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What are GMOs What You Need to Know

What are GMOs? What You Need to Know.

Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, are plants and animals that have been created by splicing the genes of two different species together in a way that cannot happen naturally. Possible combinations include moths and apples, spiders and potatoes, cows and soybeans, and rats and lettuce. The … [Read More...]

Junk food

Foods You Should Never Eat

Image Credit – Richard Rutter through Flickr When it comes to the foods that you shouldn’t eat, you should never be confused. Nevertheless, compiling a black list of these bad foods can be tricky since most health experts tend to disagree on which foods belong (or does not belong) to such … [Read More...]


We Dare YOU To Live Healthier with #UnitedHealthCare

Disclosure ~  Living Smart Girl brings you this sponsored post on behalf of UnitedHealthCare. All opinions expressed are 100% that of Living Smart Girl. Today was gorgeous with a clear blue sky and plenty of sunshine. I took a few minutes to sit outside, simply for the purpose of soaking in some … [Read More...]


Rock Fest Vacation Fun

Another Rock Fest has come and gone.  Hard to believe we have been going for 11 years now.  Great friends, fun times, food, music and more.  See all the smiling faces ~  :) Was so excited this year to have my son and his girlfriend join us.  We paid for a portion of their one day ticket so they … [Read More...]


Get Smart with HP Instant Ink and #NeverRunOut

Disclosure ~  Living Smart Girl has received compensation for collaboration with HP. All opinions expressed are 100% that of Living Smart Girl's.   #NeverRunOut  @HP Being self-employed is such a great accomplishment, and feeling.  But it also can be a huge headache at times.  There are so … [Read More...]


Party Fun with Pudding Shots

It's that time of year again, when I am packing like a crazy woman trying to get ready for our main summer vacation.   Rock Fest 2015 here we come.  I look forward to this 5 days all year long.  This year, I decided to have a little extra fun and make some pudding shots, and jello shots.   I have … [Read More...]


Online Games for the Ladies

For quite some time now, women have had their voice and power in business, politics academics, and more. And now in the online gaming world they are emerging as well. Casino games have for many years been traditionally associated with men and game developers have also targeted the male audience. … [Read More...]


The seven most misused drugs and facts surrounding them

Although it is impossible to measure the extent of drug use, it is all around us. Substance misuse jobs cover a variety of roles where the aim is to help a person to overcome their issues with drugs. Drugs aren’t always illegal, but it is when they are misused that a catalog of problems can, and … [Read More...]


Getting Into Shape With Muscle Building Home Workouts

Getting into shape requires effort on your part, but it also necessitates time that many individuals are lacking. Thankfully, those who lead busy lives don't have to live with being overweight or having a flabby physique thanks to muscle building home workouts that take very little time. With many … [Read More...]


Tips for helping to prevent a UTI

Disclosure ~  Living Smart Girl received compensation for constructing a post about URISTAT®  All opinions are 100% that of Living Smart Girl. The female body is forced to deal with a battery of unpleasant things such as cramps, bloating, irritability, and the dreaded UTI. If you've experienced a … [Read More...]


Track Your Fitness Smart with the Jawbone UP

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. @BestBuy   @Jawbone Whether you have specific health goals or just want to monitor your stats as you maintain your awesomeness, an activity tracker like … [Read More...] is giving away £500 worth of wholesale stock on social media!

Mary Jane Fashion is a UK-based supplier of wholesale celebrity-inspired ladies fashions with a background in retail that runs through generations. They supply worldwide and stock to many large and small international boutiques and retailers, many of which use social media to as a way of … [Read More...]

Kiqplan Bikini Hot_1

Get Bikini Beautiful This Summer with a Digital Fitness Plan

Summer is just around the corner, and you may be planning to hit the beach and soak up some sunshine in your favorite bikinis. But if you're worried that a winter of indulgence and inactivity has left you a little out of shape, this is the time to put things right. Taking the appropriate steps now … [Read More...]


Make Your Own Rainy Day Fun

It's finally the weekend and you roll out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, maybe take a shower. You're excited, you have things you want to get done. Then it happens, you look out the window and bam - plans ruined, it's raining! No need to worry, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy your weekend … [Read More...]