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A Day at Miami Zoo in Florida

We’re Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo, How about You You You.   Well actually we already went, but I think that little jingle in catchy.

One of the first places hubby and I went on our Florida vacation was the Miami Zoo.  I love animals, love going to the zoo and I had been to the Miami Zoo on one of my previous trips to Florida so just had to take hubby to show him how awesome it was.

We took off from Lauderdale by the Sea about 11am thinking we would make it to the zoo by noon.  Well, that didn’t happen.  The traffic was horrible, my iphone was being a pain as far as directions go and there was road construction everywhere.  Us not being from a big city, and hubby not liking to drive in this kind of traffic it was a challenge to say the least.  But, we finally made it, about 1:30pm.  We figured that was plenty of time to see all the animals without having to hurry.   Well, it was not.  We ended up sorta being shooed out of there at 5:30 when it was closing time.  The couple things I really wanted to show hubby, we didn’t get to see or do because of the time we had.  I wanted to feed the Giraffe’s and also wanted to walk thru the area where all the birds are and you walk thru a net bridge area.  Didn’t get to do those, but still had fun, got to see lots of animals and enjoyed out day.

Here are some pics of the animals we really liked.  A Toucan, some Otters, a Gorilla, the Giraffe, Flamingo’s and Chimps.

floridamiamizootucan floridamiamizoootters floridamiamizoogorilla floridamiamizoogirraff floridamiamizooflamingo floridamiamizoochimps

If you ever get to Miami I highly recommend you find time and visit the Miami Metro Zoo.

Hubby enjoyed his visit to the zoo, as did I even though it was my 2nd time there.  We even took some time out and had a hamburger along the way at a cute little spot where they had a water fountain thing that kids (and adults) can play on.  This is a fun zoo, with many different things to see.

I know if I lived in Miami, I would be working at the zoo.  I just could spend hours and days watching the animals.  Hubby said I should have been a vet or zoo owner.   I am always torn at zoo’s because I love to see the animals but also feel bad that they are not in their natural habitat.  I know at most zoo’s they are well cared for and it seemed like they were here, but I also know that there are many places they are not and that saddens me.  If I was rich, I would rescue all the poorly treated animals and take care of them.  But, I am not so I do what I can to support places that can try to take care of animals.   The Miami Zoo accepts and appreciates all the help they get.  So, donate to a zoo today and help feed and care for these animals.

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  1. Oh how disappointing about the traffic and the delay! It sounds like you still had a great day in spite of the challenges – and it sounds like a fantastic zoo! The photos are great. I grew up in Milwaukee, so I’ve always thought everyone’s zoos were really nice – then I moved to another state and found out it wasn’t like that everywhere! Glad to hear that Miami has a nice one 🙂 Hope you can go back someday!

  2. Bummer about not getting to do everything you wanted, but it still looks like an awesome zoo! The one we have here is basically a joke so I’d love to go to that one!

  3. That sucks about the travel delay. But it looks like you guys had fun otherwise. That zoo like gorgeous!

  4. How fun! I love zoos.

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