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Aging Eyes

I remember back when I was a kid and visiting my Grandparents, and my Grandpa would pull a pair of glasses from his pocket to read the paper or a book. I remember thinking… how strange it was that Grandpa wore glasses only to read. I didn’t see my parents doing that. Well, as I got older I started to pay more attention to those around me I saw many others doing the same thing. It was then that I realized, the older one gets, the more they are prone to wearing reading glasses. That was when I started to wonder when I would myself have to wear them.

I am now in my 40’s (41 to be exact), and my husband is 47 and he has had to wear reading glasses for about 4 years now. His eyes started to slowly get worse and worse until one day his arms weren’t long enough (you know what I mean) and he had to break down and get a pair of reading glasses.

He started with +1 power, and is now at +2.5 power. It has gotten to the point that he keeps his reading glasses with him at all times and even had to get sunglasses with bifocals in them. He isn’t too fond of his aging eyes and has said that wearing them makes him feel old. We all fight so hard to hang onto our youth and when we have to do things like, pull out a pair of reading glasses just to look at a picture on someone’s phone or read a menu; it can really be a bummer. (Just a 1uick shout-out to for their awesome selection of reading glasses. They have a ton of designer glasses that make my husband feel a little less “old.”)

He said simple things like when he is in the shower, being able to read the shampoo and conditioner bottles is not easy to do and is a huge issue. There are so many things that are now harder to do that he isn’t able to read without having glasses on. Throughout live, we get so used to being able to see perfect, that when it just slowly slips away, we’re left feeling old. I have even had to now get him a refillable pill container so I can make sure he is taking the right pills every day as he can’t read labels on prescription or vitamins.

My husband is a welder by trade and does a lot of welding at home fabricating stuff. Well, he is mostly bummed out about the loss of his eye sight when it comes to that. It makes welding very hard as there is not a perfect welding helmet for someone that has issues seeing up close.

I feel his pain over his aging eyes.

I still have perfect sight for reading. I however, need glasses when I drive. I am wondering if I will need reading glasses at all, and am hoping not. But, if I do I know I will not be alone. My Mom wore glasses all the time, but my Dad didn’t wear glasses until later in life and only for reading.

Do you wear reading glasses? What age did you have to start wearing them?

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  1. I never really paid attention that your eyes age like that. As of now.. KNOCK on wood, I don’t have any glasses. Hopefully I don’t!

  2. I just had to break down and buy a pair of reading glasses. Oh the fun of aging!

  3. Tiffany @ The Bizy Mommy says:

    My eyes are horrible! I’ve had glasses since I was 7, and three of my children have glasses as well. Both of parents recently started wearing glasses (both in their 40s) and we’ve had a lot of fun going back and forth about them getting “old.” I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that my younger three won’t need glasses for a long, long time!

  4. I am a licensed Optician by trade and yes, the sad future for all of us is that we will eventually develop presbyopia which actually means “old eyes.” At some point all of our eyes break down to where we are not able to focus at close distances. I have worn glasses since 2nd grade so no problems there for me 🙂

  5. michelle says:

    No glasses for me yet, although my grandparents did the same thing and now I watch my parents get their reading glasses out to read a menu or even use their cells.

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