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Another Rock Fest has Come and Gone #rockfestwi

RockFestLogo Well Another Rock Fest has Come and Gone #rockfestwi

Even though I had intentions of posting this the week after, life got busy and I am late.  Oh Well… LOL

I usually write about my Rock Fest vacation on one level or another, but this year I wanted to make sure I wrote a post that included many things about the trip.   This was our 9th year of going to Rock Fest.  It is the longest commitment we have made to anything outside of jobs and family (raising kids ~ life long commitment. LOL)
Our first year going to Rock Fest we cashed in our piggy bank and went VIP.  Well, after doing it once there was no way we were going to buy general admission ticket and stand in a field all day, cook our own food, and buy all that beer! NO WAY!!  VIP is the ONLY way to do a vacation like this.

We have met some great people over the last 9 years and even though we went the first year all alone and knowing nobody we have since had other friends join us almost every year.  The only way to spend this type of vacation is to be surrounded by others who share your love for music, fun, food, laughter and all around good time.

Rock Fest starts on Thursday afternoon, but we all arrive on Wednesday afternoon/evening and start early.  (We meaning those in our group).  We have had a few years where our Wednesday has not been so good.   In 2010 our motor home burned to the ground due to a propane tank leak.   That was not a fun start to our vacation! Very scary, we lost everything we had.  But, the Rock Fest staff was very kind, and even the local Sheriff brought us her camper to use for the rest of our vacation.  We will always be very thankful to her for that.   Then the following year we broke down half way there, had to rent a moving van to pull our camper the rest of the way there.   All we could find to rent was a moving van, so we looked pretty hick like pulling into camp with that.  LOL!   Never a dull moment when the words “Rock Fest” are involved.

We have seen so many bands over the last 9 years.   It is to the point that I forget what or who we saw.   I have to pull out my Rock Fest program just to see who I saw in past years.   Which, brings me to my first complaint for this year.  They did a way with the program guides!!  WTH?  That was one thing I (and many others) looked forward too.  They were like my keepsake to remind me of all the bands, band bio, etc.  This year they gave away these cheesy little booklets.  Cheesy!!    I can understand that maybe it is hard to know how many programs you will sell. So, maybe you can include them with the tickets and up the price of the ticket.  Or, when tickets are ordered give buyers the option to order a program.  Then you will have a number of how many need to be made.  Just bring them back!!

Going VIP is always great because they serve food 2 times a day and you can eat as much as you want.   The food is always pretty good, given they have to make a ton of it!   The free beer, water, wine, and pop is a huge plus.   But, this year the implementation of the “Mug Refill” policy was not cool.   If it was one of those things that was put in place and promoted or included in the info with the tickets or something that might have been ok.  But, the first 2 days everyone was filling their standard mugs and such, and then all of a sudden we are told you have to have a certain size mug.  Not cool either!  And, on top of that you couldn’t buy Rock Fest mugs as they were sold out.  So, if you are going to push that we have to have a certain size mug at least stock up on them for those who will need to buy one.

The staff is always very friendly and attentive.  But, the bathrooms in the VIP area lack attention.   I understand it is no fun to be the one to clean them, but that is life and I don’t appreciate using dirty bathrooms.    It was nice to have another women’s bathroom added this year.  Waiting in line bites!!  For the first time in years there was actually a line for the men’s bathroom..  (giggle giggle)

We had a great year, and once again met some more awesome people.   Looking forward to next year already.

My biggest bitch of this years trip is the way that Rock Fest handles the VIP Upgrade.   In order to upgrade your seats you have to wait in line for hours and hours in the morning at the main gate.  The order you are in line is supposed to be the order in which you can get in line at the ticket window.  Well this year they changed it.  Not sure who’s brainy idea it was to do it the way they did it, but they gave out numbers to the first 30 in line and the number is how they decided who was first at the window.   Well, hubby was first in line for hours, then ended up getting number 24 or something and we never did get to upgrade.  This is really crappy!!   He should have been the first one at the window.  He was in line at 6:30 am, waiting and waiting till they opened the gate.  In the rain, little sleep, no food.. just waiting.   Actually this almost made us not want to go next year because it is very unfair how they worked this upgrades.    I think the person who was in charge of this years rules for that needs a swift kick in the pants!   I also think the guy who buys all the tickets on Craigslist and resells them for more money needs to be stopped.    A person should not be allowed to own more than 4 tickets in their name.  But, I was told that Rock Fest is allowing this guy to do what he is doing.  That is another huge strike against Rock Fest in my book. That is wrong.  So this guy owns a ton of seats in the front rows of B & C?   How is that fair for anyone who has been going for years and trying to upgrade ?

Well, enough bitching.. time to show some awesome pics 🙂   Don’t get me wrong, we love our Rock Fest vacation but life is what it is and I have the right to complain 😉



Slash with Miles Kennedy


Tony and Carl


Tina, Jennifer, Sheila




Tony and Sheila


Sheila, Tina, Kim, Jennifer


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  1. It looks like it was a great time! So fun.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun – saw Slash with Miles Kennedy over July 4th – definitely a great show.

  3. Sounds like overall you had a great time. I hope they fix the hiccups you ran into before next year!

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