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5 Great Ways to Make Money From Home


That seems to be the big question these days.   I am asked by many of my family and friends because they all see that I work from home and want to know how I can manage to stay home, make money, and enjoy life.  Well, I say, it isn’t as hard as one would think.   Just takes a little determination, and maybe some dedication and anyone can do it.   Now, some might make more than others, but regardless, pretty much everyone can make money on some level, from home.

Here are 5 Great Ways to Make Money from Home

1) Shopping online using sites like Top CashBackEbates or BeFrugal.    These sites are great!  You use their links to get to the online store you want to shop with and earn a % of your total back.    I have managed to rack up about $1000 in a years time of shopping for things we need and use daily.  My husband is always laughing at me because he will talk about something that he needs and I always say.. wait.. let me see how much we can earn buying it online.  You also earn by referring others to the site.  Depending on your love of shopping, or need for shopping from home you can really earn some serious cash back.

2) If you are a blogger, have a website, are on Facebook or Twitter or any other social network you can earn money by joining affiliate programs.  There are many websites that offer an affiliate program.  Being an affiliate means when you share your link, and someone clicks that link to make a purchase you earn a commission on what they spend.  Being a blogger, I use affiliate links often.  It is a nice way to bring in a bit of extra income.   You can join sites like, LinkShare, ShareaSale and many others.    You can also join Izea and make money by doing campaigns with them.  I do pretty good with them since I have all my social networks connected.  Mostly paid tweets, but they all add up.  Being a blogger and having a good social network following gives me the opportunity to earn with many networks.

3) Joining a Direct Sales company and working from home sharing your love for products.  There are many companies out there to choose from.  You can sell anything from beauty, health, household, clothing, and more.  I am a rep for a few, and love sharing my favorite products with others.   I chose Young Living as my main focus, but what’s right for me might not be right for you.  You can always check out for a great list of companies to check into.

4) Take survey’s.  There are many companies out there who pay for surveys, or you can build up points that can be used for products or gift cards.   Places like or are great to earn a little something extra.

5) Get paid to do what you normally do online.. search!   Swagbucks is a great way to earn money doing what you are going to do.   I use it for searching, and shopping, and also do some surveys on there as well.  I always rack up my points and turn them in for Amazon gift cards, because I shop on Amazon a lot.   This helps me because many times I don’t even think about it when I am searching online, and all of a sudden I realize that I am earning while searching.   Pretty cool!

Do you use any of these?  Or, do you have ones I haven’t mentioned here ?  Want to see some more great ideas for making money from home?  Check out The Penny Hoarder’s post on The 12 Best Ways to Make Extra Money in 2015 .  There are so many ways a person can make money, from just a little, to a lot.  Don’t pass up any chance you have, we all love money right ?  Share your ways to make extra money from home.

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  1. Maryann D. says:

    I love using Swagbucks and also do some on-line surveys when there is time! The internet is fun and useful too.

  2. I would love to have someone who is actually doing this now to work with me so I can actually do it on line. I would take up offers online but don’t have money to pay them to help me get started. I am on social security, retired , but with a little help could do it. Will be your friend forever.

  3. Rebecca Orr says:

    I love ebates!

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