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Hi, My name is Sheila.
Welcome to Living Smart Girl.
A place for women to learn about living smart, being fit & healthy,
and being in control of who they are!
Join me on my journey to Living Smart!

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I love sharing who I am with my readers.    I think it helps others understand me and my blog to know who I am and what I love.

I spend my days sitting at my computer blogging, networking, and researching ideas and products that I want to share with my readers.  I am very fortunate to be able to work from home.  I have done many things in my life only to find that being at home is what works best for me, and my family.  Being diagnosed in 2005 with Fibromyalgia has sure changed a lot of things in my life.  Living with Fibro isn’t easy and everyone who has it deals with it in their own way.  Me, I try to deal one minute at a time.  There are days I am full of energy and then days I want to do nothing more than curl up in a ball and cry.  But, I fight those days and make myself do things, no matter how big or small I just don’t let myself give in to the bad days.  Life is so full of wonderful experiences and I want to try and learn and do all I can before my body won’t let me.. so I push thru as much as I can.   Staying fit and healthy is a huge help and that is why I am so passionate about Living Smart Girl, and growing it to help others.

Come join me on my journey ~ your body will love you for it!


Take a look into my past with me ~


This is a 4 generation pic.   ~ From left to right ~ Mom, Dad, Me (holding David), Grandma, Grandpa and Sister up front.  Taken on Mother’s Day 1992

My Mom with all the Grandkids ~ Christmas 2005


My Husband and I on our Wedding Day ~ Sept 20th 1997


My sister Suzy and I at Christmas 2007


Christmas the year after losing my Mom ~ 2008

My Son and I at his Graduation ~ 2011


My Grandpa and I shortly before we lost him.  Dec 2011


I have had the opportunity to have some amazing relationships with my family members and am very thankful for that as I have lost a few very special people.  I lost my Grandma, Mom and Grandpa and even though they are not here with me in body, they are in spirit.

I lost my Grandma (Mom’s Mom) back in June 1992.  I grew up just down the road from her and she was an amazing woman.  The older I got the closer her and I became.  I was her first Grandchild and our bond was a very special one.  I got pregnant and gave birth to my son April 30th 1992 and in doing so gave her her first Great Grandchild.  My Grandma had Cancer and so her last few months were spent in the hospital.  I spent as much time with her as I could, but having a newborn made that kinda hard.   But, because of my son being born with medical issues and having to be in the hospital (same hospital) the staff actually brought a crib into my Grandmas room so we could spend as much time together as possible.  That was a very special time as I got to lay my son on her bed so she could spend time with him.  We lost her on June 25th 1992 and I know that even though we lost her body she is next to me in spirit every day.  I know this because she comes to me in my dreams and often I hear her voice or her singing.  One night when my son was only about 4 months old he was crying and I was trying to be a strong mom and let him cry a bit and all of a sudden I heard singing.. and he fell back asleep.  I do believe that was my Grandma.

Well, fast forward to Feb 3rd 2007 ~ I lost my Mom very suddenly to an aneurysm.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to go thru in my life.  Sitting next to my Mom’s bed in the hospital when they pulled the plug on the machines that were helping keep her alive… watching her take her last breath and a tear drop from her eyes… nobody should have to go thru that.  My whole world changed and has never been the same.  I find myself bitter, hurt, sad, sick to my stomach and more on a daily basis.  I miss her so much.  But, I know she is with me because very often I feel her touch me in the night.   I have had many talks with her at night, and even though my husband knows this I don’t know if he believes me.

Fast forward again to this past Jan 15th 2012 ~  My Grandpa (Dad’s Dad) was in hospice and slipping away very fast.  I was visiting him every day in hospice and one night my husband and I decided to stay there with him.  I felt something was going to happen.  Well, that night as I lay in bed next to Grandpa listening to him breath I asked my Mom to please take Grandpa with her as he had suffered long enough.  I was suddenly awaken to a very heavy feeling on my feet and legs and I laid there frozen.  All of a sudden I heard my husband say to me…  Sheila.. Grandpa is gone.   So, I know my Mom was there and she did as I asked her to do.

Now.. I am by far a religious person but have a very strong spiritual belief (yes there is a difference).  I talk to my loved ones, feel their touch and am not sure if that is good or bad because it makes me so sad and I miss them so much.

I actually had a spiritual reading once after losing my Mom and my husband lost his Dad… and the gal actually had them talking to her about us.  The stuff that was said was so pin point on that it was scary.  I actually have the recording and listen to it often.

So..  crazy or not…. I do believe they come to us in many forms.

XO  ~ to all who have lost loved ones.


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