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Hi, My name is Sheila and I am the Living Smart Girl. My goal is to bring everyone the latest and greatest tips and advice on fitness, healthy choices, recipes, shopping, beauty, home and garden, family and parenting, daily deals, travel, and so much more. I love fitness, but life is more than just exercise and when you visit Living Smart Girl you can connect the dots and live a well rounded life ~ the Living Smart way :)

I love working online and spend most of my day blogging, and researching new topics and tips to bring my readers.

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Save Money Shopping Online With These Sites


The summer is winding down and the kids are heading back to school.  Might be your little kids, big kids, college kids or even you heading back into the classroom as a teacher or student yourself.   Maybe, you don’t have school shopping in mind, but need to stock up on products for your home, or just for your personal use.   Regardless of why you might be shopping, I wanted to share some great sites for you to save money, or even get rock bottom deals.. like FREE!!

Keep more money in your pocket by shopping with these great merchants.  You will find most of these are affiliate links.  Thanks for supporting me :)

SnagShout  –  AMZReviewTrader  –  EliteDealClub   ~ These are where Amazon sellers promote products they are looking to get honest reviews on.  Get products at huge discounts, or even free.. in exchange for reviewing them on Amazon.

TopCashBack –  BeFrugal  –  Ebates  – Mr Rebates ~ A few sites for shopping online and earning cash back as well as finding coupons and deals.

Swagbucks ~  A fun way to earn points when you search, take surveys, or shop online.  Turn the points into gift cards or merchandise.

Mojosavings ~  Great coupon resource.

Coupon Surfer ~  Print coupons for your in store shopping.

PriceGrabber ~  Find great deals and low prices.

Fat Wallet ~  Save with coupons and deals.

Yipit  ~ Find great deals in your city or a city close to you.

Groupon ~  Find great deals in your city or a city close to you.

ThredUp  ~  Buy used clothing for low prices, or sell your clothing and make some money.

Gazelle ~  You can sell your old cell phones for money.  Or, if you are looking for a new / used phone you can buy them here cheaper than in stores.


No matter how you shop, there is just no reason to pay full price for stuff anymore.   Joining mailing lists at shopping sites will usually give a discount code for your first visit as well.  With a little time spent, you can for sure save some money.



Three of Our Favorite DIY Nail Art Tips and Tricks


Every girl likes to keep up with the latest trends. We’ve all found ourselves guilty of flicking through glossy magazines, admiring a perfect eyeliner flick or the latest autumn make-up palette. It’s fun and frivolous, we’ll admit, but nailing the newest styles is nothing to be ashamed of: it’s a great way to express ourselves and increase our confidence.


One of the easiest and cutest ways to showcase our personalities is with a touch of nail art. Nail art’s popularity has boomed over the last couple of years, and we’ve all tried our hand at transforming our talons. Unfortunately for most of us, this has ended pretty badly, and we’ve reverted back to our trusted palettes of red and nude.


Well, the time to play it safe is over. If you want some picture perfect nail art to adorn your fingers, here are three great DIY designs to try…


#1: Ombre


The ombre nail trend has been everywhere on the catwalks this year, but most of those who’ve tried it have had little success. That’s because most of us are doing it wrong. Ombre is incredibly easy to nail once you know how. The best way to start is by applying a double coat of white nail polish. Leave this to dry for ten minutes or so, and then choose your colour palette. With autumn approaching, red and nude are the season’s hottest colors, so either set the world alight with an orange to red gradient, or keep it classy with nudes and pale pink. Once you know the look that you’re going for, simply cut a sponge down to size, paint three stripes with your chosen colors, and press down on your nail. Voila – a perfect ombre pattern.


#2: Floral Nails


Another gorgeous trend that’s taking over the catwalk this season is floral nail art. Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to get it right – all that you’ll need is a cocktail stick or dotting tool. The best way to make your nails pop is by using a pale base colour, so white, nude, peach, or a pastel shade are great places to start. Apply a double coat of your chosen polish, and then leave it to dry. Once it has, take your dotting tool and place two to three dots of yellow polish on each nail. Next, clean the tool, and apply the colour you would like to use for your petals. Add four or five dots around each yellow spot and you’ll have perfect blooms to brighten your days.


#3: Picture Perfect


Perhaps the most popular trend of all this autumn is perfect portraits, but most of us simply don’t have the artistic capacity to carry this out. Luckily for us, we can cheat. Nail decals are a little known tool that can give you picture perfect nails. Available online from selling sites like eBay, they come in a wide range of patterns and designs, and are incredibly easy to apply. All that you need to do to get terrific talons is apply a double layer of polish, wet the decals and stick them in place on your nail, and then finish with some topcoat – it really is that easy!


How will you choose to transform your talons?


I Am A Beastette thanks to Body Beast

If you follow me (Living Smart Girl) you know that I am into health and fitness.  But, just because I am “into” it doesn’t mean I have always been on the right track.   I am human, I get busy, life gets in the way, and I just sometimes give up.  I think about my goals, and dream about things but there are times when things like my Fibromyalgia just get in my way!  Well, I am fighting back!!   I am tired of being tired, tired of hurting, tired of complaining, tired of letting my health condition win!   I am taking my life back, one day at a time!

I have been a Beachbody Coach a few times before.  I join, order stuff, stick it in a drawer and forget about it, quit, etc.  Because I run a fitness/health blog I am sent many programs and products to review so I always seem to get tied up in something else.  Generally something I don’t plan to stick with, just review and move on.  I just can’t seem to find that program that really keeps my interests peaked.   I love lifting, and don’t love cardio, so that leaves me with not a lot of choices.  I was doing a program designed by a gal who owns her own business and it was helping me get on the right track with my lifting, but that was over a year ago.  I was doing great, then went on vacation and never got back into if after returning home.

Well, late one night as I was watching TV because I couldn’t sleep I caught a bit of the infomercial for Body Beast.  I then went online, watched a few more video’s and checked out some more info.  Hmmm…now this looks like my cup of tea!   So, found a coach who has inspired me and ordered it.  Got it, and set it in my basket of workout DVD’s, looked at it a few time here and there and that was it.   Life was busy, work was consuming me, and my Fibro kicking my ass!

So, let’s fast forward to a couple weeks ago.   I had had enough!!  And when I have finally gotten to the point of having enough, that is just it!!   I want muscle, I want tone, I want definition, I want to also eat cheeseburgers!  Hahaha!! And, with Body Beast, I can have all that!

Today is my Week 2  Day 1 of Body Beast Build Lean.   I am really loving the workout, the fact I can eat a lot of food, (tracking it with mymacros app), and how great I feel.  Well, I hurt like hell after a workout, and on leg day oh my.. but I know my pain is a good pain.   Generally I hurt every day due to my Fibro, but after a workout it’s a different kinda pain, and one I LOVE!!

Here is my pictures from today.  Only 2 weeks in, and I have some definite muscle definition going on in my arms and back.  Today was Back/Bis day and it is a killer workout.  50 min of intense lifting.  Sagi is awesome!  I love his jokes, his program, and he is a hottie to boot!


I am so proud to say I am a Beachbody Coach.   Do you want to take control of your health?  I can help you find the workout that suits you best.   Check out all we have to offer ~ Beachbody Coach Living Smart Girl.

Just because I love Body Beast doesn’t mean you will.   We offer many different programs and I would love to help you find the perfect one for you.   Questions ?   Ask away :)



Click this banner to learn more.




This was after only 1 week :)





7 Easy Ways to Help Reduce GMOs in Our Food Supply

7 Easy Ways to Avoid GMOs

While taking steps to remove GMOs from your family’s diet is a great start, what if we could band together and get them removed from grocery store shelves altogether–at least until they are proven safe? It may seem like a huge task, but remember–manufacturers have already removed or are starting to remove other potentially dangerous ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and bovine growth hormone rBGH. It is possible! Here’s what you can do:

1. Get Informed

Sadly, much of the process of genetically modifying our foods has happened right under our noses without us even being aware of it. And after 30 years, many Americans still have no idea what GMOs are or why we should be concerned. Read up on sites such as Non-GMO Project and Say No to GMOS to learn more.

2. Vote With Your Wallet

According to the Institute for Responsible Technology, “The number of non-GMO shoppers needed [to achieve a tipping point against GMOs in the US] is probably just 5% of the population.” That’s a really small number! But what if we didn’t depend on 5% of families to cut out all GMOs completely. What if 10% of people switched out half of their purchases for non-GMO products? What if 20% of people switched out just a quarter of their purchases for non-GMO products? Every little bit helps! Companies go where the profits are. Stop buying foods with GMOs, and companies will stop making them.

3. Help Others to Do the Same

Don’t just get informed and make healthier eating choices yourself–help others to do the same! Share posts like this one on Facebook. When your friends ask why you are eating healthier, don’t be afraid to tell them. You don’t need to jump up on a soap box and annoy all your friends preaching about it, but don’t be afraid to help get the word out.

4. Support Non-GMO Organizations

There are several great organizations out there that are committed to removing GMOs from our foods, such as the Non-GMO project, the Organic Consumers Association, and Label It Yourself. Like and follow them on social media. Share their content. Send them a check if and when you can.

5. Sign a Petition has tons of petitions by people who want GMOs removed from our food supply. Sign one (or several!) of the petitions that are already on the site, or create your own. Let companies and legislatures know that you want GMOs out of your food.

6. Make a Phone Call

Stores and restaurants want to provide foods that their customers will buy. Call up your local grocery or your favorite restaurants and ask them to consider including more non-GMO options. If enough people call and demand these products, stores and restaurants will start carrying them.

7. Write a Letter

In addition to making a difference at the local level, reach out to the people who can make a difference at the state or national level. Write a letter to your state representative, to the Senate or to the House of Representatives. Ask them to vote for measures that would reduce GMOs in our food supply.

It’s time that we stood up and made a difference. And the answer starts with you.


Want to learn more about GMOs?  Check out my other posts ~


Smile Lines No More Thanks to Botox

I remember when I was younger I thought there would never be a day that I would ever worry or stress about my lines and wrinkles.  I honestly never thought I would see lines and wrinkles on my face.  Yes, I seen the lines on my Mom’s face, my Grandma’s face, and other beautiful women around me.   But, never thought I would ever see them on mine.   I remember looking at women who had deep lines between their eyebrows or around their eyes and had makeup caked up in those lines and thinking, don’t they know they have thick makeup in their lines.   Can’t they see that?   I thought that because I had yet, not seen a line on my face.

Well, That was years ago now and now I have those lines and now it is my makeup that fills in those lines and oh how I hate it!!  Hate it so much I have come to wearing different makeup, and less of it just because I don’t want to look like those women I used to wonder about years ago. Sadly, after years of squinting because my eyes are very sensitive to the sun, I too had lines.   They are called the L lines.   They are those dang lines that just never will go away and there is only one solution ~ BOTOX!!

I never thought I would ever think about, let alone make an appointment, to have Botox.  But, I did and now I am sold!   I can’t believe how a few little pokes in my L lines would make such a HUGE difference in my appearance.

This is me before my Botox treatment.   See the lines ?


Here is me a few days after my Botox.  It does take about a week or so for it to take full effect, but I was so happy with the results even a few days later.   You can still see them just a touch.. but right now they are totally gone.   And, I am sold!


I had my Botox done at my local Dentists office – Mount Royal Dental.   My Dentist, Camille Zelen is amazing!!   She offers many procedures and always makes her patients feel very at ease.

If you are local and want to give Botox a try check them out.   They are offering a special to all Living Smart Girl readers, at a rate of $12 per unit for the rest of the summer.  Tell them Living Smart Girl sent ya.

You can also check them out on Facebook.

Have you had Botox?   Tell me about it.

7 Easy Ways to Avoid GMOs

7 Easy Ways to Help Reduce GMOs in Our Food Supply

Don’t let the fact that 80% of American foods contain genetically modified ingredients make you feel overwhelmed and hopeless. There are ways to eat healthy and delicious foods you love while still avoiding the GMOs that could potentially cause you and your family adverse health effects. Here are seven of them.

1. Buy Organic

By law, foods containing the organic label must be non-GMO. Therefore, purchasing organic foods is by far the easiest way to ensure that you are not getting these potentially harmful ingredients in your food. Be sure to read the labels carefully, though. Organic foods can receive a “100% organic,” “organic” or “made with organic ingredients” label. Foods simply labeled “organic” only need 95% of their ingredients to be organic in order to qualify. Also, ignore the “Natural” label. The term isn’t regulated, so it doesn’t really mean anything.

2. Look for Non-GMO Project Seals

The nonprofit organization Non-GMO Project is committed to helping people find and eat foods that are produced without GMOs. Find lists of non-GMO products on their website or look for their seal on products in stores to ensure that the product you are buying is made without GMOs.

3. Choose GMO-free Brands

As GMO awareness and concern increases, more and more stores are beginning to produce food lines that are made without GMOs. Trader Joe’s labeled foods and Whole Foods Market’s 365 Daily Value labeled foods are two examples of product lines made without GMOs. Research your favorite brands or ask your grocer if they have their own brand that is made without GMOs.

4. Read the Labels

While manufacturers are not required to state whether they use GMOs on their food labels, if you know which foods are most commonly genetically engineered in the U.S., a product’s food label can give you all the information you need to know. Start by looking for the worst offenders. If you see corn, soy, canola, sugar or cottonseed in an ingredients list, chances are very high that the product contains genetically modified ingredients and that it should be avoided.

5. Watch Out for Disguised Ingredients

If only shoppers only had to look out for a handful of products, avoiding GMOs would be much simpler. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that easy. Many product ingredients are derived from genetically modified sources, even if they don’t have “corn” or “soy” in their names. For example, baking powder, citric acid, xanthan gum, maltodextrin, modified food starch, sorbitol, and mono and diglycerides are all commonly made from genetically modified ingredients. If you don’t know what an ingredient is, find out before you eat it or feed it to your family.

6. Make Healthier Substitutions

When you realize that one of your favorite food products contains genetically modified ingredients, find a way to substitute it for something else that is not genetically modified. For example, buy pure cane sugar instead of sugar that comes from sugar beats. Buy 100% juice instead of juice cocktails, which are made with genetically modified ingredients such as sugar, high fructose corn syrup and citric acid. Make your own baked goods from home, purchasing organic ingredients as needed, to avoid the chemical cocktail present in conventional baked goods.

7. Avoid Pre-Packaged Foods

While the vast majority of food that comes in boxes and cans contains genetically modified ingredients, thankfully, the produce section is made up almost entirely of non-GMO items. Other than zucchini, papaya and corn, pretty much everything you find in the produce section should be non-GMO (though it will likely still have pesticides if it’s not organic). If you are in doubt, check the label. Five digit codes beginning with a 9 signify organic produce, four digit codes signify conventional produce, and five digit codes beginning with an 8 signify genetically modified produce.

While animals are not currently being genetically modified for commercial use, animals that are not raised organically are fed diets full of GMOs, so if you are trying to avoid GMOs, you will want to purchase your organic meat and dairy options as well.

Learn more about GMOs in our other posts here ~

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How Compulsive Hair Pulling affects Self Esteem


Compulsive Hair Pulling is a disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to pull out the hair from the body, and is known clinically as Trichotillomania or TTM. While the scalp is the most common site of pulling, any part of the body including the eyebrows, eyelashes and pubic hairs can be targeted. The location and severity of pulling, and therefore response to treatment varies greatly from person to person. Resisting the urge to pull is a daily struggle, and succumbing to these urges inevitably results in noticeable hair loss or bald patches. Because of the limited awareness of TTM, many people suffer in silence, unaware that there are so many who struggle with the same behavior and that there is help available. This results in feelings of loneliness and isolation, with the individual suffering immense shame and guilt about their behavior.

The Effect of Hair Loss on Self Image

We live in a very aesthetically driven society, in that our value and worth as human beings are judged by the way we present ourselves physically. We are continuously bombarded with definitions of beauty and success, with images of woman with thick, long flowing hair and perfectly structured eyebrows. When hair is repetitively pulled out at the follicles, over time there is the risk that permanent damage can occur. This can cause great shame and embarrassment. People with trichotillomania are often very secretive about their behavior, going to great lengths to hide the evidence of their pulling, such as wearing hats and scarves all the time even when not weather or socially appropriate. It is also common for people to avoid social situations or enjoyable activities such as going to the hair salon, or in severe cases even avoid vital medical care for fear of exposure. In cases where a loved one or friend is aware of the behavior it can also result in strained relationships. For some hair pullers the frequency of the urge experienced and the resulting time spent on pulling hairs can also negatively impact on the individual’s efficiency in important roles, e.g. late-coming for work or school. Studies have shown that most trichotillomania patients have decreased self-esteem, lack of confidence and feel socially inadequate. Due to the lack of awareness of this condition as a clinical disorder, there is an expectation that the person should just be able to just stop, using willpower alone. The inability to resist the urge to pull, despite wanting to and being fully aware of the damaging effects may be a contributing factor in knocking the persons confidence in themselves and their abilities and therefore negatively impacts their self-esteem. Social isolation and dysfunction in daily occupations as a result of hair pulling further exacerbates a lowered sense of self-esteem.

Is help available?

In recent years great strides have been taken in raising awareness of and reducing the stigma attached to compulsive hair pulling. Organizations such as the Trichotillomania Learning Centre (TLC) are at the forefront of TTM advocacy and research. As such there is an increasing number of health professionals who are becoming skilled in the treatment of trichotillomania. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is seen to be the most effective method of treatment because it addresses the behavior and helps the patient identify practical methods for managing the urge to pull, but also addresses the underlying negative thoughts and emotions that are attached to the urge to pull whether as a trigger, or as a consequence of pulling. Aside from formal therapy, the advent of the digital world has seen an explosion of information and support forums for trichotillomania on the internet. Support from others who are experiencing the same challenges as you can have a positive effect on your self-esteem as you realize that you are not alone and that you have nothing to feel ashamed about. Bloggers, YouTubers and mainstream media coverage of this disorder acknowledges the struggle, but also have an important role to play in challenging the pressures we place on ourselves to conform to societal perceptions of beauty. Engaging with the TTM community and seeking the help and support you need is the best thing you can do to overcome trichotillomania to be your best self.

Enjoying a 12 Hour Adventure with Caribou Coffee

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Life is busy, we all lead hectic lives and there are times when I am sure you might think, I need an adventure.  Well, every day of my life is an adventure and thanks to Caribou Coffee for sponsoring me I get to tell you of a fun adventure we do often.  We love to ride motorcycle and in the summer, which isn’t long enough here in Minnesota, we take every chance we get to take off for an adventure on the motorcycle.  Not every ride we take means we will be actually exploring or traveling far, but every ride we take is an adventure on it’s own.

Our 12 hour adventure started out early on Friday, getting all geared up for a day of motorcycle riding.   Even though it’s hot out, we never leave our driveway without our helmets, sunglasses, and jackets.  We ride smart, which is also riding safe.    We took off from our home and headed out to see where the road might take us that day.


Our first stop was to check out some beautiful scenery on the road.  Cool tunnels, the lake, and a neat bridge.  It was very warm and so we had to pull over and put our jackets in the saddle bags.   I love being on the motorcycle because it gives me some much needed sunshine, and I can sit back and relax and take in the sights.  Living on Lake Superior always offers great views, and we have a couple scenic roads that have beautiful views.  There are many times we take off on a ride with no goal in mind, except to spend time together.  That, can be an adventure all in it’s own.  Being together for 21 years and we can still enjoy each other… now that says adventure.

After being on the motorcycle for some time we both figured it was time to cool off.  We know that in the summer the days are longer and people like us live a more relaxed routine.  Caribou Coffee knows that consumers like us are in summer mode and they offer a wide variety of premium cold drinks to explore, discover and enjoy.   Being that it was hot out, and we were quiet warm, we decided to try a new beverage to us.  I have never had a Crafted Press and Caribou Coffee created them to be the perfect fuel for every day adventures so we thought, perfect!  A bold coffee to keep you awake and a touch of sweetness to keep you refreshed.   Yup.. that is exactly what we need and we each got one.   They were exactly what we needed!  Cold, refreshing, and perfect our 12 Hour Adventure.


After enjoying our Caribou Coffee Crafted Press drinks, we were back on the road to see what else was out there for us to do or see for the day.  We had a great day, enjoying each other, the open road, the weather, and our crafted press coffee.

Want to enjoy a crafted press? Fill out this survey for a complimentary medium beverage.



Disclosure ~ This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Caribou Coffee.

Food shopping on a budget


Shopping is an inevitable part of our life.  Particularly, it concerns food shopping.  Whether we like shopping or not the one way to stock your fridge is to go shopping. Some people do not pay extra attention to this daily routine; other people try to find the ways how to get more for less money. Here are my tips how to shop food on a tight budget.


  • Write down all the dishes you can cook on your own. At first it may seem troublesome. Fried eggs, sandwiches, porridge are all fit. In case your skills are too much poor, the internet will come in hand with its student’s recipes including  affordable ingredients.
  • Make a list of all the products you regularly buy (bread, butter, yogurt, vegetables, juice, fruit, snacks, etc). Here you should be aware that all kinds of snacks and cookies are the sources of harmful sugar and are useless. So, in case you have a sweet tooth highlight one or two days on your calendar on which you can treat yourself.
  • Then make a shopping list of products you will need for the whole week. And now you are armed at all points to go to the supermarket.
  • As you enter the supermarket, you need to keep in mind that the supermarket’s aim is to throw you off your guard by surrounding you with plenty of products and things at arm’s length and make you push the boat out. So, pay attention to the bottom line of products on the shelves. Choose reduction time. Never shop on an empty stomach and stick to your shopping lists.
  • Try to eat at home. Eating out as a rule costs 2-3 times double.

Where to buy products? The answer to this question is vital too. Farmers markets and supermarkets are the main suppliers of groceries. When I was a student, I used to go to the supermarket that was the nearest to my student accommodation London. However, the closest convenience shop does not always offer the cheapest prices. So, to do some kind of marketing research and compare the prices in all supermarkets located in your area is not a bad idea. It will take time, but afterwards you’ll have invaluable information about which items and where are cheaper. Based on that choose your favorite supermarket chain and sign up for a loyalty program. And of course, do not forget about on-line shopping. All the activities required to find a cheaper price can be done at home.

As you can see these pieces of advice are difficult. However they require a bit of discipline. By following them you will not only save money, but become an expert in the art of shopping.

Botox and plastic surgery


It is no secret that people like to look young. Most of us are proud of our appearance and we would love to retain it as long as it is possible. Unfortunately, aging is something that we all need to face. However, modern science allows us to prolong period of youth through different procedures and treatments that will allow us to retain young looks and remain beautiful. Among those procedures, two of them are dominant: botox and plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is a procedure that was developed during World War One. Many soldiers were returning from the war with severe deformations or lack of limbs. In order to remedy it, people invented different ways to reconstruct missing parts and restore individual’s life. As the time passed, people realized that the plastic surgery can also be used for cosmetic purposes. Nowadays, cosmetic surgeries are among the most popular medical procedures. They are allowing individuals to modify their appearance and create a new self. Most of the people opt for things such as lip or breast surgery.

Botox represents botulinum toxin. It is one of the strongest toxins that exist and by lowering its concentration it is possible to use it for medical purposes. When used, it relaxes the muscles and it levels the wrinkles on face. However, there is only a limited use to it; it can be only used for the wrinkles that are made through facial expression in areas around eyes, nose and forehead. It is useless for any imperfections that are made by sunlight or by skin aging.

Even though these two procedures are very different, it is possible to use both of them in order to modify personal appearance. They are both excellent ways to improve our looks and to remove any imperfections made by injuries. However, given that these are first and foremost medical procedures, we need to approach them with certain care and precaution.

The biggest issue with plastic surgery is the fact that it is permanent. It doesn’t mean that the person can’t have additional surgeries; it is just that the effect remains if we don’t modify it any further. In some cases, implants themselves can lead to issues and often, people have depression as a result of the procedure. Specialists that work in Doctor Medica emphasize that the person needs to be sure about the treatment before the surgery. Severe change to appearance can lead to sadness and depression because the individual is not able to relate to the person in the mirror. Most of us are accustomed to our body, with all its imperfections, and any change to it can make us regret our decision.

At the same time, botox is a procedure that is affixing our facial expression. Even though it is used to level any wrinkles, it makes us unable to form certain expressions that were previously natural to us. According to certain research, this can also lead to lack of confidence and depression because the person is not able to laugh properly anymore and to make all the expressions that were unique to them.

Although these treatments have become common, individual should have in mind that these are medical procedures and there are many things which can go wrong. Like other procedures, we should be very careful because it can lead to damage to our body.