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Hi, My name is Sheila and I am the Living Smart Girl. My goal is to bring everyone the latest and greatest tips and advice on fitness, healthy choices, recipes, shopping, beauty, home and garden, family and parenting, daily deals, travel, and so much more. I love fitness, but life is more than just exercise and when you visit Living Smart Girl you can connect the dots and live a well rounded life ~ the Living Smart way :)

I love working online and spend most of my day blogging, and researching new topics and tips to bring my readers.

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Staying Stress Free During the Height of Your Career


Landing a dream job is an exciting time in anyone’s life, but with any job comes stress. Stress can come from an overbearing co-worker or boss, working too many hours, not being able to reach deadlines, or because you’re not used to the demanding schedule yet. No matter what it may be, it’s important to learn how to manage your stress before it manages you. In any case a dream job is worth it, but if you start to sacrifice your health and are unhappy you may want to consider if it’s going to work out long term. Remember to set boundaries so that you stay happy and healthy. Here are some ways to stay stress free when you’re mixed up in the chaos of it all.


Be Direct yet Polite with Co-Workers

Communication is key when you’re working with a new boss and co-workers. Whether your job is remote or if it’s at an office, unless you communicate your concerns and frustrations constructively with the co-worker as they come up, it’s likely that these miscommunications will only get worse. To save you a lot of stress and anger, address issues that come up right away. By communicating both you and your boss or co-worker will learn how to work better together and hopefully will also learn one another’s personalities and working style.


Lean How to Manage Tension Headaches and Muscle Aches

When you’re stressed out it’s natural that your stress will get stored somewhere, such as your muscles or head. Stress can lead to headaches which can make work more challenging when you’re working on an assignment. Receive stress relief by investing in excellent products from Melt Method such as a soft body roller, hand and foot treatment, and a Melt Method kit that can help reduce your daily aches and pains. Who wants to experience pain when you have a ton of tasks to complete for your job?! Learning how to manage your stress naturally with pain treatments can help.


Get Enough Rest

When you’re at the height of your career getting enough rest may seem like the last thing on your mind, but the truth of the matter is if you don’t get rest everything else will be affected. Sleeping controls your concentration, how much you remember every day, and can affect serious things such as your driving skills and overall health. In addition a lack of sleep can cause you to gain weight and can also lead to depression. Make sure you’re getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night, and if that’s too much take some time off during your weekends to catch up on sleep. Your health depends on it!


Tis the Season for Allergies so #PassThePuffs

Disclosure ~ I participated in the Pass The Puffs blog program as a member of One2One Network.
I received compensation but all opinions are my own.


Do you ever feel like you shouldn’t leave your house in the winter because every where you go people are sick and spreading germs?  That is how I feel.  I would love to lock myself inside all winter!   But, I live in the here and now so don’t lock myself inside as I like to enjoy life.   With that, means I generally get a cold or two over the winter.  And, just when I think cold and flu season is past me, I am smacked in the face with allergies!  Darn, can a girl catch a break?

Usually when hubby and I travel I go in and out with my allergies.  Depending on what state, what time of year, what hotel, etc., you will find me with itchy watery eyes, sniffling, sneezing, and all the fun symptoms that come with those darn allergies.   I don’t know how I never had them when I was little, and the older I get the worse they get.  But, regardless of the why or how, at least I don’t look a mess when my eyes start watering or my nose starts running.   I grab my Puffs Facial Tissue and know that my skin won’t pay a high price and be chapped or dry due to the constant wiping of eyes or nose.

When hubby and I traveled to Florida in December it never dawned on me that in the middle of winter my allergies would surface. Well I was so wrong!   Not only on our trip to Florida did I suffer with allergies, but on the way home. I was fine when we were there.   All I can figure is there is stuff in different states that my body just isn’t fond of!  LOL!   I was so glad to have my Puffs Facial Tissue on hand for our whole trip.  Not only did I use it to keep my makeup from running down my face as my eyes watered with every state we drove thru, but also used it for my runny nose, to cover my mouth when I was coughing, and even shared it with my hubby when he too got a runny nose.

Puffs wants you to know that Puffs tissues is on a mission.  Yup… they want to help people look and feel their best during the cold and flu season. Puffs has just the right amount of softness to sooth that irritation caused by the sniffles, coughing and sneezing.  You can now tackle all your face has to face.

Puffs tissues is on a mission to help people look and feel their best this cold and flu season with just the right amount of softness to sooth irritation caused by sniffles, coughing and sneezing – helping them tackle tall that their face has to face.   Since winter is always hard on our face, Puffs has Puffs Plus Lotion which contains a touch of Shea Butter, Aloe and Vitamin E to provide comfort for the worst cold and flu symptoms life throws your way.  And, they are the only national brand that is dermatologist tested to be gentle on skin. So, put your best face forward no matter the weather or the season.  Puffs Plus Lotion is Puff’s most soothing tissue with Air-fluffed™ pillows for more cushiony thickness – why face winter any other way?  Check out Puffs on Facebook.

My 4 Favorite Things #BendTheRules

Disclosure ~  This awesome post by me is all about my favorite things.  It is sponsored by HP, but all opinions are 100% that of mine.
#BendTheRules #ThatBassTour  #BendTheRulesSweepsNashville

We all have things that we like, or can’t live without, right?   I could make a list a mile long of things I love, but for me I like to focus on 4 things that are a huge part of my daily life.   My time with my family (and dog), my fitness, my work, and travel.  All other things in life just fall where they may as long as these 4 things remain a constant.   Just like the HP Pavilion x360 ~ it has 4 things that make it great!   We all should live by the 4 things rule.   What are yours ?

I have teamed up with HP and Meghan Trainor to bring you some great info HP x360 and All About That Tour – a behind the scenes look at all the goings ons with Meghan’s tour.   I have loved Meghan Trainor since hearing her on the radio the very first time.   She is cute and talented!


I enjoy my work, and I bet not too many people can say that.    My work consists of me being able to be home, earn money and help my family.  Yes, there are days I am stressed, and tired and just want to stay in bed, but once I am up and my feet hit the floor it’s full steam ahead for a full day of blogging, networking, keeping up with all the companies I run as well as my daily home chores.  I say chores because cleaning and laundry aren’t really fun, but things that need to be done.. so they are chores.    But, while I am working at my new stand up desk, I enjoy having my HP x360 on my desk so I can multi-task while I work. Having it sitting on my desk in notebook mode works great for listening to my favorite artists which puts me in the groove to get my work done better as music puts me in a good mood.   How about you?  Do you like music?  What do you shake it too, or what get’s your mojo going?


My day moves right along and late morning is my ME time.  This is the time I grab my HP x360 and head to my workout room.  This is a room I have filled with every single fitness thing a girl could want.   I love my fitness time, and using my HP x360 in the tent mode helps me either do a great workout from any one of the great websites that offer free workouts. Or, I just pull up my favorite music list, and let myself escape into the workout while jamming out to great tunes.  Of course, Meghan is top on my music list.



After a great workout my day is not complete until evening when I can spend family time with my hubby, dog, a good TV show, or just relaxing and playing on my HP x360 till my eyes are heavy and it’s time for bed.   See my cute dog Marshall watching me.. wondering what I am doing.  Well I am playing on my laptop while it’s in standing mode, as I lay on the floor.    I also like to snuggle in my big chair and use my HP x360 in tablet mode.   I even let my hubby use it once in a while, see how nice a girl I am ;)

Now, I am sure you are thinking.. what about your 4th favorite thing.  Well, like I said above, that is travel.  I love to travel and when I am not working, or doing my home favorite things I am planning great travel for hubby and I.   Travel for us might be a day outing just the two of us, trying a new place to eat, or a weekend getaway, or a longer vacation.  Regardless, my HP x360 comes with me because I need it for my work and my fitness… and of course my relaxing time.

Make sure you follow along with the Meghan Trainor tour by watching Behind the Scenes episodes or following @HP for updates.   Check out the HP Meghan Trainor That Bass Tour landing page.    So, what are your 4 favorite things?   I would love to hear, so please share with me.

Norwex March Specials


Have you wondered about Norwex?   Well wonder no more!!   If you have not looked at our products, or tried our products you are missing out.  Eliminate all the toxins in your home by using our cloths and water.  Yes, just a cloth and water.   No harsh cleaning products needed to get the job done, and done way better.   I absolutely love my kitchen cloth for all my kitchen cleaning needs.   My bathroom has never been so clean, and all done with no harsh chemicals.   And, my body.. soft, smooth and irritant free thanks to throwing out all the harsh body washes/soaps I was used to using.  Just my body cloth and water.   And shaving is so much easier.  I use my body cloth, and then I shave.  No soap, or shaving cream.. just the razor on my skin.   Save your skin, and save on razors.

I would love to talk to you about Norwex if you have questions.     Check out my site, join my newsletter list, or comment here with your questions.

And… MARCH is join free month.  You can join as a Norwex consultant for FREE ($10 shipping), get a kit and get started on your Fresh Start program to earn tons of goodies FREE.


Feed Your Winter Blahs #WowWithTownHouse

AuthorLogo Disclosure ~ This post is sponsored by Kellogg’s. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



Everywhere I look people are sharing their blustery cold temperatures, pictures of feet of snow, and general lack of enthusiasm for the winter season. Who can blame them? It’s cold! Often I catch myself hibernating, only venturing out when necessary. It’s enough to give anybody cabin fever! I say this is the perfect time to have a party. No need for anything fancy, just a casual gathering for some fun while we anxiously wait for warmer weather. I set out to find some fun ideas on a party theme and wanted to share a few of my favorites.

Picnic – Nothing says spring and summer like a picnic. Turn your table into a winter picnic with a fun checkerboard tablecloth. Spread the table with classic picnic favorites such as Kellogg’s Tollhouse Original crackers and an array of cheeses and dips, finger sandwiches, and potato salad. Fruits and veggies make an excellent addition to every picnic. Decorate with reds, whites, and blues. Mason jars make the perfect beverage vessel, fill with lemonade or make an adult drink for an extra oomph to your party. Break out the cards or dominoes for some fun games to play.

Indoor Camping – All of your favorites about camping, with none of the bugs. This can be done with the kids or without. Set up a small tent if you have it. Arrange chairs in a circle around a table with your food selection. Offer hot dogs with a variety of toppings including the basics like ketchup, mustard, and onions, but also include relish, peppers, bacon, and cheese to kick them up a bit. S’mores are a must for camping, try using Kellogg’s Tollhouse Pretzel Thins in place of graham crackers for an interesting twist. Sing songs or tell ghost stories!

Game Night – I love playing games and grab any opportunity to have people over for a little healthy competition. Have everybody bring their favorite board game. Stock up on pencils, note cards, drawing paper or a dry erase board, and of course a timer. Play Charades or Pictionary and serve fun finger foods in between games. Kellogg’s Tollhouse Flat Bread crackers are perfect poured into a bowl next to a delicious cheese ball. Popcorn, nuts and trail mixes, and pretzels also make fantastic additions to game night. Cookies are an easy dessert. For beverages think BYOB!

DIY – Get crafty with a DIY party. Find a craft that’s easy enough for a beginner, but challenging enough to keep everybody’s attention. Take a mug or cup and decorate with sharpie or glitter for a custom look. Bath bombs, body butter, and play dough for kids are easy and only need a few things that you probably have around anyway. Setup a DIY taco bar to complement the evening, letting each person build their perfect taco with a variety of toppings including cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, refried beans and more. Kellogg’s Tollhouse Pita crackers would be fantastic on the side with a cool sour cream dip or salsa. Brew coffee or tea and arrange syrups and add-ins so each guest’s drink is custom to their taste.

From presentably munch-able options, to dipping inspiration, to versatile possibilities, we have the variety that will help her stylishly host any type of gathering – from planned to impromptu.


What fun party theme would you use to break from the winter blahs?   #WowWithTownHouse


Disclosure ~ Compensation was provided by Kellogg’s via Mode Media. All opinions are 100% that of Living Smart Girls.

Tips for Staying on Track with your Health and Fitness

Disclosure ~ Compensation was provided by Stayfree via Mode Media.
All opinions expressed are 100% that of the author (Sheila) and are not indicative of the opinions of Stayfree.


Whenever people ask me how to stay on track with health goals my first answer is to tell them to stop trying so hard. Sounds counterproductive at first, but hear me out. When we set out to make changes we often jump in with both feet without a clear plan. This usually ends in disappointment because of lack of instant results. In this day and age, we’re so used to instant gratification that we get discouraged when things take longer than we want. Instead, make clearly defined goals and break them down into attainable milestones. Then determine reasonable habits you want to establish rather than forcing changes you know you’ll never stick with. Living a healthy lifestyle gets easier with each good choice you make and becomes natural, making it unnecessary to try so hard.

Attack your closet! I know the closet can sometimes be a scary place, but a little organization can aid in staying on a healthy track. Keep comfortable workout clothes easily accessible in clear view. You’ll feel much more enthusiastic to work out if you don’t have to hunt for clothes or shoes first. Do a little shopping if your workout wardrobe needs to be updated. Working out is a whole lot easier when you feel good and a new snazzy pair of yoga pants and a nice top is a great start. Remember to keep Stayfree® Ultra Thin Liners on hand too. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how awkward it can be to do yoga or any exercise when you’re using bulky lady products. The Stayfree Ultra Thin Liners are discreet and bendable so no matter what position you put your body in, you don’t have to feel self-conscious.

Raid your fridge! Oh how easy it is to reach for something unhealthy when staring down your fridge. Eventually it’s the hope that it’s only stocked with good for you options, but realistically that might not be the case in the beginning. Make it easy on yourself by doing the prep work right away. When buying groceries, wash and cut fruits and vegetables that day. Separate items into portions for easy snacking. It’s much easier to grab a healthy bunch of grapes to nibble on after a long day if they’ve been cleaned, de-stemmed, and are just waiting for you in a container or baggie. When you feel the need to indulge – and it’s ok that you do, but remember moderation – dish yourself a single serving and savor each bite.

Recruit the troops! A great way to stay on track is to be accountable. It’s easy to fib to yourself, a bit harder to somebody else. Recruit your spouse, kids, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, neighbors…you get the point. There is strength in numbers! Share your goals and encourage them to help you achieve them. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Have an after dinner dance party! Let them know when you’re struggling and lean on them for extra support. Try to think outside the box. Practice your yoga moves while waiting to get dinner out of the oven or the dishwasher to finish its cycle. Grab each opportunity to move your body.

Reward yourself! This is so important. Whether a huge reward when you complete your overall goal or little rewards a long the way – or both! – positive reinforcement is an essential part of life changing habits. Maybe a haircut or a new yoga outfit? The sky’s the limit. Your healthy self deserves it.

stayfree_authorlogo[2][1][3] New year, new you! Yoga is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and who better to lead the yoga-lution than you. Inspired by athletic wear, Stayfree® pads feature flexible layers that move with your body from child’s pose to side crow. Visit to find which product best fits you or visit our Facebook to learn more about our mission. Also, don’t forget to use your Stayfree® purchase to get a 30-Day membership to My Yoga on Gaiam TV and access FREE yoga classes online now through March 12!

Create Yourself a Standing Work Station

It’s time to take a stand.  A stand against a flat butt that is! 

Do you work from home, or have an office job where you are sitting all day?   I do!!   Now, let me say… I love my job and wouldn’t have it any other way (working from home that is).   Working from home is great for many reasons!  I get to work in my jammies, I don’t have to go out in the cold or drive on snow covered roads, I can keep a clean house, make my own hours, meet up with my friends during the day for coffee, sleep in whenever I want, stay up as late as I want, and take days off whenever I feel like it.  It’s all a win win for me.   EXCEPT for one thing.   My BUTT is getting flat and wide.

Before working from home I have had jobs/businesses where I was on my feet and on the go.  Being a candle maker I was up and down stairs all day, never sat down… ever!  Owning a bar, on my feet all day and never sitting down and lifting cases of beer and pop all day.  So, the last 11 years of my life I have pretty much never sat for any job… until 3 years ago.   Dec 1, 2011 when we were done being bar owners, I took on blogging full time and boy oh boy… my BUTT has paid the price.   I seen a friend and fellow blogger post about how she bought a table to construct a stand up desk and my wheels started to turn.

Now, I am not one to go and buy new stuff.  Nope, I like my furnishings in my home to be old, used, vintage, or hand made.  Our home is more rustic, unfinished old floors, lots of wood, beams, logs, etc.  I had an old desk, that was pretty beat up, from my sister.  It was big, ugly and just didn’t fit my home or vision of my perfect desk.   Check it out ~


See, big, bulky, and ugly.   It served the purpose of what I needed, but the fact is I was sitting about 12 hours a day. (some days more)
I told my hubby about what I wanted, we put our heads together and came up with the perfect stand up desk for me and our home.


You see the wicker/wood drawer unit?  Well I had 2 of them and they came from my Mom.   When my Mom passed away my Dad gave them to me so they are very special to me.   They are used, beat up, but were the perfect height and just what I needed for my desk.  We put one on each end so the one I use for my business supplies, and the other one is facing the other direction for other stuff like dog treats, decks of cards, cribbage boards, phone books, etc.    We bought a laminated piece of wood that is 35″ x 60″ and I stained it a light honey pine color.  It fits perfectly in place on top of the wicker/wood drawer units.   As you can see, I like old crates, wooden boxes, primitive goodies and pictures.


I have been using this new stand up desk for about a month now and am in love.  I bought a tall padded bar stool with a back on it for when I am just fatigued and need to sit.  The first week, boy oh boy did I hurt.  My legs would just ache and my lower back and abs.. yes even my abs, would just burn.  My BUTT.. well it was aching too!    It is a HUGE change to go from sitting all day to standing all day, when you have been sitting all day for just over 3 years now, and so it will take my body some time to adjust.  I was sent some product for review called Salonpas and have been using that to ease some of my pain.   It helps some, but not all.   But, the fact that I went from one extreme to another pretty much overnight might not have been a smart move ;)  LOL!

I have to honestly say that I wish I had done this 3 years ago.   I didn’t know people used stand up desks.   It has helped my IBS-C some, helped me to feel more energy through the day, I feel more productive, and I don’t find myself sitting at the desk staring at my computer even when there is nothing to be done online.  I stand at my desk, then go do dishes, play with the dog, pick up the house here and there, and I can even watch TV from my desk so that is a win win too!

Do you work from home and sit all day?   I strongly urge you, for your health, to check out building a stand up desk.  You will love it and your body will thank you.   I have noticed a huge change in my butt, legs and abs in only a month. I find that I do squats and leg lifts and more stretching during the day while standing and working.  Love it!


PS… do you see my big book on the desk.  That is my Blogging Planner which I love.  If you are a blogger, you so need to get one!

Jump on the 2015 Vionic Walkabout

Walkabout Logo (green) Disclosure ~  Living Smart Girl received product as compensation for sharing about the 2015 Vionic Walkabout.

Walking is one of those things we all must do.  We have to walk to the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom.  Walk to get the mail, walk in the grocery store, walk the floor with a crying baby, and just plain walk to do just about anything in life.   Well, since you are going to be walking anyhow, why not join the 2015 Vionic Walkabout on a quest for good health.

By participating in Vionic Walkabout, you’ll have the chance to walk away with some seriously great prizes. Through photo and caption contests on Facebook and Instagram, they give away weekly prizes such as new Vionic Shoes, Dr. Weil Cookbooks and Visa gift cards. Plus, they will select a Grand Prize winner to receive an all-expense paid trip to Napa, CA.  Now, why would you not want that trip?  Get on your walking shoes and join now.

Expert Insight:
“Walking is what your body is designed to do. It strengthens almost every major organ in the body, promotes bone density, and boosts the immune system,” says Dr. Weil. “There’s no special skill, training or equipment needed, just the right footwear.”
Research shows that walking as little as 30 minutes a day can lower the risk of heart disease (America’s Number 1 killer) by as much as 40 percent. By even taking two or three 10-15 minute walks per day, people can improve blood pressure, reduce the risk of diabetes and improve mental wellbeing.
Celebrity trainer and fitness expert Juliet Kaska strongly recommends walking as a way to get and stay fit for even beginning exercisers: “Walking is an easy, stress-free exercise, clearing your mind, ?strengthening your heart and toning muscles.”
According to a study by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), 72 percent of Americans say they do not exercise because foot pain prevents them from doing so. This astounding figure emphasizes the importance of getting started with a pair walking-friendly shoes or sandals that are breathable, offer good arch support, are relatively lightweight and have flexible soles to allow the front of the foot to flex comfortably.
Vionic Footwear with Orthaheel Technology offers footwear that helps prevent and alleviate foot pain and fits a variety of lifestyles. Vionic shoes feature a removable orthotic footbed that supports feet and helps realign the lower-legs, improving posture and balance – an ideal option for daily fitness walking.

So, what are you waiting for.  Go get your walk on!

Vionic venture walking shoe


Top Reasons For Seniors To Include Peru In Their Travel Plans

The nation of Peru is famous for its rich culture, stunning natural beauty and friendly people. For seniors who are looking to achieve a fun-filled vacation minus the hassle, it would be best if they would book their trip through Saga Holiday and other trusted travel companies. Here are some of the elements that are waiting to be enjoyed by visitors to Peru.

Wildlife Spotting
Peru is home to a diverse range of wildlife that includes jaguars, primates and thousands of different species of duck. Taking a safari is the perfect way to see the country’s wildlife in comfort and style. Visitors can also take a relaxing boat trip to see aquatic creations such as pink dolphins and charming giant river otters.

Beautiful Beaches
The Peruvian Coast is scattered with stunning sandy beaches that are just waiting to be enjoyed. These are great places to simply unwind for a while. Lovers of luxury can choose to stay in one of the country’s impressive beach resorts. This is an excellent way to enjoy plenty of pampering and really unwind while experiencing the holiday of a lifetime.

Delicious Cuisine
No trip to Peru would be complete without sampling some of the nation’s unique dishes. While some Peruvian dishes have a strong Spanish influence, others are influenced by other parts of the world such as Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Some of the Peruvian staple dishes that are waiting to be sampled by food loving travelers include raw seafood in a tangy lime marinade known as ceviche, alpaca steak and Peruvian snacks such as tamales, juanes and humitas.

Affordable Accommodation
Taking a trip to Peru doesn’t have to break the bank. A large number of hotels and guesthouses throughout the country offer clean and comfortable rooms that are also very reasonably priced. For just a few pounds a night it is possible to stay in style in Peru and enjoy the famous warm Peruvian hospitality.

You don’t need to be extremely active to get the most out of a trip to Peru. All of the above options and more are just waiting to be enjoyed by seniors. A number of travel companies such as Saga Holiday also offer special group trips and package tours for seniors that make enjoying an interesting yet relaxing holiday a breeze.

Winter Brings Sickness to Everyone #ReliefIsHere

Disclosure ~  This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G.
All opinions expressed are 100% that of Living Smart Girl.

#ReliefIsHere  @SheSpeaksUp  @Walmart


Every year it hits, that dang cold and flu that just seems to go from one person to another to another.  It never failed, when my son was in school, that the first couple weeks of school meant runny noses, sneezing, coughing, congestion, headaches, fevers, body aches, etc.  It was like, we knew school was in full swing because everyone was sick.  Well, since my son is not in school anymore I thought maybe I wouldn’t get sick as much.  Wrong answer!!  Now hubby must bring it home, because a couple times a year we both get hit, and when I get sick I get hit hard.

I am such a big baby when I am sick.  Hubby can function for the most part and will go to work, unless he has a fever.  Me, being a work from home gal, I am able to rest and suffer in my own home.  But, being that I work from home I can’t just lay around all day either.   I can deal with a sore throat, a cough, and the body aches but what put me under the table and in a bad mood is a runny nose and watery eyes.  Hate That !!   Like I said, I am a big baby!!   I must work, and so for my daytime I take Vicks DayQuil Severe Cold & Flu.    For my daytime fight with being sick it gives me  ~  Maximum symptom-fighting ingredients to relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms.  Maximum strength nondrowsy cold and flu relief so you can tackle your to-do list.  And is available in caplets or liquid.  What relief do I get from Vicks DayQuil Severe Cold & Flu ?

Temporarily relieves my common cold/flu symptoms:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Sinus congestion and pressure
  • Cough due to minor throat and bronchial irritation
  • Minor aches and pains
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Reduces swelling of nasal passages
  • Temporarily restores freer breathing through the nose
  • Promotes nasal and/or sinus drainage
  • Helps loosen phlegm (mucus) and thin bronchial secretions to rid the bronchial passageways of bothersome mucus and make coughs more productive


Once I can get through my day and get the work done that I need to get done, then all I want is a good nights sleep.   When I am sick sleep is what helps but not always easy to get.   I love my Vicks NyQuil Severe Cold & Flu to help me get the rest I need for my body to heal itself.  Maximum symptom-fighting ingredients to relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms. Maximum strength nighttime cold and flu relief, so you can take back your night. The powerful NyQuil relief you trust now with a decongestant. Available in caplets or liquid.

Temporarily relieves common cold/flu symptoms including:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Sinus congestion and pressure
  • Cough due to minor throat and bronchial irritation
  • Cough to help you sleep
  • Minor aches and pains
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose and sneezing
  • Reduces swelling of nasal passages
  • Temporarily restores freer breathing through the nose
  • Promotes nasal and/or sinus drainage

I love the fact the my Walmart offers the convenience and has everything I need to help me get through my cold and flu season.  A one stop shop where I can grab products like Vicks Severe, Puffs tissues, ingredients for a healthy and hearty chicken soup, a warm and cozy blanket and even some reading materials.  Plus, Walmart has the best everyday value for all your health care needs.. which means great Savings!  Vicks DayQuil and NyQuil Severe are available at and in stores.   Make sure you stock up to be prepared for your cough, cold and flu season.

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