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So, you live in a small apartment, on the 10th floor on your building and you have no room to exercise and can’t afford to hit the gym.  Well, let me tell you, I can’t help you with the money part for joining a gym, but I can give you some great tips on how you can get your sweat on, in your apartment.

Get your heart pumping with calisthenics. Doing calisthenics is a very apartment-friendly form of exercise, because you use your own body weight as resistance. Some popular calisthenics routines include sit ups, push-ups and squats. They might not sound exciting but these fundamental exercises will work wonders for your physique.  No equipment needed, except your own body.  Put the music on, and get your sweat on!


Strength training is great for everyone. And, you can get a set or a few of weights that will take up no space at all. These are very cost effective, and can be easily stored in a drawer, closet or under a bed. Using weights, apartment dwellers can work both upper and lower body muscle sets. From bicep curls, chest presses and deltoid raises to dead lifts, walking lunges and squats with weights. Similarly, resistance bands are easy to find, purchase and store and can be used for strength building routines or for Pilates.


If you live in a high-rise building, try taking the stairs as much as possible. Avoid waiting for the elevator, burn calories and improve your cardiovascular fitness on the way up to your apartment. Alternate single-stair climbing with double-stair climbing to work different muscles. For those of you who live in walk-ups, you are already used to taking the stairs, so keep on climbing!  You can even grab your weights and just go do stairs, even if you are not planning to go anywhere.  Adding a bit of weight makes for a better workout.


A person can make any apartment into a yoga studio by purchasing a yoga mat, a set of scented candles and some relaxing music that will help you to find your inner peace and tranquility. This ancient form of exercise and meditation can easily be performed in any apartment, no matter how small. There are many online yoga videos and class subscriptions these days to give you inspiration and a routine to follow. Check out, or and consider a monthly subscription to stay on track! Yoga is relaxing, energizing, and good for anyone.


Play ball ~ Purchasing an exercise ball chair will certainly make a unique decorative statement in your apartment.  Exercise balls are an effective way to develop core muscles, but they can be bulky and awkward to store in an apartment. An exercise ball chair, complete with detachable exercise ball, is a way to offer your guests a place to sit that will surely start a conversation. The chair can be also be used at your desk to develop core muscles while on the computer. Find great exercise ball workouts online at and

I am sure there are many more ways to get your sweat on if you live in an apartment, but these will help you get started.



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  1. Maryann D. says:

    All super advice for apartment living. I am glad that I did try to do most of these things when I lived in apartments. I still try to take stairs as much as I can even now.

  2. I do workouts from the book you are your own gym in my appartement. I use the door, the table and my bed as workout instruments.

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