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Fun Friday Giveaway Link Up

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The Ultimate DIY Bundle – On Sale Now

  Don't miss out on your chance to get this amazing DIY Bundle.   Sale is a short time frame, and ends January 26th.  Click the image above for all the info and to get your bundle now. … [Read More...]

5 Ways to Lose Fat Without Surgeries

In some cases, weight control surgeries may be ideal. However, not everyone absolutely needs these procedures. What was first ideal to save a life has become more tied with vanity. There are many ways you can lose fat without checking yourself into the hospital. The best part is, many of these … [Read More...]


Vacationing or Living is Affordable at Carefree RV Resorts

Disclosure  ~ This article is sponsored by Carefree RV Resorts.  All opinions expressed are that of Living Smart Girl's. Sometimes I sit and think, I can't believe I never really had a vacation up until I was in my 30's.  Yes, growing up we went camping, went to visit relatives, and had a few day … [Read More...]


Jumpstarting 2015 with @DLrevAMP #FoodDetox

    Disclosure ~ This is a sponsored story brought to you on behalf of Blog Meets Brand and DL revAMP. All opinion are 100% that of Jill's, who was awesome enough to work with us on this campaign. @DLrevAMP @DeliverLean @Onjuice #Vegan #Organic #Plantbased #FoodDetox #Detox … [Read More...]


Funny Fitness Video Infographic

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What’s In My Travel Case

I just love love love to travel, but I hate having to pack to travel.  I just never know how many outfits, what kind of outfits, how many shoes, do I need jackets, etc. I always tend to take way way more than I ever need or use.  Last spring when hubby and I went to Florida, I packed for 6 months, … [Read More...]


Healthy Juices and Smoothies #Foodie

Check out Healthy Juices and Smoothies by Sheila Cooper Thomas at Disclosure ~ Living Smart Girl is bringing you this great sponsored post in collaboration with #Foodie @foodie @foodiebyglam It's no secret that I love smoothies and juices.  I have a juicer on my list of things to buy … [Read More...]


Fun Friday Blog Giveaway Link Up

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Busch Gardens is for Big Kids Too!

Ever since I have been little I have loved going on rides at parks or fairs.   I used to love the spinning rides, now I am just a roller coaster freak!  I can't do the spinning ones anymore, but will do any coaster, any day, at any time!  Just try me!! I was so excited that hubby and I got the … [Read More...]


A Healthy Twist with Blueberries

Disclosure ~ “I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council. I received a stipend to facilitate my purchase for my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”   #LittleChanges #IC #ad No matter the time … [Read More...]


Better Butt Squat Challenge

We all want that "Baby Got Back" booty to fill out those expensive jeans we own, so come and join me in a Better Butt Squat Challenge! You can do this challenge whenever you like, and over and over again.  It is a great addition to any exercise program you are doing as well.   A girls butt can … [Read More...]


Enjoy Healthy Snacking with Yoplait Greek 100

I remember seeing these cute containers in my Mom's fridge back when I was growing up, and once a day watching Mom enjoy what I thought looked like a thinner pudding.  I also remember Mom telling me one time, try it.. you'll like it.  YIKES..  she was so wrong!!   How could she like this sour, nasty … [Read More...]


Fuel Your Appetite for Life with WASA Crispbread

Disclosure ~ This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Wasa.  All opinions expressed are solely that of Living Smart Girl's. Well, I just have to say it.  WASA UP ;)  Yup, it's the Minnesota girl in me that can't let that one just slip by.  But, all jokes aside, finding a healthy … [Read More...]