feel in our mouth made me a bit worried as I am not a fan of nougat or soft bars.  But these really changed my mind on that.  They are a soft nougat marshmallow type bar.  The fact that they taste great really makes the fact they are a soft not bother my mouth so much. (again, I am weird!)  A couple of the flavors like Sugar Cookie and Chocolate Mint are very unique. I ate my little sugar cookie bar and surprisingly.. it tasted just like a sugar cookie.

When you decided to buy B-Up bars you get not only a great tasting bar, but you can also get creative and add them to your recipes and meals to enhance the low carb lifestyle.   And studies show that incorporating protein into your diet can help build lean muscle and increase metabolism to burn fat.  Packed with plant based fiber to offset the carb intake.  These bars are perfect for anyone looking to add protein and watch their carbs, like my husband.   He now will be taking one a day to work with him for an addition to his morning meal.


It’s time for you to Be Healthy. Be Better. B-Up.    You can get a trial 6 pack of B-Up Bars, which is a great way to try all 6 flavors.  And, they have FREE SHIPPING on all orders.  You can also get a 12% discount on box orders (not to be used for the trial pack), by using coupon code yup29 Just check out their social media pages to see all the happy customers.  (links below).  They also add a personal touch to every order.  For example, Harun, one of the co-founders writes a personal note on every online order. We throw in a bracelet and stickers and other bars to try.    A little insight ~  B-Up is a product brought to you by Yup Brands. Yup stands for Your Unlimited Potential. UP, is Unlimited Potential.

These are so perfect to throw in a gym bag, purse, diaper bag, or your pocket for when you are on the go or at the gym or wherever.  Pack them in your lunch for when you are at work.  They are very filling which is another plus for me and my hubby.   If you haven’t seen or heard of B-Up Bars I encourage you to check them out.   We love them, and I am confident you will too!

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Personal Training for a Fitter You

A number of people today are making a positive change in their life by opting to incorporate exercise as part of their daily lifestyle and maintain it regularly in order to lead healthier lives. On a basic note, a well-balanced exercise schedule of strength, flexibility and cardio can help in bringing down cholesterol and high blood pressure while helping to balance one’s weight, strengthen bones, enhance sleep and boost energy while making you feel and look great.

But for an individual who is new to exercise, getting to move about can be quite an arduous task particularly if the last time the person enrolled in any kind of structured fitness training was in high school. To ensure that one’s training experience is positively balanced and to avoid the dwindling of motivation after the first session of exercises, it can help in hiring a personal trainer to work on a tailored program specific to your body requirements.

Image Source:

Getting a personal trainer, these days, can be quite economical as a number of health conscious people are understanding the need of employing a professional and health expert in advancing their personal health goals. With the help of a personal trainer, you will be able to understand the right technique of performing exercises while learning the correct structure of specific exercise methods. In addition, specific to your requirements, your daily fitness progression will be monitored under an expert eye that will further help in fast tracking your results.

Ideally, a professional trainer undertakes a complete health assessment that could include BMI index, strength abilities, cardio tests, code functionalities, and health questionnaires, range of motions, dietary queries and lifestyle examinations. These measurements are highly positive in identifying an individual’s requirements that might be needed to consider before building a structured schedule, such as corrective exercise to rehabilitate any current health condition.

More importantly, if you are a novice to exercise, a personal trainer can help you in staying motivated and can also keep you feel responsible and accountable for your exercise schedule.

Intermittently blending your exercise schedule with various forms of floor and machine exercises can not only  keep you stay interested in the exercise schedule but will also ensure that you achieve maximum results from the training. Although at first, it might be difficult to adapt or keep up to a customised exercise program in a matter of weeks it will become easier to follow it. Fitness trainers can also help in avoiding training plateau by constantly designing specific programs to challenge you in order to yield the right outcome.

In order to accomplish your exact health goals, it is important to choose and select the right health trainer. If you have clear objectives to be met such as losing additional weight, it can help in meeting and speaking with your potential fitness trainer to ensure that he/she has the necessary capabilities and expertise in the field of weight loss and dietary recommendations.

Overall, health results that you need to accomplish are basically waiting to be met by you, which lie on the other side of your comfort zone and given the right inducement, persuasion and inspiration by a personal trainer can ultimately be extremely helpful in reaching your health goals..

Carol is a full time writer with a background in medical journalism. She often writes articles related to health and obesity issues. Her particular interest includes on Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract US, a weight loss product made from garcinia cambogia fruit.

Using Downtime to Improve Mental Fitness


Keeping our minds sharp is a critical part of staying healthy. Too often we make the mistake of focusing almost exclusively on fat burning and muscle building and not enough on improving brain power. But without maintaining a strong mental state we can never hope to be as healthy as our shapely bodies would project. It’s for this reason why everyone ought to take time out of their day, everyday, to devote towards keeping their brains in the best shape possible.

It’s imperative to find something both mentally-rewarding and fun so you’re prone to do it in what little “lounge time” you have. Puzzle games on your smartphone or tablet are an obvious choice. But don’t get too comfortable once you get wise to a game’s strategy: the point is to always keep your mind active and challenged.

Need some ideas? Here are a few of the more interesting brain-strengthening activities easy to perform during downtime:

Learning a second language: This is a perfect mental activity for couples and families, but is just as much a brain-builder when done solo. Radio ads might lead you to believe there’s only one kind of way to learn a new language with excitement, yet you’d be surprised how much you can learn from activities you do everyday. For example, watching American movies and television is consistently cited as one of the more common ways people around the world learn English. There’s no reason we can’t do the reverse and watch French movies and TV to learn French. Bilingual brains are consistently shown to be more efficient. In essence, they’re in better shape.

Playing music: According to research conducted by the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, people with musical instrument experience are quicker to pick up on mistakes and fix them than the rest of the population. This is just one of the many mental benefits associated with playing a musical instrument. The variety of instruments available suit a wide range of budgets and tastes, enabling virtually anyone to find something they enjoy playing on a regular basis. Proper instruction may seem like the elephant in the room when it comes to using your downtime, but schedule-friendly instructors in your area are easy to find via and similar services.

Reading: You’re performing this mental exercise right now. Reading is without a doubt one of the most mentally-rewarding activities one can perform on a regular basis without boring themselves to death. Reading helps the brain in two ways: one we learn new information and add to our knowledge base, and two, we become better at anticipating experiences before encountering them, reducing poor choices and bad behaviors. This is particularly true when one reads a well-written novel. No, text messages aren’t exactly a good example of brain-building reading material.

Not enough emphasis is put on brain health when we talk about personal fitness. Yet no other component of our physique is more critical to keeping in shape. Staying sharp is fundamental to a life of success. Take the time to find something fun to work your brain with. Puzzle games are great, sure, but there’s plenty more out there for you to do to maintain your mental agility. Give some of these ideas a try in your downtime. Feel the brain burn.


Cinderella Cinderella – Movie Review


Ever since I was a little girl Cinderella has been one of my favorite Disney movies.   I was so excited to get the chance to attend a pre-screening of the NEW Cinderella movie!  Made me feel like a kid again, even though it wasn’t the animated movie, it still brought back those feelings I had when I was a little girl.

This movie had me silently watching, reliving being a young girl, and dreaming about a fairytale life.   The cast was outstanding and I was so impressed with the film magic.  (like turning critters into things).

The cast was as follows ~

Lily James did an amazing job, and is so beautiful.   She makes you fall in love with her character and feel like you have known her for years.  You feel her pain when she loses her mother, and when she learns of her father’s passing.  You sympathize with her, when she has to deal with the meanness of her step mom and step sisters.

Cate Blanchett sure can make a person hate her.  LOL!  She is an amazing actress and did an amazing job of making everyone want to smack her.  But, in the end her character got what she had coming.    The step sisters also did a great job portraying the evilness in the movie.

If you were a Cinderella fan before, you will definitely love this movie and be a renewed fan.



Staying In Touch With Family Is Easy with T-Mobile

Disclosure ~ This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.
All opinions are mine alone. #ChangingPrepaid #CollectiveBias


With technology ever changing I find myself so wrapped up in things like texting instead of calling, or emailing or using social networks to keep up with thing rather than watching the news or reading a paper.  It just blows my mind to think back of growing up, and not having all these awesome gadgets we have now.   What did us teens do ? LOL!  But, sometimes being a a tech nerd (yes, I am a nerd) I find that I miss out on some things in life.  One for example is keeping in touch with my Dad. My Dad lives about an hour away and I don’t see him very often.  I know, it’s only an hour right?  Well, he is retired and busy and I work and am busy and that is just how life goes.   There was a time that I used to love to talk on the phone, but the last couple years my health condition (Fibromyalgia) has gotten worse and my neck hurts bad and talking on the phone irritates it terribly.   So, because of that I just don’t call people anymore.  I find myself keeping up with things by texting, or using Facebook to find out what’s going on in everyone’s world.

My Dad is not one that is very tech savvy.   He isn’t on Facebook but his girlfriend is.  I can share stuff with her and she will show him.  But, that doesn’t solve the issue of things like me wanting to share pictures when I am on vacation, or a simple text to say – Hey Dad.. I love you  – or things like that.  I always have to call him.   And like I said, I don’t do phone calls due to being in pain.   I was so excited to learn about T-Mobile’s Simply Prepaid Plans.   I thought, I want to do something great for my Dad!  So, I got him a phone and set him up with a few months of prepaid service.  All thanks to my local Hermantown, Mn., Walmart.
If you shop Walmart you can find their phone in the entertainment section.


Once you find your way to the entertainment section you will see the the T-Mobile display like this one.


I grabbed a Galaxy Advant for my Dad and a few months of the Simply Prepaid Plan. For just $40 dollars a month you get 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text. This will be perfect for my Dad!  Introducing Simply Prepaid from T-Mobile.   We don’t have to settle for second-rate prepaid wireless anymore.  Now he and I can text, share pictures (and he loves to take pictures) and we can even talk on the phone, using speaker, so I am not in pain.   Introducing – The T-Mobile Simply Prepaid Plan is great also because it offers Unlimited talk, text, and data with a person’s choice of a high-speed data amount (*with a max speed of 8Mbps), all starting at just $40 a month.  Even though my Dad won’t have a clue what that means, I will and that makes me happy because he won’t have to worry about a thing.


I am so excited to now be able to keep in touch with my Dad in a way that I know will not only help me, but him as well.  I think he feels out of touch with the rest of us tech family members.   And, he will enjoy all the fun stuff his new Galaxy Advant can do.  Surf the web, play games, take pictures, and even check the weather.  (he is a huge weather bug)

  • Get Unlimited talk, text, and data with your choice of a high-speed data amount(*with a max speed of 8Mbps) starting at $40/month
  • On T-Mobile’s Nationwide 4G LTE Network
  • No overages, credit check, or annual service contract required

It seems that the wireless industry has decided that prepaid customers should settle because of how they choose to pay.   Prepaid plans often have slow data, a spotty network, and second rate phones or little selection to choose from.  But, with Simply Prepaid you get 4G LTE data on T-Mobile.    T-Mobile is changing everything one knows about wireless.  Now it is time to change prepaid!  The best in wireless, now in prepaid!

If you could gift a new phone and T-Mobile’s Simply Prepaid Plan to someone, who would it be and why?

Tweet this with your answer  ~