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Anchor Bar ~ Review ~ Superior, Wisconsin

If you live in Minnesota or Wisconsin you have most likely heard about The Anchor Bar.  They were even on a big food show pinpointed as a great “burger” joint to hit.

Well.. they do have kick ass burgers!!!   Our first time for eating there was early this year with a couple friends of ours.  We had good service, and the burgers were to die for!!   The fries on the other hand were a bit greasy and under cooked.  But..  nothing could have made that burger not a huge hit!!  I even ate a whole 1# burger!!

So hubby and I are on the Harley yesterday and in Superior, Wi. and decide to stop there for lunch.  Walk in, place is fairly dead…grab a table.  Ok.. first we had to decide which table we wanted to sit at because ALL of them were dirty!!   Ick!!   Not a single empty table was cleaned off.  (strike one).    We have a seat and wait and wait and wait!   Finally a waiter comes by and takes our drink order.  Then we wait and wait and wait.  For a pop and a water!!  And there were only like 6 other customers in the place.  (strike 2)

Finally the waiter brings our drinks and takes our food order.   Food comes quite fast but our waiter doesn’t bring it.. another waitress does.  Not a big deal..but what happened to our waiter. ?? Hmmm..    We of course dig in.  Burgers are good, fries again are way to greasy and underdone.   Not sure if the grease is old or what..but they are not the best.   So..  lalalalalalala…  where is our waiter?   Nobody cares if we need anything else or if our food is ok?   Lalalalalalalala…. where is our check?   Hmmm… is our meal free?  (strike 3)

So, I have to use the little girls room so hubby belly’s up to the bar to pay since nobody will bring our check to us.   Hubby pays, and tips accordingly.    So, even though the burgers were good I know there are many many other burger joints in our area we can eat at… because we will NEVER eat at The Anchor Bar again!!

3 Strikes and you are OUT!!



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  1. Packers4life says:

    Are you talking about the younger nerdy guy? Me and my wife have been there a few times while he has been working and he is just a hoot, slow at times but very nice.

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