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Hi, My name is Sheila and I am the Living Smart Girl. My goal is to bring everyone the latest and greatest tips and advice on fitness, healthy choices, recipes, shopping, beauty, home and garden, family and parenting, daily deals, travel, and so much more. I love fitness, but life is more than just exercise and when you visit Living Smart Girl you can connect the dots and live a well rounded life ~ the Living Smart way :)

I love working online and spend most of my day blogging, and researching new topics and tips to bring my readers.

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Giving is the Ultimate Gift

During the holiday season, the idea of gift giving is in plane sight of most people. However, it is more than just buying objects for friends and family members. It is possible to give happiness to yourself when you see a smile on the person’s face when they receive the gift. In this day in age it is seemingly difficult to really make someone smile and really take them away from a digital screen and into the here and now. It is a sign of the times and just the way the world is evolving. It is that smile though that every person on this planet shares and directly connects to the heart, mind and soul. It is that window that can’t be faked or distorted. Sure, there are fake smiles we have all put on for one reason or another. The instant smile though, the one that just can’t be helped and the one that remains on the face long after the gift is given, that is what it is all about, and it is the look on that person’s face that remains with you forever. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could give the gift of happiness and pure joy to more than just a handful of people? It would be pretty incredible. But what if you only know a handful of people? Well, how about helping out those people you don’t know? You don’t need to have a personal relationship with someone in order to make them happy. You just need a will and a way. Thankfully, it is possible to have both.

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way



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There are people in the world today who have a dream to experience something, yet they might not have the means to do it. Maybe someone wants to take a loved one to Disney World but just doesn’t have the money to do so. Perhaps there is a lasting memorial a person wants to create for a family member, but times are tough and there’s nothing they can do about it. What would you do if a stranger reached out and helped you out in your time of need? Maybe you had medical bills you couldn’t pay and didn’t know where else to turn, or you just wanted a small wedding for you and your significant other, but neither of you have any money to spend on daily activities, let alone for a wedding. Think of the pure level of joy you would feel if someone, a perfect stranger, reached out and offered a small token or a way to help. It just shows that there are good people, plenty of good people in this world today, and it really can restore your faith in humanity. Now, wouldn’t you want to help someone else out if you could, and be that shining beacon? It would be truly amazing, even if you never meet that person, just to know how much good you did in someone else’s life.


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Anything and Everything

You could just start randomly tapping people on the shoulder on the street and ask them  what they need help with, but that might not turn out so well. Instead, you can look through Community Grands listings and find someone or something that really touches you. Different things inspire us all, so something different might touch you. Just know, that behind a simple present to an individual you might not know, you are giving the gift of happiness. And in the world today, is there really anything else you can give that is better than happiness?

The best places to explore on a Caribbean cruise


There are so many reasons to go on an exotic Caribbean cruise. Endless white sandy beaches, beautiful islands, crystal clear waters and tropical conditions all year round are just the start. So which are the best places to visit? Below is a quick guide to the most exciting places to explore on a Cruise Deals Caribbean adventure:

Falmouth, Jamaica

Forget about Kingstone, situated in the North of Jamaica is Falmouth, one of Jamaica’s most amazing Georgian towns. Falmouth was once one of the busiest ports in Jamaica and has a very authentic Jamaican feel. Once you’ve passed through the man made port, inspired by Georgian replica buildings then you’ll be on the streets of a bustling Jamaican town. Why not enjoy some street side jerk chicken whilst you perch on a bench watching the lazy Jamaican days pass by.

Bridgetown, Barbados

Barbados is more than just stunning beaches. Visit Bridgetown, Barbados’ most vibrant city. An eclectic mix of all that is traditional in Caribbean culture juxtaposed against the new shopping malls and eateries of Barbados, making this city a hybrid that is not to be missed. Street vendors line the streets selling ice cold snow cones and if you really want to enjoy some Barbadian culture, head to Cheapside Market. You’ll find the best fresh produce, including meats and vegetables at shockingly low prices.

Isla Cozumel

The Mexican island is a paradise for divers thanks to its beautiful coral reefs. On the east side of the island there is an amazing 7 miles of gorgeous coastline made up of both deserted beaches and popular tourist spots. Whether you want to swim out to a hidden water cave and wonder at the sea turtles or drink cocktails at a bustling beach bar, you won’t be disappointed. If you prefer cultural excursions make sure you head to the hidden Mayan ruins. The site is supposedly home to the goddess of fertility, Ixchel and an important part of Cozumel’s history.

Road Town, Tortola  

Experience the delights of Road Town, one of the British Virgin Islands. Road Town is the place for the explorer in you, with acres upon acres of ancient rainforest. Be sure to visit Sage National Park where you can appreciate all the beautiful forestry and botanical plants on horseback. If you fancy a more cosmopolitan experience, head to Main Street where you’ll find museums and monuments galore.

So, what are you waiting for? See all the amazing natural wonders the world has to offer and book a Caribbean cruise now.


Myths about Liposuction

Liposuction (2)

You will hear tons of medical myths when it comes to liposuction. However, before you believe in hearsay and make your decision based upon it, it is important that you consult a physician; you might be surprised by what you hear. Here are some common myths.

Liposuction Removes Cellulite

There are tons of treatments in the modern medical world that target the cellulite in your body but Liposuction is not one of them. Cellulite removal allows your skin to snap back into its proper place while liposuction removes the fat out of your body but does not affect the skin.

Liposuction Is a Weight Loss Tool

Liposuction can by no means act as a replacement for exercise and diet. This is the procedure you opt for to treat your problem areas or when both diet and exercise fail.

There is a Particular Age for Liposuction

As the adage goes, age is just a number. Since skin is not a factor that is counted for the treatment, you can have the procedure done at any age you want. You should not expect a miracle at any certain age but you should not forego discussing everything that you are concerned about with your doctor at Sono Bello.

Being Obese Automatically Qualifies You as the Perfect Candidate for Liposuction

This may seem a bit counterintuitive; however, the ideal candidate is one who is slightly overweight; someone who is fairly close to their target weight but has trouble with the last few steps. This is because higher skin elasticity is a plus when it comes to the degree of success of post surgical results in this case.

Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Are the Same

This is not exactly true. For example, you are a mother and you are not sure which procedure to go with. Liposuction gets rid of fat but not the stretch marks and the stretched skin that you got after pregnancy. A tummy tuck procedure can get rid of abdominal fat, excess skin and some marks.

Liposuction Is Not For Men

If you are a man considering this procedure, you should know that you are not the only one. Robert Cohen, a Plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, states that one of the most common reasons you will see a man at the plastic surgeons is for liposuction. Frank Lista, a Toronto plastic surgeon, has observed the same trend. He says that the operation is similar for both the sexes and men find their stubborn fat areas in chest, love handles, and the abdomen.

Show Up To Work Flawless After Surgery

Liposuction is nothing like going to the dentists. After the surgery, you have to go through a recovery period. The swelling, for instance, takes around a week to go away; the patients start seeing accurate results by this time. Most people are advised by their doctors to take some time off work when going for the procedure. That being said, every individual recovers differently and because of that you need to know your limitations and keep an eye on how you are healing.


When Life Happens, Get a Massage at Massage Envy! #BecauseMoment

This post was sponsored by Massage Envy as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.
#BecauseMoment, #IC  #ad

Living in pain is something that so many people deal with now days, and I happen to be among the millions that live day to day struggling with health issues that cause pain.  I have Fibromyalgia, and while there are many prescription medications that can help ease up some of my symptoms and my pain, I am one who chooses other methods to ease my pain. I love massage, and for years it has been my go to treatment to help relieve my pain.  My massage love started about 15 years ago when my husband bought me a gift certificate for my birthday for a massage. I was scared as I had never had one, and didn’t know what to expect.  Well, I fell in love with massage and have since even thought about becoming a massage therapist.  My love for massage has become more of a need for massage to help get a handle on the pain from my health condition.  I know that there are many people who benefit from massage like me.  There is nothing like having someone work all those muscles and get things in the body flowing like they should. I recommend massage to all my friends and family because I am a firm believer in it.  When I first learned of Massage Envy I was really hoping one day one would open in my town.

I used to hit up any ad in the paper or online that had a deal for massage at the local massage places.  Because I use it as a must have treatment I figure into my monthly budget the cost and so when I can save money on a massage I am all over that.  I was so excited when I heard that my area was opening a Massage Envy and was one of the first to inquire about the services.  I now have a membership and get 2 massages there a month.  I go for a 90 minute because that is what is best for my body.  They offer 60, 90 and 120 minute massages and you can add aromatherapy, deep muscle therapy, or sugar foot scrub therapy to your massage.


I like a nice 90 minute massage because, well things happen every day and I deserve it!  Might be that I am running late to work, or appointments, or burning a holiday dinner, or stuck in traffic or on a plane. Whatever it is, life can be tough.  My body works hard and that is why Massage Envy is here to help me take care of it. They can help take care of me through every ache, pain and stress life throws my way.   We need total body care.  That is where we pause during the day and check in and tune up.  Massage Envy believes in total body care.  It is an integral part of everyone’s wellness journey.  They are dedicated to helping their members and guests achieve total body care.   We all like to treat our bodies, but treating your body well shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be a must do.  Massage Envy is a leader in providing accessible massage and skin care services and is there to help all of us manage this thing we all call living.  So, when life happens, get a massage at Massage Envy!  When is the last time you had a massage?



Why You Should Visit Cuba ASAP

Cuba 3

With the recent news that the US trade embargo is to be lifted and the embassy re-opened following a 50 year stand-off, the world is waiting to see how Cuba will change over the coming months. Famous for its turbulent political history and the Cold War, outside the US, the island is also known as a wonderful holiday destination. Full of sun, sea, and salsa, find out how to see Cuba and its unique charm before it’s gone.


They say that the best index of culture is food – so Cubans know how to show off. It’s worth noting that state-owned restaurants are more expensive, so to get a real taste of Cuban cuisine, head to a nearby palade – a privately-owned eatery usually in somebody’s house or garden. Meat lovers will be very happy here, with lots of pork and chicken on the menu, often marinated in citrus fruits and garlic. That said, vegetarian specialities do exist, including a delicious cheesy corn-on-the-cob. Be sure to grab some churros and chocolate sauce to enjoy with a yummy cuban coffee in the afternoon.



As a result of the US trade embargo, one of the characteristic features of Cuba today (to outsiders) is the abundance of classic cars on the roads. It’s easy to take a tour or a taxi ride in a souped-up 1950s chevy, and many tourists look forward to this unique experience. Another big part of Cuban culture to soak up while it lasts is the homegrown music scene, as the origin of salsa and jazz music elsewhere. An evening in Havana allows plenty of opportunity to grab a drink and join some salsa dancers in a club to get the full experience, or even try a locally crafted cigar.



Part of the appeal of Cuba is the country’s eclectic history, with aspects of indigenous, African, and Spanish colonial artefacts a part of daily life. Old Havana’s gorgeous architecture holds plenty of museums to learn more about the country, including the Museum of the Revolution, putting the current affairs of the country in context. For a taste of 19th century life, you can spend a night or two in Trinidad, formerly the sugar capital of the country and almost untouched since 1850.


Natural Beauty

Home to some of the best preserved coral reefs in the world, Cuba’s beaches are a reason in themselves to visit. The Isle of Youth and Maria la Gorda, on the western coast, are some of the best spots for scuba diving and snorkelling. Otherwise, the Viñales Valley national park is an ideal spot for hiking, climbing the famous mogotes mountain formations, or even going caving.


Look Fabulous All The Time with Fabletics


Whether you are lounging, working out, or out on the town, Fabletics has something that is perfect for you.  And, they have a great deal going on right now, for the week of Black Friday.  Every day is a different deal… go check out today’s.

If you haven’t heard of Fabletics, you must check them out.  It is a great way to treat yourself to a new outfit every month.  Or, you can skip any month you want and just get an outfit a couple times a year.  Either way, you will love their clothing and all the fun you can have playing mix n match with the pieces.  I can’t wait to get my recent order, and sport my new leggings and tops I just had to have.

Tell me your favorite styles, and what you are dying to have.


Small Dogs Love #AvoDermNatural


This post is sponsored by Avoderm® and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Avoderm Revolving Menu but Living Smart Girl only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.
Avoderm is not responsible for the content of this article.
#AvoDermNatural @AvoDermNatural



If you are reading this you know of my love for my dogs.  One might say I am a crazy dog lady.  My husband says it’s a good thing we are together because he keeps me grounded, otherwise I would have a house full of dogs.  I love dogs!!  I can’t help it.  LOL!   But, I do have to keep my head on straight because every dog needs special attention and there is only one of me to go around.  I have Marshall and Poika, but soon will have a 3rd little dog.  I am taking in Poika’s Mommy, Gracie.  The breeder is looking to home her as she is done having puppies and needs a good home, and I must toot my own horn and say my home is amazing!!  I will have 3 dogs once again.  I used to have 3, when my other two Shih Tzu’s were still alive.  I swore I wouldn’t do that again, but Poika is so full of energy and needs a playmate so I think adding another little doggie is just a good idea.  I have to face it, that Marshall is old and will be going to doggy heaven soon so I don’t want Poika to be alone.   So, my home will soon have 2 little doggies.   And, since Poika loves Avoderm, I will be transitioning Gracie to Avoderm as well.  AvoDerm Natural® Revolving Menu® will be a staple for my fur babies.


I did a couple post the last 2 months regarding Avoderm to give you some info about the food and why it is a great choice for your dogs.  Nutrition for Healthy Happy Dogs and Spoil Your Dogs with Avoderm.  I touched on why one should choose Avoderm.  Check out those posts if you haven’t seen them yet.  They will answer any questions about Avoderm you might have.  My main reasons for feeding this to my dogs is because it is grain free, gluten free, LID (limited ingredient diet), made in the USA, and has a formula for small dogs, which is what Poika and Gracie are.

Check them out on their social media channels  ~ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their Website Avoderm Naturals.

Not sure where to find Avoderm?   You can check out the product locator to find a store near you.



Black Friday Deals at The Penny Hoarder


Looking for some of the best deals on the internet?  Check out the Penny Hoarder for all the #BlackFriday shopping deals, steals, and must have goodies.    Don’t leave the house to do your Black Friday shopping. Stay home, comfy and warm and avoid the yelling, screaming, rude people and shop online.

Seven Cycle Training Tips


Cycling is a great way to get fit especially if you do it the right way. Here are seven tips to help you to get the most out of riding a bike for fitness.

Set your bike up properly

To be able to ride comfortably, you need to have your bike set up properly for you. Riding a bike with a saddle that is too high will put an unnecessary strain on your back, knees and hips and means that you will not get the most out of each push of the pedals. On a properly prepared bike, you will be able to ride further and go faster, which means that you will burn more calories.

The bike has to be the right frame size. It is also important to adjust your handlebars properly as well as your seat.

Ditch the junk

How much your bike weighs has a big impact on how fast you can ride. If you are going out for a cycle tour, you need to be sure just to take the essentials.

There are plenty of good quality yet lightweight cycling accessories available that are designed specifically with sports cyclists in mind. You can find what you need on this great online bike shop.

Carry what you need on the bike

Carrying the few items you do need like water, a pump and waterproofs on the bike itself is also a good idea. That way the bike takes the strain instead of you and ensures that you do not experience chaffing from the straps of a rucksack.

Stay safe

Wearing the right safety kit, is very important because it keeps you safe. It also has an impact on how you feel when you are on your bike. If you are wearing good quality safety gear you will feel more confident, which means that you will push yourself just that little bit more.

Remember your sunglasses

Riding with sunglasses will also help you to move faster as well as protect your eyes. The faster you go the more calories you will burn.

Eat properly

If you are planning to go cycle training, it is important to prepare your body before you start. You need to give your body the fuel it needs before you start to ensure that you get as much as possible out of each cycling workout.

Be sure to take a few carbohydrate drinks with you to consume while on your bike. That way you can avoid hitting the wall and wasting some of your riding time because you cannot keep up the pace.

Stay hydrated

The other fuel your body needs is fluids. If you do not stay hydrated, your blood volume will decrease as you ride. That will stop your body from delivering the oxygen your muscles need to keep you riding at a pace that burns fat.

If you do the above, you will be able to set challenging fitness goals for yourself and reach them without hurting yourself.


Goodbye to My Lines, Wrinkles and Crows Feet

Disclosure ~ This is a sponsored post on behalf of RoC®. All opinions expressed are 100% mine and honest.
#RoCRetinolResolution #IC #ad


Aging is no laughing matter, because when we laugh our age really shows in the lines around our eyes and mouth.  The older I get the more and more I see my Mom in me, because I see the same lines and wrinkles I saw on her face.  One might say that they embrace every single line or wrinkle because they all tell a story.  Well, I would rather not be an open book, and only want to tell some of my story! I might only be 44, but sometimes when I look in the mirror I see a much older woman because of all I have been thru and the issues I deal with on a daily basis.


I am not one to show myself in public with no makeup on my face.  I mainly wear makeup because of my uneven skin tone, and to try and hide some of my lines.  I have tried many products on the market to rid my face of lines and wrinkles only to throw money out the window.  But, I am now a forever user of RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream and so glad that I can grab it at any Walmart I might happen to be shopping at.  It is hard in pictures to see a change, but you can see that in the before picture I had makeup on and you can still really see my lines.  Just a few short weeks later, after an intense workout I took the after picture with no makeup on and you can see my lines, but they are smaller.   I hope with continued use they will slowly go bye bye.  I am glad I took the RoC® RETINOL RESOLUTION.

Now I am sure you are asking, What is the RoC® RETINOL RESOLUTION?  Let me tell you ~  you are invited to get a head start on your upcoming 2016 year by making a resolution.  A RETINOL RESOLUTION to look and feel your most beautiful this holiday season.   It’s easy to make the RoC® RETINOL RESOLUTION.  Just start now and make a resolution to turn heads this holiday season by giving the clinically proven RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream a try.  Visibly smooth your wrinkles in only 4 weeks.  Make your pledge now and enter into a one of a kind sweepstakes through November 30th.  Check it out here.

RETINOL ~  An essential part of a skin care regimen.  Retinol helps collagen depleted skin.  #1 dermatologist recommended cosmetic anti-aging ingredient, to improve the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles.

RoC® RETINOL  ~ Product Claim: RoC® RETINOL is up to 2x stronger than imitators based on vitro RETINOL activity in RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream.

Board Certified New York Dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman says ~

“Overnight your skin works to repair itself, so it’s important to have a good bedtime facial routine. RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream is clinically proven and contains a mix of pure retinol and an essential mineral complex, which is designed to work through the night to help reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles.”

This will be a staple in my beauty bag because I love the results I am seeing.  It’s never to early or to late to start taking care of your skin and slow down the aging process.  Give RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream a try and tell me what you think about it.

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