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Hi, My name is Sheila and I am the Living Smart Girl. My goal is to bring everyone the latest and greatest tips and advice on fitness, healthy choices, recipes, shopping, beauty, home and garden, family and parenting, daily deals, travel, and so much more. I love fitness, but life is more than just exercise and when you visit Living Smart Girl you can connect the dots and live a well rounded life ~ the Living Smart way :)

I love working online and spend most of my day blogging, and researching new topics and tips to bring my readers.

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Get in Shape with the ActivMotion Bar

Disclosure ~ Living Smart Girl received product/compensation for sharing our views of the ActivMotion Bar.  All opinions expressed are 100% that of Living Smart Girl.  @ActivMotionBar @FitApproach  @ActivMotion_Bar @FitApproach  #SweatPink #ActivMotionBar


It’s a new year and that means many are on the search for a new them.  If you are one of these people, like I am, then you will love exploring fun ways to get your sweat on.   My latest obsession for fitness is the ActivMotion Bar.   Never heard of it? Well that’s ok because neither had I.  At first look I thought, now how can a bar filled with weighted balls really be effective.   Boy, I will tell you after my first workout my body was telling me how wrong my brain was!


The ActiveMotion Bar was created by a guy named Derek Mikulski.  Derek was a very unhealthy and overweight young man tipping the scales at 260 pounds.  Derek took control of his life, lost over 80 pounds and is now helping others do the same.  So, out of his passion for fitness came the ActivMotion Bar.   The unique internal rolling steel weights inside the bar help to engage both body and mind to enhance strength, balance and mind – muscle awareness.   Like I said, I was really not sure about this until I tried it.  Wow…  you really have to concentrate on what you are doing.   The balls roll, and you are working your whole body to keep things flowing smoothly thru your workouts.


The ActivMotion Bar offers a variety of packages for anyone looking to add this to their fitness routine.   I received the 6 pound bar and 5 DVD’s.   The ActivMotion Bar has huge versatility because the workout programs can be used to improve balance, core strength, flexibility, muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness and sports performance.    I like that the exercises one does with this are fun and refreshing, and also effective.    And I know for many who can’t get to a gym, or can’t fit a ton of exercise gear in their home this would be perfect!  It is a pole, so fits anywhere in your home.

I made a video to show you some of the moves I like the most.   Check it out ~


There are so many great workouts to do with the ActivMotion Bar and that makes this a perfect workout tool for pretty much anyone.    This is even approved by the ACE, MASM and AFAA programs for continuing credits.   If you are a fitness professional this would be a great class to offer in your area.

I am enjoying my ActivMotion bar and adding it to my weekly fitness training.   I would love to know if you have tried this, or plan to try this.

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and G+.


Heres to Your Health with Tosi Complete


Disclosure ~  Living Smart Girl received product as compensation for sharing on our blog.  All opinions are 100% that of Living Smart Girl’s.
@tosihealth #tosihealth

With so many different methods for weight loss and healthy living on the market these days I know firsthand how hard it can be to to separate the real deal from the impostors. I’ve stood in the wellness section of countless grocery and health food stores looking from one supplement to the next while being utterly helpless to decide between them with the sheer amount of choices before me. As I’m sure some of you readers well know it’s a frustrating and near exhausting process. Like myself I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the same questions:


  • What brand of supplements are the best?
  • Which are made with harmful substances?
  • Do they contain any foreign or harmful substances, GMO, etc.
When I was given the chance to work with Tosi to review their products it seemed like the answer had fallen straight into my lap and the pesky guess work had disappeared. The Tosi Health System took 12 long years of research, development, and perfecting by doctors, industry experts, athletes, fussy eaters and skeptics but the pay off was great and the end result was a system that provides its consumers with a nutrient, anti-oxidant rich combination that helps to eliminate cravings and balance out your body.The Tosi Health System has a full range of products to choose from including:
  • Probiotics
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Greens
  • Complete Meal
  • Super Bites
For my review I was sent the Tosi Quick Start package. The Tosi Quick Start package comes complete with a 30 day supply of:
  1. Toshi One Choice of Complete Meal (chocolate or vanilla) in 24 servings.
  2. Toshi Complete Greens 30 servings.
  3. Tosi Digestive Enzymes 120 servings.
  4. Tosi Probiotics 60 count
  5. 1 Tosi Shaker Cup to mix your complete meal and greens
  6. BONUS sample of almond and cashew Superbites.   ~ Totally LOVE These!!
With all of the included products to help in aid in your quest for a healthier you, the Tosi Quick Start is the perfect building block to get you where you want to go!Connect with Tosi on Facebook|Twitter |Pinterest|Instagram|Google+ and never miss an update!

Keeping the Passion Alive for 20 Years

Disclosure ~ This post is brought to you by CollectiveBias. All views and opinions are 100 % that of Living Smart Girl.
#YoursandMine #CollectiveBias


If someone would have told me, 22 years ago, that I would meet a man who would be my best friend, confidant, lover and someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with I would have told them they were totally crazy.   At the age of 22, I had been through a long term high school relationship that went south, and a very abusive relationship that I ended after my son was 6 weeks old.   I had all but sworn off relationships and men and the idea of ever having that white picket fence dream.   Let me just say, what happened April 21st, 1994 was unexpected and the best thing that could ever have happened to me and my son.  Spice things up in life by venturing into a new relationship.

Tony and I have been together for almost 21 years!  WOW!  Just typing that out makes me shake my head!  We have had the good, the bad, and the in between.  I am sure that anyone in a relationship can relate, regardless of how long you have been together.  One thing I never thought about when we first met, was that things would change so much as each year passes.   Aside from the fact that you change as people as you get older, I can understand how couples drift apart and eventually divorce, if they don’t work at their relationship.

Days go by so fast, life is so busy, there are kids, work, house work, yard work, upkeep, vehicles, pets, meals, shopping, etc.  Busy busy!!  That is what everyone’s life is like, not just ours.  Over the years we have had to work hard to keep what we have alive.  You know what I mean.. the passion.  That seems to be the first thing to go when life gets busy.  Why?  Well cuz life is tiring and we are just pooped out!

Tony and I have many of the same interests and that is one thing that helps us keep the passion alive.  We both love music, and even though there are times over the years where music has caused fights, it’s only because we are both so passionate about it.   We were in a band together (Tony played guitar and I was a drummer) for about 6 years.   Because he was a drummer as well, and teaching me, and I am stubborn.. yes we had a few go rounds! But, that doesn’t mean we didn’t love each other.  Just that I was right (shhh… don’t tell him).  We are still in a band now, and we enjoy our music, our gigs, our concerts and shows we go to and the fact that we can do it all together and enjoy our passion for music with each other.  We go to Rock Fest every year (this will be our 11th year).  It is so much fun, and a great vacation for us.  We go with friends, but yet find time to enjoy each other, alone, in our camper.   Maybe just some cuddle time, or talking time, or a little more.. just us two.


We love to travel, and when we travel it is just Tony and I, alone in our own world even though there may be hundreds or thousands of others around us.   It is our time, away from all the stresses of work and home. Regardless of where we travel, we make it fun and time well spent keeping our passion alive.  We have gone so many place and we have so many more on our bucket list.  We have been to Yellowstone, South Dakota for Sturgis Motorcyle Rally, Florida a couple times, Wisconsin Dells, Nashville, New York, Ohio, Illinois, and so many more.  When we travel we generally drive, and that is a very special time for us both.  It is time for us to be alone, and just talk.  Funny to think that even after 20 years we still can fill up 12 hours of car time with chit chat.   Our favorite places and where we have the most fun is when we go to Florida. Here is us at the St. Louis Arch on our way to Florida last year.


Being passionate about things together is one way we have found to keep our relationship strong.  Everyone will stumble and fall from time to time, but when you have someone to help you back up, brush you off and take your hand to move onto the next adventure, then you know you have the right person in your life.  That is what we do for each other, and have been for 20+ years.   He is my rock, and I am his.   I am excited to spend another 20+ with Tony, but only hope they don’t fly by as fast.  We have way to much we want to see and do and want to enjoy every second of every day we are given to spend together.  Life is short, and we don’t take that for granted.


Aside from our passion for travel and music, we have found ways to keep the passion alive while at home as well.   Some things we do might be able to help others, so I thought I would share.   We do simple things like ~

I get up with Tony every day for work.  Since I work from home, I am free to go back to bed if I want so this is something I have chosen to do.  I get up, pack his lunch and am able to say goodbye, I love you and give him a kiss.  He appreciates this, and I appreciate him for going to work.

On the days he works, I have dinner ready when he gets home, or at least within 30 minutes of him being home.   We sit and eat together and talk about our day.  Vent, laugh, and sometimes even cry.  This is our quality time.

On Tony’s days off we usually head to town for the weekly run to get building materials, groceries, etc.  We always pick a place and stop for a late lunch / early dinner.  A couple drinks and some great food make for a perfect start to the weekend.   This is kinda our date night.  We might stop here and there on the way home to have a drink or two, or just head home and snuggle in for a good movie.

After a good movie I like to set a romantic mood in the bedroom with some candles, dimmed lights and I lay out our favorite goodies like the KY®  YOURS+MINE lube.  After a movie and a few drinks we are racing each other upstairs!   Romantic evening, being together and soaking up each other, keeping the passion going, and letting all the worlds cares and worries just slip away, that is a perfect way to end a day.

What do you do to keep the passion alive in your relationship?  How long have you and your partner been together?


Snack Healthy with Super Pop

web logo super pop-2

Disclosure ~ Living Smart Girl received product as compensation for sharing on our blog.  All opinions are 100% that of Living Smart Girl.
@superpopsnacks  #superpopsnacks

I don’t know about you but when I rang in the New Year I did so with the intent to have this year be my healthiest yet. I vowed to give up my gluttinous habits, put down the soda can and exercise my backside back into decent shape; 2015 was my year to finally get my priorities in order and my health/diet was among the top 3. So, when the opportunity to work with Super Pop and feature them on my blog presented itself to me I wasn’t about to refuse.

Created by a Wife, Mother and Health Advocate in sunny California, Super Pop started out as a healthy popcorn company that has since expanded to nutrition packed health bars as well; don’t tell anyone but they’ve also managed to sneak in a healthy serving of veggies into the bars to make them even more beneficial. Each batch of Super Pop snacks is made with only all natural ingredients and in small quantities to ensure that you’re not only getting the tastiest product but also the best quality; they’re gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and artificial free snacks that the whole family can enjoy while feeling good about them and their eating choices.


I was sent Super Pop’s line of Popcorn snacks and Quinoa Bars for my review.

The Quinoa Bars come in a variety of different flavors that include:

  • Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Dark Chocolate Almond
  • Blueberry Almond
  • Peanut Butter and Honey
I was sent each of them to try for my review. Unlike some of the other snack bars on the store shelves today that use soy crisps or puffed rice, each of these delicious snack bars contains a serving of Organic grown, puffed Quinoa, is dense in nutrition and doesn’t contain any icky sugar alcohols. With 9 grams of protein and withOUT the chalky aftertaste we’ve become so accustomed to, the Super Pop snack bars are the pre-workout or afternoon snack and since each one is packed with some of the best super foods around it’s sure to fill you up and keep you going.

Super Pop’s Bagged Popcorn is another great midday snack that is sure to keep you coming back for more and while staying guilt free about it too. If you’re a fan of kettle corn but not so much so when it comes to all high amounts of fatty oils and sugars that comes along with it then Super Pop’s Bagged Popcorn is the way to go. Each bag is made with Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Sugar and Non-GMO Popcorn. They come in the following flavors and I was able to try each of them for my review (excluding the Lightly Sweet Popcorn):

  • Cinnamon Roll Popcorn
  • Sea Salt Popcorn

If you’ve been looking for a new, healthier alternative, to the same old snacks you’ve been guilty of consuming then Super Pop should be your first healthy food stop of the New Year.

You can connect with them on Facebook|Twitter|Instagram and never miss an update!


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The Ultimate DIY Bundle – On Sale Now


Don’t miss out on your chance to get this amazing DIY Bundle.   Sale is a short time frame, and ends January 26th.  Click the image above for all the info and to get your bundle now.

5 Ways to Lose Fat Without Surgeries

In some cases, weight control surgeries may be ideal. However, not everyone absolutely needs these procedures. What was first ideal to save a life has become more tied with vanity. There are many ways you can lose fat without checking yourself into the hospital. The best part is, many of these methods are not costly or difficult.

Eat in Moderation

One of the most obvious forms of losing fat is by eating in moderation. However, many people think that means going on a diet. In reality, you can still enjoy all the foods you love as long as you eat the correct portions. For example, most cans of soup are packaged for two servings, yet many people will eat the entire can in one sitting.

Monitor Your Snacking

Instead of eating a bag of cookies for a snack, turn more towards fruits. Not only will you get the natural sugars to satisfy your sweet tooth, but many of these can help fight a variety of illnesses including cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. This is especially true in most berries such as blueberries and strawberries. In fact, having a serving of dark chocolate can be more healthy as it provides a large amount of iron and less carbohydrates.

Natural Supplements

Dietary supplements can help burn away fat by using natural herbs and chemicals to enhance the body’s ability to burn it as energy. Companies such as Chemist Australia sell Fat Blaster products and the like which are made with a variety of these natural components. Many of these assist the body by using the fat that is stored while providing anti-oxidants and other benefits.

More Physical Activity

Physical activity is the cornerstone of reducing body mass. However, it doesn’t take a lot in order to make an impact on yourself. Walking to the corner store, vigorously cleaning house for 20 minutes a day and other movement beyond what you’re regularly accustomed can make a difference in weight loss. The more active you become, the quickly you can lose fat.

Online Competition

There are several websites available that are free to use that can help drive your need for healthier living. Some weight training sites provide points for exercises you do while comparing your score against others from around the world. This provides a layer of entertainment and getting the competitive juices flowing in order to surpass thousands of others.

Although getting lean may help your appearance, there are many reasons why you should take better care of your body. Not only will you look better, but you will feel better as well. Your physical and mental capacities are all controlled by your overall health. By putting more effort into improving yourself, it’s even possible to change your general moods throughout the day to live a happier life.

Vacationing or Living is Affordable at Carefree RV Resorts


Disclosure  ~ This article is sponsored by Carefree RV Resorts.  All opinions expressed are that of Living Smart Girl’s.

Sometimes I sit and think, I can’t believe I never really had a vacation up until I was in my 30’s.  Yes, growing up we went camping, went to visit relatives, and had a few day outings, but my parents just never had the money to travel which meant us kids didn’t see much outside of Finland, MN.   We went to Wisconsin a couple times with our Grandma, and took a trip up into Canada and around Lake Superior, coming down thru Michigan, when I was about 12, but I don’t remember much of that.  I then went to North Dakota a couple times with my boyfriend when I was 16, but it was dead of winter so there was no sights to see.   Until I met my husband and our son was almost grown the word vacation just never came up much.   I think if I had taken a trip to Florida in my 20’s, I would never have come back.  That means I never would have met my husband or be doing what I am doing now, so that might be a good thing.  LOL!    I went to Florida the first time in 2007, after the loss of my Mom.   I fell in love!   I finally got hubby to go down 2 years ago, and he fell in love.  All we talk about now is Florida, and retirement.

I was so excited to learn about Carefree RV Resorts.   Hubby and I are going to check out staying at one of them for our next Florida vacation.   Hubby can retire in 6 years, and our goal is to live in Florida part time and Carefree RV Resorts would be a great place to call home for us.  Offering Affordable Florida Vacation Homes with 34 locations in Florida, makes it easy to find one that will fit our lifestyle.  I am not at retirement age, but we have talked about buying a home in one of the any age communities so we have a place to get away to before retirement.  Park Models for Sale are reasonable, and there are many to choose from.   I have my eye on a couple already!!

Carefree RV Resorts is a family of 101 RV parks and Manufactured Home Communities across the United States and Canada.
Carefree offers a wide selection of new and used Park Model homes for sale in their RV Resorts, and mobile homes in their Mobile Home Communities.
   With 34 RV Resorts in Florida, Carefree RV Resorts have something to suit any budget or need. They have homes ranging from under 20K for pre-owned to 50K for brand new, fully customized homes. There is an additional lot rent paid either seasonally or annually.

The park models for sale are all so cute, and would be perfect for anyone looking to vacation or live part time or even year round.  I know the older we get, the more time we would spend in Florida.  Even though we think 6 years is a long way off, we need to start planning now.  A Park Model is a smaller, single-wide home that is considered a recreational vehicle. Park Models are designed for placement in RV resorts, campgrounds, or locations where smaller trailers are an acceptable living environment.   A typical Park Model is a single structure and is shorter and narrower than a Manufactured Home. They typically have one bedroom, one bath, an eat-in kitchen and living room. Park Models are typically eight to thirteen feet wide and have one or two bedrooms. They are under 500 sq ft.  This is perfect for what we are looking for, how about you?  

Not into Florida?  Well no worries as Carefree RV Resorts has resorts in Florida, Texas, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Ontario Canada.  So, you have no excuses to not enjoy Carefree RV Resorts.  Check out some of these great pictures and tell me how you could pass up a life like this, the Carefree way! ;)    Such cute park model homes, all done up so nicely.


Carefree is currently running a special called “Your Passport to Paradise – You stay we pay!”
With the help of a Carefree sales advisor, your visit will be planned at prime Florida destinations based on your interests and preferences. We’ll select properties that have everything you are looking for to preview during your personalized visit. Accommodations include up to 4 nights for 2 guests in a Carefree Resort Home.  Flexible dates. Subject to availability.  Arrive by car or RV and simply commit to a guided tour of the Carefree property of your choice.  Availability varies by property.  Plan your visit before April 30, 2015. Every home buyer will receive a $1,500 check within 15 days after close of their resort home.
For more information call Sheri at 855-999-9812
En français Nicole et 1-450-775-1760


I can’t wait to start researching and finding the perfect home for us.   This has been a huge eye opener as to what is available for us, and for you.  So, maybe we can be friends if we all live by each other.  How fun!!   See you at the Carefree RV Resorts!

Jumpstarting 2015 with @DLrevAMP #FoodDetox

DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox-1



Disclosure ~ This is a sponsored story brought to you on behalf of Blog Meets Brand and DL revAMP.
All opinion are 100% that of Jill’s, who was awesome enough to work with us on this campaign.
@DLrevAMP @DeliverLean @Onjuice
#Vegan #Organic #Plantbased #FoodDetox #Detox #GlutenFree #DLrevAMP #DetoxDiary #Ad



I’ve been in a waiting game the last few years. Waiting for my life to start. Waiting to be healthy enough to exercise. Waiting to move on with my life. Waiting to lose weight.


In many ways, I’ve been in this “waiting game” for a long time. I’ve never considered myself thin. Not even as a little kid. I always considered myself “chubby.” By the time I was a tween, and then a teen, I knew I needed to lose weight. I tried a diet when I was 18 that was only powdered drinks. Can you imagine three meals a day of powdered drinks? It was AWFUL. When I was in college I gained the Freshman 15 on top of the “high school 15” I already had. After college, I joined Weight Watchers at least 3 times, but never shed more than the same 10 pounds. And then I became pregnant, not once, but three times. I gained 50 pounds with each pregnancy. Even though I lost about 25 pounds after each pregnancy, I still have much weight to lose.


I needed to stop waiting and start living my life. Sheila/ reached out to me. She wanted someone to do a Detox for her blog. Now doing a Detox has always been on my radar. I look at a Detox as doing a reset on my body. Jumpstarting my eating habits. Giving me a new approach to eating. But Detoxes are expensive and not in my budget. When Sheila/LivingSmartGirl reached out to see if I would be game to do the Detox, I didn’t have to think twice. My answer was a resounding YES!


I did the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox. Known as the “original, organic, plant based food detox,” DL revAMP Detoxes is a new product line from parent company DeliverLean. DL revAMP Detox Diets are made of “energy-building organic detox foods that will help remove damaging toxins and waste from your body’s waste removal system while helping to remove extra weight.” DL revAMP Detoxes are:


  • 100% vegan
  • 100% organic
  • Gluten free
  • Wheat free
  • Grain free
  • Nut free
  • Dairy free
  • Nightshade free
  • Certified by USDA Organic, ECOCert, NonGMO Project, and Vegan.
  • And contains over 36 foods best known for aiding with a Detox.


I was selected to do the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox. The DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox was shipped to me in one package. My shipment arrived on the first day of the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh. All items were shipped in a large white box. The perishable items were packed in a foam cooler box with an ice pack. As I photographed the food and juice items for my blogpost, I drank the first of the four juices of the day: the Chia Fat Flush. But I am getting ahead of myself, first I want to tell you about my process for prepping for the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox.

DL revAMP Collage

Pre-Detox of the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox


My DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox started on a Tuesday. That was the day my shipment was due to arrive. The day before…Monday…was a dreary, bone-chilling cold, icy Monday. Ick. Double ick. I did my morning driving routine…drove my daughter to her carpool drop off, drove my son to school, and came home to work. I drank as much warm water as I could to “wake up” my lymphatic system, which is “my body’s waste removal process.” I was supposed to drink 8 servings of 8 ounces of warm water, but probably drank closer to 3 servings. Not good, but much better than usual since I am not a water drinker.


I was good about drinking water, but wasn’t as diligent about eating well on the detox day. DL revAMP recommends that 24 hours before the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox that you refrain from eating:


  • processed sugar — I had a couple of pieces of Christmas candy.
  • wheat — I did not eat bread
  • alcohol — I did not drink.
  • nicotine — I do not smoke.
  • coffee — I did drink coffee, but only 1 cup.
  • meat — I ate the beef in lasagna I baked for dinner before realizing that I wasn’t supposed to be eating meat.
  • dairy — I ate the cheese in the lasagna and milk in my coffee, but no other dairy.


DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox recommends eating a number of Pre-Detox Foods for the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox: quinoa, buckwheat, mixed green salads, fresh pressed juices, organic fruits, organic vegetables, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds. I didn’t eat any of the recommended foods except for salad and juice as I don’t ever have the other foods in my pantry.


Day #1 of the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox


The morning of the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox I filled my water bottle with warm water and flavoring in preparation for starting the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox. Probably should have skipped the flavoring as it has artificial sugar, but I wanted to make sure drink as much water as I could. I did my morning driving routine: I drove my daughter’s carpool to school, took my son’s cello bow to the music shop for repair, before driving home. I arrived home a minute or two after my DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox delivery arrived.


7-8 a.m. — Chia Fat Flush – I drank the Chia Fat Flush closer to 10:30 a.m. when my shipment was delivered. The first sip was very bitter. I shook it very well then took another swig. I tasted the fruit on the second gulp. The Chia Fat Flush is the first juice of the day for all three days of the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox.The Chia Fat Flush is a filling drink of organic cranberries, lemon juice cocktail, and whole chia seeds. I finished the Chia Fat Flush by 12:48 p.m. It took a while to drink, but I finally finished it. The drink has whole chia seeds in it. Took a bit to get used to drinking seeds. Shaking the Chia Fat Flush helped.


8-9 a.m. — Satisfying Breakfast — Apple Pie Power Bowl – While I was drinking the Chia Fat Flush, I ate the Apple Pie Power Bowl. The Apple Pie Power Bowl is one of the Satisfying Breakfasts. One of my favorite parts of the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox is that it includes juices AND food. I’ll admit that this dish didn’t look like an apple pie. It looked more like cookie dough, but the blueberries were very good. It was like a dense, moist cake batter. I liked the taste.


11 a.m. OnJuice — The Detox Juice: Sublime was a mixture of spinach, ginger, cucumber, green apple, parsley, lime, and lemon. It was tart, very tart, but not unpleasant.


12-1 p.m. — Filling Lunch — The Oriental Noodle Bowl was good. I loved this salad of 100% buckwheat noodles, cabbage, carrots, cilantro, celery, toasted sesame oil, and coconut aminos. .


2 p.m. — Power Shot – I took a sip of the Sweet & Spicy Power Shot. It was spicy. I took the second sip and really liked it.


3 p.m. — Energizing Snack – I ate the first of the Sunny Ginger Kale Chips. I found the taste bitter. All in all, I ate only about 20 kale chips. I gave it a good shot. I have to admit that I did not like this snack at all.


5-7 p.m. — Cleansing Soup — The Namaste Broccoli Soup was my favorite item so far. Hands down the tastiest. Loved the creaminess and thickness of the soup. I adore soup of any kind. This soup was made with broccoli, organic hemp seeds, and leeks.


9-10 p.m. — Detox Tea – A welcome beverage. Also helped me stave off the hunger…or at least stop snacking.


Day #2 of the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox


The warm water was less icky on Day #2. I drank it and felt refreshed and replenished..


7-8 a.m. — Chia Fat Flush – Second time drinking the Chia Fat Flush. Tasted better. I shook the bottle every time I took a drink. Easier to drink with all the ingredients shaken up. I took large gulps. I still don’t love the chia seeds. Why not grind them up so that the drink is smoother? I’m not used to ingredients like whole chia seeds. My diet has more processed foods, than natural foods. This detox is a learning experience for me. I’m learning about new-to-me foods, like whole chia seeds.


8-9 a.m. — Satisfying Breakfast — At first, I thought that the Kale Berry Coconut Smoothie was two separate items: a creamy drink and a container of dry ingredients. I thought I had to drink the smoothie and eat the kale and blueberry. I realized that I was supposed to combined the smoothie with the ingredients. Left in it in the Vitamix a bit too long. Got too thick. Added water. Tasted better.


11 a.m. OnJuice — This juice was called The Roots: OnJuice, which included carrot, beet, lime, lemon, and cucumber. I swigged it in 3-4 gulps. Fruity, but bitter. Odd taste.


12-1 p.m. — Filling Lunch — I ate the Detox Power Salad not at lunchtime but late afternoon. The Detox Power Salad was an interesting mix of fruit — apples, goji berries, and dates — and vegetables — fresh greens and sprouted mung beans. I generally dislike fruit in salads, but this one was O.K.


2 p.m. — Power Shot – I took a sip of the Miracle Power Shot on the way home from my errands. It was a refreshing mix of turmeric and papaya.


3 p.m. — Energizing Snack – I ate the first of the Raw Cacao Truffles as I was walking out the door to carpool. It was great! So sweet. I gobbled the second and wished that the container had more truffles in it!


5-7 p.m. — Cleansing Soup — The Green Garden Soup was not good. I could not get over how different this soup was to the Day #1 soup. I drank it but did not enjoy it.


9-10 p.m. — Detox Tea – I enjoyed this tea immensely.


Day #3 of the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox


7-8 a.m. — Chia Fat Flush – I chugged this juice in about 3 gulps. Still not crazy about the chia seeds, but I drank it quickly so didn’t notice them as much.


8-9 a.m. — Satisfying Breakfast — The Heirloom Pudding was tasty and filling, The only part I disliked was the coconut. I can eat coconut but don’t love it.


11 a.m. OnJuice — The Skinny Greens OnJuice was a mix of kale, ginger, cucumber, lime, lemon, mint, and celery. Tasty and tart.


12-1 p.m. — Filling Lunch — The Crunchy Cabbage Salad was a tasty mix of green cabbage, sprouted pumpkin, sunflower seeds with a dill dressing. I was ravenous and really enjoyed this salad.


2 p.m. — Power Shot – I took a sip of the Gin-Abana Power Shot. I’ve never had either of the ingredients in this juice…ginger or guanabana. It was an interesting taste, but O.K.


3 p.m. — Energizing Snack – I ate Grapefruit Refresher not at 3 p.m. but with the Cleansing Soup at dinnertime with my family. I had a busy afternoon of work and didn’t get a chance to eat my snack until dinner.


5-7 p.m. — Cleansing Soup — I wasn’t looking forward to drinking the Go Green Soup, after Day #2’s Green Garden Soup. My teen suggested that I microwave the soup. I poured the soup from the bottle to a large mug. Wow! The Go Green Soup was awesome! This soup was made with haricot vert, celery, zucchini, spinach, basil, and parsley..


9-10 p.m. — Detox Tea – I guzzled the tea. I was still in need of a snack…but resisted the temptation.


My Final Thoughts on the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox
I was very, very worried that I would be starving on the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox. Asolutely starving. I thought that if I was hungry, I would most surely start snacking. I keep snacks in the house as I have three children. My husband likes snacks too. I won’t lie…I did have a slip up or two on Day #1 of the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox. I ate several holiday candies without even noticing. Oops. I had no slip ups on Day #2 and Day #3 of the DL revAMP 3-Day Refresh Detox. I’ll call that a true victory! I was so full from all the food and juice that I did not snack.

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