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I love working online and spend most of my day blogging, and researching new topics and tips to bring my readers.

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Get a Decal as Impressive as the iPhone it Covers



According to all reports from San Francisco, the iPhone 7 includes several key updates that will catapult it into the top ten of most critics’ lists. A faster processor, a more efficient battery, and an improved camera are reasons why many people have been pre-ordering the phone — enough that Apple’s stock enjoyed a surge of 4 since the company announced the latest generation. But there have already been some accounts of drawbacks that —though minor — require a special kind of covering to correct. Things like its easy-to-scratch backing and the raised edges around the camera lens require a protective covering as slim and innovative as the iPhone itself.

Innovation and fit are the trademarks of decals (or skins) from companies like dbrand. They’re made out of a thin yet durable vinyl that attaches to the phone with minimal fanfare or bulk. You don’t have to use messy adhesives to ensure a good stick, nor can you expect the skin to extend the size of the phone until it’s impossible to use. The new dbrand iPhone 7 skins are made to measure within the micro-millimeter of the device itself, offering an airtight covering that protects the entirety of the phone. With only the touch screen and the lens of the camera left uncovered, the remaining bezel, buttons, and curves are given an extra shell of protection without any awkward weight.

Tailor-made protection that covers the 7 precisely means it can accommodate the unusual, sloping ridges around the lens of the back-facing camera. It also means the delicate backing is safe from daily wear and tear.  You may be excited to finally have access to a black iPhone again, but it comes with its downsides, especially if you’ve chosen to pre-order the Jet Black edition. The shiny surface of this particular color choice makes the backing, sides, and bezels of the device incredibly easy to mark up. Luckily, with a decal iPhone 7s are protected from this kind of cosmetic destruction.

So go ahead and pre-order the new 7 and get ready to own an innovative phone. Just don’t forget to order an accessory that matches it in every way. From itsspot-on fit made to measure to its ability to make up for the weaknesses in Apple’s designs, your iPhone 7 decal should cover all of the bases. Make sure it can accommodate the stretched edge of the camera lens and cover up the delicate Jet Black surface, and you’ll have a fully protected phone.

Let Your Dog Sleep Better and Live Better with an Orthopedic Bed

If you’ve got a larger breed of dog, chances are you’ve heard that degenerative diseases that damaged muscles and bones seem to be on the rise in dogs, due in part to lack of exercise, inbreeding, and genetic issues that predispose some dogs to weaker joints. While there are many possible solutions to sore joints and stiff muscles, none can really solve the issue for good, and many of the ones that claim to improve the situation and lessen pain can be very expensive. Cleaning up the calcium buildup around a joint surgically, or replacing the joint altogether, costs thousands of dollars, and recovery is often slow and painful.  For the majority of pet owners, such treatments are not feasible. While it’s hard to accept that degenerative diseases are incurable, the fact hopefully encourages dog-owners to start preventative measures early on in life, especially with larger dogs. One of these is as simple as it sounds — buy the best kind of dog bed!



The Benefits of Orthopedic Dog Beds
Orthopedic beds such as the kind from Mammoth Outlet provide extra support and comfort to dogs suffering from arthritis and joint or muscle pain. While it may not seem too obvious, dogs endure the most amount of pain when they’re trying to maneuver themselves down to the floor to sleep and getting up again, when their bones are rubbing against hard surfaces and exacerbating already existing stiffness. To relieve pressure and soothe persistent pain, the dog needs to be able to sleep on a material that conforms to the body and distributes weight evenly. This is true for any creature with aching muscles and arthritis. If you’ve ever had to sleep on the hard ground, you know how incredible it feels to get into a soft and supportive bed.

Secondly, because they prevent unnecessary friction between joints, good orthopedic bedswill help prevent many common canine musculoskeletal conditions. Veterinarians commonly treat hip dysplasia, arthritis, elbow disease, Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), and OsteochondrosisDessicans (OCD) in dogs, especially in older or overweight dogs, but if you exercise your pet often and have them sleeping on a bed like the Mammoth, they won’t be as at-risk.

Characteristics of a Good Dog Bed Company
While many companies claim to be good suppliers of pet goods, the thoughtful pet owner will look for evidence that a company actually invests in producing quality orthopedic bedding for dogs. A one-size-fits-all solution is completely impossible for this kind of product, because dogs of all breeds and sizes have varying needs, meaning that a whole range of products like the sort offered at Mammoth Outlet need to be available. Many of the manufacturers that supply to generic home stores or pet stores provide beds made out of recycle fill that simply goes flat after a dog’s weight has been on it for a while, defeating the purpose of the bed. Stay away from those, and find a memory foam product instead!

Deck Yourself Out In This Summer’s Newest Plus Size Swimsuit Styles

The 2016 summer season has unveiled flattering looks for every woman, especially those who are plus size. From exploring the newest, tantalizing colors to reveling in your gorgeous silhouette, the perfect bathing suit is waiting for you – with the click of a button online. Shop conveniently while seated comfortably on your bed or sofa, even in your lounge wear. Within a few short days you’ll have in your hands that brand new swimsuit you’ve always wanted, making plans to go to the pool or beach just so you can model your new look and Deck Yourself Out In This Summer’s Newest Plus Size Swimsuit Styles.


What’s more is that websites like offer chlorine resistant swimwear that won’t wear or change color from the chlorine, allowing you to be confident in your chosen look every day you spend by your favorite pool side. When it comes to colors, solid white and blue denim have lead the way in popularity this season, followed closely by some other interesting shades of blue such as periwinkle, indigo, dark teal, moonstone blue, and a bold sky blue. If blue is not your strongest color, perhaps a complimentary shade of burgundy, hazy taupe, or lemon chiffon is right for your next swim suit.

Popular patterns in swimwear for the summer have included wide vertical and horizontal stripes, island florals with prominent palm fronds in full color palettes, ethnic prints, bold crochet color blocking as well as gorgeous retro prints. These can be found both in one-piece maillots and two-piece bathing suits making it easier than ever to find the perfect fashionable plus size swimsuit online.

Give off a touch of mystery with off-the-shoulder one and two piece suits. Laced upper bodies and bikini bottoms reveal a touch of skin, while crocheted pieces are reminiscent of the sixties and are made to fit the body snug without feeling too tight. Plunging necklines reaching as far as the abdomen can make for a sexy reveal and high-waisted bikini bottoms offer a little more coverage for the bikini lover. The cut-out is another popular look this season, offering a unique way to show off some skin – with slashes placed strategically to highlight the belly button, the collarbone, or the hip bone.

As the waves make laps against the shoreline, turn heads in your summer 2016 swimwear. For the season, plus size women can find a solid colored one piece featuring a tastefully placed matching front zipper. Catch the sun’s rays while in a single-color one piece; looking clean and simple with a high cut maillot. Sporty surfer types can find looks offering alternative coverage for maximum support, a great option for the serious swimmer. Skin baring monokinis or one pieces featuring cut-outs can be seen on every beach or poolside. If you want to get a tan, the high waisted bikini is ideal — revealing a little more of your torso while hiding problem tummy areas at the same time.

No more trudging through department stores or waiting in fitting room lines. Now the plus size woman has her pick of flattering summer swim suits with the click of a button. Online shopping makes it easy, and through websites like, you can upgrade to ship your order in 3 days – free of any extra change! Dress for the beach or the poolfeeling supported in well-fitted swimwear. Find the right color and the perfect silhouette in a one piece – even in a traditional or high waisted bikini. Choose between accentuating blues and bold or muted tones, and choose from prints offered in luscious variety. What’s best is you’ll never have to feel like you’re settling on anything that is less than what you wanted ever again.


What to Know When Buying Diamond Rings Online



It is no secret that online shopping has become the way of the future. All it takes is a quick click of the mouse and you can save a fortune by getting what you need from the comfort of your armchair.

So, here’s the question: is it better to buy an engagement ring from trusted diamond jewelers in Brisbane online or in-store? While it certainly depends on what you are looking for, it also depends on what you want.

Firstly, let’s look at the benefits of buying an engagement ring online:

  • You don’t have to deal with pushy salespeople
  • Online jewellers have lower overheads than in stores. That means you can find the perfect ring for as much as half price of what you would pay in-store.
  • No need to deal with waiting in line, traffic, or traipsing from store to store
  • If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can usually secure a full cash-back refund. Just make sure the site you want to buy from has such a guarantee
  • Should You Buy a Diamond Ring Online?

Buying a diamond ring online can save you a lot of money. To make sure you get a good deal, ensure you use a trusted online jeweler. While many people are still sceptical about purchasing a ring online, thinking they are going to land up with something fake, or be victim of a scam, or that the item could get lost or stolen en route, a reputable jeweler will have you covered.


Online jewelers have a reputation to uphold. That means it is in their best interest to sell you a real diamond ring complete with a gemmologist’s certificate. This will certainly not be the case with a sketchy retailer or even online auctions. In fact, wherever you decide to buy your ring from, it is a good idea to take the stone along to an unaffiliated jeweller and get an independent appraisal.


Furthermore, reputable jewelers will insure your parcel. When you ship a diamond ring, it will be sent via UPS or FedEX with insurance, tracking, and will require a signature. Should you have problems with the parcel – which is extremely rare – you won’t be out of pocket.


Typically, online jewellers offer a no-questions-asked return policy. So, if you receive your ring and decide you want something bigger and better, you’ll only have to pay the difference in price, and not pay for return shipping.


  • Buying Your Diamond Ring Online

So, you’re ready to save tons of cash and buy a diamond ring online. What’s the next step? It is to do your homework. Look around for a reputable online retailer who offers a large collection of men’s wedding rings and any other items you may be looking for. Preferably, look for an online jeweller that specialises in engagement, wedding, and diamond rings. Make sure there are plenty of photographed products to choose from, that the jeweller offers a return policy, certification, and a guarantee. Some sites may allow you to design your own ring right on the website by making different selections.


Picking a diamond ring online couldn’t be any easier!


My Friend’s Teen Is Going to a Therapeutic Boarding School. What Should I Say?



First, know that it was a difficult decision for your friend to make. And it was a brave one. Sending a child away to a specialized boarding school is often the last resort when he or she is causing disruption in class or home, grades are failing, and the whole family is suffering. But it’s not an admission of failure or something to be embarrassed about. It’s a positive step toward setting a teen back on the right track.

So what your friend needs right now isn’t tsk-tsking, but whole-hearted support from you. Sometimes it’s tough being a parent and it’s sure tough being a teenager these days. The world is moving faster than ever, and influences flow in from all sides twenty-four hours a day, bombarding kids with more pressure than some of them can handle. Everything coming in from outside can lead to or exacerbate personal challenges a teen is experiencing, like ADD/ADHD, a learning disability, behavior or emotional disorders, addictions, or just raging hormones.

A therapeutic facility provides a re-boot in a fresh new and restorative environment away from the triggers of old behavior while it combines counseling and personalized instruction to focus a teen on realizing his or her full potential. In a setting like Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah, for example, kids have the benefit of continuing their academic studies while learning new skills and exploring new aspects of themselves.

Educators like Diamond Ranch high school teachers and those at other boarding schools around the country are adept at engaging reluctant students in traditional subjects and re-training kids in how to learn. Outside of the classroom, the days are filled out with sports, creative arts, and other activities that foster the kind of interpersonal skills that are so important as a teen matures to go to college and out into the workplace and the greater community.

So what do you say when your friend’s teen has gone off to a therapeutic boarding school? Here are some suggestions:


“How Are You Doing?”

Respect the fact that some people don’t talk easily about what’s going on in their private lives, but for many, it’s a great relief to have someone to talk to. Let your friend know you understand that things are different at her house these days and that you’re available to lend an ear. Don’t approach it mournfully like something shameful has happened in the family, because it hasn’t.

“How Is Your Child Doing?”

Ignoring the question doesn’t make it go away. You might think that poking at the issue is going to bring up difficult emotions and remind your friend that her son or daughter has had problems serious enough to be away from home because of them. Don’t kid yourself. There’s not a minute of the day that she’s not aware of it. Express your genuine interest in the process and be encouraging about every bit of progress she reports.

If your own teen has just made the honor roll and been elected president of the junior class, this probably isn’t the time to humble brag. If your friend knows about and mentions it, though, you can certainly acknowledge that you’re pleased. But you could also acknowledge that all kids are different and take their own paths to becoming successful adults. As much as it might seem like it at times, it really isn’t a contest, and the finish line is way far down a road no one can predict.

“Let’s Go Have Some Fun.”

Your friend is probably wrestling with feelings of guilt, either because she feels deep down that she failed her child somehow or just because it doesn’t seem right not to have her son or daughter at home with her. She might feel even worse, actually, if all she’s feeling is relief. What she might be really grateful for is a carefree morning at a flea market or an afternoon at a spa (your treat if you can manage it.)

The need for a fun break extends to your friend’s spouse and other kids, too. If it’s been the usual thing for your families to get together, don’t stop now. Siblings can have a hard time adjusting when one of them is away, and it helps everyone to keep things feeling normal.

To give yourself some background on therapeutic boarding schools, go to the website of the one your friend’s teen is at, or read a bit here.

Build Your Body with Orgain Organic Protein

Get Picky with Your Protein

Disclosure ~ This review was made possible by iConnect and Orgain.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.
#ad #PowerTothePicky #GetPickyWithYourProtein

I am sure you have heard it many times in your life, how important proper nutrition is for a healthy you.  Well, I am going to tell you again.  You need proper nutrition if you are going to build a healthy you, and by healthy I mean a body that can take you well into your retirement years and beyond.   We all work so hard that we might as well take care of ourselves so we can enjoy our retirement, right?  It’s time to get picky with your protein and choose Orgain Organic Protein to give you the proper nutrition for your body.

There are many protein powders on the market today and I know how hard it is to choose what one might be right for you.  For starters, you should look for ones that are made with ingredients you can say.  You also need to make sure it is organic.  Unlike many other protein powders that can contain ingredients that might be gritty, chalky, and really hard to make yourself choke down due to the fact they are just not good, the Orgain Organic Protein is a product packed with the most nutritious and highest quality organic ingredients and best part.. it is really good!!

Check out their fun video they created to launch their “Get Picky with Your Protein” campaign.


I am a super picky protein girl. I have tried oh so many.  I am amazed at how many terrible products fill the shelves of local stores, or online stores.  Sad, really, when you realize that if you just take time to research you will find products that are good for you, made with ingredients you can trust and will give you the protein your body needs.

Being into fitness as I am it is very important to me to have proper nutrition.  When I lift heavy, I need to refuel with good protein, and Orgain has my back on that.  After a hard workout, a yummy shake is just what my body needs.  Easy to mix up too. Me, I like to be simple and just add my protein to my shaker cup with water, shake good, and drink.  But, sometimes if I feel like I need a little more I will mix a few chunks of frozen banana, some peanut butter, maybe use almond milk, add ice and blend. YUM.. just like a treat!

Build Your Body with Orgain Organic Protein

Orgain Organic Protein is vegan, contains 21g of plant based protein, 3 net carbs, no soy,  5g of fiber and has no added sugar.  Unlike other leading plant-based proteins, Orgain Organic Protein is USDA Organic, and made without the use of toxic pesticides, hormones or any artificial ingredients.

You can find a store near you to purchase yourself some.  Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too.

Get Picky With Your Protein



Some Tips for Choosing a Trustworthy Essay Writing Company

Let’s face it, writing an essay can be a nightmare.  While it may come naturally to some, it is often an exercise in frustration for others.  Accumulating the reference material, generating arguments and finding the time to bring it all together onto a page can bring people on the verge of breakdowns.  Fortunately, there exists services who will gladly remove the burden from your shoulders.  Outsourcing your essay writing needs to these companies is as easy as contacting them through phone or email, then handing them over the essay requirements and your ideas to answer the question.  They will then go ahead and put the pieces of the puzzle together.


Those looking to have essays written for them may be chomping at the bit after reading this.  However, like most business dealings, caution must be exercised when handling your hard earned money over to faceless strangers over the internet.  Not all essay writing companies are created equal.  While some are staffed by season writers, with years of writing and editing experience under their belts, other are fly-by-night operations with highly questionable skills.  So how do you know which ones to trust and which ones to stay away from?




A good place to start would be at the company’s website.  Does it have a professional feel or does it look like and Angelfire website coded by a child?  Professional outfits not only have the resources to create professional websites, but they are also not shy about being contacted directly by potential clients.  The more points of contact shown on their website, the more legitimate a company usually is.


While on their website, search for their customer support contact see if you can reach out to them.  The hallmark of a great essay writing company, or any company for that matter, is their ability to provide great customer service.  If your calls and other attempts to reach out to them go unanswered then the company doesn’t need your business and you should move on to another company who will be more ecstatic to help you.


Custom essays are the primary reason why clients engage essay writing services.  With this in mind the goal would be to ultimately obtain a custom, one of a kind, original essay.  In short, you do not want to be receiving plagiarized work.  Plagiarism is a serious offence in the world of writing.  It can result in a disqualification, a failure and even legal action in some cases.  So how can you ensure that the essay you will be receiving wasn’t just plucked verbatim off the millions of essays floating around the internet?  Anti-plagiarism programs such as CopyScape can be used to cross reference a piece of writing with all published works found on the internet.  You can either purchase a subscription to CopyScape and run the essay you received through it before releasing funds, or you can ask the essay writing company for a CopyScape report before handing you the essay.  Obviously, a company that has submitted an essay to you that fails an anti-plagiarism program should be flagged and dumped immediately.


Just like how no two companies are equal, the same can be said about writers.  Essay writing companies can have one to upwards of a couple dozen writers working with them.  While most them are veteran writers it would be more efficient if you can choose and work with the writer directly.  While this is a “nice-to-have” option, the majority of trustworthy companies usually do not object to it.  Indeed, it often takes pressure off of them to find a writer that will be a good match to their client.


When it comes to price, the first instinct of most people would be to get the cheapest option.  While this may seem reasonable, think of it this way: if you were riding an elevator would you have wanted the elevator maker to find the cheapest alternative for the brakes and cable suspending the elevator?  The truth is that quality costs money.  Before engaging an essay writing service have a budget in mind.  Now go out there and find the best essay writing company with the money you have.  While a high price tag does not guarantee high quality, looking for companies that charge quite a bit more eliminates a lot of the disreputable companies that tend to prey on bargain hunters.


Last but certainly not the least, check for references.  Try to obtain a list of previous clients that you can contact to discuss their experience working with the company.  If the company was recommended to you by a peer, then all the better.  Finally, ask for proof of previous work.  Trustworthy companies are proud of their high quality pieces and will gladly show them off upon request.  If a company refuses to hand over client references or previous work, then run away from them post haste.




7 Healthy Habits to Fight Your Stress Head Tendencies

From time to time, we’re all guilty of letting life get on top of us. We forget that work, bills, family commitments, and stressing over the kids is only a small part of a bigger adventure. And, in order to enjoy it, we need to make room for a bit of personal pampering and relaxation. Whether you love to paint, go cycling, walk the dog, or chill out in front of the TV, don’t forget that quality ‘you time’ is essential.

The problem is that those prone to stress and tension can often find it hard to unwind. Even if you’re not at work or tending to your regular responsibilities, your mind might still be focused on deadlines, duties, and preparing dinner. If you find it particularly difficult to relax and release the stresses of daily life, think about what makes you happy. Then, dedicate at least one afternoon or evening per week to pursuing something fun and all about you.

These handy hints and tips will help you fight stress, beat tension, and find your inner tranquillity and peace.





  1. Get Regular Massages


Booking a Swedish massage is a great way for those with busy lives to enjoy a bit of stillness and nourishment. As studies have shown, massage is not just nurturing for the mind, it has many physical benefits as well. Deep tissue movements stimulate blood flow and encourage toxins to leave the body faster, while also loosening knots and relaxing muscles.


  1. Stick to a Regular Sleep Cycle


One of the fastest ways to a stressful lifestyle and chronic exhaustion is a lack of sleep or an inconsistent sleep cycle. If possible, go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at around the same time too. In time, your mind and body will adjust itself to the cycle and you’ll start to feel more energetic, lively, and mentally focused.


  1. Cut Down on Caffeine


While it can be really tough to reduce sugar and caffeine consumption, the reality is that they create a false sense of mental alertness. The more coffee that you drink, the weaker its impact, so you’ll keep upping your caffeine intake even though it’s not having the effect that you want. Drink enough and you’ll end up having withdrawal headaches on the days that you don’t.


  1. Don’t Take Work Home   


It is really important for both your physical and mental health that you make a clear distinction between home and work. It doesn’t matter how busy you are or how many responsibilities you have, everybody deserves time off. So, balance your workload sensibly and leave those deadlines at the office.


  1. Spend Time Outdoors


Most of us spend our free time away from work in the house, either watching television or catching up with chores. However, people with the happiest lives tend to pursue varied activities. Yes, they love a bit of Netflix just like everybody else, but they also spend plenty of time outdoors and avoid falling into unhealthy, sedentary routines.


  1. Give Yourself a Gift


For parents especially, life can feel like it is being lived entirely for somebody else. This is why something as small as giving yourself a little gift, once per month, can make a big difference. Dealing with stress is not about ignoring its presence; it’s about being kind to yourself and recognising that, sometimes, a bit of indulgence is all you need.


  1. Switch Off Your Phone


The device that gives us so many opportunities and allows us to connect in so many different ways is also the same one that can cause major headaches. Even if you live with your mobile phone glued to your hand, try to spend a minimum of one hour every day away from it. Switch it off and place it out of sight, so that you can give your mind the rest is deserves.


Why ‘Me Time’ Should Not Be Underestimated


If you have a tendency to struggle with stress and you often feel overworked, you need to prioritise more efficiently. Ultimately, the healthiest minds work the best, so if you’re fixated on reaching that big target at work, you have to realise that quality ‘you time’ is an essential part of that. Don’t think of time out as being a luxury, because it is an important aspect of life.


5 of the Best Essential Oils for Weight Control

5 of the Best Essential Oils for Weight control


I love food. I’m sorry, but I really do love it. My body loves it, too. It’s why it tends to hold on to it in the form of fat. I carry around my love for food every day, and recently, I’ve decided it’s time we had a break.

It’s as sad as a break up with your best friend or boyfriend. Food is there for you in good times and bad times. It makes sense that this can be a traumatic situation.

As I have been working on my eating habits trying to move towards a healthier lifestyle, I’ve fallen in love with essential oils. These oils in a tiny little bottle have become a great counselor to me as I wean myself off the thousands of calories I used to consumer in a day. It’s helped me control cravings, curb my appetite, and even eat less without starving.

The following are five of the essential oils I’ve been using as I get used to this new way to love food.

Grapefruit Oil

I have to be honest about watching the Dr. Oz show regularly. It excites me to hear about natural remedies, especially with weight control. It’s also where I discovered Dr. Axe. His website discusses Grapefruit oil and many other essential oils for weight loss.

Grapefruit has always been a great food to eat to lose weight, and the oil can work just as well. You can put it on your skin, and the oil seeps into your body. It’s a diuretic and stimulates your lymphatic system. By eliminating excess water and toxins and exciting your lymphatic system, your body starts to burn fat quicker, which helps you lose weight.

Lemon Oil

Lemon makes me so happy, and researchers have actually found that it can suppress weight gain! The mood boosting properties of lemon can even relieve pain. It’s really just an all-around good essential oil to use.

I usually just rub some lemon oil on my hands in the morning. It does well getting into my skin and it smells so nice in the morning – it’s fresh! I also take a big whiffs of it, which can really wake me up. It’s almost as good as coffee…almost.

Lavender Oil

I found this one just browsing some sites about essential oils, and have used it every night before bed ever since. It helps calm your mind and body before bed. I usually take some whiffs of the oil and then sprinkle some on my pillow. Ever since I’ve done this, I’ve gotten some great sleep.

How does this help me?

I’m much less likely to binge on food when I’m well rested.

Peppermint Oil

I’ve been using peppermint oil as well. It’s supposed to boost metabolism, and since I’m getting older, I need all the help I can get with that. Usually, I just put it in my essential oils warmer in my office. That way, I don’t even realize that it is helping me. I just let the metabolism take all of the benefits.

Cinnamon Oil

Every night before bed, I also drink a special weight support concoction. I warm up some warm, pour about a tablespoon of honey in it with two drops of cinnamon oil. Cinnamon helps a body burn fat and boost the metabolism. Since I don’t eat a lot of foods with cinnamon, I get it into my diet with this drink. I’ve started looking forward to my bedtime drink!

Those are the essential oils I’ve been using. I’m always researching, so I may switch them up from time to time. The benefits of essential oils are so awesome.


Ways to Keep your Australian Road Trip Safe and Healthy

Ways to Keep your Australian Road Trip Safe and Healthy


Nothing says “freedom” and “holiday” more than a few friends (or your family, or your significant other,) a dusty car and the open road. Road tripping has been a part of many adventurer’s bucket list since the creation of major roads in many favourite Australian destinations. However, road trips go together with unhealthy food choices, sunburned noses, cramped legs, and some sacrifices on personal hygiene.

So why do some of us choose road tripping rather than flying? It’s the beauty of nature and on-road bonding! It also makes the journey as memorable as the destination. Whether you’re driving through the Great Ocean Road, the Outback Queensland, the Launceston to Hobart in Tasmania, or the other 11 road trips, these tips will make sure you get a fun, safe, and healthy expedition.

Hire a good transportation. Since you will be on the road for a huge chunk of your travel and you’ll need lengthy stops that require sleep, then you can’t simply rely on a sedan. A campervan is the better choice here since you’ll be able to rest soundly, take a shower, do your business, and even cook like a boss. The trick to finding the best price on campervan hire is to book earlier. Don’t worry, you can do it online for a hassle-free booking experience.

Bring smart snacks. Yes, smart snacks.  Fill a compact cooler with ice or cool packs and load it with a lot of nutritious, easy-to-eat snacks like yoghurt cups, fresh fruit, strong cheese, cut-up veggies and hummus, trail mix, meat jerky, dried seaweed snacks, etc. You may bring a bit of your favourite chips, of course, but try to focus on staying healthy.

Protect your skin and eyes. No one wants a trucker burn. Windows and windshields might keep the bugs out of the car, but they can’t fully protect the skin from the sun. Slather on a broad spectrum SPF 30 at least at regular intervals to keep your skin safe.

Prefer water. Best is to bring reusable water bottles and fill them up at every rest stop.  Avoid creamy beverages soda, sweet coffee drinks, which pack unnecessary fat and sugar. Caffeinated drinks actually contribute to dehydration.

Do stretching now and then. Stop for a couple of minutes several times a day to get out of the car, move a bit, and do a few stretches. Your lower back, shoulders, hip flexors, and neck are the most to tense up after a few hours at the wheel, so focus on those areas.

Rest regularly. Driving while exhausted isn’t simply unpleasant; it’s very dangerous. Get off the road and rest a bit if you feel sleepy. You may also alternate drivers to keep fresh eyes on the road at all times.

Stay engaged at the wheel. Being the driver doesn’t mean sitting there like a bump on a log. It’s not really a cardio-fest, but doing a bit of glute squeezes and sucking in the abs will keep your muscles working.

Be flexible. If you’re not meeting a specific deadline, it’s a good idea to factor in an extra day or two of travel time. If you’re hiring a campervan, then you have the benefit of exploring and staying at additional locations. It could be a hidden waterfall a few miles off-road or a sanctuary deep in the outback. Take plenty of detours!

That’s it. Enjoy your Australian cross-road expedition!

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