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A Light Shed on Shakeology

A Light Shed on Shakeology

The smartest meal of the day.  Are you ready to give Shakeology a try?   Contact me or learn more here ~ Click Here

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Hi, My name is Sheila and I am the Living Smart Girl. My goal is to bring everyone the latest and greatest tips and advice on fitness, healthy choices, recipes, shopping, beauty, home and garden, family and parenting, daily deals, travel, and so much more. I love fitness, but life is more than just exercise and when you visit Living Smart Girl you can connect the dots and live a well rounded life ~ the Living Smart way :)

I love working online and spend most of my day blogging, and researching new topics and tips to bring my readers.

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  1. I’ve never tried Shakeology but I’ve heard good things about it – it’s on my list of items to try!

  2. Hi Sheila,

    That video was amazing! I loved it. What a cute promotion video, probably the best one I have seen yet! I have to ask, is Shakeology safe for breastfeeding mothers?

    Thank you for the great video and information on Shakeology!

    I hope you have a wonderful week,


    • Victoria

      Hi, Thanks for checking out my post and the video. Shakeology is safe for breastfeeding mom’s but as with all things you should ask your doctor. As far as I can find, it is ok for anyone and everyone 🙂 How much longer will you be breastfeeding?

  3. I’ve been drinking Shakeology pretty much every single day since mid-June and am LOVING the benefits. So glad they have several flavor options as I’m not a big fan of all of them. (Chocolate vegan is my favorite…just had it this morning with almond coconut milk and frozen strawberries.)

  4. Sounds like a great program!

  5. Is this shake good i havent tried it

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